♥ [FAQs] Instax mini 8 & Promotion

25 November 2013

Hello Sweeties Just a short update because I'm quite frustrated to answer the same question again & again so thinking to update everything here. Just hope that you can read this before asking me the same question again. But I can't blame because I know some of you might be new in my blog so you don't know where usually I get to buy my camera and instax film or camera~ Am I right? I know some of you saw my update http://www.chanwon.com/2013/11/happy-birthday-my-dear-things-i-want.html about my dear birthday then some of you saw this photo...
You know at first I quite dilemma don't know which color to pick. I love pink and pastel yellow only! End up I choose yellow and hope she love it. So once she open her present! See her lovely expression she was quite happy for that surprise~ So some of you actually ask me where I get this from~ I get this from Instax Pelangi (Kenny)  You will saw this name quite often appear on my blog because previously my Casio Zr1000 got problem when no one help me as a friend he willing to help me. When I first purchase my wifi card I can't solve some problem, he helped me too. I didn't take any single sens from sharing this with all of you. I swear because as I told you many many many time what catch customer heart is their service.

I introduce many many many time almost all my camera stuff I get it from him. Even I didn't buy anything we still chat like friends so if he bully you feel free to go inbox tell him you're my reader (I'm joking please dont do that ya) xD But anyway , just wanna tell you that he offer a really good service if you really look into his feedback on facebook you know it. I know many of you got your CASIO ZR1000 from him too :) Thankiuu and I'm happy to share this with all of you so that when I need him he wont reject me :P

This birthday.. I really can't think about anything rather than this. You know I know my BFF so long I passed 7 birthday or 6 birthday with her.. What also bought for her really can't think about it until the days before my dear birthday (probably 2-3 days before) last mins decision i asked him and finally I'm happy I received it on time. Everytime they deliver it to be within 1-2 working days after I banked in. But this time not good timing my Instax Camera mini 8 the day I use the flash for problem. My dear quite afraid and I immediately inbox kenny.

He solve all my problem and return me a new one for me within 2 working days. He is the only camera shop I trust all the time. I'm happy that he solved all my problem immediately after all. My previous experience wasn't good with another shop. I bought my camera when it have problem they ask me to go to the main shop and settle myself. The warranty card isn't fully record and fill in and this make me can't warranty my previous camera. From that bad experience I WILL NEVER EVER simply buy thing even on a shop. So you know how strong I think service is really important.

I hate people late reply especially blog shop or any online purchase shop. Seriously I hate! I have no idea why they treat their customer like maid or we should wait 4-5 days to get their reply when we are facing any problem. So again ya, my Instax Mini8 I get it from Instax Pelangi :) You're welcome mention that you're my friends or reader so that he wont simply bully you all :P HAHAAHHA 

That time I buy they're having a special promotion!! SO I can save a little bit of money !! Buying pet food for Bebe :P So to  be honest I'm really happy that this is my 4th time shopping with them and anything feel free to inbox him. He's very welcome you to ask anything regarding camera if you keen to purchase any camera :) In return to him for his super GOOD GOOD GOOD SERVICE.. I'm here to intro him to you sweetie again and hope you know where I get all my camera. Even wifi card everything I pay for it . I never get any benefits from them except their GOOD SERVICE ! Hehe 

Mad love and since I write this blog post to answer your question here's some promotion I copy from his facebook. I really think that good service do make a little diff between all the competitor :) So here's some promotion and if you wanna save more money just feel free check his facebook or instagram he damn active sharing promotion!! HHAHAAHHA 

Special edition package for their instax mini8 with cartoon film! VERY WORTH OHHH If you realize the price of each box of cartoon film in normal camera shop will be so exp but this time this whole set only 

Zr1200 Rm1499 
With 8gb wifi n case

Why zr1200 so fast appear in the market?!! I wanna change my blacky to this pinky can? :'(

Zr20 Rm530 
With 8gb & case

Last but not least I'm not sure what's this camera because I'm not interested with any camera without turning screen. HAHAHA But horr i know this very popular expecially for those who super love fujiflm camera!! My friends asked me regarding this but I never review it so I dont know ><  So hmm.. here's I take from their facebook one ya!! Helping them to look for buyer LOLLLLL

The Latest FujiFilm X-E2 With XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R Lens

The Latest FujiFilm X-E2 With XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R Lens
Packages Come With
1) Fujifilm X-E2 Camera [SEALED] 2) Fujifilm XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R Lens 3) Fujifilm NP-W126 Battery 4) Fujifilm BC-W126 Battery Charger 5) Lens Hood 6) Shoulder Strap 7) Metal Strap Clip 8) Protective Cover 9) Clip Attaching Tool 10) Manual + CD Drive 11) Vandguard Sling Bag 12) Kingmax 16GB Class 10 Waterproof SDHC Card

First 3 Buyer Will Get Some Mystery Gift From Us Rm4888 Is Recommended Price(Our Price Is Rm4200 Only) For Better And Can Own It Price Can Kindly sms/call us at 017 9094631 kenny wechat us at kenny1807 line us at kenny1807

That's all for today! Hope this answering all your question & doubt ~ Arghhhh keep looking on that mini8! I wanna to grab one to replace my mini 7s too :( I want it badly wehhh~ SO nice the pastel color and new High-key mode!!!! Arghhhh~

Love, xx.