♥ Fashion Bazaar @ The Journey, Setia Walk

25 November 2013

Hey Guysss~ Good afternoon to all of you sweeties  :3 Now waiting for my class later but before that I just wanna update this blog post for all of you!! Wanna all of to read this and of course I'm still the most efficient one!! AHAHAHAH Sometime just hope to update as soon as possible when my mood & memories still there. You know sometime over few days the feeling and mood might not the same and all the writing and sentences seem not as happy & high as the first few days. So yea!!! It's not the first time having fashion bazaar and I'm always be so glad to meet all of you in my real life.

I know I can't able to meet everyone in the same place but at least you guys involved in a part of my life. From the first bazaar until now I'm really appreciate for those who came to talk with me and purchased all my stuff & clothes. No other thing I wish to get from seeing your happy face. You all are the one who make who am I today-Your truly , Chanwon. I'm quite frustrated with my 3G data access at there because I purposely open data on the day but I can't able to access it! OMG but luckily some of you tagged me I still can received your photo and spot yourself on my blog!!  

Ps: For those who took photo with me yesterday tag me on insta or facebook so that I can put it on my blog yo!

So yea!! It was a super great , nice , hyper , happy , excited , crazy & HIGH day with all  of you and my babe!! Just that I'm the one sweating like hell because i'm wearing long sleeve sweater. Lol It's really damn weird that whole body sweat like hell  and my messy hair!! I wanna snap photo leh so I decided to tie half of it up at least it's look better! Arghhh~ Luckily you still can recognize me! HAAHAHAAHAH If you  joined and came fashion bazaar before then you know it's always sweating and hot like hell but this never affect our mood and exited happy face to see all of you. I still have no idea why we still can stand there , running here & there and talk / seca with all of you ! AHAHAHA 

But it's fun! RIGHT?!!

Actually it's fun to shop the cheap cheap clothes (not fun to see me :'( ) AHAHAHAHAHA Just Joking because I'm alone sitting in front of my lap top and acting like I'm talking with all of you. Lol it's life and I'm already used to it because I'm super talkative so it's ok! Lol I'm actually really happy to join bazaar because my double beauty blog shop half dead due to my final year in my degree so I need concentrate a little bit but stay tuned!! Once I have holiday break I will update nice stock again to all of you!!! Like last time , double eyelid still selling so don't worry and thanks for those who purposely come to meet me just to take this little item from me~ Love you 

After crapping around here I think I should zip  my mouth and stop my hand from typing!! Just let pictures do talking~ So it's PICHA TIMEEEEEEEEE YOOOO!!! Oh yeaa!! Wanna think you all telling me that my poster design look nice~ Make me feel better


 Actually all of us only able to selca before the it start!! I'm happy that our business not bad on that day! Now I have extra money buying Bebe new food , toys, snack and 3rd vaccination~ Oh yeaaaaa!! Thanks thanks thanks for those who came and for those can't join us due to examination or too far ~ Don't worry k?! It's still have another 6th bazaar coming!! Bazaar marathon !! HAHAHAHAA Joking Joking~
 This time we only spread the news around and do shoutout a week before the bazaar because all of us was quite busy and this collaboration done 3 weeks before the exactly date come out from our decision but still WE!! ALL OF US VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU AND JUST WANNA HUG & KISS for your coming! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Until now I'M STILL SUPER HIGH k?!
My corner and thanks for those who sapu my clothes!! I super happy my wardrobe finally have additional space to put! Hope you enjoy and love your shopping day with us! And Kittie is super cute once I back home I just check my instagram then I saw all of her instavideo! HAHAHAHA MADE MY DAY yoo ~ Twins Cherrie joining us on that day too. Kittieand Cherriefirst time joining this kind of fashion bazaar..Thanks for giving your very first time to Bobo & I!!YangBaoBei & Pkay♥ have to rush from their event so they are abit late but still lotss of friends and fans waiting for their signature. Especially YangBaobei because she was selling her book at the same day too. Thanks both of them joining our bazaar. Hope they experienced something new too!

Fyi, HAAHAHAHAH Soon, we have our next bazaar marathon again ~ Stay tuned!! Aiyooo.. ask myself to stop let pictures so the rest but I'm still can't control -.- OK LA.. I zipped my mouth and let photo do the rest!
 Just realize we don't have group photo with YangBaoBei & Pkay :'( We selca before the starting of the bazaar and they arrive after that :'( That's why but sure snap 99 next time! Oh yeaaaa!! So enough for our face it's time to featured all of my sweetie now!! Thanks for the tag and for those I didn't featured do tag me again so that I can put your lovely face on my blog post here~ Next time when I emo I read back I'm sure it make me smile like crazy again!! HEHE Some of you look super shy and don't dare to ask for a photo because you didn't purchase anything~ Don't worry ya even you didn't buy anything you still can come talk to me because I'M SUPER LOVE TO TALK with all of you~ HAHAHAHA Next time meet again please don't be afraid come and crazy with us k? :P Love you~~

Sorry I sweating a lot -.- I Look freaking ugly! This guy was a shy guy and I think probably his dad fetch him to this bazaar and this photo took by his dad. If not mistake and how I wish my dad can do this for me -.- My dad always don't understand why I need to write things on internet ! Lol such an understandable and hot daddy.  

Next, meeting this lovely sweeties. She's so shy and cute too. When we say bye bye to each other she turn her head and smile with us again~ Awwwww! Thanks for coming sweetie and thanks for the tag :D Hope you enjoy your shopping day with us!!! Smile more k? because your smile really sweet for me.

I know her.. seen her twice I think. She's one of the cutest worker at The Journey :) So polite and I always order their salmon spaghetti! Saw her insta caption and I just wanna to tell her that she look pretty just the way she is. Don't feel :(( seeing your :(( in your caption praising me wouldn't make me feel happy but at the same time I hope you're happy because of who you are. God wont make everyone as a perfect one and at the same time we are trying to be positive for our life. No matter you're pretty or not .. One day you will be the prettiest on someone's eyes. 

I'm not pretty too. Believe it or not when I'm wearing spec , tie all my hair up and I don't have any confident at all last time. But now even you ask me wearing my pajamas go out I can too because why would you care about others for your outer beauty. People stick and stay with you is because they realize your inner beauty. Outer beauty is just a book cover while inner beauty is the content :) Hope you can be as confident as every others girl :)  

I like you sweetheart for who you are :) 

Btw, this is their salmon ehh!! Very delicious and fresh salmon!! 

Both of the sweetie girl , Jing Ying & Milk came and they're the first group talk to me. Asking whether Pkay reach or not~ HAHHAHAHAA I remember their white Samsung camera and the self portrait LCD . Lol Thanks for coming girls and I hope you enjoy this too. Jing Ying was quite shy too but shy shy = cute! HAHAHAHAAH Ok I abit crazy but just hope to see you soon! Thanks for coming x10000  
 Ok! Finally his turn! This person ask me to featured him as my 'leng cai' friends! Lol He is Mr.Kitty's buddy! Thanks for coming although I know 50% you might FFK me but I forgive you sin you come to talk with me and talk with my pretty friends too. AHHAHAHAHA Ok la I'm abit touch you come and thanks for being and act like my reader yesterday xD Nice talking to you but next time please don't be so shy when talking photo with me. He snap 10 photos actually.. but all he said he look super ugly only send me some nia. So I picked this the one shows his cutest expression to show you guys! HHAHAHAHA ((SLAP Thanks maxis zai

 This both sweeties boom into my life already. Not the first time to meet them and I know cookies can't come to join us because she stay so far from here! But it's ok! Thanks for coming because you both accompany me quite a long time since last last last few bazaar. Hope you enjoy using my camera :) Appreciate and xie xie dao lai x100000
 Thanks for coming girl! I know you walk quite a long distance and so hard to find us! HAHAHAHAHA Sweat a lot and getting prettier too~ Hope you enjoy your day with us and I know you purposely drop by here because you no shopping leh :P Jia you in your business and continue fight for your target! Glad to see you
Thanks for coming pretty! I think you're the first who grab my clothes before the bazaar. Thanks for coming and talk to me. It's our first time to meet each other and you're not fat at all -.- Still slim la! I know your bf waiting you quite a long time so I also don't wanna talk too much later your bf emo! Mr.Kitty always emo because once I talk with anyone I can talk from south to north then turn out 1 hours gone. Lol Hope you like your clothes and thanks for all the sweet msg and reply in my page and watspp too :) Nice meeting you and thanks for all small notes.(I'm out of RM10 RM1 RM5 and she brought me lots of small notes) Xie xie ni!! HAPPY SHOPPING~ See you soon pretty
 This is bobo's super fans! I remember she always appear when bobo joining bazaar. First time meet her she's very shy too and don't have any camera so she borrow camera from us to snap photo and we send her back through line. Really thanks for the love and support us at bazaar since long long time ago. You're still  young and jia you jia you on your studies! Hope to see you again~  Thanks for your lovely msg too
 Hello Jiaern! First time meet you and you're just so young!!! OMG THEY ARE JUST 16 YEARS OLD. I feel super old now. Love you this sweet little young girl and hope you really enjoy shopping on that day. Thanks for the purchase too. Enjoy in your age because soon you will be 21 years old like me :'( WHY ALL SO YOUNG!!!!? Thanks for coming *hug* and your sweet friends too!

To be continue 

( My insta notification can't check all of your tag so feel free to send me if you took your photo with me :) So I can add on here ya!)

Last but not least, THANKS FOR COMING AND PURCHASE! Thanks Setia Walk & The Journey for everything and all the drinks & meals! Hope you enjoy your day with us!! For those who can't make it is okay and I'm sure you can able to meet all of us one day ! Enjoy your day & reading here.

Love xx