【BEAUTY】Review: Look Dewy with The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum & Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream

24 February 2017

Annyeong Sweeties How are you today? I feel so good today because I'm going to share something good and useful to all of you. I think most of you already know that I'm probably one of the biggest beauty junkies here. You know how much I love about Japan and their cosmetic products but at the same time I also curious about how to get a dewy and healthy looking skin. When I think about dewy looking skin, it always refer to the Korean skincare products. Why? Because Koreans are quite famous with those dewy and youthful looking skin.

So this is the reason why I wanted to try this new range of Yehwadam products so badly. I believe it's good to own a dewy skin by applying the correct skincare product rather than putting lots of makeup just to cover your dull and unhealthy skin. Am I right?

I tried two of this product from the same range for more than a week and I'm satisfied with the after-use skin. This is the reason why it takes extra time for me to review and conclude everything for you guys on my blog. If you really into those Korean looking skin then don't missed this review. Are you ready for this?? Let's get started!

The Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum & Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream

Here's the little secret to achieve a soft and lustrous + dewy skin. The Yehwadam revitalising serum and the super famous snow lotus brightening pearl capsule cream from The Face Shop!


#What is Yehwadam? |
Here is the meaning of Yehwadam in Korean: 
  • Yeh (Herbs & Plants) 
  • Wa (Flower) 
  • Dam (Story) 
All of this representative the Korean traditional herb line that can benefit our skin from inside out and it also delivers the essense of Korean traditional beauty regimen uses 3 kinds of natural ingredients which is herbs, plants and flowers. Interesting right!! Also, it is using natural ingredients that formulated with Korean traditional herbs and flowers extracts found in Korea’s cleanest and pristines areas such as Ginseng from Gyeongbuk Province, Safflower from Sancheong Jirisan mountain and Goji Berry from Chungnam Province. 


Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream |
Big thanks to this snow lotus brightening pearl capsule cream that instantly brighten my skin to achieve those Korean looking skin. This is the one that recommended by me! I tried the ginseng one before but this one is more on brightening effect. So if you prefer something that can instantly brighten your skin then this might be your favourite too.

This cream has an instant brightening tone-up effect because it contains the glowing white pearls and at the same time it's an anti-wrinkle product as well. Love its special double care effects with real pearl-like capsules that deliver skin brightening in just few seconds.

Other than the tone-up effects, it also has the oriental herbal essence that hydrates the skin as well as keep our skin moisture all day long with a lovely peach scent. I guess the scent reminds me of my favourite drink that I tried few days ago. Hehe!

Can you imagine how amazing it is!! Thumbs up for the tone-up pearls and it absorb into the skin smoothly and easily. The only thing is just this product require you to massage a little bit before it absorb into our skin. 

 The magic pearl that help to tone-up your skin!

One thing I love about this product is I can easily blend it with any of my makeup product (Just take 1-2 pearl and mix it with your foundation) or just simply add into your daily skincare product. 

Else you can apply it after your normal skin care product! There are multi-ways to use it. Nice right?!!


Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum |
So this is the one of the star product that catch everyone's eye! I noticed this from their Korean ambassador and when I get it I was like OMG!! The packaging itself is so pretty and look super luxury.
 Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum

 So pretty!

For extra youthful, dewy and fresh looking skin, let me introduce this Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum that help to firm up your skin and provides you a healthy and vibrant skin finish. At the same time improve your skin complexion day by day with a anti-aging effect that suitable for people who is same age like me (20-30 age group).

For people who love to achieve glowing and good radiance skin you can try the whole range of Yehwadam product because it has high nutrition concentrate helps to revitalize and re-energize skin. There are 3 main ingredients that I would love to share with all of you:-

1. Korean Ginseng (skin revitalization)
2. Safflower (improve skin tone and complexion)
3. Goji Berry (helps to control skin cell aging to create natural glow)

Love its glue alike texture! It's so light and can be used on daily basis. I use it both morning and night after my cleanser.   

Although it's glue alike texture but it really leaves a smooth residue without feeling sticky. Did i mention that it also contain 2 extra ingredients: Lotus Flower Extract (skin soothing effect) & Honeysuckle Flower Extract (removes puffy and red areas on the face).  

Unlike other herbal line, Yehwadam is more on a light floral scent and I think it's more suitable for the younger age like me. So relaxing and refreshing!  
Yehwadam Revitalizing range consist of: Toner, serum, cream, eye cream & serum

I think for the best after-use experience, it's best to use the serum with its full range of Yehwadam product. So I guess it's the end of this product review. Hope this can help you to achieve a nice radiance and dewy Korean looking skin. If you ever tried other product in the range please let me know how was it~ Maybe I should get the whole range next time I visit to The Face Shop!! Hehe That's all for today. Love, xoxo.

For more information, please click:-
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  1. Hello! I've read your review on the Yehwadam products. Like you, I am so into this line. I trust The Face Shop Yehwadam line to take good care of my skin. Would you recommend the Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule to be used at night only or day and night? Kindly let me know. I don't have a fair skin, I am a typical Filipino the one they call "morena".

    1. When i mix it up with my skincare or makeup base I use it at day time. At night i use whenever I think I wanna have bright skin on the next few days or after my beach trip!

  2. Hi there... what would be your review for the ginseng pearl capsule cream?

  3. I m using this snow lotus brightening cream from last 2 days will it make difference in my skin tone after i finish the whole thing

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  5. I have tried the revitalizing serum...it really energise my skin and the brightening serum is a nice product to apply on when i woke up early morning...it really does brightened up my face and makes me glows😘