♥ Happy Birthday My Dear & Things I want you to know

19 November 2013

Hello all my sweeeties :3 I know it's quite late now but I still have to blog about what I did within this few days! I must update this if not I can't sleep well tonight due to too much blog post need to be publish within this week. I have no idea why I already so hard working update everyday but just I wanna update my own daily lifestyle post on here. So I guess this is consider as something more to my life. After my 21st celebration I start to think about my dear 21st birthday. We know each other since our secondary school life and all of us on the photo above have more than 7 years of friendships. Except my bloggers friends I still have my own BFF which really love me for who am I :)

I'm almost same with you guys. I met diff kind of people in my recent life but the real friendship always know each other even we far apart. My Dear is the one I always talk and blogging since I'm age of 16 . When I'm still a little girl who love to snap lotss of selca photo with her. I guess you know who is that if you really follow me from wretch to blogger blogspot. HAHAHAHA Flashback to 6 years ago when I started  my first blog in a taiwan chinese blog. Hmmmmm so many memories... From secondary school until now.. Arghhh suddenly feel so old now!!

This year my dear turns 21 years old !! I'm older than her few months but people always say I'm younger because I'm shorter! Lol so I take this as compliment but for me she's always the one who need to take care her while eating & walking..or I guess I should say I need to take care her like my little sis although I need someone to take care of me too! LOLLLL Time flies both of us have our own bf and own new university friends but our heart still have that tiny space for each other!! Wah so touching like that pls I hope I wont tear when I post this because seriously many photos and memories flashback + ing on my mind now.

We born in diff family, we have TOTALLY DIFF personality & attitude but we are just like one family. I remember I never get a chance to overnight at people's house except her house. The only house I can always lepak at there and bully her brother , talking crap and helping her mom to makeup , having great dinner her mom cook for me. I have my own younger bro too and I can't imaging my dear same age as me & my bro same age with her bro. So ngam!! 

I'm a girl who love to talk and super talkative while my dear Lyvia totally diff from me. She is those silent type of girl and always hear what I said .LOL and because I always talkative they somehow do hate me talking too much when I'm still 16 years old. We argue a lot and they dislike me sometime but not sure when we used to love each other and now we NEED each other for our life. Lol ((( I joke la maybe I need her but she don't need me :'(  

But so far this is how our friendship get started when I'm form 3. She is that little thin and tall girl who always tell me that she have a ugly leg and dull skin. I'm who I'm and I'm the one always wanted to change people thought of being ugly to 'I'M PRETTY & CHIO' So I have no idea how I suddenly bump into her life and stay with her , overnight with her, talk from the night until next morning 5am die die also don't wanna sleep & etc. Too much of memories and I always love to eat what her mom cook for me when I'm staying at her house and overnight. I help her makeup , her mom and always teach her bad thing like how to scold people when you angry. She is those 'diam diam' type of girl so everything she always keep inside but I'm those who always speak and talk rubbish LOL

Maybe because we are so diff.. and that's why we used to stick to each other until now. Our gang have so many people AHAHAH Including our super chio XiaoJing and I-ky (but I-ky at kampar now) while another 2 crazy boy Jason & Nicky. I feel so comfortable when I'm taking with them but if I'm crying I will only cry in front of my dear because she is the only want never bother my ugly face. Before I met my bf Mr.Kitty, she used to be my so called 'lessbian' partner!! HAAHAHAHAHAH We always use this reason and hold hand while shopping. I'm not sure you guys really know that I'm quite hard to fall in love with any boy. Mr.Kitty was my 2nd bf . When I'm young I used to hate male. I'm not sure why but maybe because I'm too 'strong' and think I don't think I need to dependent on any boy.

So as long as I realize people try to chase or fall in love with me I will straight away draw a line with them and trying to walk away from that. Because I have no feeling = no feeling. I don't care you're handsome or not and I don't think any boy can understand my thinking. I'm not complicated but I love to act like I'm complicated & make people can't guess what I'm thinking. Argh.. such a stupid decision I should have more bfsssssssss mahhhh!! AHAHHAHAHA Lolll

So story continue..I hate boy and I always over react when I see couple argue in front of me. Feel so childish and feel sad to the boy too sometime. I have no Idea why I use to think like that la.. I always think why I'm not a boy but hor....I love makeup on people's face and help them tie up their hair..decorate stuff and talk..gossip...blablablablablaaaaa Then I decided to be happy instead of sad. Both of my parent never think I can be what in my future, but one thing I know is..No matter how much I did people never see my hard work.. I always putting hope to others and hope others can tell me what can I do for my life. For such a confusing life I have and issues..

End up I have my own decision which never get regret for anything. So , even I'm stupid I force myself to study. I tell my my bro have super good brain but I'm stupid. Until today I never think I'm clever because really I'm stupid on my past but I make miracle happen on me. I wanna my mom to be proud but previously my parent never praise me. The only people who always praise me is my dear family. Her mom is those open minded mama! Hot mama play online game and chat with us even  our love story and gossip story! HHAHAHAHAHA My mom hate me learn makeup and stuff last time (but now she love who am I today lah) and I always love to meet my friend's family because others always praise me but not my own family :'(

Then, I start to think what I want to achieve and I should thanks my previous tuition teacher that always encourage me to do my thing. I learn electronic piano , I learn guitar , I learn sing , I learn anything that can open my BRAIN to memories thing. So I believe music can increase my brain capacity in some way! LOL Until now I still believe. So I start to dream about music and my dear & my crazy gang accompany me to join singing competition in my school. Even my final they bring all those crazy thing to support me. I remember every single thing they did to me :)

My dear and her family know I love to eat home cook food and hot soup they always cook for me when I overnight at there. Mr.Kitty know it and now Mr.Kitty mama also cook super nice food to me. I didn't really enjoy expensive dining..For me, a hot soup with all my favorite food is the best and yummy-est food for me !! AHAHAHAH Then I bring my bro and Mr.Kitty to try my dear's mom food ..They all same same falling in love with it. So we always went to my dear house to steal her food. She this thin little girl always eat that tiny amount and left all others for me -.- That's why all her meat appear on my face and body . Lol

But I REALLY wanna steal all her food and put it on my stomach !! HAHAHAHA Then I teach her makeup but until now she only know a bit only..Even her birthday she still need my help to help her do her makeup. Although I always say I don't want help and being lazy but I'm happy she depend on me to help her do her makeup! MUHAAHHAAH Cause only me can help her. you know what she go and get a eyeshadow for her bf and told him that it can use to draw his eyebrow =.= I hear this on that day I really like..ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Lollllll

Then this dear love to drink wine -.- She always tell me wine is sweet and nice but when I taste I straight away go to toilet and brush my teeth & drink water =.= So conclusion I hate wine and I  love Ribina only! Lol I just take the wine to pose for fun LOL I love to act like an adult lol
 Many Many good memories involved her. She is a part of my life and of course one of the important person I have to appreciate in my life. I will try my best to protect her and we still promise before that in the future our son or daughter have to know each other then get married to each other! HHAHAHAHAH Very crazy but she remember that and I always tear when I talk about this . Especially when I'm blogging at night suddenly I will become so touching to blog about this and hopefully the next day I wont vomit when I read it back. But just for her.. Hope my bf don't envy xD jkjk**

 Wah I suddenly saw this HAHAHAAHAH Xiao Jing gonna kill me but I don't think she will read this post :P So SHE WONT KILL ME. Very funny and I swear my real life close friend in fact never read my blog -.- they lazy to read any long post which full of word but I tell you this post you die die also want to read lo! AHAHAHAH Once in a year so must do like this. So topic continue.. all of us love each other and both of us stick to each other and although our face totally look very diff but....

When we go out really got people ask whether we are twins or not -.- Guess they're blind but her mom and my mom told us that when BFF too close to each other and people will always feel like a twins? Shi bohhh?!! Then god please give me her height and her chopstick leg but I wont greedy for the leg because my leg enough pretty :P But I wanna as tall as her ! HAHAAHAHAH
Then whatever la...So many many memories keep til now..We both 21 years old already!! Getting busy in our own new life but still once we meet each other I can cincai tear in front of her and cry :'( I'm quite weak in front of her. She is the one who always ask me don't be so rude and take care my image while Mr.Kitty is the second people who step into my life and changed who am I today. I can tell you until now I'm still trying to be complicated but Mr.Kitty & my dear always know me well. Mr.Kitty always can read my mind. And this is why even everyone telling me that he's not rich , he's not handsome , he's not good enough blablabla..But I still love him..Because he understand me well..

He is the one telling me that I'm not complicated..And he always know I trying to test his patient and being bad temper to him. Lol I'm not a good gf but in someway I'm really good for him. Can I say that he's my bf and also my gf!! Mr.Kitty can talk crap with all of our gang but sometime he's shy to do so! HAHAHAAH But I really think that I shouldn't complain too much and ask for too much...Because with them..and my family..I should thanks god and you guys my sweeties, my reader made who am I today.

Last time I do care how people think about me. Even now sometime I do care but most of the time I wouldn't care so much if compare with previous me. Because they told me people who love you no matter what you did they still love you. We can't born and not born to please people :) This is why I'm slightly diff from others. I didn't and never think to be famous or what but I maintained myself in the same level and always remind the reason why I start to blogging. Some people think I'm trouble. some think I'm choosy..but all those thing make all of us meet each other in a same space = My blog. Chanwon.com

You see -,- I can talk until myself.. But after all this I really need to thanks everyone who involved in my life. No matter who are you , you dislike or like me. Thanks you! Just stop your mouth if you don't know my story because I'm very strict to myself even my academic.. I work super hard to my life not your life.. Someone told me this

Your time is Limited. So don't waste it living someone else's life!
 Don't living with the RESULTS of other people's thinking. 
Don't let the NOISE of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. 
AND most important, have the courage to follow your HEART & INTUITION 

They somehow already know what you truly want to be become
 Everything else is SECONDARY.

Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone, don't be someone else just be yourself 

Yeaaa..never forget the reason you start anything. I never forgot the reason I start blogging and become the only chanwon. :) 

OMG -.- I can't finish this post if I don't stop here and start blog about my dear 21st birthday. Lol!!! 

So...yeap!!!! Then our friendship until now ..still counting~ Whole family include me super concern about her big day. As usual we normally prepare surprise to her. But it's really heavy to carry that big bouquet of rose , 4 big present and 2 paper bag all the way from my house. The once I reach her house need access card only can enter the lift and walk into the guard house area -.- Very bad I carry lots of thing and stuff still need to wait at guard house + people think I'm 38 wearing that ROCK & ROLL style holding so many rose and present standing there. LOL

But I can do anything for my dear! HAHHAHAHAAH She having a private part with us and her friends. I'm actually the first one who should arrive at the party house but because this careless dear forgot to bring this bring that end up me , mr.kitty , her bro and her bf were the 4 most late people arrive there. All nice food also finished?!!!! WTTTTFF?! MY SALAD ALL HABIS :'(

As long as I still alive I still have the chance to eat that . DEAR PLEASE OK? I WANT HOT SOUP , FISH AND HORRR YOUR KISS :P 

Then I'm wearing like whole black + all her friends too but my dear she set the theme = Rock & Roll...Then she go get a denim jeans outfit. LOLLL I think it's 80 years ago's rock & roll style! LOLLLL But as long as special and can differentiate between all of us and birthday girl so it's ok! HAHAHAAHAH So what we can do at there? Playing with the balloon , blow balloon , selca , talk talk talk talk talk and do stupid thing! Lol

Yeahh!! Still 5 of us! Crazy gang! I  miss I-ky~ Due to this over long post I decided to let photo do the talking!! So it's all about selca and pose like a super star! HAHAHAAHAH and the photo below taken by XiaoJing. Look like we  have another celebration Lollll
HAHAAHA You see My super happy face !!
Have been such a long time never party like this. Wish I can play til midnight but I back home earlier than all of them :'( Need to take care my Bebe and Mr.Kitty will fall asleep when driving alone to his house. Plus, my mom will kill me if I never take care my Bebe and went to part til midnight. SO I quite sad and </3 to leave earlier!!! Arghhhh but soon we will meet each other again~ 

 Thanks dear for everything and which you have a happy life after this!! Be positive and remember we always beside you. When you need shoulder I can let you sleep on that because our relationship is longer than you & joseph one yooooo!! hahahaahah please don't kill me pls!  Ok laaaa .. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY !! Dunno what to say now because feel so sleepy blog until 2am now!! That's all for today :)

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! Love you dear~ Muackx ** xx