♥ [Review] 3CE Lip Color #506 DAILY LADY & Cream Blusher #Baby Peach

22 November 2013

Hey yoooo my lovely sweethearts♥♥ :3 Recently nothing can stop me from blogging! HAAHAHAHA Update so frequent and I guess you should read my blog once every two days because I wanna complete all your request and answered all your question! Review for casio TR15 left 2 post and my KOREA TRIP POST!!! Sad to sad that I record some vlog during my Korea Trip but now something happen on my imovie so I guess I will post blog post first after I got back my macbook then I will continue the imovie vlog for all of you k? So, I told you that I owe you many many many blog post and today I'm gonna have a short review about this famous Korea Cosmetic Brand - 3CE Stylenanda 

I know right first question you will ask! Where can you get it except from the official stylenanda website. Before that I want this so badly then one of my sweetie actually help me purchase from their korea official website but recently she went oversea to continue her study :'( So I have nothing to hope ..


I saw Make_Over actually selling 3CE products !! So this two product I got it from this shop. You know I don't have any idea what to pick for my lip color because I'm a kind of person which have lots of lip color but almost all are the same series of color. I'm afraid it not match my style then end up I always pink those bright pink rose color! Lol I'm just being so weird ! End up I decided to ask make_over for some recommendation. I prefer sweet natural lip color since I already have lots of pop color on my lips and I'm gonna get another red lip color on my next purchase! The owner is just sooooooooo friendly and did you remember that my previous review for Christine Ladies Mask (here)? I told you right their service is just AWESOME!

Get back to the topic. After I picked my lip color I realize it's very important for me to review their cream blusher too (since it's super hot now!!) So... I picked another cream blusher! You can't believe that I actually have 10 diff type / diff brand cream blusher on my makeup bag. I tell you blusher is really important especially for those who look really pale when doesn't makeup. I always apply blusher on my cheeks when having a light makeup and a more obvious color for a day outing with my baby! It's super cute and pretty when you have a pinkyyyy apple cheek! Am I right? ♥ Hehe

So end up I picked  3CE Lip Color #506 DAILY LADY & Cream Blusher #Baby Peach! Thanks Make_Over for the recommendation! I just love it! Love it sooooooooooo much~ Stop crapping here let me show you the outcome after applied on my face.

Let's Get Started

First, let's talk about their famous lip color. What can I say about their LIP COLOR? As I mentioned I picked the natural more on sweet color tone #506 DAILY LADY The color is not really obvious but it's more to natural type of color. I love this because my lips actually look very pale without any lip color. (You can realize it from all selca photo I took) Then, I don't want buy any pop lip color so this time I pick a lovely pink color which is BEST SELLER on their website. It's very natural and wont look too obvious when you using it daily even you can use it when you're working. 

I really love this and I want to say that it's super pigmented even the color is so light. Just that lipstick might look a little bit dry on cracked lips. So make sure that the day before you want to use lipstick you can use Vaseline to moisture your lips so the next day it wont look so dry and cracked. I compare my lips color with the lip color shown on the product it's exactly the same. You know sometime when you look at their product packaging the color is slightly diff but this~ IT'S SAME! First impression of their packaging already make me feel super happy , then now when it come to the main point it's still impress us! No wonder it's super popular and famous now. 

I even get one 3CE Makeup Bag from Mark_Over too! I really love the owner personality and the way she talk & communicate with her customer. This #DAILY LADY look really nice right? I super love the color!!!! I think everyone should get this color in your lip color collection because it's almost match with everything~

 Let me show you the before & after photo
 Very obvious my super pale lips. The outer corner color of my lips is darker than the inner area.Probably is dark pink and pink then red.Lol I have no idea but guess it's the reason why I need to choose the right color for my lips. Sometime I don't dare to try color like red or purple since my rabbit teeth will totally spoiled the whole feeling of having a super hot red lips :'( Wish I can fix that as soon as possible. Thinking whether want to brace my teeth or not. hmmmmmm~

Another closer photo for you to see the diff.
 See?! The right one seems to be more lovely and sweet! HAHAHAHAA Syiok sendiri*
 A very natural and sweet color! I love #DAILY LADY~ It's a must color for everyone! Strongly recommend for those who looking for a natural type of lip color.
Selca with my #DAILY LADY xD

Second product is.....  TAAADAAAA

 Cream Blusher #Baby Peach
 This is the first time I tried their cream blusher. Previously I have tried many diff brand but this design and packaging is totally diff from other's cream blusher. Normally cream blusher we no need to squeeze like this but 3CE cream blusher design this way so we can easily get the right amount to apply on our cheeks. Sometime being too lazy to apply blusher with lots of step I will prefer this. You just need to squeeze a little amount and blend it all over your cheek. You can easily blend on the area you want! I feel like this color look almost same series and color tone with my Daily Lady lip color! HAHAHHAHAA

I think this is another BEST SELLER color from their cream blusher.
 I more prefer natural cheeks color but please check out others pop color too!! I think they have another pink color which really pretty on Asian skin color too. I want ALL color!! Arghhhh~ Broke*

 Without any blushes my face looks a little bit too pale again! Lol Let see the outcome!

See that? It's very light and I just blend with my fingertip!!!
 Fyi, I'm wearing #eyeswear false eyelashes which you can get from hishop.my (http://www.hishop.my/eyes/false-eyelashes-2246/eyeswear-eyelash-s-series-no-1-bride-5-pairs)

To complete my look I added with a pair of false eyelashes , eyeliner , mascara and this is how it look like.

Then because my outfit is more feminine so I tie my hair up...


That's all for today :) 
Love, xx.

Ps : I'm so sleepy right now. Yesterday slept at 4am because of my stupid individual assignment :'( I know some of you know already since I updated my daily mobile blogging on #dayre!! HAHAAHAH Follow my #Dayre now (@chanwon) and GOOD NIGHT!! Zzzzzz