Valentines Gift Idea for Smelly

01 February 2017

Hello Sweeties! How are you today? Thanks for entering my blog again and today I would like to share with you something that I really love. I guess it can be really useful for those who still struggling on what to prepare for your loved ones on this coming Valentine's Day. So here's the question for me....It's been our 7th Valentine's Day and I have no idea what to surprise him other than couple items , handmade chocolate or the special chocolate that I bought from Japan few days ago.

So while scrolling on my instagram I saw the previous posting I did for StickyLife and I start to plan for the surprise. It's no longer a surprise for me that Smelly was't a romantic person but you know...he knew me so well and actually the coming Valentine's day I might not be able to celebrate with him :'( Yea, I might need to go Japan during that period again :'( But is okay because we can celebrate it earlier than anyone else. lol

Then before I plan for my coming trip to a new prefectures in Japan, I decided to get some handmade chocolate ideas and a meaningful gift just for Smelly. We didn't went for something luxury for the past few years but we just want to be together. So every year when it's almost the V day I will start to question him like ' what you want for this coming valentine's day?' 'coffee??tea...or me??' xD

He will just laugh at me and told me that like '只要你在我身边陪我 普通吃一餐也满足' That's smelly! For the past 6 years.... The same answer every year. So it's hard for me because I'm the one who never feel happy if i didn't prepare something for him. I'm the best gf ever! HAHAHAHA But honestly, I love how simple he is. He never ask thing for granted and appreciate every little thing i did for him.

So this time I bought a box of cat inspired chocolate in Japan , few box of handmade chocolate for me to DIY for him and also a surprise on his house's refrigerator. HAHAHAAH Guess what it is?? The photo magnet from This time I decided to print the magnet of our previous trip and some of my pretty face for him to look at it every time he open the refrigerator.

This is the draft I placed on my house's refrigerator so I can take a photo and do the same shape on his refrigerator. HAHAHAHAAH 

This is the photo took by him during our melbourne trip two years ago. I love the quality of this magnet and the quality of the printing is really so nice and not bulky at all.

Just want to share with you this because I guess if I'm the one receive this then it will be really meaningful for me. Smelly love it because I can't wait until the Valentine's Day the day when I'm back from Japan I already did this for him with a box of chocolate that I hand picked for him. The DIY one I just keep at my kitchen and that will be his second surprise one day before the Valentine's day. lol

I'm such a romantic one HAHAHAHAHA! Slap me pls!!

Bought this when I'm in Japan. Japan has the cutest chocolate ever. It's so cute and just like Smelly! Lazy cat's shape chocolate. So i asked him like ' which is your favourite one?' He pointed the pink flower chocolate. O.o OMG....越来越像我喜欢粉色系~Isn't that cute!! Can't control myself now!! It taste really good.

He's the happiest kitty in the world now! HAHAHAAHAHA 
Hope you like it Smelly :3

Hmmmm usually Smelly never act cute one but this photo is way too cute. I should include this in this post to show that he really appreciate my surprise! HAHAHAHAAH Next, I will be collecting more magnet with my photo printed on it each time I travel to a new place or country. So meaningful right~

It's all about turning your snap into real life! Thanks StickyLife for the wonderful service and I'm so glad that Smelly love it so that he can look at it even I'm not with him during this coming Valentine's Day. Hopefully this can help you to think of your gf/bf valentine's gift. Happy Valentine's day in advanced Sweetie! 

Love you Smelly! That's all for today. 
See you on my next post. Love, xx.

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