▐ SWITZERLAND▐ Must go places & to-do | Chanwon's Switzerland itinerary

25 June 2022

Hello Sweeties ✨ I know you have been waiting for this since the day I came back from my Switzerland trip and so happy this post is now live on my blog. Burning midnight oil and sharing all my #ChanwonTips and Chanwon's itinerary with you guys. I'm gonna share my happy tears with you guys because finally borders are open and we can now travel abroad after 2 years of lockdown due to the pandemic. So you can expect that this trip gonna be super fun, interesting and meaningful to me. I tried so many new things throughout my Switzerland trip and it was my first time walking into a real postcard scenery and everything is just so unreal to me.

So as you guys know I rarely plan my trip to Europe country. I went to Italy few years back, admiring the architecture, buildings and things but I really don't feel safe there. Lots of pickpockets there and I remember I need to hold onto all my belongings 24/7 with me and never once I feel ease there, but I love every country's uniqueness. However, if I don't feel safe, most probably I won't feel great to explore more on that. After that trip, I went to many other countries such as Japan (my second home), Korea, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong and so on... Switzerland is always in the top of my bucket list but people always told me it's pricy and there are nothing much to do, like retirement life, super chill and I might not enjoy it.

But guess what?! I do enjoy every single day when I'm there in Switzerland. This place is so beautiful, clean and I feel so safe there. People there were super duper helpful, kind and through our whole trip, we met so many locals there, recommending and guiding us to some hidden gem spot and I was completely stunned on that. It makes me feel like a western version of Japan. If you watched my stories on instagram, you probably saw a lot of stories that I shared about part of their train system is related with Japan and I'm super shock that everything in Switzerland like our stay, toilet were super clean.

You know that I have not produced any travel content for the past 2 years due to covid and Smelly and I were waiting for the borders of Japan to open for like 2 years as well. We planned to go for our honeymoon after getting married but then covid hit us hard. So at the end I just google, clean and safe country and suddenly google just pop up Switzerland and Japan as well. So I immediately look for the flight ticket, like really out of the blue, too yolo lol. Then I booked my Switzerland trip in April 2022 and travel to Switzerland on the next month, during May 2022.

It all happened in one simple click and because of 2 years of pandemic I decided to do it in another way, I booked a 16 days trip in Switzerland and plan to spend half month there with Smelly. Really like honeymoon now and I never once plan my trip like this. Maybe because I'm not used to plan trips for Europe country, I struggle a lot finding what to do and where to visit at first. But after reading all the travel blogs online and understands a little more about this country, I then made up my mind and wrote down a list of places that I'm interested to visit, marking down the place we need to stay, then the weather and also looking at google map when planning the route and trying my best to understand how the railway system works in Switzerland because most of the time it's really different with most asian's country railway system.

So after 2 weeks of research with my own personal experience in Switzerland, I can finally share to you my version of itinerary. This might not be everyone's favourite because it's more chill, free and easy, relax and slow life but I have never once plan it this way. What I did was just marking on places I wanna go, decides which town I would love to spend my nights there and then only we plan and decide where to go a day before. Reason being was, the weather was really unpredictable in Switzerland during the season we visit, some activities were not available, and the amount of trains and time table might vary as well. 

Therefore, I don't recommend to plan the travel itinerary with much details like visiting more than 2 places. Firstly, it's because Switzerland is really beautiful, it's almost impossible to spend only 2 hours in one place and walk around the town since there were more to that. I'm not having those details itinerary like 6am wakeup, 7am get on train, 8am visit xxxx, 10am visit xxxx, 2pm another place and 4pm next place. It will be really rush and traveling from one place to another place via public transport in Switzerland can used up more than 2 hours just from 1 place to another place but the scenery that you can see from the panoramic train is what I love the most, the views and scenery from just the window is way too stunning

I have never once feel like that, but because Switzerland don't have bullet train like what we have in Japan, also the timetable of the railway system is mostly around 30 mins or 1 hour per train. If you skipped one you might need to wait for another 30mins to 1 hour just to get to hop on another train. But you will be surprise that this trip, all the places we went can be easily reach via public transport in Switzerland. The public transportation in Switzerland can bring you everywhere, from local buses, trains, city tram, ferry and it is just so freaking convenient. There is this local app where you can input your location and destination, and it will show you the time table of the public transport.

I'm sure after you read everything I wrote on this post, you can also be an expert traveling to Switzerland. So make sure to enjoy reading it because I have summarized it and breaking it down into diff topics so feel free to track it back whenever you are planning for your upcoming Switzerland trip.

Another thing I would like to share is, I used to have my travel plan in details but now I'm in my late 20s and beginning of 30s, I'm starting to enjoy having really chill plan, like if I feel this place is bored then I can skip it and go to the next, if weather isn't good I can simply check out another place and visit it back on the following day. Not really a must to be really hardcore and visit all the places that people recommended me, I just pick those I personally prefer and write it down and embrace every moment I spent in Switzerland. It's really a beautiful country, I love it so so much. 

OMG I tell you it's damn 'syiok' to have a simple travel plan like this. Maybe I started to really enjoy the true meaning of Free & Easy travel plan lol and I would like to give thanks to everyone who I met during the trip, the locals and tourists from other country, also thank you for the perfect weather and creation of the god. I never once feel so unreal but Switzerland completely open up my mind, like a real journey walking into a postcard alike scenery which I never thought of.

So sweeties what are you wait for, let's get started


So in this part I'm gonna share everything you need to know about Switzerland. It's quite interesting, like before I even got there I was like really confuse about almost everything because I'm not a pro when it comes to Europe countries but omg, after doing a lot of research and Smelly helped me to pinpoint all the places I wanna go and looking at the google map, I finally know how to decide on where to stay as well as plan on it.

from google map

#Location & Languages they speaks

Most people told me that I'm crazy because normally people just touch and go to Switzerland for a short trip. As you can see from most of the itinerary online, they tend to plan Switzerland into a 8 day trips /10 days or some if they are going few countries within the Europe, then they will included Switzerland into their trip and plan it for a short touch and go like a 5 days one. On the map itself, you can see Switzerland is located in between or nearby Italy, France, Austria, Germany. I guess it's the reason why they speak in four national languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh).

It's like us in Malaysia, we speaks different languages as well. So you can expect yourself hearing someone speaking in German when you go to the area in Switzerland which located next to German, like when I visited places like Montreux in Switzerland, I spot lots of people speaking in French and lots of Paris alike building and architecture. I feel like I'm in Paris and most of the bakery there selling super yummy dessert which is really similar to Paris or France. So if you like to experience something really diff than the usual Swiss, plan a day trip to Montreux especially during spring / summer. The flowers there are blooming and it's so beautiful. If I go back to Switzerland for the second time, I might think of staying there as well.

Most people there especially in the tourist spot speaks and understands English. But if you are planning to visit places located around the countryside, or some old village / town, which aren't a tourist spot at all, then they can't really speak English except the young ones. We had a few nights staying at a quiet town where was located out of the tourist spot, and the restaurant nearby couldn't communicate with us in English, they only speaks Italian and in the end I just use google translate to translate everything and the next day we went to the same restaurant again because it was super yummy, the owner ask his daughter to communicate with us in English and we got no problem with that at all. The rest of the places like Interlaken they speak and understand English so I guess it's not hard at all to communicate with them in most of the places in Switzerland.


If you plan your trip to Switzerland you can enjoy 2 diff season in one trip. We travel to Switzerland in first week of May, 8th May until 24th May (last week of May). It's around end of Spring and beginning of the Summer. So the weather is also in between lol like girl's mood lol. Our trip was around 16-17 days and I'm taking Singapore Airline and did the transit in Singapore

Best decision ever because previously I took Qatar to Italy, the airport got nothing much to do for me in between the transit and I couldn't take a rest at all. So this time I was thinking to catch on a night flight and we can sleep throughout the 12 hours of our flight from Singapore to Switzerland (landed in Zurich Airport). If you are taking Singapore airline and did transit in Singapore, you can enjoy a 12 hours flight straight and land in Switzerland. If you are taking Qatar airline, it will be 7 hours from KL to Doha airport, 1 stop transit, and another 6 hours from doha to Zurich (Switzerland airport). Personally I prefer 12 hours flight straight from Singapore. 

There are 4 seasons in Switzerland, May (spring changing to summer) is consider a low peak season, so everything including the flight tickets were really in a good price. It's around RM2300 -RM3000 during the time I booked my tickets. #ChanwonTips If you are on budget, don't pick flight meal, don't pick your seat and don't buy extra luggage weight and go for the economy you can grab at around RM2400-2500. Even without paying extra on choosing the meal set, the food taste really good too especially the flight from Switzerland back to Singapore, omg! Really taste good. We enjoyed our flight so much. 

So now you know how affordable is the ticket to travel from Malaysia to Switzerland plus taking Singapore Airline. It was my first time taking Singapore Airline and their service is really soooooo good! Thumbs up for that ✨ Thank the pilot for flying us and landed safely. Worth every single cents I paid for our flight!

#Which Season The Best / Weather

Depending the season you plan for your Switzerland Trip, most people visit Switzerland during:-

  • September to October (autumn / fall season: their peak season as well) weather in this 2 months is just nice, many locals and oversea tourist will visit to Switzerland
  • Between December to March (winter season) for skii lover. 
  • Mid of June (summer season) the locals love it, good for hiking and perfectly clear sky and lake views.
  • May (end of spring and beginning to summer season) low-peak, the month that I visited to Switzerland. 

If you ask me which season is the best, it really depends on what you prefer to see and also your budget. If you have never been to a country during winter then go during winter season and the glacier express train experience is super nice, for me, I visited a few countries during winter and also not really a ski person, so visiting during which season is not my priority. For any country with 4 diff seasons, its always comes with its own attractions. It's really hard to predict the weather nowadays, as long as it's not in the raining season I guess it should be fine. 

To be honest, I really love the season during my visit in Switzerland. I get to go up to Swiss Mountain and enjoy seeing the Alps, the winter / snow scenery above the mountain and when I'm in town, I get to enjoy the spring summer season that comes with a perfect green shades of grass, beautiful yellow flowers blooms all the way during my visit, beautiful flowering trees and cows heading out to pasture. Plus a big point that it's less pricy in term of the accommodation. 

Just so you know if you visit during low-peak season, not all the activities will be available and some cable cars and routes are closed in May and open only in mid June or beginning of June (summer season). So please always double check with the opening date and also season. Some activities were closed during low-peak season and when I visited to St. Moritz the famous shopping streets were also mostly closed for holiday, company trips, renovation and only open in June. But you get to enjoy a less tourist scene and tbh, we really enjoy that especially during the post-pandemic time like this. 

If you are planning to visit during these peak season (especially in winter and September to October), please expect that you will have to face a lot of tourists, and over 30% 50% increase in prices like accommodation and flight ticket price. 

So you should know yourself the best and decide whether which season you would love to visit first. Winter in Switzerland is super duper romantic but since I did our pre-wedding trip during winter in Japan, so I decided to visit Switzerland aka our honeymoon as well during their spring summer time, with less crowd and also the flight tickets are cheaper than their peak season. It's the best decision ever! I can pack light and just bring over 1 winter jackets (wear it when I'm visiting to Swiss mountains) and the rest can be spring / summer outfits.

Just some #ChanwonTips for you all if you are planning to visit Switzerland. Double check on the weather prediction before your trip and when you arrived there, always check the weather one day before. Especially if you are planning to pay a visit to Swiss mountain, if the weather is foggy you might need to change your travel plan ahead ya. If not you will be sad if you already bought your ticket and can't enjoy the perfect views from top of the mountains and other activities. Like for our case, before I arrived in Switzerland, when I check on the weather it showed me that 50% raining day and the rest 50% will be sunny weather. 

But when I arrived there, like through half month of our trip, only 2 or 3 days = raining day. One in Zermatt then we changed our plan just stay at the hotel to relax and another raining day was during our stay in Interlaken. The rest of the day, the weather was perfectly great and I'm so grateful for that.

During the end of spring / beginning in summer (MAY) night time is around 8.30-9pm. I can enjoy more daytime! In winter, it get dark as early as 5pm. So less daytime. You can always google this as well before deciding anything.


Here's some of the must-bring items to Switzerland:-
  1. Sunglasses: especially for those who plan to visit to Swiss mountain like Jungfraujoch, Matterhorn and etc. Without sunglasses you gonna have a hard time. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV and helps to prevent snow blindness.
  2. Water Bottle: this is a must have because mineral water sold at the grocery store is pricy than the beer and wine in Switzerland. So always remember to put an empty water bottle in your backpack and refill it whenever you spot the water fountain in Switzerland. It's safe to drink and by far the best tap water I ever had during my trip.
  3. Sunscreen: For both body and face. It's a must especially during summer and winter, if not you can get sunburn easily whenever you go up to the Swiss mountains. #ChanwonTips you can use sunscreen spray to spray on your scalp and avoid it getting sunburn if you forgot to bring your cap / hat with you.
  4. Hat / Cap / Beanie: Is a must when you going up to Swiss mountain to avoid getting sunburn and damage your scalp.
  5. Coins purse / pouch: You will be receiving lots of coins and CHF 5 coin = around RM23 so you don't wanna simply put it here and there right. lol

#Extra: Things you need to know 

Here's some extra tips you need to know before visiting to Switzerland:-

  1. It's 6 hours different between Malaysia and Switzerland. If it's 5pm in Malaysia, it will be 11am in Switzerland.
  2. Advice to take only 1 luggage (large or medium) per person as you gonna carry it, walk a lot, changing diff airbnb / hotel and a lot places come with tons of staircases. No joke🤣 Unless you pay extra for someone who can pick you up at the station or sometimes hotel pickup included too.
  3. All tap water in Switzerland are safe to drink. If it's not for drinking purpose, you can spot a small signboard stated not for drinking.
  4. No aircon and only heater available in most of the airbnb apartments and hotel. 
  5. During end of spring / beginning in summer (MAY) night time is around 8.30-9pm. I can enjoy more daytime! In winter, it get dark as early as 5pm. So less daytime 
  6. Most of the shops closed in Sunday. Mostly weekday + weekend, after 6-7pm everything like grocer or restaurant closed too. Unless the place you went is a tourist spot.
  7. Remember to download SBB Mobile app for public transport timetable and it will show you whether is the public transport will arrive in time or any delay. It's super duper convenient and user friendly. Even changing from one platform to another, it all shows on the app.
  8. Transportations in Switzerland are super punctual. Like what we always experience in Japan too.
  9. Don't be shy, the locals people in Switzerland are super duper helpful and friendly. 
  10. Locker storage for your luggage and belongings are available almost everywhere in the station. It's super useful whenever you are moving to a new homestay or airbnb home. Around CHF 8-12 depending on the size of your locker storage.
  11. Grocery stores like Coop are everywhere mostly located nearby the station or else you can check it out with your hotels or airbnb owner. If you plan to save money on the food, then can visit to the nearest grocer and cook at your airbnb kitchen. 
  12. Always check on the weather prediction at least a day before. If it's raining or foggy weather, remember to change your travel plan for some indoor activities or visit the mountain on the following day.
  13. No force to wear mask in Switzerland. So just do whatever that makes you feel comfortable. Compulsory to wear it when you are in the airport / on flight only.
  14. Print out your vaccination certs and bring it with you. In case someone need you to show them during your check in or at the airport. I downloaded all the digital vaccination certs on my iPhone so I got no worries at all. 
  15. Wine and beers are cheaper than the mineral water sold at the market. Local craft beer in Switzerland is our favourite! Damn nice!!! Please give it a try.
  16. Pizza and rosti taste super duper nice, especially for potato lover like me! Once you tried on their pizza, you won't find anything like this in Malaysia, especially their Swiss cheese pizza omg!
  17. Toilets in Switzerland are sparkling clean, all homestay, airbnb and hotels we stay are sparkling clean. I really love clean and safe country like Japan and Switzerland.
  18. Please research and get yourself a travel pass because it can help you to SAVE A LOT on entrance tickets to Swiss mountain and public transport. There are so many travel pass available, do your research and find the one that suit your travel plan. 
  19. Take panoramic view trains and enjoy the most stunning window views ever!
  20. Some trains in Switzerland have kids friendly coach, restaurants and you can dine in there as well.
  21. It's legal to eat and drink on trains in Switzerland. But please keep it clean and throw your rubbish into the right spot ya!
  22. Dogs are everywhere in Switzerland. Dogs can take trains like us, entering the mall, airport and even hop on cable car too. How wonderful it is.
  23. Public transport in Switzerland are super convenient, without self-driving you can survive in there. 
  24. Train tickets in Switzerland are available selling in two types. First class & Second class tickets. The diff is just more spacious and less crowded in First class compare with second. 

#Should I do PCR test 48 hours before my flight 

I'm thankful for all the latest SOP after 1st May 2022, we no longer need to do any PCR test for people like me who fully vaccinated. Since I bought my ticket in April I thought we need to do a PCR test 48 hours before our flight back to Malaysia but in the end government announce on the latest SOP and restrictions, therefore, before our flight to Switzerland and 48 hours before back to Malaysia, there is no force for any PCR test as long as you are fully vaccinated. 

Just in case, please always double check with your airline and check on your country latest sop before and after making any flight booking. It changes all the time and I'm surprise that Singapore Airline updated all the latest sop and restriction on their website so I'm not too confuse about it. 

Some country still require PCR test 48 hours before the flight, some not but currently most of the Europe countries didn't force you to do the test as long as you are fully vaccinated. So please always double check ya. 

For entering back to Malaysia in May 2022, all of us still need to fill in the 'travel card' on Mysejahtera app 48 hours before our flight back to Malaysia. Once you filled in the form, you will get to see the travel card on your Mysejahtera app. I'm not sure if it's a must for now, so you may refer and check on the latest SOP again ya.

#About Swiss Travel Pass

Since I'm writing so much about the travel pass for tourist, let me highlight one of my best purchase ever in my whole trip. It's the Swiss Travel Pass. It's similar to the JR pass I always recommended whenever I visited to Japan, this Swiss Travel Pass basically works the same, or I can save even better because once you grab it, you can enjoy the benefits of discount tickers, free entrance for most of the museum and most importantly, hop on any public transport you want, like basically you can hop on ferry, buses or trains in Switzerland. It's all included into that single pass.

There are actually few diff types of tourist pass available in Switzerland. I'm so happy that they have provide this option for all the tourists who plan to visit to Switzerland because it really helps us to save some budget since unsurprisingly, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to live in. The food and public transportation is really pricy compared to other countries. When converting to Ringgit Malaysia (RM) it really cost a bomb for us lol.

Latest info & Official Website (click here)

Long story short, you can do a little research on each of the tourist pass. I have included an official website live above for your reference. It's their official Swiss travel system website whereby they stated each diff pass and its benefits. Some prefer Swiss Half Fare Card (click here) , some go for Interrail Pass but for me I prefer Swiss Travel Pass, the all in one kind of travel pass for me which allows us to enjoy unlimited rides on trains, panorama trains, boats, and buses for up to 15 consecutive or flexible days in Switzerland! 

Since previously I got all my travel pass from Klook, I really recommending it for all of you. If you are planning to get it just download Klook app or buy it from their website click here . Klook has the best conversion rate into RM so far from my personal experience and with local banking payment method (if you book through official website then you might need to have credit cards in order to purchase the pass)

*Remember to use promo code 'chanwon92' on Klook to enjoy 5% OFF on your booking*

I don't have any credit cards and I prefer to get it directly on Klook and I can receive the QR code on my phone. Like a digital mobile pass. You can also print it out if you want to but I think e-tickets QR code is really convenient. They just gonna ask you to show the QR code and scan it whenever they are checking the your ticket on the train.

Since I wanna take the Glacier Express panoramic train which also included in Swiss Travel Pass (from Zermatt to St.Moritz, as for reservation seat or dine in meal you need to pay extra for it) & with my travel style and plan, I personally prefer Swiss Travel Pass. So I can have more freedom in changing my travel plan and I wanna pay visit to few Swiss mountains, also some museum and villages like Murren, which also included in the Swiss Travel Pass so I don't need pay extra for it. 

Please check the info on official website regarding what is included / not included on the Swiss Travel Pass. You can also email them if you have any questions. Since we are having our half month trip in Switzerland, we decided to get the consecutive one for 15 days. If you have a fixed travel plan / itinerary you can get the flexible one and you can save a little bit from that. Then the next question will be, "Chanwon, so should I get the first or second class....?"

First or Second Class?

To be honest, I prefer the First Class. During our trip, as I thought it will be crowded + it's still covid period lol but surprisingly, it's really a low peak season, so second class will be a good option too unless you really prefer something premium or if you want to experience the first class seat on glacier express train then you might need to consider getting first class for the travel pass. In short, first class is less crowded and of course, it also means that you can have more luggage space since most people will go for second class + first class is slightly more spacious on the walking space between the seat.

All seating in 1st class carriages is 2 seats on one side and 1 seat on the other (2 : 1) while in 2nd class, there are 2 seats on each side (2 : 2). Actually not a big different unless you really hate crowded space if not 2nd class will be fine too. 

If you are on budget, just get the second class pass and use the extra budget getting a nicer accommodation or food! Not a big deal. While first class ticket can entitled to hop on some really unique retro trains and it's FOC as well. Super worth it and I got no regret paying extra for First class. Whichever it is, I'm sure you still can enjoy the same panoramic views when you are on the train. So remember to get the travel pass that suits your travel plan ya.

Benefits of Swiss Travel Pass?

Other than getting access to unlimited rides on trains, boats, buses, and premium panorama trains across the country,  Swiss Travel Passes also come with a complimentary Swiss Family Card for groups with children aged 6-15 plus free access to 500+ museums and galleries and discounts on other means of transportation! Here's some summary of the pass benefits which showed on Klook website which I recommended to get on the travel pass.

Get your Swiss travel pass from click here

There are additional benefits like: 15% off on Swiss Travel Passed for age 16-25 youths / Free travel for children aged 0-15 when accompanied by a parent with a Swiss Travel Pass. Feel free to click on the link click here to know more about the pass or visit the Official Swiss travel system Website click here.

| Total Expenses / Budget for food, accommodation & transportation

This is one of the top-asked question I received during my trip in Switzerland. It's hard to answer in just one sentence as it really depends on your travel style and plan. If you visit to most of the Swiss mountains by just the entry ticket fees can cost you around CHF100-200 per person (x 4.7 convert to RM is really quite pricy but it's so worth it). If you wanna save more and travel on budget please always remember to get their travel pass (read the Swiss Travel Pass info which I have included in this post) and enjoy the benefits of it which helps you to save more 25% or 50% off on the entrance tickets and etc.

So I have to break it down in details and easier for you to take as reference. I plan my trip and share it in such way so you guys can start saving money and plan on your budget and I'm sure you can make your dream come true. Just like me, I never thought I can travel to Switzerland myself and if I can, you can do it too.

For a 8-days trip it's around RM7500-8000 per person including food and accommodation stay, excluding shopping expenses of course. For my trip, since it's our half month trip in Switzerland, we spent total of RM30k for 2 pax. Around RM15k per person on a half month trip. Also mean that it's RM7500 per person for a week of food, stay and the travel pass too. 

As for my case, total half month spending in Switzerland, I put a budget on 
  • RM10.5k on flight tickets and 15 days + First Class Swiss Travel Pass  
  • RM10.5k on accommodation (slightly high budget as we put higher budget on stay especially two of the 4-5 stars hotel in Zermatt, and book a better airbnb homestay apartment rather than just a room)
  • RM9k on food, restaurant, entrance ticket for some of the Swiss mountain (since Swiss travel pass help us to save 25%-50% on it, I can't imagine if I need to pay for the full price lol), also bought some Swiss chocolate as well lol

About Food expenses...

The average price for food per person around CHF25-35 if you are having your food outside of the restaurant or some of the tourist spot can be around CHF40-50 per person. If you are having your food at the restaurant which aren't a tourist spot at all, it can be around CHF20 per person. If you shop at grocer buy freezer food or cook it yourself at your airbnb, it's around CHF15-20 depending what food you purchase.  In shorts it's around RM150+ per person per meal if you eat outside at a normal restaurant.

In short, if you get your meal done in an inexpensive restaurant it will be around CHF 25 per person. If a meal in an expensive restaurant (tourist spot or in the city) it can be around CHF50 per person on average or more than that.

Since you arrived in Switzerland, it's good to give their food a try. If you gonna cook everyday you might not be on a vacation mood already. So maybe can alternatively cook your dinner at your airbnb or just plan it nicely according your budget.

If you book a hotel, most hotels come with the breakfast (included) so you can save some budget on that. If not just go to a nearby grocer, or bakery. Their croissant and bakery is the best one ever! Normal Swiss chocolate croissant can be price from CHF2.20 to some really big size bread burger CHF15-18. I really love their croissant. Taste super duper good, please go try it!

About Accommodation expenses...

For accommodation, I really wanted it to be something nice, so I put higher budget on it. If you go you can adjust it slightly lower as I only pick super host on airbnb and above 4-stars hotel since it's our honeymoon and also because 2 years of lockdown. I just want my first trip after this 2 years of time to be super worth it. Average accommodation around CHF200-250 per night for me. Some plus minus as I do stay in hotel too. Switzerland hotels range can be from CHF100 to CHF450 per night (average of CHF250), while most vacation rentals will cost CHF190 to CHF500 per night for the entire apartment with kitchen. 

If you wanna be on budget, you can actually stay in youth hostel. It's recommended for solo traveler and people who love to meet new friends. It can be really affordable for CHF80-150 depending on the location. Mostly need to share on common area and some come with kitchen for you to cook too. I guess if it's not covid I will give it a try since I did solo travel experience in Japan and staying similar kind of hostel too. It was fun and one of the highlight too! Try it when you are still young and I have friends who get to know his wife when he did his solo trip and stay in hostel. 😝

I get lots of question about my airbnb apartments and hotels I stayed on my trip. Will do that on another blog post because it's a little too long for this. Gonna be a new topic and review as well lol. Will link it here once I updated it on my blog. 

*Airbnb Apartments & Hotel I stayed in my Switzerland Trip (click here to read

About How much pocket money I should bring...

You should know yourself the best. You can add it up yourself and bring some extra for you to shop as I'm not really sure whether will you shop till drop or just for some basic expenses like for food and little on shopping. I have wrote everything I have in mind as an advice for you guys so by reading all of the expenses and average range of food and accommodation, you can also be an expert on planning and knowing how much you should bring on your Switzerland Trip. 

For example, like us we wanted to try on paragliding, I book through Klook (click here for paragliding info) so it's something extra and I book through website with e-ticket. So I no need to bring so much cash, for airbnb apartments mostly we paid full before our trip, hotels we booked through Agoda / Booking.com so some require pre-payment before trip, some was deposit and some pay when check out at your hotel. So please always take note and read the info carefully before making any booking.

For me, I brought few thousands CHF cash to spend on food, some entrance ticket to Swiss mountain, buying chocolate and also I don't have credit card but I turned on the oversea shopping on my debit card. So just in case, if I decided to buy something I will just use my debit card. Smelly brought his credit card over just in case.

Most shops in Switzerland accept debit/ credit card unless those small and old village, if you wanna buy something they might only take in cash. Please be reminded that CHF1000 banknotes might not be a good idea to use in most small grocer or when you are paying for your food in Switzerland. They might reject your banknotes as they don't usually carry such large amount there. But most currency exchange I went in Malaysia, only give us the big one thousand banknotes in CHF. I feel so stress to carry it as one paper note cost around RM4700 and if you keep in a wrong place, just bye-bye to your hard earn money.

So keep it safely on your wallet and once you arrived in Zurich airport on the way to the station, you can spot this CHANGE counter (on the photo above) everywhere. You may bring your one thousands banknotes and change it into smaller one like CHF10, 20, 50, 100. It's free of charge so recommend to change it into small banknotes once you arrived in Switzerland, just in case they rejected your big banknotes when you are paying for your food or tickets.

| Shopping in Switzerland & Tax Refund

There aren't much to shop in Switzerland. You can choose to buy souvenir back to your family or friends too if you like. The top souvenir to bring back from Switzerland, or you just buy it for yourself will be Swiss chocolate, Swiss army knifes, Swiss watches, alcohol and some cute mug / magnet. The rest you basically won't be interested unless you wanted to buy branded bags and watches then you might need to bring extra for you to shop. 

Souvenirs Price Range?

The cheapest souvenir such as postcard price around CHF2 if you get it around the tourist spot while cute key chair and magnet will be around CHF9 on average. The rest alcohol, gin, watches, chocolate and knifes price range is really depending on what you are looking for. So for cute magnet , keychains it's around RM35-50 for one souvenir item. Not cheap at all but it's really quite nice to get yourself a few, if not just buy some yummy dark chocolate. Personally I got most of my dark chocolate from Lindt chocolate. They have the best dark chocolate so far and I love it. 

Most Rolex watches sold out and pre-order takes up to 3 years during the time we visited Switzerland in May 2022 lol. It means you need to pay now and come back to Switzerland again 3 years after. I guess it's all because of the covid and they might lack of craftsmanship, therefore, the one you spot at the Rolex store are mostly not for sales, only for you to try it on.

Switzerland tax refund?

If you wanna shop for luxury or branded items, I recommend you to go to Milan instead of shopping in Switzerland as Milan will be cheaper compare to Switzerland. But still, if you only shop in Switzerland then still can get the tax refund. Pretty simple! 

For tax refund, you need to have a minimum purchase amount of 300 CHF per receipt and have permanent residence outside of Switzerland. 

I bought a branded bag here in Switzerland and before I purchase I will ask the SA to check for the tax refund rate. The refund rate might be vary for time to time as what they told us. They gave me a Global Blue tax refund form to fill in, they will attached it with my bag's receipt and then put it into an envelope. During the time I did the tax refund it was around 7%. I'm really confuse at first but the envelope have the step to get your refund back in the airport global blue counter.

If you are still confuse, just hold your tax refund form, go ask at the airport information counter. As easy as that and remember that you must carry the product that you wanna tax refund with you, do not put it inside your check in luggage as the custom need to check your items when you passed them the tax refund form. It won't take long but please plan your time well just in case there are too many tourist at the tax refund counter.

| #ChanwonInSwitzerland Itinerary 

Here come to the most exciting part of this whole travel blog post. Thanks to our covid two weeks break lol, not sure to be happy or sad but we got it 2 weeks before our trips lol, like just in time and after recover from our 2 weeks 'covid holiday' we have another 3 days to prepare for our trip and then fly over to Switzerland. Thanks to the 2 weeks break, we have some time to really sit down and research on places that I wish to go and to do in Switzerland.

How I plan?

Therefore I hope you guys can make use of 'Chanwon's Itinerary' and same as all my travel itinerary post, I'm sure you will enjoy as much as I do. For my itinerary, what I did was first checking on location , hashtag or google on which place I wish to explore and visit. You know everyone has their own preference, some people prefer shopping and spending more days in the city, some people like me love to explore places that is both country side and leaving the city and do some shopping at the end of my trip so I do not need to carry so much luggage weight lol.

After writing places I wanna visit / to-go / to-do / to-try , I can deciding how many days I would love to stay overnights or my layover at, I will look through the location on google map check on the estimated time from one place to one place (mostly 1-2 hours). If you have the same preference like me, really enjoy my content you can just follow my travel plan, pick the one you wish to check it out and shorten it to match your one week or 10 days itinerary or if you travel the same period as I am, just adjust it yourself.

It's really free and easy. So after knowing where I want to stay then I just make a list on my must-go-places with the location. For instance, in Zurich what I wanna go what I wanna do,  in Interlaken, in Zermatt and so on. Like a bucket list on your phone's notes app or just write in somewhere else you prefer. 

something like this 

After done on that, sit back relax until a week before your trip whether you wanna add on or make any changes. Until the day before your trip, normally I just need to check on the weather forecast a day before and plan my next day travel plan. For example if I will be in Zurich on the next day and after checking on my phone Zurich will be raining, then I just open my note and plan some indoor activities like visiting to the chocolate museum to check out the national museum. If I know it's sunny then I will visit some outdoor spot and so on. 

To be honest, I don't like to rush myself when I'm on my vacation mood. I want to experience more and explore more about the country. Therefore, I prefer to go in just one without going to the neighbour countries. But if I'm having a 1 month holiday, I probably will also visit Germany or France together with Switzerland as well. So if you are planning for your Europe trip, maybe you can read this and pick the places that you would like to visit or whichever caught your attention then include it into your travel plan. 

Really no need to squeeze your time to rush all the way. As all of the places I went in Switzerland require quite some time to explore and walk too. It's really impossible to go to one place and just spend 2 hours there. Mostly it takes 4-5 hours and to arrive at that place it required another 1-2 hours transportation. So some suitable for day trip, some if it's nearby each other then can make it a half day trip. The max is like going 2 spots per day. So please take note on that and plan your route nicely.

For me I think a 10 days trip in Switzerland is just nice, not too rush and not too tired. If you have more budget, or as crazy as me, 16 days is a big bonus especially if it's a honeymoon! It was indeed the best decision I ever made. So are you ready to explore Switzerland with me? Let me bring you through a virtual trip now!


Let's get started!

Please ignore my ugly map, I tried my best to draw it on my iPad lol. Not an art student haha!

So if you check on my #ChanwonTravel #ChanwoninSwitzerland hashtag on instagram you probably see all my pinned highlight on profile and also travel content on my feed. This is like an all-in-one summary. There are few way that you can do it on your own. I prefer to plan it according to my preference because I have so many days to explore and I wanted to stay in countryside, cottage house and walking through all the old valley and villages, so these are the spots that I decided to stay and visit. There are more but I'm gonna highlight the main one so you guys can understand easily.

Normally people plan it in 2 way. You can start your trip from Zurich and ending in Geneva airport going back to Malaysia. Or like me I just landed in Zurich and back from Zurich as well. Reason being was I would love to check out other places and only end my trip in the city. Zurich is really crowded and full of famous shopping streets and foods, I prefer some less crowded place and country side. So I can enjoy both less crowded places and city both in once lol.

For my itinerary, here's the place I have my layover. I started with:

Zurich - Lucerne - Interlaken - Zermatt - St.Moritz - Zurich 

For people who want to plan it in another way, you can too.  Just landed in Zurich and then take all the way to St.Moritz and then do it in another way round.  Zurich - St.Moritz - Zermatt - Interlaken - Lucerne - Zurich. But you will be slightly tired to do it in this way as the first day you landed and you need to carry your luggage and hop on and rush to another layover spot.

If I'm still in my 20s I can do it that way but now really body not so strong lol. I will prefer to have slightly relaxing and slow it down when I just arrived in a completely new country. So I prefer to landed in Zurich and just layover at somewhere nearby but not in the city. So at the end I just get my apartment that located nearby Lucerne. My apartment is 1-2 station away from Lucerne actually. It's a quiet township where only locals stay there and the food is yummy and cheaper than tourist post hehe! Best decision ever. So in conclusion, for the first day check in please find anywhere nearby and so you no need to arrive at your airbnb / hotel in nighttime. It will be really tiring from my experience.

If you are really lazy doing your own research, there are many useful itinerary recommendation and travel plan online. On Facebook and also google for the travel blog. But I would love to recommend the Switzerland Grand Train Tour Route (CLICK HERE) too. I never notice it until when I'm arrived in Switzerland and saw the big signboard of this recommended grand train tour for all the oversea tourist. It's more on sightseeing and you can have a little read on it. There are plenty of the travel itinerary on the link so feel free to check it and after all you can be an expert already! HAHAHAAH

5 days / 1 week / half month itinerary plan?

So it's your homework to do your research, but since I personally went there and received lots of enquiries about the recommendation and a shorten version of 1 week itinerary or 9-10 days in Switzerland plan. So here's some of my recommendation:-

  • 5-7 day itinerary: Focus on Lucerne - Lauterbrunnen - Interlaken
  • 8-10 days itinerary: Spend more time explore Interlaken, Central Switzerland, many beautiful village, add on Lake Geneva or day trip to Montruex, Zurich as well
  • 2 weeks (half month) itinerary: all the above and add on Zermatt, linking it with Glacier Express Train and for me I add on St.Moritz and enjoy many layover nights there in both Zermatt and St.Moritz , Chur can plan for day trip if you want to. 

For half month travel itinerary in Switzerland, you can really go to places that is far from your layover spot, can really spend time visiting lots of Swiss mountains, visiting beautiful old and small villages, more chill and also I can plan a lot of day trip other than just focusing visiting places nearby the layover point. 

Chanwon's Must Go Places + Itinerary (from layover point) :

Stein am Rhein Mount Titlis /  Rhine Falls / Mount Titlis / Chapel Bridge - Lake Lucerne / Rigi Mountain / Pilatus

Interlaken : 
 Lauterbrunnen - Murren - Schilthorn / Jungfraujoch / Grindelwald, First (trottibike cycle, take cable car to First / Paragliding / Lake Thun /  Iseltwald - Lake Brienz - Lake Lungern - Obwalden / Bern - Spiez  / Montruex - Lake Geneva /  Blausee Lake - Blause Naturpark  

 Zermatt : 
Zermatt Town - Bahnhofstrasse Streets / Relax enjoy at Hotel + Spa / Matterhorn - Gornergrat OR Matterhorn Glacier Paradise / Glacier Express Train

 St. Moritz : 
St. Moritz Town / Lake Saint Moritz / Dessert Treats / Segantini museum / Luxury Shopping /  Chur / Bernina Express (day trip to Italy)

Zurich : 
Hauptbahnhof / Zurich Church - Grossmunster Twins Tower / Swiss Chuchi / Swiss National Museum / Bahnhofstrasse Street / Munsterbrucke Bridge / Lindenhof Park - Hilltop /  Lindt Chocolate Museum / Zurich BrokenHaus 


Feel free to always refer this part as the summary of my whole half month trip in Switzerland. So now I'm gonna blog about each of it one by one in a number form like #1 , #2 &.... Then you pick and decide which you want to go and write it down, check the weather and arrange it depend on your preference. For some place like Jungfraujoch which I really couldn't squeeze all in this post lol. If I have time I will blog it on a separate one and link it back here. So this should be like a short summary and I pick my favourite photo for you here.

MUST* download SBB Mobile

For all the places I went, I take only public transports and it's really super convenient. You can use google map too if you want but if you are taking just their public transport and wish to know the timetable, the info of the first and second class coach / seat, the amount of time needed or ticket price, then please download this app 'SBB Mobile'. It's the local Swiss travel system app, strongly recommend you to download it on your phone and it's gonna make your life easier.

The app is really easy to use, if you know how to use google map whenever you travel then I'm sure you will find this useful too. It will show you which platform to hop on the train and if any delay it will also update straight on this app. All linked with their local Swiss travel system.




| #1 Stein am Rhein

Safely landed at Zurich Airport after 12 hours of flight straight and first day we just explore along the way near to our airbnb apartments and the next day, I decided to go to this one of my dream bucket list that I really love in Switzerland. 

Stein am Rhein: Our very first destination! It is a REALLY beautiful small town west of Lake Constance (Bodensee), close to the German border. It took around 2 hours+ of train ride from our airbnb apartment to Stein am Rhein. By the time we arrived there, it was almost noon and with the sun right on top of us, we couldn’t take photos of the building without a bunch of shadows in between. But still we could not stop taking pictures of all the buildings. 

You can see all these well-preserved, half-timbered medieval houses featuring its painted facades, clustered around Rathausplatz in the old town. We took some time to stroll around the town. However, due to the weather and not wanting to hike all the way up, we didn’t visit the Hohenklingen Castle (which is one of the highlights in Stein am Rhein). The views down from the castle should be really nice based on what we research from the internet.

This old historical town wasn't really big but every corner and building here is like a piece of artwork. The painting on each of the building is really unique and it's something that we can't have in our own country. 

I feel like entering a fairytale. If you are coming to Switzerland really soon, I really recommend you to come here for a half day trip or a full day trip if you wish to explore the Rhine Falls areas. Until now I'm still so happy one of my sweetie suggested this place to me and you have to come here to witness it with your own eyes. Never regret at all although it's really a little far from where we stay.




| #2 Rhine Falls  

After spending few hours in Stein am Rhein, we then went to our next stop, the Rhine Falls. It is said to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe with huge volumes of water falling over the rocks across a width of 150m and a height of 23m. A note to be taken, it requires an entry ticket to enter to take a close look at the waterfall. You can purchase the ticket from the ticketing machine nearby the entry which costs 5.00 CHF per adult. 

There was also this beautiful faint rainbow under the falls. In my opinion, to truly admire the beauty of the Rhine falls, you should view it from the top, it will take your breath away. We also did not go for the boat tour as we do not want to get wet from getting near to the waterfall. However, if you wish to you can buy your ticket on the spot at the ticket counter near the dock.  

Spot the rainbow and you can only view it from the top view.

Look at the rainbow, even phone also can easily captured it.

If you spot this, it's the grand tour route in Switzerland and you can take photo with it, hashtag and post on your social media too. If you gonna follow the grand train tour, then you should have also mark your check in at this waterfall spot. 


If you couldn't make it for the Stein am Rhein due to your time or travel plan, no worries you can pay a visit to Schaffhausen, nearby Rhine Falls. Although it's not as stunning as Stein am Rhein historical town, it's really a good spot to stop and take some photo, best part is you can refill the free tap water around here. As you can see from all the photo I took, the weather was super cool in the morning but when the sun is up, especially noon time until 3pm, super hot and you see the reflection all over my forehead on most of the photos I took lol.

We decided to stop here and have some food since we walked a lot. I guess we feel slightly tired as we just recovered from covid and then straight flyover here. But after getting enough rest, the next day we were well prepared for the rest of the adventure again! So happy to share this with you guys and I'm sure you dream can come true in near future, just like me.




| #3 Mount Titlis  

There are plenty of Swiss Mountains to visit. From Rigi, Pilatus and I want to also recommend you guys to the Mount Titlis. It was the first mountain we went and this mountain peaks at 3,239m above sea level and was the nearest to our first homestay. As you can see from all the photos below, I'm really excited and happy about my visit here. Be reminded to hold your camera nicely and you gonna be welcome with a perfect views from green shades of grass to a beautiful snow scenery. Enjoy it with your eyes not your camera!

It was a 30 mins train ride to Engelberg then a short walk (approximate 10 mins) to Talstation Titlis and hop up the cable car up to Stand, then again change to TITLIS Rotair (the world's first revolving rotating cable car) up to Titlis. 

There is an entrance fee of 92 CHF per person, and with the SwissTravelPass we got a 50% discount which amounts to 92 CHF for two

From green to snow winter scenery

When you arrived at the top of the mountain, you see only full white of snow.

TITLIS Rotair (the world's first revolving rotating cable car)

As we were going up, the view from the cable car was really eye-catching with the small town of Engelberg surrounded by the alps. This time of the season was around spring transitioning to summer, therefore we could see more green than snow on the way up. While reaching Stand, most of the mountains were covered in snow and we could feel the cold. Here the highlight is without question the ride with the TITLIS Rotair, and as the name implies, it rotates its way up to the snow covered summit of Titlis. You get to see the impressive 360 degree views of the surroundings. 

At the peak of Titlis we were able to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of snow-capped mountaintops and Alpine landscapes. We were walking on the snow with our normal sports shoes and were slipping here and there while walking to the Titlis Cliff Walk (Europe’s highest suspension bridge). We could get some panorama views of the mountain along the cliff walk, it was an unforgettable moment.

It really wasn’t that scary if you just looked in front while walking. Just don't look down guys! Also, to be honest, I'm so happy there are only few locals and tourists here. I met one solo traveler from Singapore, our neighbour country hehe. I thought there are nothing much to do here but wait, the snow tubing is really fun so if you are here, remember to check it out. Also most activities available here might vary from time to time, so remember to check the operating date / time and know what to expect ya.

It was really cold up there so make sure to put on sunscreen and also wear a beanie / hat if you have. Most importantly cover your hand with gloves and your neck with scarf. Now let me show you some of the photo we took in Mt.Titlis. It's really so pretty!

Before we continued our adventure to the Titlis glacier cave, we went to the self service restaurant to fill up our stomachs. The food there was really not that bad and you can enjoy the snowy mountain views through the panoramic window while having your lunch. Once we had charged up our energy, we then went to explore the glacier cave which was bathed in a dim turquoise-blue light. There are tiny white clouds coming out of our breath because the air is so cold. 

glacier cave 

snow tubing

Before ending the day, we spent some time in Stand for some snow tubing. It was really really fun!! We got to go a few rounds until we were too tired to move. I'm sure you gonna love it too. There are kids around having fun like us. It's been like 2 years that we don't get to travel abroad and the day I back from Mt.Titlis, I was in tears when standing at my apartment's balcony while looking at the mt.titlis view from there.  Not sad but happy and emotional feelings in my mind. Like finally I feel alive, without a need to wear mask when having fun and just be free 😭

If you think Mt.Titlis is out of your budget or prefer something else, you can visit to Mount Rigi as it's FREE OF CHARGE if you got your Swiss Travel Pass. No entrance fees needed as it's included. We are so tired on the day itself, if you wanna tick on another mountain, feel free to also check out Mt. Pilatus. You may google and see which you are more prefer with. Each of it has diff view from top and if I can come back again, definitely visit to both of them too. 




| #5 Spiez - Aeschiried     

Not many people know about this place, I found this as I'm looking for my Interlaken airbnb apartments and I die-die want to experience staying in a wooden cottage or farmhouse. Then on the way to our stay, we need to make a stop at the main station Spiez here before taking our bus to Aeschiried. If you got pass by, please visit Spiez if you have the time as the view from the Spiez station is so beautiful. Just right in front of the station exit and we spent a lot of time enjoying our croissant by looking at this view and took so many photos here. 

From the photo can't really tell but you can actually google on the google image to take a closer look

Next, if you want to experience like the local or having your layover at those beautiful wooden house, you can get your layover at Aeschiried, Spiez. Just take a bus from Spiez station and there are plenty of airbnb or homestay available here. If you stay in Aeschiried, you get to experience waking up by the perfect postcard views right in front of the windows and balcony. 

Lots of animals there too, and the best part is you do not need to pay for any entrance tickets lol 🐮 🐑 🐐 🐈 🐕   It’s freezing in the morning and night while in the afternoon, it’s quite hot. The effort of coming up this cottage house is super worth it but carrying the luggage is not a joke. 5 mins walk from the station with steep road all the way to the uphill took us almost 30 mins 🤣 

My little house

view from our balcony

We took our dinner at a restaurant located in Aeschiried, it's the Restaurant Chemihutte. I really enjoy the view and the ambiance is just 100% for everything.  The view is really WOW WOW WOW.

The beer here taste so good omg! Please give it a try even tho I'm not an alcohol person. After our dinner, we walk around the neighbourhood and it's my dream retirement life hahah! The views is really so beautiful. I'm not sure how many times I need to repeat this. Here's some photo we took during the sunset here.

My favourite photo taken by Smelly 🥰




| #6 Lauterbrunnen  

Everyday is an exciting day for me. Lauterbrunnen is also one of the must-go places in Switzerland. Like really die die must, it's less attractive during low season in May as only little shops open in May and most of the shops or houses here are renovating during low-peak season like this. But it didn't kill my excitement as it's still so beautiful for me.

Lauterbrunnen Valley is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, quaint villages, hiking trails and ski slopes. It is also often referred to as The Valley of 72 Waterfalls. Even so we didn’t truly explore as most of the shop closed , not in business and on going renovation in mid of May. It's all because of the low-peak season but we get to enjoy a less crowded version of Lauterbrunnen. If you plan to come here in winter and autumn, I think it will be really beautiful and happening. 

I recommend you guys to layover and stay at Lauterbrunnen if you love small villages like this and explore Murren together as well. For us we planned Lauterbrunnen and Murren together as a day trip. Murren is really my top pick compared to Lauterbrunnen because during the time we went to Lauterbrunnen, the weather was super hot and the sunlight was a little too harsh for us to walk through all the valley. But we did get to spend some time there and there to take some photos of the beautiful waterfall, it's beautiful when you see it from far as well and we only saw a few out of the 72. After all, since the sun and weather was really hot, we decided to enjoy the delicious local handmade ice-cream there.

As you can see the amount of sunlight lol. Please don't forget to apply sunscreen!

So happy that I get to try on the local ice cream. It's all handmade and the shape of the ice cream looks really unique right. They even selling vegan ice cream.

No joke, it's really hot and I sweat like hell because I'm wearing an inner heat tech lol.

Although it's really hot like I can finally feel the weather turning into Summer on the day I visited to Lauterbrunnen but, the waterfalls and view surrounded me is soooooo stunning. The photo above taken by my fujifilm camera. I'm so in love with it.

There are people cycling around here but the weather in mid-May really not a joke. Completely feels like the summer, like our homeland in Malaysia lol. Super hot and I regret that we wore a winter heat tech under our sweater. I'm sweating like hell but I got no complain at all as you can see on all these photo I took, really so so so pretty. 

It will be better if shops are open, more happening. So I guess there are pros and cons to visit during high & low peak season here. But still I'm loving it just not much activities to do other than hiking and walking around the valley. 




| #7 Murren  

Still haven get over the beauty of this country. I have so many tips and recommendation for you. As mentioned earlier, other than Lauterbrunnen, I'm going to recommend you guys to go to Murren as well. Many of the online articles showed their love to Lauterbrunnen valley, the waterfall and hiking trails but for me Murren is where I left my soul. 

Murren is one of the Swiss mountain village at the foot of the Schilthorn peak, can only be accessible by cable car. I can only imagine that if I'm living there, it must be hard for me to access to the city as I can only take cable car, slowly go up to my house lol. This village is like a green screen for me, the villages were surrounded by mountains and apart from the view, we also found a restaurant, Restaurant Stagerstubli, which serve us the best beef burger and rosti. It taste heavenly good. If you are here, please visit a restaurant and enjoy your lunch here because all these beautiful views right in front of us are FREE lol. You can just sit down and enjoy it as long as you want. 

At some point, I really thought like I'm sitting in front of a green screen lol. The views behind me is just so shocking. Lauterbrunnen on the other hand is mainly spotting the waterfalls on the side but murren surrounded by huge and fabulous mountains views.

Restaurant Stagerstubli (recommended by me and smelly) 

Can I stay there a little longer. Maybe next time I should just stay a night here but wondering how to carry my luggage and bags up the cable car lol. If you are a fan of James Bond film, you might not want to miss the chance to visit Schilthorn as it is one of the scene that got featured in the James Bond film and the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant contains the Bond World 007 exhibit and has views of Mont Blanc

Oh yes, if you have your Swiss Travel Pass like us, going up is completely FREE. You can make it a day trip from Lauterbrunnen - Murren - Schilthorn. We spent too much time in Murren therefore, we decided to just stay here and not going up to Schilthorn (There is a fee to go up to Schilthorn from Murren). 

It usually crowded but since it’s not peak season now, I get to enjoy all the views myself. Look how empty the village is plus a beautiful stunning view surrounded by mountains. I never expect to get such view before I came to Murren, I just expect it to be a small village but seriously, it’s more than that. There are lots of hidden small valley, if you come during better weather (not too hot) you really can walk around, enjoying the windy weather. I went there last two week omg the sunlight was so harsh but the sky and view is so freaking clear and beautiful.  

Lauterbrunnen Valley on the other hand is beautiful because of its subterranean, glacial Trümmelbach Falls.  Most shops only open on June onward as it’s their off-peak season now. So I have limited choice of restaurant there. We both really love the surprises of this country have to offer. Both are beautiful and stunning. But it really offers diff views in my travel journey. 




| #8 Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe) 

I thought I will get bored of Swiss Mountains as I have seen it for so many days during my Trip in Switzerland but Jungfraujoch is something that I would love to recommend to you guys. It was our day trip to Jungfraujoch from interlaken also the most expensive ticket to a mountain that costs 190 CHF per person and again luckily with the SwissTravelPass we got a 25% discount. Without the discount it will be costing us around RM880 per person on just the ticket lol, so with discount it's really saving us a lot of $$.

You can get the ticket at the ticket counter at Grindelwald Terminal where the starting point of the cable car. Yes it was really expensive, but I would say it was really worth it because there are lots of to-do up there in Jungfraujoch. You can play, interact and so many activities available here. But I have one advice, please be prepared if you have altitude sickness. I never knew it until I'm there with Smelly, I feel slightly dizzy once I arrived there and a little hard to breath at first. But after 30 mins I feel better. So do take note this place not really kids friendly I guess.

Both Smelly and I enjoyed all the way from the beginning until the end of our day trip to Jungfraujoch. Quite worth it for the ticket because it's really not easy to build the trains to such high mountain and for the cable car experience, normally in peak season it's full of people, but during the time we went, both of us get to enjoy a complete empty cable car ourself. Also one of the longest cable car ride ever. Around 20-25 mins if I'm not mistake. 

We are taking Eiger Express to Jungfraujoch. For one, the cable car was a really luxurious one with really nice and comfortable seats together with panoramic glass windows all around it for you to take your time to enjoy the views (as shown in the photos below). The cable car doesn’t take us all the way up to Jungfraujoch but stops at Eigergletscher (2320m above sea level) which we then switch to a cogwheel train that runs through a narrow tunnel (Eismeer Tunnel) directly up to Jungfraujoch. 

Each of us got a “Souvenir Passport” where we can get it stamped at Jungfraujoch (this is given to you when you purchase the ticket at the counter in Grindelwald). There were plenty of things to do when we were up there as shown in the mini map (as shown in the picture below) with 13 checkpoints including the ice palace, Sphinx Observatory (Panoramic View), alpine sensation, Lindt swiss chocolate heaven, Monchsjoch Hut (45 min walk), and not to mentioned endless photo opportunity

You can slowly explore yourself when you are there. We got to take a photo with the Switzerland Flag at Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe!! You can spot how happy I am and I'm loving it. At the end of the checkpoint, we took our lunch at the restaurant and I bought a beautiful pocket watch as a souvenir (love the craftsmanship of the pocket watch as well). One of our Best Buy in Switzerland!

Another check point! Really so fun omg! HAHAHA I look really happy here.

Freezing here

My favourite is this human-size snow globe. It's sooooo beautiful my god! I can't stop myself from starring this....

Remember to bring your sunglasses ya. 

lol it's so hard to climb all the way up and have to hold it tight xD

Snow angel maybe?

I took 32984793249 photos here but gonna share it another day since this is a summary of everything hehe.




| #9 Grindelwald - First  

After Jungfraujoch we already half dead lol. It was so tired as we walk a lot on the snow and without the winter shoes it was quite hard for us. To be honest our luggage don't have any extra space for winter shoes so we just worn our sport shoes up lol. How funny it was, I almost falling down twice in Jungfraujoch and due to the altitude sickness, both of us were getting really tired after that.

At first I planned another half day gonna spend our time visiting Grindelwald and take cable car up to First and have fun with the trottibike cycle and other activities. But when I googled it some activities aren't available in beginning of May (best time to first will be in summer June) and by looking at the time, weather (really cloudy as you can see from the photo below) and running out of stamina and energy, I decided to rest and just chill in Grindelwald and not going all the way up to First. Old already I guess or maybe both of us just recovered from covid.

Grindelwald is famous for its mountain resorts, most people choose to layover here and visit Jungfraujoch right away so you can be less tired. There are a big variety of outdoor activities and when I'm there I spot their shopping streets, quite a tourist spot for me, shops and grocer open slightly longer but I prefer quiet place, everything here is quite expensive since it's a tourist spot.

So if you planned your trip to Grindelwald and loving with outdoor activities remember to also plan your time maybe a half day trip to First. If you visited to First remember check on the weather forecast as if it's raining then you might need to change your itinerary and visit somewhere else. I'm sure I will be back again to visit to First. 旅行,留一點遺憾才可以有藉口再回來 😝

I look so pale here lol. Really so tired on that day after done with all the activities in Jungfraujoch omg! This place in mid of May (on its low peak season) really nothing much to do as well. Most shops closed really early but we quite enjoy as no photo bomb and we can sit down anywhere we want, chill and just enjoying my short term early-retirement life. HAHAAHAHAHAH This is something I couldn't do when I'm back in Malaysia.

Although the sky turned really cloudy but it's still beautiful. I cant get any reason for not loving this country. Hope I can save money again and come back next year. I'm really greedy, people say must go Switzerland once and once is more than enough. But I'm feel it is not enough at all, there are still many places I would like to check out and I also miss Japan as well. Hope we can slowly get back our travel life like what we have on those pre-covid time. 

Hello tiny Smelly. I think the best thing traveling with Smelly was always having someone who can help me carry my heavy bags and camera! HAHAHAHAHA

Another postcard view

Thank you for all the memories and not raining on that day so we can have a perfect view from  Jungfraujoch and also here. Although we couldn't make it to First due to the weather but I'm sure we will be back!!! You guys too, will sure can visit to Switzerland one day. 

At the end of the day, we went back home early and took our luggage out from the locker storage area, then check in to our new airbnb apartment which is really beautiful. Also, on the way back to our apartments, we went to the nearby grocery store and I'm gonna cook our dinner.

Wifey Chanwon in action.

Our airbnb apartment face right opposite Lake Thun. I might live longer here if I'm spending the rest of my life staying in Switzerland. So zen and when I first look at it, I be like 'I WANNA STAY HERE'.




| #10 Paragliding @Interlaken  

This is completely a new highlight for my travel journey. I know it sounds a little bit crazy but you know, if I can choose again, I will still go for it. I think the next time imma gonna paragliding during the winter, I think it will be damn beautiful to see this beautiful place from the top. It's something extra but worth for the money. To avoid disappointment I checked the weather forecast and booked it few days before my actual visit. For those who asked I booked my paragliding experience at Interlaken through Klook app (click here for paragliding info). 

It's pretty simple, you can book your paragliding slot anytime and no need to print out anything. All the info will be shown in the app itself including your e-ticket. Then we meet up with the paragliding pilots at a meet up point which you can choose it through the app. If you are staying at the hotel around the station they can pick you up there as well. Just click on the link and there are options for the meet up point for you.

Next, after meeting at the pick up point the pilots will carefully brief the safety and to-do things before your experience. They will also fetch you to a start up point where you require to focus on what to do and what not to do during the flying time. Pretty simple!

Don't worry for the photos and videos as they will handle it for you, at the end of the day you can choose whether to buy or not to buy it. It's about CHF40 for the photos and videos. We bought it ahahaha! Also thank god the weather is super nice and we had an awesome flying experience. Interlaken is such a beautiful one to look it from the top. I see many small little houses like a lego and also Lake Thun in emerald-blue color. I really recommend if you want! No regret and it's a little scary from the beginning but when you are above the sky, you forget who you are by just looking at the city from the top.

Each pilot had their own personality and the one Smelly got is someone who can easily calm people down. His voice is super gentle and smelly felt safe for that. We random pick our pilot while playing the 'random pick a card game' in the van before heading up. The pilot Smelly got took super fun video and let him try on everything Smelly wants, my pilot was a young handsome pilot who took super nice photo lol. So really depends on the luck but I told him to take better photo so I can share it out HAHAHAHAHA. I remember I posted on IG and everyone was telling my pilot was really handsome lol, I never really look at him until all of your comments lol. Please focus on me not the pilot!!!

I seem to be really excited and not afraid of everything while Smelly really feel so scared before his paragliding session. He look like I ask him to die like that. Keep saying regret to ask me booked his session but right after we completed our paragliding experience, he was laughing so hard and look so happy. I can't wait to edit my vlog on YouTube and when it's up, I put a link here so you guys can refer or you guys can check my YouTube channel here.

Next time I'm gonna try paragliding during winter, it must be super duper beautiful! See Smelly still can 'yeah' and he thank me for booking this as well. I asked him 'next time come back wanna try again?!' He told me a YES lol. 

We are alive! Safely landed in a landing point, like a really huge park. 

The whole experience was super fun, if you are a person who love trying new things, please give this a try. I personally love it and will come back again to try in a winter version. If you love crazy things like roller coaster, you can tell them and they will give you some 'surprise' when you are up above the sky, if not please say a no! HAHAHAHAHA it took around 15 mins flying above the sky but that 15 mins is now hidden in my brain forever, it's really so beautiful! The view and whether is perfect on that day. Thank god for that and I'm really grateful for that.




| #11 Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel   

Okay this is something extra but I really wanted to highlight this as both Smelly and I really had a great time there. It's just right opposite the park that we landed right after we did our paragliding. When I passed by there I realise the name seems to be really familiar because during my trip in Switzerland, I do received and read the msg from my instagram. One of my sweetie did recommend me to check this hotel out for some #taitai life or just chill there. 

So when I passed by this hotel I was like 'OMG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL'. I was late!! If I haven book my stay I definitely want to experience or at least one night layover here. This Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel is incredible stunning. The waitress there was super friendly as we just passed by, they greet us with a bright smile and maybe is because really no tourist that month, they gave us the best seat view in their restaurant. We can choose both indoor and outdoor, for the indoor one I really feel like taking pre-wedding photo inside. what the hell the interior is soooo damn pretty, is the interior that I love and for the outdoor you can enjoy a perfect view looking at the green park + paragliding and birds singing around!

It's really hot in the afternoon so we thought of just chill, sit back relax for few hours before we head to next spot. Then ended up too chill Smelly slightly drunk after trying their alcohol drink lol but it was really nice there. The ambiance is 100/100 and most importantly we can have a look inside of the hotel without any tourists. If it's in peak season, you need to book at least 3 months earlier to get a room. It's not cheap to stay there but I believe it's really worth the price as everything inside is damn nice! 

So if you are looking for a place to chill and just have some drink, feel free to come here. Their food also taste good except for the price, slightly premium. If you can stay here for a night even better because when I posted it on my IG, few of my followers told me they stayed here for 1 night and the experience is 5/5 stars. I would love to give it a try one day!

We tried on the burger set and ordered some alcohol / non-alcohol drink. We were too chill and relax so I didn't take much photo here, I just sit down and enjoy my time there by looking at the sky hahahaha! Then enjoy our drink and food there.

After that we have a little sneak peek and walk around their hotel and lobby. The lobby itself already so beautiful. I can't believe if I get to enjoy their spa and wahlao, really so beautiful let me show you my favourite corner of the whole building.

When I was there it's completely empty and I get to walk around but it's too big, I couldn't find their swimming pool. They told us their swimming pool side look really nice as well. It's so well maintained I think it will look extra beautiful if it's in winter. You can google for their hotel photo or visit their website, it's really beautiful. How many times I need to mention this and both Smelly and I keep wow wow wow inside. Hoping one day I can stay here and take tons of photo here! 




| #12 Iseltwald    

Iseltwald is one of my must go in Switzerland not just because of the Korean drama, it's also because of its view. I have seen many locals recommending Iseltwald, it's really a small town, not many activities around there other than sightseeing and the beautiful view but it's worth to pay a visit there. There are many people there just check-in to take photo at the same spot but Iseltwald is more than that. If you are going with family or you really enjoy sightseeing, recommend you to take the cruise to Lake Brienz and look at it from the opposite side of the lake, then if you still don't get enough of it, can also make time for Lake Lungern and Obwalden as well.

It recently go viral among all of the oversea tourists because of the Korean drama “Crash Landing on You” which is in episode 3 where Hyun Bin thinks back to his time in Switzerland when he played the piano on this landing stage. So please expect to have people standing there and queue for just the photo. we did it anyway because I like HyunBin and the drama as well! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH Die die must take a picture at the landing stage dock (as shown in the photo below) where all the tourists were queuing just to take photos at that spot mostly because of the drama too!! 

You can see from the photo above how scary the sun and weather was. It really feels like in Malaysia, super hot afternoon but freezing in the evening and at night. If you plan to come here recommend you to come when it's less hot, if not the amount of time you need to queue for it is quite scary. You can imagine when it's full of tourists here. We wanted to stay until late evening but very afraid that I couldn't make time to go back to the grocer store and cook. We checked in our new airbnb apartment so I planned to cook since I really wanted to drink hot soup and eat something hot lol. The past few days was all pasta, pizza and Italian food in my meal lol.

I love everything there but the only downside was the weather. It was really hot as it was 2.45pm in the afternoon. I'm wearing heat tech under my sweater so I'm sweating like hell, feeling like walking inside a sauna room lol. Unfortunately, we didn’t hop on the cruise to see the lake in the opposite direction because the weather was really hot and we missed that chance. So if you are there in autumn, spring or winter, I really think it's worth the visit. If it's in summer, please think twice as the weather is really killing us. At the end, we decided to get an ice cream, took a stroll along the lake and enjoyed the beauty of Lake Brienz. 




| #13 Montreux    

OMG guys, if you have time in Switzerland please include this into your travel plan as well. We have been waiting this for the longest time (many must visit omg) and we also got to hop on the retro train here. If you like Paris, here's a hidden gem for you. Once you arrived in Montreux you will notice a completely diff vibes here. It takes a few hours of transportation in order to be there. For me, it seems like a little Paris in Switzerland

It is recommended by a friendly local we met when we are on our way back to our homestay.  I recommend you guys to visit here and plan it as a day trip if you really love that kind of 'Paris vibes'. Montreux was a town filled with beautiful flowers, it's extra beautiful when all the flowers bloom around the town. It is located nearby France and I guess that is why most people here are speaking in French and all the buildings and desserts were in ‘Paris style’. I really feel like teleport straight to Paris now lol.   

The town's promenade is lined with flowers and sculptures. Spot lots of music elements here as well so I googled it and only noticed that Montreux is famous for the international 'Montreux Jazz Festival',  one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world, which takes place across multiple venues for a couple of weeks in July each year and has now been running for over fifty years.  There is a weekend market here beside the stunning lake view. Had a blast during our visit to this little place, I really love the ambiance here and feeling like dancing with all the roses and flowers around the town! So pretty! Strongly recommended. 

Is time to let the photo do the talking...

Spot the building and balcony, really look like Paris. If you love Paris style dessert, please try it here. Legit good! I love the croissant here as well.

Colourful flowers all around the lake.

Never expect a weekend market around the lakeside. So we had a little fun time there, listening to the music played by the all the booth there, walking around the lake and trying diff kind of foods. I miss rice a lot and then we accidentally spot a Vietnamese fried rice stall there. Immediately rush to the stall and make our order lol.

Your girl is happy now!

Smelly and I both enjoyed a lot. There are lots of restaurants option here with a perfect romantic view of the lake side. You can enjoy the stunning view by looking at the Lake Geneva. We took the golden pass train to Montreux and it’s included with our Swiss Travel Pass. For the train schedule and route, we use the app call SBB Mobile a local app to check on all the schedule and plan for our day trip.




| #14 Hop on The GoldenPass Belle Époque Retro Train   

Next, it happens as we were on our way to Montreux from Zweissmen while taking the golden pass train, we saw this special coach on the train coming from the opposite direction. I was like “OH NO, WE MISSED IT". Luckily smelly helped me to check whether there was another way or another time we could get on that coach and walla!! We were on board on the way back to Interlaken. This special theme train has a retro style ambience. The train was a reproduction of the Belle Époque style which was inspired by the Golden Mountain Pullman Express from the 1930s

It was also mentioned in the main site that you can find a coach that houses a wine cellar in which you can taste wines!! Too bad we didn’t know about this earlier and were just busy taking lots of photos lol. Without surprise this train was also included in the SwissTravelPass meaning that you can hop on this train free of charge and without reservation!! Google for the time table and make sure you hop on the right train to enjoy this incredible experience in Switzerland.  One of #ChanwonDieDieMUST because it’s something unique and special!

You can either hop on The GoldenPass Belle Epoque from Montreux to Zweisimmen or vice versa. Just google for latest time table online and you can check all the route through SBB Mobile as well. Hop on this and make your Switzerland Trip a memorable one.




| #15 Zermatt   

Things get really excited and I think I really did well on all my plan. The next day onward we are checking out from our Interlaken apartments and were heading over to Zermatt. Okay, I know I have been telling you guys repeatedly to include things I wrote here into your plan, but if you also ask me to recommend a Chanwon die-die must visit place in Switzerland, please.... include Zermatt as well.

It's really hard not to fall in love with Zermatt. This place is car-free and do you know burning of fossil fuel is prohibited in Zermatt too?! Why? They did this just to ensure the air quality in this tourist spot retains its pristine freshness and because of this, only special electric-powered motor vehicles are allowed in the city. Therefore, it's recommended to take public transport to Zermatt because you can't drive in here and tbh, I REALLY REALLY LOVE ZERMATT.

My favourite shot which I took in Zermatt. It's really beautiful omg guys please go!

I saw lot of winter photo taken in this zermatt town, it’s soooo romantic. Like a small old Christmas town when it’s snowing. This place is famous for its magnificent long ski runs, with terrain for all skill levels. In Summer, there is a mountain trail for cyclists from the Winkelmatten up to the Furi, and the Zermatt Alpin Center offers expert guides for climbers year-round. We also get to spend some time at Bahnhofstrasse, Zermatt’s Main Street with bars, restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops, etc. Took our time to do some shopping. You can shop till drop there and many tourist came here to buy Rolex watches as well. You can enjoy walking along the streets at any time. Just make sure you bring enough money for that! HAHAHAAH. Here's some of my favourite shot which I took during my trip, please enjoy! A virtual tour now :p

Since I really wanted to visit Zermatt, I planned to spend 4 days here, I guess it’s a little too long because it’s off-peak season now, not all the shops are open but I get to enjoy everything with less crowded people on my trip. If you are here I think a 3D2N is more than enough. Also everything in Zermatt is slightly expensive, during peak season all the hotels here can be really expensive and might need to book extra early as well. 

Zermatt was a more luxurious trip for us as most of the days we stayed in Airbnb but we booked hotel rooms with breakfast in Zermatt. We stayed in 2 diff hotels as I wanted to enjoy different balcony view lol. Very kia-su but I never regret! Also when I booked my stay in Zermatt, I basically just close my eyes and don't convert it into RM, once you convert you won't feel happy anymore when you are having your trip in Switzerland because our Malaysia ringgit is like.... but if you are Singaporean, you will feel less pain on your piggy bank lol.

So back to the topic, when we reached Zermatt station, there was this cute sheep figure beside a hotel information panel with a free phone to call the hotel for a transport service on electrical vehicles to our hotel. Just scroll and look for the extension number of your stay and give them a call. They will come and pick you up at the station once you arrive. 

There was also this vending machine where you pay 3 CHF to get 0 CHF banknotes (special souvenir) and I really love it. 

Both of the hotel we stay were really nice and the breakfast was good with a very nice ambience and both had the Matterhorn View from the balcony! I'm really a smart ass to pick the best balcony view room lol. Will update it in details on another blog post about the hotels and apartments that I stayed on this trip. 

The Matterhorn is one of the highlights in Zermatt whose summit is 4,478 metres high!! The mountain in the logo of toblerone chocolate is inspired by Matterhorn which was why we took plenty of photos of the toblerone chocolate overlapping with the mountain. 

So I really put a lot of my budget in the hotels here, ALL-IN CHANWON! After two years of lockdown and not being able to travel, I just go all in! But it was very lovely to be there, and if you love beautiful stunning view, choose your hotel room that comes with a view for you to enjoy. There are budget options until premium option, quite a big diff but you get what you paid for and I'm sure you won't regret it. As you can see from the photo above, I'm enjoying my taitai life! Finally I have few days off from carrying luggage because our hotel came to pick us up and carried the luggages for us. So happy and my hands were free lol. Gonna work hard when I'm back to my homeland and come back again next year hehe.

On the side note, if you are planning to visit Matterhorn or hike during spring summer, remember to check the Zermatt Tourism official website www.zermatt.ch/en to look at the Zermatt's impressive panoramic landscape thanks to the various webcams.




| #16 Matterhorn - Gornergrat   

So here comes the interesting part about the decision I made. When we were planning our trip to Zermatt, we couldn’t decide whether Gornergrat or Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (which are the two options to choose) since they both had the best views of Matterhorn in Zermatt. I'm really dilemma you know! It's impossible to choose both at the same time since both look at the same Matterhorn but the only difference is one is using railway, another one is more of the cable car view.

After getting some advice from the locals, and of course, (I’m a fan of panoramic view trains so I prefer railway as well (so that I can slowly enjoy the matterhorn view all the way up to the mountain). We then decided on the spot to go up to Gornergrat as it has better views and we were enough of cable cars and wanted to go up on the open air cog rail, and the view was amazing!! Never regret on our decision, if you have the same preference as me, please just go with Gornergrat HAHAHAHAHA so you can snap beautiful photos like the one I took and use this as an example. Just pose like me and then you can share beautiful postcard alike photo on your instagram and other social media platforms lol

Matterhorn all the way. It's soooo beautiful!!

Thumbs up for our decision! #ChanwonApproved HAHAHAHAHA

Admission ticket was 110 CHF per person and again with SwissTravelPass 50% discount. The view at the top at the altitude of 3089 metres was amazing with the snow-covered mountains and of course the Matterhorn! We also saw two people paragliding there, looking like they were enjoying it. There is a restaurant at the top and also “Europe’s Highest Souvenir Shop” which you can buy knives, watches, clocks, chocolate, and etc. Another attraction was the Zooom the Matterhorn which has the virtual reality flying experience where you are gliding over the mountain of Gornergrat, but we didn’t try it because there will be an extra small cost for this experience. 

You can easily spot the station in Zermatt and remember to bring along umbrella , scarf or sunglasses, apply as many layer of sunscreen as you can, if you have sunscreen spray pls spray at your scalp if you didn’t wear anything cover your head. Smelly get serious sunburn after that lol. Remember to check on the weather before going up to avoid disappointment ya.

FYI, the Matterhorn is one of a mountain of the Alps, straddling the main watershed and border between Switzerland and Italy. It is a large, near-symmetric pyramidal peak in the extended Monte Rosa area of the Pennine Alps, whose summit is 4,478 metres high, making it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe.  

From now on I will never look at toblerone the same way again.

If you want me to share a secret with you about the chocolate logo, pls spot a hidden image of a BEAR in the chocolate logo, which is not much noticed. It is said that it is a tribute to the Swiss city of Bern, where the chocolate company was founded. They're nicknamed “the city of Bears” and their coat of arms is what looks like a bear climbing upwards. Now you know what’s behind the famous #toblerone chocolate! 

I like exploring each place and get to find some hidden photo spot. Here's one of my favourite photo as well. 

And we met so many new friends through our trip. I was chatting with few tourists at this spot, then I got to meet one family from Singapore. They were really kind and friendly. Her daughter told us that this is a nice photo spot and took this photo for us. Thank you so much and I'm forever grateful that I'm able to travel abroad now and got to meet so many new friends who helped us through our trip. Wish this family had a good time in Switzerland and hopefully I get to come back to Switzerland again and explore more place and share it with you guys, pray for me! HAHAHAAH

On the way back to the main station, the view outside of the window is as stunning as the view of matterhorn. Look at this omg! I think it's one of the best spot for photo in winter time. You can see lots of photo taken with this top view of Zermatt through google image especially during winter time, when all the lights are up at night. You will be amazed by it! In summer time since the day time is longer so might be really hard to capture the night view but in winter, I'm sure you will love it too.




| #17 Blausee Lake  

We actually planned to go Blausee first before going to Zermatt but unfortunately it's raining that time, we can only cancel our plan and straight hop on the train to Zermatt first to check in the hotel and took another day to visit Blausee Lake. It took much longer to travel from Zermatt to Blausee Lake (approximately 2 hours 30 mins, twice the time from Interlaken to Blausee). So I will suggest you guys refer to my travel plan (the layover point is the highlight of it) and plan it your own after checking on the weather forecast. 

At first I really thought we couldn't make it and I told Smelly maybe we should come back next year lol. But then we ended up wake up super early on the next day and hop on the train all the way to Blausee. It was worthwhile even though there was an entry fee of 10 CHF per person (price list can be checked online). Once you pay for the entry fee, you can do your free and easy tour inside it or else enjoy the nature park beside the blausee lake. 

There is a hotel located near the Blausee lake and I saw people bringing their luggage over to stay here for a night. There is also this famous trout restaurant which mostly serve trout dishes. You can discover a lot of exciting things at the Blausee nature park, a magical landscape spanning 20 hectares. Just a short walk through the unspoiled nature park, you will arrive at the Blausee Lake with its crystal-clear water in the most beautiful shades of blue. Because of the clarity, the water gets its unusual deep blue color (turquoise and crystal clear water).

If you take a look from diff angle the color of the water will be either slightly green or slightly blue color. If you love hiking or nature, you can come during Summer, otherwise I personally recommend you to come during early winter or autumn. When it's autumn the color of the lake will be slightly blue and it's really really beautiful. You can check on google on the image.

It was really nice but there is a sad story behind this beautiful lake:- 

A statue of a young beautiful girl who was found dead in this lake many years ago. This was the place where she used to spend many romantic hours with her lover. After his sudden death, which she couldn’t come to terms with, she continues to return to the blue lake every night until she eventually died out of grief herself. The blueness of the lake was apparently caused by her tears.   

Therefore you can spot a statue on the photo above. You can spot this when you walk passed the bridge above this lake. To show you the real color of the lake, here's the video taken by my iPhone (below).

I feel like the photo didn't really show you everything. If you are planning this into your list, you will be really shock when you see it with your own eyes. There are forest trails, picnic areas, playground, boat trip on the lake (included in the admission ticket) and of course the lake which is very suitable for family or couples to visit. 

We also took our lunch at the restaurant there, the price was above average but the trouts were delicious. 

Here's the menu for your reference. 

We really like how tasty the trouts are, Smelly order the trouts fish set with potato (photo above). I also brought over my BHB Udo's Oil to eat it whenever I'm having my meal on my trip. It taste really good, no problem at all but I ordered this creamy soup (photo below). 

OMG it taste super salty. I'm not sure how to finish it. I tried my best to eat half of it because it's really not cheap at all for the creamy soup but it is really salty until I feel like they are putting a whole pack of salt into making this soup. Don't wanna waste any food but through the half month of our trip, this is the only order that disappoint me the most. The rest was good, only this creamy soup, so if you wanna try, I warn you first lol. Really sibeh sibeh salty. Both Smelly and I also can't finish it lol. So get yourself to try on the other dishes and don't order the trouts creamy soup lol.

If you really love the place and plan to relax and recharge here, you can actually book the hotel / chalet suites which are just by the lake and get to enjoy the SPA. Before we ended our day, we went to the Blausee shop situated next to the car park / Blausee entrance to shop for some souvenirs. 

Take note that if you go there during end of spring / summer, please apply as many sunblock as you can, wear hat or bring an umbrella lol. It was soooooo freaking hot there. Never expect it to be so hot but honestly the crystal-clear water is really nice. If you have an extra day off, can plan this a half day trip from Interlaken too.




| #18 Glacier Express   

So this is also one of the highlights for my Switzerland Trip.  If you plan to travel from Zermatt to St.Moritz and wanted to experience something extraordinary, try to hop on the Glacier Express train.  It’s one of the most iconic mountain rail journey leads and it's really a must-try if you are here planning to pay a visit to both Zermatt and St.Moritz. You can do it another way round if your travel plan is starting from St.Moritz right after you landed in the airport. Feel free to adjust accordingly. You can check on their official website for the route and latest time table as well.

Most people will take Glacier Express during winter to enjoy a perfect winter scenery. We thought we can spot the glacier view from the train but in fact, the weather is really hard to predict. I don't see any glacier view at all throughout our 7 hours journey lol. If you travel during march still can enjoy part of the glacier scenery inside the coach but during the time we went, it's really hot. 

This is what you can see and if you want to look at more of the photo,  just simply google the image and you will be surprise. If you plan to hop on the glacier express, take the right seat so you can have a better view but I decided to take the left seat since the weather is really hot and the sun shines directly through the window in May, I can feel the people who took the right seat is burning. They need to wear on glasses in order to enjoy the view because it's really hot during beginning of Summer. If you are planning to take glacier express in winter or autumn, feel free to get the right side seat since not harsh sunlight at all. 

Although I didn't get to enjoy the romantic and stunning glacier view on my glacier express experience, but tbh, in spring /summer the yellow flowers and perfect shades of green is still beautiful. Look at all these photo taken with our phone. OMG both of us look really excited about it. 

Look at this, another postcard view right in front of us!

As you can see my tai tai life started from Zermatt and continue my tai tai life to St. Moritz. To be honest after spending a week plus carrying our luggage here and there, like workout, the rest of the day is when I get to enjoy my life the most because I can be taitai. Smelly asked me to take a nap during our glacier express experience, omg I tell you, you won't able to sleep because each of the scenery from the panoramic window is damn beautiful. Never once I feel sleepy especially it's my first time dine in on a luxury premium train like this. HAHAAHAHAH If you want to sleep then you better hop on a normal train, if you are on glacier express, just make sure you enjoy the view to the max okay?!

The Glacier Express travels for seven daylight hours through magnificent, pristine mountain landscapes, deep gorges, and remote green valleys, crossing 291 bridges - some at jaw-dropping heights. Recommend you guys taking glacier express during winter because it will worth more of your ticket but if you travel during other seasons like us, don't worry okay, still can enjoy just not so worth compared to winter since glacier express suppose to have a 'glacier view' lol. If you get what I mean lol.

Sharing some of my favourite photo with you sweeties 🥰

Our dine-in meal. It's an additional add on. You can pre-order it through the official website or order your food there. We also ordered some orange juice and red wine! Syokkkkk-nya~

New friends we met during our Switzerland trip. They were both from Canada and have been married for over a decade. We had a great time chatting with them and so happy that they showed us some of the must-go places in Canada. Hopefully one day I can pay a visit to Canada too. It was so lovely to meet them. 

I love traveling, trying new things, meeting new people and trying to experience things that we couldn't get to experience in the past. Stepping out of our comfort zone, making memories and filling lots of sweet and bitter memories into my life. I love filling my life with experience, not just things.

And this family from Singapore who we met during our visit to the Matterhorn. 

Also the local who we met during our trip and suggested us to visit to Montreux.
many many many more... sweet memories and your happy, bubbly and cheerful chanwon is back!


When you almost arrived the last stop, they gave each of the passenger a pack of souvenir cookie!

I'm addicted to retro, extraordinary trains now! I'm sure I will be back to experience this again. Hopefully next time I can travel here during winter but I couldn't have another half month trip now lol. The glacier express was included with Swiss Travel Pass (book through Klook click here), but you need to make reservation and pay for the reservation fees for the seat online (peak season reservation must be make reservation 1-2 months earlier). Then you can decide whether or not you want to add on for the food.

I recommend you to get the full course dine-in food like us so you can experience your taitai life on the train with a amazing view outside the window. If not just bring some food along and enjoy it in the train. End of May is really just greenery and flowers view but it’s equally pretty as well. Just abit disappointed that I can’t see the white snow scene and greenery at the same time.  

If you wanna get on glacier express recommend you to get Swiss Travel Pass. It's super worth it because if you search the ticket alone already cost you a lot but once you get the Swiss Travel Pass, it's included, and you only need to pay for the reservation fees and add on food (if any). Swiss Travel Pass really helped us to save a lot of money and we can use the budget allocate on better accommodation and food. So I really recommend you guys if you are planning to Switzerland, just do a little research on the travel pass. Don't say I never tell you!! 

Here's the glacier express price list from Glacier Express official site

So if you have Swiss Travel Pass, it's included and once again, you just have to pay for the reservation fees and also for the food course menu.

If it's out of your budget, no worries you can still take other train from Zermatt to St.Moritz too. If you want something really premium, they just launched the excellent class on glacier express. Mine was first class and the excellent class is something extra! HAHAHHAAH If your budget fits, you can try your luck to book it online as well. But personally I think first class is more than enough, still a nice experience after all.




| #19 St. Moritz  

Last place to explore before going back to the busy city! St Moritz is a luxury resort town in Switzerland’s Engadin valley. It has hosted the Winter Olympics twice and many ski lover like to travel here during winter season. It’s also a Swiss Winter Fairytale, even Coco Chanel had been a regular in St.Moritz.  Unfortunately, most of the shops and hotels are closed for renovation preparing for their reopening in June for summer during our time there. 

However, we still managed to enjoy our day walking around the town and strolling along the lakeside admiring the chill wind and mountain lake views. Even there is no snow, the lake is so beautiful, we spent 3 days here and for one whole day before we head back to the city of Zurich, we were just walking around the lake, sitting there looking at all the unique houses around there, enjoying the breeze, the lakeside restaurant and views is soooooo beautiful. You can rent a bicycle and just enjoy your time here. Chill and relax without knowing what to do next. I guess around the end of the trip, you left only little energy, so plan less thing / to do at the end of your trip. It will be better especially for those who plan to travel for half month. From my experience ten days onwards you will slightly feel low energy and wish to just relax and chill. 

It was really cold at night, I need to wear a winter glove lol

There are luxury shops located in St.Moritz where you get to shop till drop. But when we were here the shops are mostly closed due to off-peak season, they only open in June. It’s like a holiday season for them in May. The shops either closed for company trips or only opening in June. But because of that, I get to enjoy all my time here with almost no crowds at all. We also walk around the museum and park, it was the best time ever before leaving to Zurich. 

The dessert shop here selling amazing desserts and tarts! It was soooo yummy. Recommend you guys to give Hauser @St.Moritz a try. I love their desserts and it taste really good! A good place to chill and enjoy tea time with your travel buddy too. I had the best tart here in St. Moritz. Their raspberry tart is the best so far and another one is chocolate walnut taste not bad too. 

The restaurants and resorts here are slightly high in price during winter and mostly fully booked. So if you travel during peak season, remember to look for the accommodation and book in advance. At least 2 months before. The architecture of the building, the museum and everything here is so diff than other places in Switzerland.  

We look at the google map and found this best spot to enjoy a complete view of the St.Moritz Lake, look at the video, there is no one except both of us. I started to envy the people living here in Switzerland, they get to enjoy as a gift from the nature and if you love the nature side, add this into your itinerary! Both of us love it.

Besides that, there were few museums to visit and one that was still open was the Segantini Museum. The entrance fee was 15 CHF per person. Although I'm not a fan of art or history, the paintings were really heartfelt. His pictures portray human existence in harmonious accord with nature. The architect of the building was also very striking. When you went up to the top floor, the view on the interior building was even more stunning with three really large paintings hanging on the walls. 

If you love museum, I really recommend Segantini Museum for you. This was my favourite piece of artwork done by Giovanni Segantini, an Italian painter who was well known for his large pastoral landscapes of the Alps. His paintings were really heartfelt and I really love his painting especially this super huge one! 

This is the lake view from the museum itself  (coffee resting area)

You know previously I have always travel abroad but I never know that I can enjoying slow, relaxing travel style like this. I always tend to have so many plan at once, I don't like to cancel any travel plan but this time, I really enjoy all these moments of serenity. I can sit on the lake side, looking at the alps, enjoying the breeze and have my mind empty. The very first time I did not reply my work email during my trip and I really chill. If you ask me to come on my early 20s, I might be bored but this time, I really get to know myself better, that I can just follow the flow. If plan changed, let it be and I really just filling my soul here.

Here's some of the random shot that I took during my trip in St. Moritz.

so windy here~

Long time never pak-tor already! It's really the first time we spent so many hours walking around the lake. The weather is just perfect and our very first honeymoon. Hopefully more to come and we gonna work harder for our travel piggy bank. 2 years never travel abroad with Smelly and so happy that we both are still able to spend time together and survived through all the ups and downs. Happy honeymoon anniversary HAHAHAAHAHAH! Can I have it again...maybe every year! HAHAHAHAAHAH

Smelly told me that I look really pretty when I'm happy. HAHAHA Of course lah, I dress up mah. No more wfh with pyjamas and I really really happy from inside out! I will remember this trip forever and hope to bring back a baby souvenir from Switzerland. *blush blush* If not then gonna do another honeymoon in Japan! HAHAHAHAHA if God knows it's the right timing for us then I'm ready for the gift, if not I will just gonna continue to live my life to the fullest and make more memories before I can hardly walk and turn really old.

If you are really into shopping and wanted to cross the border to Milan, Italy. Feel free to take the Bernina Express for a short trip or day trip to Italy. You can always google for the time table schedule and then make use of all your time here. If not just make your visit to Italy next time as long as you are ready!

After spending few days in St.Moritz is time to say bye bye to the nature and time to go back to Zurich, the busy city and do our shopping there. I'm gonna visit one of my favourite chocolate museum and get the unlimited chocolate tasting! Also explore the city too!




| #20 Zurich   

We were staying at Zurich during our last few days of stay in Switzerland because it’s nearer to the airport and also we could do some last minute shopping spree here. Zurich is an upmarket banking city and the financial capital of Switzerland, it’s like Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It is famous for luxurious lifestyles, high-end shopping, and again chocolates!! Mainly Bahnhofstrasse which is the main downtown street and one of the world's most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. But it was also crowded with a lot and I mean a lot of people as compared to other places I’ve gone to in Switzerland. 

I'm trying my best to crop off all the photo bomb lol

When you see this tram logo, you know you are now in the city.

We also went to the Lindenhof Park, which is a tree covered park in the city of Zurich to take a photo with River Limmat, Lake Zurich and Niederdorf and again with lots of tourists there we took some time only to get a spot for some photo time!! Here's one of the spot for the Korean Drama as well. HyunBin was here before HAHAHAAHAH. I got no oppa, but I have Smelly 😝

It's really easy to walk to this park located in the city and I really think the sunset view here is super duper beautiful. But it's too crowded tbh, all locals and tourists were here and we were having a hard time finding a spot for ourself. I was really shocked and not get used to the amount of people because the past few days like through my 90% time in Switzerland, I don't see such a crowd as compared to Zurich here.

Zurich is such a beautiful city as well. Even the water in the city = so clean! Got swan some more omg

The Grossmünster church. The church is a landmark of Zurich. Legend has it that the church was built on the graves of the city's patron saints, Felix and Regula. It is one of the four major churches in the city.

Munsterbrucke Bridge : Münsterbrücke, also known as Helmhausbrücke, is a pedestrian and road bridge that opened in 1838, built over the river Limmat in the center of Zurich, Switzerland. It connects the two cathedrals: the Fraumünster (famous for its stained-glass windows by Chagall) and the Grossmünster, which sit at opposite sides of the river.

When I was there to spent my last 3 days in Zurich, Switzerland, the weather is super duper stuffy and hot. I brought mostly sweater except my last two piece of top lol. I remember when I arrived here in Zurich with my sweater (since I move to Zurich from St. Moritz), I was all sweaty. Honestly the weather feel exactly like in summer. The feeling from winter to spring to summer weather can totally summarise and conclude my whole trip in Switzerland haha!

Familiar? One of the photo spot for crash landing on you.

Then we got nothing much to do here so we just walk around and also I found this spot got no people lol. So it's photo time. So rare to get a photo spot without people here in Zurich. I just trying so hard for that HAHAHAHAHAH.

And the last few days, I still left some banknotes for our expense, except getting some souvenir I really got nothing to buy. So we wanted to spend our money on a restaurant which will satisfy our stomach lol. Then Smelly suggested me to pick one because we didn't really read or see google suggestion for the food, I love to pick it randomly sometimes. So we found one, the Cantinetta Antinori. I wanted to go in this restaurant simply because the name is so pretty, like chantik sangat HAHAHAHAHA

Dine in here and we have a wonderful dine in experience. The food was sooooooo cute and I'm really loving it because I got the tomato risotto. I tell you right, the tomato, especially cherry tomato in Switzerland tasteeeeee sooooo freaking good! I always bought a box whenever I shop at their grocer and also the mini baby potato as well. Fish dishes here in Switzerland is quite above the average, and Smelly ordered beef for himself. Also some wine HAHAAHAH. Very taitai and normally whenever I'm having my meal, I will be also busy sharing stories and typing on my phone. 

But when you are here in Switzerland, especially in the restaurant, no one is spending time on the phone. Most of them just chatting and mostly they will have some wine on their table. The best part is, no one will rush you to finish the meal. When I first arrived in Switzerland, I'm having a culture shock. I was in the restaurant and when I see people coming, I wanted to finish our meal quickly and pay for the meal. Then, the waitress saw me and told me not to rush and no need to hurry. She said to us like ' no need to rush and pay first, you come here to enjoy and also look at the view in front of you, you should take your time, enjoy here and I will come back for you'

So I thought she will be coming back for us to collect the bill in maybe 5 mins, but she came back in another 45 mins. Like really chill and from that day onward, I just learn how to take things slow and also enjoy every single moment there. Unlike HongKong or at the cafe in KL, they limit us to take our meal within 2 hours. 

I see no one spending time on their phone and I feel like I'm inside a movie because they are really like what we see in the movie, especially all couples here they enjoy the wine, holding hands together and looking at each other's eyes, smiling and some even kissing on the girl's cheek. OMG, I'm a little shy even I'm married now but I don't really dare to do it in the public HAHAHAHAHA. The only time we are kissing in front of the public or friends was during our wedding ceremony, and the proposal in 2019. HAHAAHHAHA

Previously whenever we travel it's me who ask Smelly to take a photo of me but in our trip this time, he was the one asking me to take photo. I think we both really feel so much different after the 2 years of pandemic and lockdown. I remember I keep looking back my throwback photo and showing Smelly how much I miss Japan. When we were here, he knew that it's been a long time that I have not travel to a new country, so he was like 'come take photo' and keep saying ' you look very pretty now with your smile'. My tears is like 🥲 yes, I was really happy with everything as you can see my smile from all the photos here. The first time I feel so sweet HAHAHAHAAH Because long time, we never travel together like this.

Really recommend this restaurant Cantinetta Antinori to you guys! We enjoyed our meal a lot although the price is comparable to a omakase menu in KL. But we finished everything like really empty on our table. Although we were the only asian couple in the restaurant, I don't feel weird at all and there wasn't any discrimination experience here in Switzerland. I remember on my trip in Italy few years back, I feel so unsafe and scary. I thought all Europe country might be the same but in Switzerland, I really enjoy it a lot. 

Clean toilet, people was really nice, postcard views right in front of me and basically remind me of how I feel in Japan except for the food options, accommodation tickets and price are double than the expenses in Japan or most asian country. So like for one week in most asian country, here in Switzerland will be double up to 7.5-8k expenses. My friends who went to Switzerland after us called me previously and also asking if I can share some tips or advice as well. We had an hour of video calling after that hahaha and all my dm and comments I received on instagram also asking me the same related question.

I'm thankful for all your msg especially those who patiently wait for this blog post. These are all my motivation and it's why I wanted to quickly complete this blog post for you guys to take it as a reference. Really hope you find it useful. I know how time consuming it is to do research before going to a new country, but it's fun after seeing you guys enjoy watching my content and also waiting for the blog post. Many of you started to follow me on my blog and now although most people prefer content on instagram, but it's always nice to be back here and share my thoughts with you guys, especially for travel content.

A lot of time instagram photo was just full of location check in, doesn't share about the inside tips and also the info. So it might be really struggle at first to plan for your trip, but you have Chanwon! HAHAHAAH I summarised everything here in one post, like a cheat sheet for you. If you like this post, just share it with your friends and whenever you want to read it back, feel free too. As long as you enjoy reading it, it's all I want. When I saw the amount of people sharing my post and like my content, it really motivates me! It means a lot to me and I will continue to save my travel piggy bank lol. 

I also pinned and highlight my stories on my instagram profile (@chanwon92) you can look through the pinned highlight on profile or search for my travel content #ChanwonTRAVEL & #ChanwoninSWITZERLAND 

Back to the topic, now is time to understand Switzerland a little bit more. We decided to go to Swiss National Museum. It is the largest culture and history museum in Switzerland and top sightseeing attraction in Zurich. It costs 10 CHF per person but it was FOC with our SwissTravelPass. Since we went in around 4.00 pm we didn’t have much time to go into details of all the exhibitions as the museum closes at 5pm. But I got myself some really nice small handmade pot in the souvenir shop near the entrance. 

The souvenir I got for myself. Look at it. It's really cute and all hand craft and hand painted by one of the artist. Smelly saw me standing here starring at it and I'm dilemma, which to buy lol. Ended up I got myself 3 of these back to Malaysia. Gonna place it on my living area. It's gonna be so cute as well.




| #21 Chocolate Museum - Lindt Home of Chocolate  

The Lindt Chocolate Museum is another must go for chocolate lovers!! Ticket costs 15 CHF per person (adult) but it’s soooooo worth it!! Why?! because...


It's a place that is full of surprises because we never expect anything from a chocolate museum. All we thought is just, oh yea it's a museum but it's not! Once you enter the museum, you can spot The World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain right in front of you! OMG It’s a real chocolate fountain, NOT FAKE one and once you enter the medium you can smells the chocolate everywhere! No joke, really everywhere.

Suggest you to plan it as a half day trip from Zurich because we thought we can finish the tour in 2 hours but we were in this museum for almost half a day as there were many interactive activities and things to check out. This chocolate museum is a 65,000-square-foot museum and you will be surprise with the massive 30-foot tall fountain. Remember to come earlier to avoid the crowd. We are the first few to arrive here cause I prefer less people so I can take nice photo to share to you guys hehe.

This chocolate fountain is really damn huge and tall

We are all ready for chocolate! AHAHAHAHAHAH

It has an audio guides in different languages to assist you throughout the exhibition. It presents to you the creation, culture, history and production of chocolate and still, what I love about it was the unlimited chocolate tasting!!! You can get to try all kind of chocolate, eat all you can and at the end of the tour, you can’t missed the souvenir store where you can purchase all the chocolate you want. We tried so many chocolate my favourite one will be the dark chocolate from Lindt. So we really bought plenty of it back lol

Now is the super exciting part! Chocolate Tasting!!

This as well, free flow chocolate, eat all you can omg

At the end of the tour, they gonna let you bring back some chocolate souvenir. Yes, for free! Look at this silly smelly, his face really tells you everything.

Yes we grab one each of different flavour and then we can try it out!

After that, the chocolate souvenir store. It's their marketing strategy to let us try all of the chocolate we want and then we get to buy them at the end of the tour lol. I think we really spent a lot of time in this huge store. The biggest Lindt chocolate store so far and if you wanna get your chocolate shopping done, I recommend you to get it here and not in the airport because the same chocolate I bought here, in airport it's so pricy. It's like CHF10-12 different for a box of chocolate set, around RM47-50. So yea #ChanwonTips, don't buy it at the airport lol.

See how excited he is...

So many options here, shop all you can shop all you want!

Last but not least, after you done with your shopping, there is a Lindt Chocolate Cafe at the entrance of the museum which serve tempting treats which we did not went because we had enough of chocolate that day AHHAAHAH. If you are really into chocolate then remember don't missed the chance to eat and enjoy all diff kind of chocolate at ONCE.

So here's my shopping bag filled with my chocolate purchase. There was another one on Smelly's hand. It's really worth the price lah, omg only CHF15 and it was really so fun to get to try so many diff kind of chocolate at once. If you got nothing much to do in Zurich, plan this and include this into your itinerary. Chanwon die-die must and you won't be regret for this. I swear!




| #My Thoughts   

Congrats for graduating from #ChanwonTRAVEL 'virtual workshop' in Switzerland edition lol. I really hope you guys enjoy my sharing here and most importantly you find it useful for planning your upcoming trip to Switzerland. I am really happy to be able to share my travel journey with you all, through my eyes and camera lens. It's like a travel diary for me and so I can always read it back if I forget about how I feel or when I miss Switzerland. I guess it's always the reason why I love blogging. I hope you feel the same too. 

I never expect to be able to travel to Switzerland one day because I always thought it's impossible but look, I did it and I'm sure you can do this too. Can't wait for you to share your travel photo in Switzerland with me. I love how you guys did it whenever you travel to Japan as well as other country. This trip really means a lot to me, as a gift for myself to end my 20s and entering my 30s, as a honeymoon for both of us and also as a reminder for myself that no matter how hard my life can be, through all the ups and downs, as long as I work hard, I can make my dream come true in near future.

Now I truly understand how it feels to be able to be free and also to have this half month of mask-free experience. Is like those days before the covid hit. Thank you Switzerland, Thank you this beautiful country and if you travel to Switzerland one day, please be a good one and take care of this beautiful country, don't throw rubbish or mess up with their clean toilet lol.

I thought it was the end but, guess what?! I got surprised again...

It's my very first time enjoying sunset like this. This trip is filled with incredible memories. After all, I'm beyond grateful for it. If you are planning for your trip to Switzerland soon, I wish that you can have a nice trip like I did and please embrace yourself with all the beautiful places. 

Love from Chanwon and that's all for my Switzerland's itinerary, must go places and to do. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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