♥ Dayre (Apps of The Month)

12 November 2013

 Hello my dear sweetiesHAHAHAH I just can't wait to share with all of you about this SUPER DUPER hot apps!! I guess it's a great idea where blogger can have another easy apps to share about their own personal life or as a daily record. People always wonder how many apps and blog we used to have or should I say which is the main one? I think here's the main one but recently I found an apps which make me super love it! It's call Dayre
I know this from my favorite blogger QiuQiu! No need me to explain if you're my real life friends you can know how much I love her. I downloaded it 2 days ago and the first day I already so in love with it. My blog here still remain la dont worry but this is an apps which make you guys more understand my daily life. Maybe it's boring life actually. Something which you can't see on instagram and here. Basically sharing some part of my life as a record and this apps can reply people comment easily!! Each day you can update as many time as you can and upload as many photo you have! HAHAHAHA Then each time you upload a photo it will become a long post like this. Like combine all your photo+ caption! Each update can only have photo + caption / check in / sticker / or quotation for that day. Then combined everything will become a blog post.
This is super easy for me to upload because I no need edit anything for the post. Just once click update anything I want to update then each time combined together can be a super long blog post. Make life easier! Gonna thanks the one who make this apps into our daily life. But if you wish to see super pretty photo you stick to this blog ya!! HAAHAH This dayre basically all about my boring life and more about 'ME' which I update anything happen on my class , what Bebe usually do everyday , where am I going or doing for which blog post, as a part time blogger and full time student what shits I did everyday! LOLLLLLL
 OMG You see I manage to capture Bebe expression!! HAHAHAAHAH
 Once of think of nice quotation I can straight update as a record remind myself. You can click it and view it back either in daily mode , weekly or monthly :)
On the new feeds button you can see who update and upload something on that day :)

Super nice apps which I really feel like wanna interact with my reader more and MORE ABOUT ME! No commercial on there ya!! HAHAHAAHHA It's basically really me me me me me my real life although here's also my real life la..But photo appear here more nicer and prettier than that! HAHAHAHAHAHA So for those who downloaded this apps! FOLLOW ME @chanwon! Would love to reply you and if you interested about my boring life.. Followwwww meeee :D Spam many many Bebe face! HAHAHAHAA

Ok lah! I take my dinner first then continue for the review part #2 for TR15 ;)