My 21st Birthday Celebration ♥ I'm Officially 21

08 November 2013

Hellooo my lovely sweeties :3  I almost forgot about this post and finally!!! I'm here to update about my 21st Birthday Bash. It was a special day for me I think because as you know I told you that I never celebrate like this or plan like a proper party like this. I actually settle my customization cake & the design before I went to Korea. Next have to think about what should I wear and the dress I wear on that day also customize one! So pretty right? Please tell me it's pretty because if you notice actually even the venue and everything match perfectly + I plan it all by myself although I know it doesn't look really good because you know I'm broke after back from my BKK + Korea Trip! Lol but it's a super big present for myself so I appreciate it and still think until die also have to think a party since I never celebrate like this with my friends.

If you notice the week before my birthday I actually very worry because people just telling me that it's 21st Birthday Part and shouldn't just have a simple dinner like what I did from the past. Even the birthday cake I just simply went to a shop and choose whatever left at the shop then bought it home and celebrate with my parent. On the other hand, I'm always have a normal dinner with some of  my closed friends during my previous birthday celebration. So this year I'm gonna do and spend whatever I have so that I might have a memorable day with my closed friends. Actually sometime I miss my secondary school friends, those are my super super closed friends. Except all of you I'm very appreciate them because when I'm just a stupid girl wearing a ugly spec they are the one talking shits with me and playing like a kid. We do have lotss of diff attitude and personality but still we love each other so  much . (AHHH LAAAAA Don't fake la xD ) 

Anyway, everything settled a week before my birthday. But seriously, luckily just 15 friends there because if more than that I guess I don't know what to talk already. Especially for me, I'm the most talkative while all others seems to be so shy to each others. HAHAHHAAH Although at first, we like a little bit awkward but soon all of us get to chat with each others and I'm becoming a busy one because some of them don't know each other. At first I'm worry too because I'm not really good in that + I never plan for any celebration with diff group of people. Lol A little bit sad cause some of my babe can't attend my birthday party and I did inform them one month before my birthday. I always scared they are too busy but still :'( They couldn't make it~ 

Seriously, thanks for those who came because without you all I wont be so happy and Should hug Mr.Kitty for being my photographer. I have 3 diff camera and he is the one who holding diff camera each time help me capture all the photo. Although some photo I look really ugly but without Mr.Kitty you wont see this post since I'm busy talking to each other!! HAHAHAH But luckily I bring enough camera so that one can help me snap photo and another one help me record insta video! Lol
Super duper thanks for everything!! Never been so excited about this special day and I would be so glad to celebrate my big day with all of you. Thanks for all the wishes and comment / msg in my facebook , pages , twitter & instagram. I replied all and I received all your love too. Thankiuuuu sooo muchhhh I'm a princess  on that day (Let me be princess for one day lah) Somehow I feel a little bit shy especially everyone sing birthday song to  me. Never have so much people gather together and celebrate with me. Feel like crying and don't know how and what should I do at that time. HAHAHAHA I know I'm awkward but still it's really a memorable and meaningful day to me.


I can't believe that! I'm old enough to be a senior now :'( Goshhhhh!!! So fast ahhhh I still remember last year I always hope to get old but now seems like too fast for that. Still haven prepare for it. Lol Should stop crapping here and LET'S GET STARTED!!!


It not exactly like a party actually. I guess I should call this as one of the gathering dinner! AHAHAHAHA Dinner start at 6pm while I reached there at 5pm. Thanks my brother for the help carrying whole birthday cake for me and thanks Ker Chi for the help too. So after done everything we just sit down and wait their waitress to clean that special room for us. Actually they ask and offer us another table to sit but you know I actually match my theme with the background of the venue so I reject them and ask for the exactly room that I booked few days ago. At first I'm quite angry because I know what's going to happen so on the phone call I special ask and repeat telling them I only want for that white room for my celebration and I will invite along 15 person. They say YESSSSSS & OK. But then when we reach there the people trying to refuse us and ask us to change the room to the public side! Seriously, I'm very disappointed with it and it's not my responsible that your waitress is not enough on that day. Then almost 45 mins later they have no choice to let us enter the room since I told them the reason and also I repeat what they said to me during the phone call.

I should thanks god for that. We just tell them we no need waitress or anyone to serve us, we just need them to take our order and food. That is! Then end up they say okay to us and ask us to wait while prepare to clean the room for us. They even ask their manager come out talk to me but because I'm fully prepared so..... Don't make me disappointed and get angry PLEASE! If you guys going to celebrate your birthday at this place PLEASE REMEMBER DOUBLE CONFIRM X 3473957439754957430 with them. Sometime they did mistake too!!!
 Just some photo decorating my birthday cake. I look so serious here!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
 For your information the venue of my birthday bash located at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid. I went there all the time and I realize inside there got few diff interior design room special for guess or celebration. But if it's full of people that day then they wont reserve whole room for you maybe you need to share room with others. Luckily that day whole room belong to us. Then I arrange the table myself waiting Dear Lyvia bring the white table wrapping paper for me~

Customized Birthday Cake 
 Finally , my dream come true! Own customized birthday cake & dress! Both in pastel pink + pastel blue color just like my blog layout!! Love both color so much until I can die for it~ Lol Customized Cake from Cake Homemade . The owner of this homemade shop is one of my friend's sister. I noticed it and found this quite a long time and FINALLY!! WOOOHOOOOOOO I can't describe my feeling here because when you saw your own design actually pop out and appear in front of you..You can touch it , feel it even TASTE IT! OMG I can't describe the happiness!! HHAHAHAHAAH Sorry I'm a little bit too over but I JUST LOVE TO BE LIKE THIS. lol
 Whole Birthday Cake Look

Own Customized Dress

Totally fall in love with this dress and it's a CONVERTIBLE Dress which I got it from Emcee Couture. I discuss with the owner of the shop quite a long time and this is the final outcome!! I CAN'T DESCRIBE when I got the parcel!! It's so pretty am I right? Plus, I can wear it over & over again with different type of pattern. Read this for more detail about convertible dress I get from them last time Seriously, Thanks EmceeCouture for all the hard work and I can feel the love from them. They still wrote me a sweet note. How sweet is this!!! Appreciate it and I hope for those who looking for own customize dress can contact them. You can see everything from my dress k? Love it x100000

Dinner Time

 Happy time with them. It just like a small gathering!!! We talk about everything , talk about my korea trip , talk about love , talk about shits and basically we just TALK as much as we can. Then waiting for our food to come.
 I have too much photo here and I guess should let the photo do the talking! So... enjoy reading :)

Blow Up Cake Session

Self Capture Time

 Feel proud of myself because I printed & design the photo out... 10 mins before I go out from my house. Just wanna put it on the able so that it look like my birthday invitation+ nice place to self capture! HAHAHAHAAH Main and important thing for GIRLS! The rabbit , polka dot pastel pink & blue stuff all can get from Daiso! Saved lots of money for decoration. Just did some small decoration for myself. Hope it wont look so plain and ugly!! Like it or not? I love it so much because it's last mins work so I can't blame and complain too much! LOLLLLL
 Still got lotss of photo they selca with my birthday cake not me >w< but they don't allow me to upload at here! HAAHHAAHAHAH So...I just upload mine please say I'm pretty on that day :P

Polaroid Time

Makeup Of The Day

 Another blog post about my makeup part
 Can't tahan myself even my makeup also need to be exactly the same color series with my dress and cake! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I told you I'm crazy on that!

Photo Time / Group Photo

Dear Lyvia
Ker Chi
 Xiao Jing
 HAHAHAHAHA He wearing pink & blue as well :3
 Smelly , 'PRINCESS' , Foong 
Babe Casey
 Babe HHong
Babe HHong , Me & Kay Vin
 Dear Lyvia , me & Joseph
 Dear Lyvia & her bro, Nelson
 Xiao Jing
 Dear complain that she just took few photo with me :'( I also realize I only took few photo with her!! Sowiiiie but still love you don't sad k? :P You have many time can take photo with me!! AHAHAHAHAHAH

Just realize I'm too happy and excited until every photo I actually hug them and put my hand on their shoulder! LOLLLLLL Princess can't pose like this one lo..Have to be more feminine one ma! HAHAAHAHAHAHAH *Image spoiled*
 Of course have to thanks this person!! Smelly one! He always support me no matter what and Thanks for the 21st Birthday Present !!!!! Love you :) Here's the only 4 selca photo I took with him :'( Should snap more but I'm very happy he actually wear the color look almost the same with my theme!! HAAHAHAH 

Ok! One more~ Lol
 Photo with cupcakes!


 Less few people here -.- They went to toilet -.-

That's all for today!! 
Thanks for everything and thanks for coming too 
Love ALL OF YOU & of course Love all my sweeties too

Love , xx

Some Additional Photo took by other camera 


 That's all!!! Good Night <3