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09 November 2013

Hello Baby Sweeties:3 HAHAHAHA Finally this post is up on my blog. If you realize that, I recently seems so active on my instagram. YEAH!! Super active when I'm so stress and busy with my class.  (I have no idea why lol) Just hope to see your comment and hope to interact with you. It's so happy when I got your msg and I know you guys noticed that I'm having a super natural and long eyelashes recently. I'm currently wearing my favorite false eyelashes which I get from the brand is known as Eyeswear Eyelash Super love this both series of false eyelashes especially the model is my favorite Taiwan model too. I saw she update about this eyelashes on her instagram but I always wonder where can I get it....until I found that I can actually get it from It's pretty AWESOME when I can have a chance to try out diff type of false eyelashes because my eye is kind of small and the thickness of my double eyelid is super thin. That's why I'm always so choosy on my false eyelashes. Until this month after my 21st birthday I decided to try on this!! Woohooooo Thanks Hishop :) I'm loving it!!! 

Fall in love with Hishop's pink box and the little lovely notes inside :) Soooooo sweet!

I'm really impressed with the packaging and the quality of the false eyelashes. You know since my double eyelid is not really thick I wont choose those heavy and thick / dramatic kind of eyelashes. So, most of the time I will pick those longer at the end of the false eyelashes or naturally long eyelashes which can enlarge my eyes. Within this 4 diff kind of false eyelashes. If you ask me to rank it accordingly I would like to say I'm loving the (1) E-Series no.5 > (2) S-Series no.1> (3) E-Series no.1 and last but not least (4) E-Series no.4

Okieee!!! Seriously I can't wait to show you one by one. It took me some time to try them out and match my makeup + ootd with diff kind of eyelashes. Just wanna show you that false eyelashes can totally change your look and makeup. Especially change your mood. I didn't really apply thick makeup but once I put on false eyelashes my eyes seem super enlarge x2 times than my previous eye makeup. Since my eyelid is so thin , wearing false eyelashes can help me to create a thicker double eyelid too. I'm loving false eyelashes and if you know ...I actually collected so many diff kind of false eyelashes. Just that most of the time I only get the same type of false eyelashes from the beginning til the end HAAHHAA. This time I tried 4 diff type of eyelashes under the same brand. So, let's get started see how I match my outfit and makeup with diff false eyelashes.

Before I start , just show you the diff between with false eyelashes and without it. Here's the photo which I just apply a thin eyeliner on my eyelid and you can feel that I look super tired on that day. Lol but actually I guess my eye is super small when I didn't apply mascara and false eyelashes. Lol

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥S-Series No.1♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Oh yea!! First day I tried on this S-Series no.1 Bride (here) I will attached each link for all of you so don't worry for that and enjoy reading for this :P That day was a important day for me because finally I'm able to hang out with my bloggers friends to celebrate our superrr late birthday with them. So when I know they sure will selca a lot... I must make sure my makeup look super nice when come into selca but I really think that eyelashes really help a lot to create a bigger and attractive eyes.

I tried both S series & E series. What the main diff between this two is S series false mascara have transparent eyelashes terrier while E series is basically back to the normal black terrier. Each of them is diff in term of their length of the front part , middle part , end part of false lashes and also the structure of it. Some is more suitable for enlarge your eye , some suitable for those who wish to achieve longer eye look and so on. Transparent terrier on false eyelashes pretty much mean that it's more natural when you stick on your eyelid but you have to draw a nice and thick eyeliner because if it's black terrier then you might just need to draw a eyeliner at the end of your eyelid. So just let you all have a basic idea on it :)

Seriously, the packaging is so pretty right? HOW CAN I RESIST IT!!! It's a romantic color and each diff type of eyelashes come with diff color of packaging. How good is that huh!! I'm crazy collector of this!! Arghhhh
 This no.1 of S-series is much more suitable for those who love to selca a lot or if you're attending any special date with your babe or your bf!! I'm sure it can help you on creating a larger and caught people's eyes makeup look. As I mentioned just now S series have transparent terrier and the terrier is soft enough to hold the shape on my eyelid. You know some transparent terrier is really so hard to make the shape and when you put it on your eye look really weird and you will feel so hard to open your eye.

BUT THIS IS SUPER AWESOME. The terrier not really hard but just nice on our eyes. The eyelashes wont look so fake because I thought it might be too over for me since I never try this kind of eyelashes. The style is more like princess eyelook because the eyelashes is separate by one part one part one. So for those who wishes to create and enlarge your eye- CHOOSE THIS. But for those who have longer and thin eyes if you wanna to create a cute circle puppy eyelook this will be one of your choice too. I think this is pretty much suitable for everyone except those who never wear false eyelashes before. Because this might be abit too over for you. If you're first time wearing I will recommend you E series rather than this :)


Taaaadaaaa!!! This is how it look like when I applied on my eye. SUPPER NICE RIGHT??? Totally enlarge my eyes to the max!!! I love how it look when you closed your eyelid. Feel so girly and feminine!
 Although it might look very thick when the eyelashes put on the box but NEVER TRY NEVER KNOW. Once I put on my eye it look super good on my eye!! Some more not really thick it's just niceeeee :)
 See my eyes!!!! Nice horrrr?!!! I love the way I look on the photo above & below. Syiok Sendiri but let me crazy for a while la since I'm now alone at my room blogging for all of you :'( But really so pretty hor!!!!
 I think my eye look really pretty with this eyelashes!! PLEASE LA I'M BROKE LIAOOO!! But 5 pairs really not enough for me..Should grab it before it out of stock!!! ARGHHHHHHH
OOTD matched with my makeup + false eyelashes

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥E-Series No.5♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Yeah!!! The second one I'm trying the S-Series no.5 Devilish(here) You know I'm actually quite dilemma don't know which to choose first , I did rank it on the above actually I love both E05 and just now that S01!! This is strongly recommend for those who wanna to get a longer eye look , natural thin false eyelashes and also look feminine with it. I tell you so far I didn't get other eyelashes which can create this kind of look because when I apply it on my eye it usually ending that part of the false eyelashes too long and the curl is too fake. It look not natural at all and if you wear it for almost 5 hours the eyelashes will slowly drop but this WONT

I love how it make me look a bit more sexyyyyyy! You can realize from the self capture photo I took. Even I close 20% of my eyelid then the eyelashes seems like helping me to create a sexy eyes! Look super gorgeous ehhhhh!! So far within this 4 I love this 2 the most!!! Others also nice but just I love how it look on me after I wearing this both. If might be diff some of you prefer E01 than this but for me I LOVE E05 > E01. AHHAHAHAHAH because you know I always wanna look sexyyyyyyyyy~
 Really love the length of the false eyelashes. Feel so romantic and sexyyyyyy!
 Look really long and this can actually achieve a sexy cat eye but I prefer to match with just a thin eyeliner. Wanna show you how it look so I don't wanna use thick eyeliner to create the look. I think this is pretty enough for me to show you. Guess you start to fall in love with it like I do. HAHAHAAHAHAH Super nice ehhh this!! Ok laaa few photo now enough for me to show you..I know you can't get enough of this too xD Okaaaayyyy Show you moreeee selca photo.

Innocent sexyyyyy eyeeeeee
This angle look better LOL
 Pretty in love with this two false eyelashes and this E05 is much more easier to apply because its super soft eyelashes. I can't believe the quality look like those handmade false eyelashes. Super soft and easy to apply. I didn't throw it after I wear and I can wear this for like 4-5 time above if you really take care it nicely. Because in E-series one box only contain 2 pairs while S series contain 5 pairs. So from that you can really know how good is the quality ! I really love the end part of my eyelid the eyelashes like half drop which really make my eyes look super girly and sexyyyyyy ! Yeah!!!

OOTD matched with my makeup + false eyelashes

 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥E-Series No.4♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Next, I'm wearing E-Series no.4 Glamorous (here) Okie first of all I should say that this is not those natural kind of false eyelashes and the terrier of this is quite hard and thick. So since my double eyelid is not those thick type one so this might be a bit difficult for me to apply. The terrier at the front and back will keep drop even I stick with super sticky eyelashes glue on it. BUT this one suitable for those who wanna match with a thick and heavy eye makeup. For example photo shooting for night view theme or attending any dinner and I think this is not suitable for those who have very round and puppy eyes. Because if you have round eye the hard terrier can't really stick on your eyelid nicely maybe compare with the previous two this is much more hard to apply.
 As you can really see that the terrier of the false eyelashes is really so thick and not really soft for me because it's for a more thick make up look one. So I not really prefer this as my eye is really small and the front part of it keep drop compare with all I tried on this post.

 This false eyelashes look really thick and once you wear it your make up straightly turn to have a dark and thick eyeliner which you can save your time to apply any eyeliner. AHAHAHAH but because the terrier is quite thick and black you need to bring your eyelashes glue along since it keep dropping LOL. But I'm sure that it really make my eyes look super black and when snap photo you can straight focus on my eye! HAHAHAAH
 Look like I'm having a thick eye makeup right? AHAHAHA
 I'm wearing this too when going to Lilac Salon for my hair transformation post (here) and my eye look freaking big and attractive horrr!! Just I feel the hardness of the false eyelashes so I didn't really like it and not recommended to those who just started and looking for a natural false eyelashes but if you really want to go for photoshooting or wedding dinner event wanna make your eye look ATTRACTIVE with just a little time to apply your make up + your eye shape is longer type then you can choose this because it wont easily drop on your eye shape. Diff eye shape have diff type of false eyelashes which really suit your eye.

OOTD matched with my makeup + false eyelashes


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥E-Series No.1♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lastly this is super recommended for all of you and I think it almost suitable for everyone's eye shape. This is the E-series no1 Pure Sweet (here) When you see the name of this no1 you know that it's super natural kind of false eyelashes. It's suitable for all of you who prefer natural and sweet makeup. I match with my canmake makeup!!! I wear it to my class and nobody know that I'm wearing a false eyelashes because it's really super natural. If you realize that one of my intsa video I'm wearing this on my lecture class ( pose like i'm a good student writing note on my chair) HAHAHAHAHA Find it out then you can realize how much people would demand for this. Really super sweet and natural and I LOVE THIS AS WELL. within 4 of this..this one is the most natural one and suitable for beginner who just start to learn how to stick false eyelashes. OH YEAH!

I didn't use the glue on it because I think my glue is sticky than this! HAAHAHA

 So natural right?
 Wahhh you see this!!! Really look like my real eyelashes!

OOTD matched with my makeup + false eyelashes
HAHAAH Mmu is a  nice place to snap OOTD too! Lol I hope this blog post helps you on choosing the right and suitable false eyelashes for yourself. Diff kind of false eyelashes can actually change your whole look. Dress up yourself nicely and put on your favorite false eyelashes on your special day with someone or your girls! Enjoy as much as possible and Love yourself more because no one can be so special like you :") Every person have it's own unique personality and attitude and hope makeup can help you to bring out your confidence level and love the way you are :)

Oh yea, all Eyeswear Eyelash you can get from | Facebook:   :) They still have some other series and no. which I haven try on too. HAHAHA Is time for shopping!! Free shipping if purchase RM50 above :P Ps: If you wish to see more beauty tutorial let me know and I hope to film a video on it too but my room was so dark T^T I need a good lightening room! Lol Byeeeeeee

That's all for today.
Love xx