Highlight in 2016 & New Year Resolution for 2017

04 January 2017

Happy New Year Sweeties! Apologise for the late update on my blog and this is my first blog post in 2017. I'm so excited for everything now! As usual every beginning of the year I will set my new year's resolution and throwback some highlight of the year / self-reflection time~ Are you ready? Let's get started!

Year 2016 was a great year for me, mainly because I'm more on travel life instead of just blogging at home. This is really crazy when I look and scroll back all my instagram's photo. I travel once or twice every month wtf. I can't believe I'm still here and doing this passionately. Thanks for all your love in 2016 and it's time set your goals and written it down so that you can always remind yourself or achieve it. Someone told me that goals that written down and reviewed it monthly has 80% higher chance to achieve.

That's why I always refer back this post when I feel that I'm lost or as a reminder for myself. So here's some of the massive highlights in 2016.

1) Featured on Magazine (Travel & Interview Featured)
I should say a big thank you to all the magazine team who interviewed me and invited me to write about my travel journey. A big thank you to Newtide and Ifeel magazine. It was a great start for me because I'm able to learn more and step out from my comfort zone. Also, thanks for the love and support from my readers and followers too.

2) Travel to 12 places in 2016
This was one of the craziest thing I have done in my whole life and a big highlight in 2016.  Totally out of my mind and it's one of the resolution I wrote last year and I did it. Also, travel to new countries and places such as Italy , Hokkaido , Koh Samui & so on. Most of it is on my own expenses  but sometimes I'm lucky enough to get sponsored or invited by the country tourism department. It's great to explore and learn to more independent when I'm alone too.

3) More independent and learn to sleep alone
If you read this post http://www.chanwon.com/2016/11/enjoy-being-alone.html you probably know this is one of the hardest thing i did in 2016. Learn to sleep alone in hotel (when oversea for a work / media trip) & after moved out from staying with my family. I learn to work thing alone and appreciate this little 'alone time'.

4) See snow for the first time & surprise appearance on TV show in Japan
I'm really surprised for this. Both happened during my Hokkaido trip last 2 months.

5) Sponsored trip & working opportunity to favourite country
I never expect this to happen on me but you will never know how much effort and hearts I put on until I'm able to achieve this. Sleepless night , burning midnight oil just to create the amount of content on my blog , thinking on how to distinguish and value myself.... Effort and amount of money that I invested on my cameras , lighting tool , travel , lap top and my studio apartment.

But it worth it....definitely worth for my time and effort. Why?
Because I'm doing things exactly like i want to and I love or I can say I'm really passion on it and enjoy every single moment that I'm with you guys.

6) New studio apartment
This happened just few days ago... I make my own decision to move out and stay alone in my studio apartment to have a bigger working space + start working on something that I really want. But still, I go back my house once or twice a week if I'm not busy on my work. I want to embrace myself and I left 5 more years until 30 years old. Now, this is the time where I could really learn to cook and fix everything my own.

我真的得空没事找挑战给自己 I'm very happy for this and will never regret because this is what I planned since years ago. I can't believe I'm able to achieve it during the last few days of 2016 lol. I moved out during xmas 2016 lol

7) 6 years + with Smelly and learned to respect each other's life + working life
New milestone achieved in 2016. Smelly graduated and moving his life toward a full time 9-5pm job. So this is why we only meet each other once per week if I'm in Malaysia. If not then twice per month only. But because of this we really appreciate and looking forward for our date each week. Especially during our Sun+Date!

8) Be Kind & Humble.
Doing what is good and be inspiring.


New Year Resolution 2017
1) Work hard for my first home 

2) Find value and make myself irreplaceable 

3) Learn to cook *same resolution with 2016* Please learn this la OMG!

4) Think before talk

5) Start my youtube channel in mother tongue

6) Get organised 

7) Read more

8) Decorate my Studio Apartment 

9) Learn how to swim * I don't even know how to float wtf!!

10) Say yes to new opportunity and contribute it & perform the best of my ability.

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