Life living in my studio apartment

26 January 2017

Hello Sweeties  Happy Chinese New Year in advanced. Finally I made some adjustment and feeling better now. I'm getting back on track! So here's something that I would like to share with all of you. My recent update about life living in my studio apartment. It was quite an exhausted month for me as I'm always in a hurry to get things done. Now I'm done with all my work and just can't wait to share with all of you.

#My bed

I shared this photo of my super white bed on instagram and received lots of question about the bed sheet. It's actually from IKEA. I guess my studio = 70% from Ikea and the rest is from Kaison. Going to visit IKEA & Kaison again to get a perfect sofa, office table , few shoe racks & so on. Guess I'm going to go Ikea again once every 2 weeks lol. Can't decide on the sofa and things because I have no sense about interior design at all. 

#Decoration props 

I guess this is something that I kept for such a long time. I bought them all around the world lol. I bought my black & grey theme world map when I'm in Korea, the Kikki.k crystal box bought when I'm in Singapore, the alphabet lighting from a US website and the rest is just random or Daiso. Can't wait to buy some white wardrobe/ shelf  from Ikea to put on all of these.


Decided to make everything coordinate and match the theme. I would love to have everything in white, pink and grey. I bought this whole set at Damen shopping mall at RM29.90 only. Forgot which shop but everything is too pretty. I need a half body mirror to put on my  bathroom as well. I think I will be totally broke after I bought everything my own lol.


I have serious OCD in everything. I want it to be full white , clean and everything tidy up. I go back to my parent's house once every week but the cleaning is one of the most headache part for me. I bought a glove from giant which located just right beside my studio apartment then when I start to clean it , I just realise that I forgot to buy the cleaning materials wtf! Then I drive all the way out and bought every cleaning material exactly same as my house one. lol

 I love how amazing cif cream surface cleaner did to my white toilet bowl and sink. It becomes so clean and clear. OMG Another checklist done in my life. Although the lemon scent was way too strong for me but the result was unexpectedly good. No wonder my mom love it! Even people who came my house give compliment to my toilet AHAHAHAHAHAH!

Found this when I went to the drugstore in Japan. Regret I bought only one pack of this because it's so good and cute at the same time. It stored in a cute bear bottle and the application was super duper easy. Just press it out when you place it in your toilet bowl. Then it will form a sakura shape on it. Each time you flush your toilet bowl it will clean it on its own and provide you a wonderful scent! Made my day. #OnlyInJapan!! HAHAHAHA Strongly recommend this and everyone asking me if I could help them to grab when I'm back to Japan next month. lol


Don't laugh at me because this is what I did every night! HAHAHAH Pillow placement to make myself feel safe and easily fall asleep when I'm alone. I did this every single night and have no idea who taught me this. HAHAHAHAHA So maybe it can fill up my bed space to make me feel safer during the night time.

#All from Japan

I have everything cuter than yours. lol Japan always came out with something look really cute and do the best on it own. I bought the floral scent one to wash my clothes , the peach john brand spray for my studio and my faorite Botanisi hair and body shampoo! I will buy the refill for each of it soon because the bottle is way so cute and I can't resist pretty things like this. Take photo also nice la horrr~~


Bebe will not be alone for now because I'm going to bring him together with me so that I could spend the rest of my time with him. But temporary now he will be staying with my parent because I haven done decorate him a nice space or bed to sleep. This was his first time visit to my studio apartment!! So excited for this and hopefully he won't bark at most of the time and I foundd out that he couldn't run at my new space's floor. lol because it's too smooth for him lol

He just act like a lazy rilakkuma all day long lol I miss you Bebe <3 Wait mummy ok? 


I'm now working at my office space in my studio and also having a part time job as a content manager at my friend's company. It's a quick decision and I'm still thinking when can I can get a proper office table! HAHAHAAH This lap top table is way too small and small for me to work HAHAHAHA But just for temporary ya. Really running out of time on my work. I need extra effort to work things out. Jiayou Jiayou!!!

#Healthy Life & Easy workout

There are reason why I decided to stay in a studio apartment. I also want to do my best to fully utilise its facilities. I want my healthy life back because I sick every time when I back from oversea. All of my friends were telling me that I'm too skinny and is time to build some muscle + get the healthy lifestyle. I start with some easy workout exercise and basic running exercise. As long as I'm exercising!

Look how pretty it is!!! I love my gym room and it's really new. Hopefully everyone will take a good care of it.

Also, wearing the sweating pant that I love the most from Panaz. It's best to wear via doing some basic workout exercise and it's heat insulated material. Love it and really happy that it has my size!! So it's all about my recent life. It's not useful to all of you but hope to update more post related to my life on this space too. That's all for today! See you on my next post.



  1. Glad that you are moving out from your comfort zone and hopefully you can share with us a little bit more on the house decoration. dun forgot to vlog a apartment tour too !

    1. Hi Dear,

      Hahahah might not able to do a vlog because i'm not really good at talking to the camera but blog post will do <3 Thanks for everything!

  2. I did the same to the pillows too when I was young!! cause it makes me feel much more secured sleeping alone haha! can't wait for your studio apartment tour video if you were to film one! hehe =D

  3. LOLLL I do the same!! Put many pillows on my left and right before I sleep.. I don't know when did I pick this habit, just feel secured that way! Anyway awesome studio apartment, looking forward to next updates~! Bebe is soooo adorably cute!! And happy early Chinese New Yearr Chanwon! xo

  4. Nice space you have there! Omo for that Sakura toilet cleaner, that is seriously the most impressive toiletry I've seen. Perhaps you could sell in via Facebook? Would love to have that hehe..

  5. Yea right! I wonder what's those japanese thinking! HAHAHAHA