Recent Hair Transformation♥

04 November 2013

HELLO MY SWEETIES :3 I'm seriously can't wait to update this blog because I wanna show you my recent hair transformation. Probably if you realize I actually changed my hair style before and after I back from my Korea Trip. Remember my favourite salon and not to mention I already forgot how many time I actually went there to do my hair treatment and soon I'm going to try out their new hair scrub. I'm seriously really happy I found a suitable salon for myself. I tried so many diff salon near my house and you know I always complain they end up spoiled my hair. You know HAIR IS LIKE OUR BABY! Girls have a nice hair style really change our life.  

If you're my secondary friends then you will know what I mean because when I'm not a blogger I usually only do my hair before Chinese New Year. I means once or twice a year and I cut fringe myself. Seriously I will be so angry if someone wrongly cut my fringe and I will straight away cry at there. It's very embarrassing and I'm too old to cry but you know IF YOU'RE GIRL you will know how I feel. I have been cut my own fringe for 4-5 years since I know how to find some tutorial on youtube but every year must went to find diff hair stylist myself. It was always a bad experience to me because all hair salon I found like those aunty old type and I forgot to mention they always putting ugly color on my hair so I rather use bubble dye product to dye myself. Lol

Hair getting longer & longer, my mom told me have to do some treatment on it every 2 months or once in a month. Then, due to the previous bad experience + bad auntie hair skill I always cut my own. LOL I feel that I'm such a pro and my fringe always look the same one!! I love natural curly hair and you can see almost every photoshooting photo and my daily photo I curled my hair by my own BUT at the same time my hair getting more & more damage. Don't wanna continue my grandmother story and soon this year because one of my secondary school senior actually introduce Lilac Salon @ Kuchai Lama to me. Read my first experience and blog post (dye hair) Here :

And I'm super happy I saw some of you really visited their salon because I'm always hope to share the happiness with you guys! Time passed my hair become so cacat , no layer , messy , tangled , faded after my working time plus I DIDN'T GO TO their salon for like 1month plus.. FINALLY I discuss and decided to paid a visit to Lilac Salon again.

After the first time I went ..After all my hair all done by my personal magic hand hair stylist. I was kind of surprise their service actually super good especially they understand your needs and wants. Actually I keep asking whether I can perm my hair a not because you know I never 'die heart' and never give up to ask -.- I know everytime I had bad experience on it. Not all blame the hair stylist sometime it's because my hair structure not really good because those digital  perm and normal perm previously suitable and recommended for those who have thicker hair and more rough. My hair is super thin + too fine! So everytime I perm my hair have no 'power' to create the curl and no matter how I perm the hair still can't stand strong. So the curly is become like spoiled curly wave hair. 


Lavender Ash

I never give up!! HAHAHAHA Everytime asking what's the latest perm hair knowledge but Shinno always tell me my hair can't do that because it wont long lasting and it's better I curl myself. I was like :'( OKAYY~~ Then my hair color dropped after I dye the Baby Pink color . I did a blog post for it if you want you can read here : and everytime if I have special dating or event I will paid a visit to their salon for my hairdo (

But when I go I'm so boring alone sit at a side at their VIP room and waiting for my hair done!! EVERY TIME I get super excited when it almost done because they never disappointed me. Baby Pink I love it too but since it faded I decided to try another color but still -.- Shinno never tell me what's his next plan.. First week of october before I went to Korea I decided to trim my hair again. WHY?!! Let you see my hair -.-
See my face also looks super tired like this. My mom say I look like a ghost with this super thin and long hairstyle. My hairstyle like never change and I always curl it..Seems very annoying + my fringe super long.. So is time to give my hair to the magic hand SHINNO!!!! HAAHAHAHA Remember to give them a call before you visit their salon because Shinno always fully booked :( Even I also need to wait til drop sometime!! HHAAHAH So make sure you give him a call and don't be shy just say you get to know him from meeeeeee then make sure he treat all of you nicely :P If not then he will know (I'm joking) 
Then, the best decision I made. Bleach my hair to a lighter color so that I can have my lavender ash color. So you know I always take care of my hair but recently I really not afraid to cut my hair to shoulder length or even shorter so I say YES! Bleach baaaaa~ But I still worry because it will damage and make my hair dry.

I know I'm sure you will ask me..Then chanwon why you still want to dye and bleach neh?!

Want to have something new on my hair especially afraid that you all get bored with my hair. My face can't change but my hair can and I believe them. So WHY NOT? But before you bleach your hair you need to think and find the right hair stylist. Because shinno know I'm super care for my hair so he didn't really apply too much bleach %% on my hair. Maybe he decrease on some PH value or what I dunno but I remember he told me that. I can't remember what's call. (Please correct me if you know :) )


Sincerely, every chemical used and put on our hair definetaly have some % can damage your hair. Of course bleach will but since I decided to then I should bear with it . The reason why I get back my smooth hair and can perm again within just a month or 3 weeks+ time is because I did alot treatment on my hair. YES! 


Without any treatment I can say BYE BYE to my hair and you wont see me now! I probably hiding behind my chair and cry for like a month! until my hair grow longer! LOLLLLL If I'm busy I die die also will visit their salon once in a month because they have lots of nice treatment. Some people say treatment might not long lasting and it just look super smooth after you done at the salon and the next 2 days after you wash your hair ..your hair still remain the same?!!! Many people took photo like HOW SMOOTH is the treatment blablablabla is actually all treatment have the same function.(Look super nice and soft or smooth after that) You can't really get a smooth hair if you just did it one for whole year and continuous dye your hair like crazy. 

I always complain but when I'm very hard working take care my hair I really can feel it. TREATMENT IS NOT for short term, IT'S LONG TERM. If can it's better not to dye or perm or curl your hair actually. People tell you it wont damage or wont hurt is lie one la. For sure will dry and damage because it's chemical except those organic product for hair one. But trust me :) Treatment really help because after I bleach I die die also tell myself have to visit their salon every week.. or at least 2 week once la! I don't wanna my curly hair disappear ! LOL

They didn't bleach my roots. I just tell them whatever you wanna do ..Just go a head! Make sure I look good after that. Lol 
So here's the lavender ash! Shinno help me to cut a little bit layer on my hair (disconnect layer) then lavender ash natural dip dye + top hair got a little bit purple highlight. (Top Right photo) At first the color is so dark but after you wash it, it slowly become grey like this>> actually is ash >>
Other than baby pink I tell you I LOVE THIS TO THE MAX! Like very young and cool with this lavender ash color! Because I always tried brown or red never get a chance to try this color if I didn't  bleach it. HAHAHAHA SO CUSTOMER VERY SATISFIED on that day! And of course super happy that this color stay with me until I back from my korea trip on oct. I can long lasting for 1 month + if you take care it nicely.
After that this is my current hair color. I didn't dye again it's actually the colour after lavender ash dropped. HAHAAHAH STILL SO NICE HOH!! Especially I feel like I'm a little bit like barbie doll with this! LOL only when makeup lah. Imaging without any makeup my face look super pale + this color I look like ghost xD


I paid another visit last week and I only able to snap photo yesterday to show you guys my curly hair!!! You can click on this video first :) It's a permanent curl but it take time to blow & dry. If you love curly hair so much and don't mind to have extra time to blow & dry your hair everyday with your hair dryer then you can GO AHEAD TO PERM this. Tell shinno what's the hairstyle you want. Japanese curl? wave? air curl? blablablabla.. My curl is known as Creep perm or you just tell them you wanna have the exactly perm like mine one. AHAHAHAHAH 

This video prove to you that it's permanent because it actually curly hair one but when you blow & dry it will become like this. I can't believe that they success to curl my hair. You know it's like miracle especially for me  because I just bleach my hair (normally after bleach it's not recommended) but really thanks lilac salon and their hairstylist group of taking care my hair. I remember that day 5 of them standing behind me and discussion what can and how to perm my hair. I'm very happy and super proud to become one of their blogger :) I KNOW,..AND SERIOUSLY KNOW not much people can perm what I want! You know I'm very choosy and not people understand me!

It's not a long process probably 2 hours and 30 mins cutting my hair so that it can create this kind of curl. They actually only turn 2 times the curl from the bottom part of my hair so it didn't stick and touch my roots and all my create move from behind to in front of it. I don't know how to explain the procedure but of course only skilled hairstylist know it. I'm happy that this creep perm suit me alot and achieve what i want!! THANKS AND LOTSS OF LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE for all of them!!!
I know some of you wonder how it look if without any blow & dry. I'm lazy also so I just let it dry automatic. This is how my hair look like if I didn't blow & dry it. I think it's still nice hor!!! This creep perm can last for 3-5 months depending on how you take care it. If you go salon every month or every 2 week of course your curl will hold longer than those who cincai cincai never take care it after perm.
 Now I know your next question. How much it cost? Creep Perm cost RM280 only!! Other than that you can call them and ask shinno for the price because sometime I received msg from some of you asking how much it cost for my hair. It's hard to answer since everyone have diff hair length , thickness and your base color. So it's important and will be nice if you can straight away ask the one who did your hair style. Don't be afraid to ask they wont bite you :P They are so friendly!!! 

Remember!! Don't afraid to ask because they are the one gonna cut and trim your hair if it's fail then u will be so sad and regret. I'm always be so shy to speak out with my previous hair stylist and now before decide on anything try to discuss and consult with ur personal hairstylist and make sure they are confident on it :) GOOD LUCK 


Call 03-79823823 Shinno woon ( or BBM:75F1E085 


I guess that's all for this afternoon! HAHAHAAHHAAH That's all for today :) Hope all of you can get to find your own stylist and get to achieve what you want. SPM students!! KAMBATEH TOO YA :)