Flower Jelly Lipstick | CADEAU Lip Glow

05 January 2017

Hello SweetiesIs me again and I just can't wait to review this product for all of you. This is the most beautiful lipstick in the world. There was a huge request to do a post after I shared this beautiful lipstick on my instagram stories. I love how pretty it is especially the rose gold casing. It's so instagram and pinterest-worthy!

I know there are lots of diff flower jelly lipsticks in the market but mostly it's made in China and I feel so unsafe to use it on my lips especially those you can find in market for RM30-40 or some random online shop. Unlike this one, it's so gorgeous and look like a premium / luxury product that you can't live without. The casing itself add a bonus point to the lipstick. Totally caught my attention and fell in love right away when I get this on my hand. They call this as a lip glow instead of a lipstick.

So are you ready to have a look at this gorgeous CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow? Let's get started!

The packaging itself totally melted my heart. It's so lovely and of course my favourite colour too. First impression is always relate to its packaging. It's packed into a hard cover box with a lovely ribbon. 5 out of 5 for the packaging and if you wish to give one of the lipstick to your friends as their bday or anniversary gift?? No problem because CADEAU thought that too. There are 4 gift cards included in this packaging too.

It's made in Korea with natural flower extract ingredients. Everything packaged with great care as how a gift should be made. It's where the name of CADEAU came from. (CADEAU in French means Gift in English)

 Gift Card dedicated just for you

It's limited edition and I love how high quality it is. Everything look so precious and premium OMG!! I can't resist this god!!

 Even the paper box itself looks so beautiful. Love the gold foil font on the box!

 Photo can't tell everything but when you witness it your own I'm sure you will feel exactly same like me

I just love how beautiful it looks. There are 4 colors available (Pink , Red , Yellow, Green)

Not sure why it turned out look like a gold color in my camera but it's definitely rose gold color! It looks prettier at night too.

So nice right! Can turn it into a styling accessories too HAHAHA

 The gold flakes and dried flower inside is <3 . LOVE!!

| Review: Before & After + Tried & Tested
So this is the main purpose of writing this post. The before and after! If you are a person who dislike thick and heavy lipstick looking outcome then this is definitely a product that you will fall in love with. How it works? It change colors according to your body temperature and ph level

Color - Also bear in mind that the color outcome of 4 diff color is always end up with a pink shades. The diff is just the color of the dried flower and depend on each individual preference. 

Scent - Each of this lip glow has its own unique scent. Whether it smells like peach , flora or a lovely sweet candy scent..it's girl's favourite. Imagine you apply it before kissing someone's face! LOL 

Review & Texture - It's very sheer and moist on my lips. It started out light pink and then turned into a darker pink shades in few seconds. Look like someone did a magic on my lips. 

Taste- This CADEAU lip glow don't have a tad bit of bitter taste at all because I tried some other brand one has a bitter taste after the application but this won't!!! Thumbs up for it!! I'm licking my lips right now! HAAHAHAH 

Natural ingredients- Safe to use anywhere and anytime! 

 Here's a photo of my lips before the application. look so pale and sick lol

 Don't worry if you look pale because you have CADEAU LIP GLOW!

 My <3<3 expression when I saw something I love!

 The casing cover of the lip glow can use as a mirror!

 OMG!! Look at the pink shades on my lips.

 Using the red one!

 Smooth and easy to apply!

 Darker pink after few seconds. Look at the before after!
I'm so in love with it~

 4 colors = 4 personalities 
Which is your favourite??



or Yellow??

Where to grab & How Much
It's a lovely product to add into my collection. I just want to grab one box instead of one piece because the packaging is so nice plus I can share it or gift it to my friends. I can't wait for my friend's birthday party. I'm sure she will love it like I do!

You can get it at https://www.cadeau-beauty.com and click buy it will bring you to a page with its price. One piece is selling at RM95 and one box (contained 4 lip glow) will be RM350. Remember to quote 'CHANWON11' to redeem a mystery for yourself! 

Now you have no reason not to grab this for yourself or your loved one because it's just too bad to say no :p !! Make sure to grab it before this CNY so that everyone will envy! That's all for today's review. Hope this is helpful for you! Have a nice day and see you on my next post. xoxo


  1. We love this review!! and the pretty and creative shots u took especially with the fairy lights :)
    We've shared your lovely review on our fb page too for our readers ..thank you!

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