Old Memories

08 January 2017

#1 Song Lyrics
While I was cleaning my room for this coming new year, I found many items that brings back old memories. I'm so surprised and can't believe I still keep it nicely in my room. It brings me back to those old memories when I'm still a secondary students. First #1 Song Lyrics!! This is one of the most epic thing I did and love it the most. When I'm still 13-17 years old our classroom look like a music class! We can sing anytime & anywhere.

All of my friends and I will print our top favourite songs out from our printer, keep it nicely in a file and bring it to class everyday. Some of us will use our hand to write and copy down all the lyrics in a book too. It was really a fun time for us because every time when teacher take MC never come to our class, all of us will sit together and start to sing our favourite song one by one. HAHAHAHA

Then we sing our favourite love song , some very funny song and learn to dance like a pro. I sit on the first row in my class so every time I need to turn my head back and look what's going on behind the classroom. If someone hint me or wink me then I will take my chair , run to the back and one by one form a circle shape & start sing to each other.

For those who followed me since I was 15 years old you probably know my old blog name was 'CHANWON BE A STAR' Yeap! I always dream to be on stage, sing , act and laugh like a smart person lol. Dream is mean to be big so I can fit it well when I grow! Then I start to solo with guitar after I bought my first guitar in my life. I also learned electric organ until third grad in such a short period. I remember the reason I learned the electric organ was because I want to know how to play the song ' Canon in D'. It's one of my friend's favourite song and I like him so much until I need to prove him that I can do whatever to him xD

The funniest thing was, I don't even know how to look at the music sheet but I can manage to learn the whole song in 1 month time by memorising it on my brain. Nothing is impossible! The boy that I really like just feel happy and we never been together lo! I like him for almost 6 years time since we are same primary school and tuition centre. HAHAHAHAAH Wtf am I doing that time lol. He is married now lol

 #2 My First Tamagotchi

I remember this was my first tamagotchi when I'm still a kid. Bought it at Parkson long long time ago. It cost me around RM100+ if not mistake. Last time I only can buy thing i like when I get good result or praise by my parents. My parent was really strict to me, I'm the oldest and I never ask them to buy thing I want unless I got something to 'barter' with them. For example I get grad A or above 90 marks on my math HAHAHAAH. This is why I'm who am I today. 

I know the reason why I love tamagotchi! It's because I always wanted to get a pet to play with and accompany me when I'm home alone. So my dad bought this to me after I get 94 marks on my math paper haahhaa. The only thing I can prove them I'm smart is my math because I hate study other language subject except math and science. lol

  #3 Piggy

One of the friendship that I care the most but it will never going to be the same again. But I'm thankful to everything on this and will always keep this in my mind. 

 #4 My collection

I love to collect things like bookmark, greeting card, stamp because this is one of the hobby that my dad taught me. He love to collect old note, book and stamps too! HAAHAH 

 #5 English Name

When I'm young, I hate my name! Why? because no one can pronounce it nicely. Even my secondary school teacher will always call me like ' TAN CHAN.....' then I know they are calling my name. So I always wanted to give myself a proper and very chio english name. I envy my brother !! He has one but why I don't have!! So I call myself Kitty for few months then I think I dont like it anymore. So I change it to Mandy then Jenny. After all I decided to call myself as Esther Tan even I change my facebook name to Esther. I love Esther this name it's so chio and so intelligent. But ended up I decided to combine my name become Chanwon.

So if you guys curious ..Chanwon is my real name. My family name is Tan! Not Chan~ Don't call me ah chan or chan lol.

  #6 Letters box 

Melted my heart each time I read through all the letter I received in this box. Postcard and birthday card from oversea friends and readers. It's all my baby!

  #7 First branded pouch 

First branded pouch that I bought from Coach 4 or 5 years ago. My favourite color and symbol of love. It get really dirty after I used it for quite a long time but I still keep this with me <3

 #8 Guess??

If you notice that I'm not a fans of any artist or idol. I'm quite a cold blood person unless I really a fans of the drama and I can be really addicted to the drama for awhile then after the trend is over , then I'm back to normal again. But S.H.E was one of my favourite Taiwanese Girl's group. They are the group that I willing to spend my money to purchase their CD and I even print it and stick it all over my file lol


I always wanted to be on stage but I'm afraid of everything. I didn't get any support from my parent because they always think I'm just a normal person who always take average grad on my result. Then during the last 2 years of my secondary school i met the best tuition teacher ever. It's fun to go to their tuition class and I love it. Then I tell myself to perform and do better on my form 4 & 5 year! So ended up I prove myself even a stupid girl can be smart ass xD

Remember, nothing is impossible until it is done & believe you can and you're halfway there.

 #10 Basketball player

For some of you especially Smelly always say I'm not a sporty person this is the prove. I'm AHLI PASUKAN BOLA KERANJANG! HAHAHAA I joined competition before and I'm top no.13 or 15 winner for melintas desa in my school. But nobody believe it. wtf!!! 

 #11 自我介绍 Book

A precious book that keep all my primary school life's memories. Call this as 'ice breaking' book! Each of us own one of this book especially the last year before graduate to secondary school. It's to remind you and we always end up pass to our classmate or teacher to keep a record or just some random facts / details about that person.

 The super brainwash and lame mandarin quotes
White rice is always white... what the....

 One of my favourite teacher in Primary School.

 OMG! Nice hand writing!

 #12 Planner

I love everything that can remind me of something because I'm so forgetful and I always imagine one day I will forget on everything happen in the past. So it's why I love to write everything down and look back after that.

 #13 Greeting cards and stamps 

Limited Edition Malaysia PetiPos version stamp! The middle one is made of wood!

So I guess it's really random! Hope you guys enjoy this little time with me. Let me know if you love to look back on those item that can bring you back to the old memories in the past. Hope you enjoy reading this. Have a nice day and see you on my next post!



  1. Please do a room tour for your new studio apartment ya!!!

    1. need wait for few months ahahahahah cause too much furniture and thing need to buy lol

  2. the 自我介紹 book is epic! I keep it too, pretty fun when read them back, haha!

    1. YES!! and all the quote is just hilarious xD