♥ Casio TR15 Review #1

11 November 2013

Hello my little sweet princess :3 I'm here again and happy that 80% of my Korea Post on the progress and almost done of it!! Sorry for the super long patient and waiting but because I wanna to ensure that all my blog post consequently up on my blog so I have to make you guys wait a little bit. But I'm sure it worth for your waiting!! Apart from that I'm going to announce a super good news for all of you!! I mean good news for all selca lovers no matter who are you~ I'm sure you have been waiting so long for this since my previous post about Casio TR15 New Series (http://www.chanwon.com/2013/07/casio-exilim-new-tr-launch.html) up on my blog. I receive many people asking me to do a review and finally I'm done with this!! YEAHHHHHHH~ Told you I have lotsss of good thing happen on here ma~ :P *slap myself*

So start from today, the whole week of this week I will be accompany all of you & doing for a new topic of the week....TAADAAAA~ 'Casio TR15 Review Week' Will break my review post into 4 mini post which I picked the most wanted Q&A and also your suggestion la! Please do appreciate for all my hard work ya~ I try my best to make it this week but make sure you stick on my blog for more awesome week ok? Hiak Hiak guess what's the topic for next week yea? :P Stay tunedddddd! For price and related question can read from my previous TR new series launching post on the above (I linked already ya..Don't ask me the same question again :3 )
I'm super happy that I have a opportunity to make this for all of you because I know some of you wanna to invest in a good selca camera. This is super good selca camera but I know due to the price not much people can afford that for just a selca camera. For me I can't afford too but wanna to let you guys know this so I review this for all of you :) Make this a good review and you guys can understand it more detail then think carefully and go ahead to grab it! Just make sure that if you wish to achieve super DSLR quality photo or clear photo other than selca you might not suitable for this because this camera is really mean to be good and super perfect for people who love to SELF CAPTURE likeeee girlsss?! or maybe guy?!
So yea! Today gonna show you about it's design concept and also quality of the tr15! Just let you know that it's a brand new design and it's much more pretty if you compare with previous TR Series. This series they wish to win our heart of course so the design is much more elegant and classic.
The high appeal & quality design win our heart. No matter what color you choose you will still love it. I love both white and pink color! I'm actually quite confuse which to pick for this review but you know you never know how much you love it until you really touch itttt!!! Lol
The size of course is the a main thing which girls love to carry it around for normal outing and gathering with their friends. It's totally same size with my Iphone 5 + Casing on it. Very easy and convenience to carry around!
I tell you this is super gorgeous! Let me show you the close up shot on the metallic finishing of this new series of TR15
So nice right? I believe white color also look super good in that!!
The side button make us super easy using it to selca! Capture the best angle of you and your friends!

Yeaa! This is just part 1 k? simple post showing you how the detail close up look for TR15! I really think this design look good in every diff angle especially the metallic finishing of it and also it's optimize for both Fashion & Photography usage!

So last question before I end with this post.. WHICH COLOR you prefer ?! White? Black? Pink? Answer below and let me know which color will you choose~ I personally love both white & pink!!!!

Before end with this show you a video clip about the launching of casio TR15 few months ago :)

PS: Spot me at 2:20 :P Thanks Casio for the video <3

That's all for today :) 
For more information can click on Casio Exilim Malaysia
Enjoy Reading, love xx.