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12 March 2022

Hello my dear sweeties ✨ Welcome back to my blog and finally I can share this with you guys. Been waiting for my customised sofa for months and finally it was delivered to my house few weeks ago. I wanted to wait until I got my new carpet then only share with you the final photo but it's still stuck at the warehouse lol. I can no longer hide my excitement and wait for it so today I decided to show you...NOW!

For those who followed me on my #ChanwonHOME journey on both instagram and blog, you must be knowing that I have always wanna to get a new sofa for my living area because the old one which I bought from Taobao previously isn't comfortable and the seat depth just so wrong for us. We can't nap on our previous sofa and can't even sit there for more than 1 hour as the seat depth itself isn't the best for our body size. The cushion itself was terrible, like once you sit there for more than an hour, your ass can feel numb on it lol. I bought it because I thought it was pretty for my space and now I'm regretting it lol. Please don't repeat the same mistake like I did.

For all my sweeties who're reading this, please bear in mind that if you are planning for your new house and looking for a sofa, don't ever buy it online. I learned from my mistake. For sofa, please always go to the physical showroom and try it your own. You must sit on it and try it yourself. Like the cushion, the seat depth and by touching and sit on it, you know whether if it's something you want. I thought it's fine to sit on my old sofa until I really 'beh tahan' because I feel like I'm no longer enjoy watching tv with that ass pain sofa lol and whenever I wish to sit back, enjoy Netflix and cuddle with Smelly...I just can't lol. 坐到屁股痛

Then whenever I have friends or fam coming, I realise it's just not the right sofa to have in my house. Look at this photo, my brother trying to take a nap also hard and it can't even fit in his body lol, the sofa too small for them and the way smelly sit you can notice that the seat depth is not big enough for us. So I have been tahan for a long time and I told myself I must go and try until I got the one I like. So I went to home living fair for few time I can't get the one I like, then I visited Harvey Norman , I didn't seems to get the sofa style I want for my space. It's either really old design or too modern for me.

I want something look really cozy and aesthetic for my house. Also because my living space layout is long type, I'm looking for something that I can customised to the length I want. Most of those selling at the store is very big and thicker design and it doesn't fit my living space, so every time whenever I thought I can get the one I want, it's either it don't have the color I want or it's too big. I remember I also went to visit those home living shop located in the mall, the price be like around 8k 😱 especially if I'm looking for those I can pick the color of the fabric or customise one. It's out of my budget tho. 

Until I search for more option on instagram and spot a new sofa from Chic Est. It caught my attention and I immediately look for the full photo on their website. I was like 😱😱😱😱😱 to be honest, that moment is like the best moment of my life. Like finally a sofa that I like, very minimalist Japanese style + aesthetic too. I followed them on instagram for quite a while because previously I went to their showroom at sungai buloh (it was like 1 hour away from my place lol) when I was looking for rattan chair. It was in 2020 and I still got the photo on my phone lol. I really love their rattan chair a lot, the rattan is in good quality and you can choose the color and fabric of the cushion as well.

Once I check on their website the sofa is within my budget, I immediately contacted them via instagram and ask if I can visit to their showroom to try it on instead of buying it online. They replied me and guess what, they told me that they opened a new showroom in Damansara area 😱😱😱 What a good news for me because previously their showroom is super far from my place and I wanna cry out loud. Like finally I found a sofa that I like because I was really picky this time.

Then I immediately asked when is the opening so I can pay a visit there and see if it's something I like. When I first arrived to their showroom I was so damn happy omg. Their new collection furniture including the sofa and dining table is super nice. So sad that during the time I got my house they don't have that many new minimalist aesthetic design. Now all their new collection is super nice and comes with so many options. They even have bundle sets available where they mix match in a set for your dream house in a much affordable price.

You know ma, the moment I spot this sofa I was like ' THIS IS THE ONE ' I get so excited and keep imagine it can be done with the dimension I want. Because my living space not so wide it's narrow kind of layout, it couldn't fit in super long or wider sofa. So I ask if I can customise the length of it and also choose a different kind of fabric for my house aesthetic. They say yes! They have all kind of fabric and option to choose from because they got their own factory to make their furniture. 

I'M SO HAPPY! I really looking for a sofa like this. It look like ☁️ a cloud ☁️ for me. Super cute and Japanese style. Also matched my interior of my house, the whole vibes is like 100% the right one for me. Most importantly, the moment I sit and tried, both Smelly and I were like 🥺 this is the one. The cushion itself is super comfortable, seat depth is the perfect dimension for us, then we try to sit the sofa together, lying on the sofa and immediately decided to get it.

Their showroom got plenty of rattan chair , tv cabinet with both modern & minimalist style. Even their dining table too, it's really aesthetic and let me show you some of the photo I took during my visit to their showroom in Damansara.

The coffee table is cute too

The amount of dining chair / rattan chair they have. You can customise it with your favourite color too.

This TV cabinet is so nice as well. I remember when I shared it on my instagram stories during my visit, many of my friends texted me. Then I ask them if I can have a promo code for my friends or sweeties, I don't mind sharing the promo code for them since their furnitures are really nice! They are so nice because they say yes, can give all my sweeties and friends a special 5% discount. So as long as you mention my name you can get the 5% discount. So if you are looking for furniture recommendation or wanna get the same sofa like mine, just go ahead and make an appointment to their showroom and enjoy this special 5% off too.

This very Muji-style dining table!!! Arghhh, so nice!!

Everything you spot in their showroom will be available for you and most of it can be customise too. Like for sofa / chair you can customize based on your preference fabric color or texture. Like for the size as well as the material of the table (quartz color too).

Insta-worthy spot for photo lol.

So many option too. You can also look at their furniture on their online website but the showroom itself is more attractive than looking at their website. I enjoy the touch and feel moment when shopping at their showroom. 

Another reason why I'm loving them:

Customisation: I can customise like almost everything based on what I like or to match with my interior design. I can choose the color of the metal, the solid wood material, the table quartz color, fabric,  HPL wood color and etc. 

For customisation, based on my experience it's best to visit them and get consult with them directly because they really show me around and let me know what kind of color / fabric texture is the best based on my preference. For table or metal part, they can show exactly the actual color because sometime photo might seems to be different than the actual product color.


The whole experience is super smooth because I already know which sofa I'm interested with and you guys were really curious about the whole process of getting my new sofa. So I thought why not I blog about it here so you guys can refer it back whenever you want. Tbh, unlike other store, I love how professional they are on suggesting the right one for me. My advice is bring your house layout with dimension when you pay a visit to their showroom. Next, I'm really have no idea what kind of fabric that suit my house and maybe I'm really confuse on the final fabric that I want to go for. I'm really dilemma, I choose between a grey fabric or a greyish-light brown one lol.

Then they really bring over the fabric card for me and I just holding the card and walking toward the sunlight and indoor lighting to see how the actual color show. I also take photo with my phone to see how's the color reflect exactly on the photo and they also guide me on which fabric is more easy to clean and more lasting. Buying sofa in Malaysia also comes with warranty compare with buying from Taobao. If you wanna change the fabric of your sofa on the next few years, you can always get in touch with them too. They are so helpful.

The owner of this brand is really young and friendly. Unlike most of the home living shop I went in the mall or at the fair, they are quite scary for me, it's either pointed me to the higher range without knowing my concern of small space or really pushy. Some is nice but their sofa style isn't the one I want. So whenever I found the one I like, I must recommend and share it with you guys.

They advice me on the right dimension / style and material for me. As I mentioned before because my living space layout is narrow type, typical condo layout with long narrow layout, I prefer long sofa but I wanted the L shape sofa part to be separated. Then they told me it's like a MODULAR style. They can also customised it without the L shape but I prefer the L shape can be move around the house so I can have space for my leg and for more guest too! 

Lastly, the quality and also the aesthetic , modern , minimalist Scandinavian concept is what I like the most too.  If you want something exactly the same with the one you spot at their showroom or website, it take shorter time to deliver the furniture to your house but for mine, because mine is kind of custom-made or I can say I prefer customize with my favourite color of fabric and also shorter the L shape length and make it into a modular unit, it took longer for me but I'm not in hurry as long as I get what I want.

The process is super duper smooth but for mine since it's customise my process might take longer:-
(1) make appointment for visiting their showroom 
(2) fabric viewing and selection (*for customisation)
(3) finalise the sofa configuration / drawing (*for customisation)
(4) finalise and confirm the material and design (*for customisation)
(5) production  
(6) deliver it to your doorstep

The amount of fabric option I have. Guess what color I pick at the end?

I picked this, more texture kind of fabric in grey color. Was dilemma in between the greyish-light brown with this grey but at the end we decided to get this instead! The light brown is nice too but I think this fabric more 'zen' and aesthetic for me. If this sofa in full white color I think it will look damn dreamy as well like a real cloud HAHAAHAH! But it's nor practical so better get this, a full color of grey might be bored, so why not try on this texture fabric!! I really love the final one I got.


I thought they will reject my idea when I told them I wanna my sofa can be moving here and there. I want the L shape part can be separated so I can move it to left & right. I can't believe they say YES to me, also I shorten the length of the sofa too so it fit into my house layout. To make it even clear for them, I also use my noob drawing skill to show them exactly what I want and the final dimension of the sofa I want. 

Then they send me a final configuration artwork to finalise my order. OMG I can't even draw better with my hand lol. Please just ignore my drawing okay as long as you understand can already lol.
Then you know the moment I receive my sofa I was like OMG! It's exactly what I want. I can move it the way I like. Even placing it separately also can. So my dream sofa arrived to my doorstep. Since it's in modular freestyle, it's easily to place it over and move into my living area.

All well protected and bubble wrap. Upon delivery you will need to check everything before the delivery / fixing guys leave your house. 

This separated sofa part arrived on the next following week because the delivery team accidentally stretch it. Luckily we check on the spot and thank god Chic Est team are really responsible for it and make sure we received everything in a good condition. I have waited for weeks and weeks and finally it's here!

First day with my new sofa and I have give away my old pink one. I bought a new carpet on but until now still stuck in the warehouse so imma gonna wait it arrives again and snap another aesthetic photo for my instagram. Now it's still quite empty and lack of a nice fluffy carpet lol. But just look at the actual product of my choice of fabric, so nice and beautiful right! OMG from the day onward now I can enjoy Netflix and chill at my sofa. 

I can watch drama and movies for hours with this sofa and even smelly and I can both enjoy our movie time without complaining how pain our ass is lol. So please please please always try on the sofa so that you wont regret on buying it because it's not cheap to invest on a good sofa. Mine have been with me for almost one month. I'm loving it until now and I only share after I tried and tested it for a month. So happy with my sofa shopping experience with Chic Est.

The L shape can be move freely from left to right, or anyway you want. Even can place it right beside the sofa so it lengthen the overall sofa length and when you have more guest come to your house, they can have a nice sofa to sit on. Unlike my old one I couldn't even lying on it.

lol this is before

this is after. 

Never try never know, a good and comfortable sofa seat is so damn freaking important. Now I know why people always go to showroom to get their sofa instead of buying it right away from online. My previous one looking good but for longer hours sitting on it, my body feel really uncomfortable and depth is too small for both of us. We couldn't enjoy when watching movie and sitting for longer time and wasted the money to move it away. I think not every sofa looking good = comfortable, you really have to try it on because some is really for cafe aesthetic purpose not for putting it at home and to sit for hours.

So yes, after getting a new sofa, I can now lying on my new finally!!  

Then I can move it around and even separate the whole sofa into two diff modular unit.

I can place it on the left / right and put on leg on it. Like a boss! HAHAHAHA

Can watch as many drama I want and sit as many hours I wish.

If my friend or family coming over to my house, more guest I can move it again and lengthen the sofa so can sit more people. Or I can place it at any side I want to watch the drama! How good is that! Thumbs up for my customize ideas and luckily I found Chic Est. 

During the self-quarantine time and sometime when I'm just being lazy, I took my blanket to the sofa with me lol. This photo I have no idea when I took it lol.

Waiting for my carpet so that I can start transforming it to a new space for me to relax, movie and chill. So happy and satisfied with my order. This is by far the best decision ever to get rid of painful experience on getting the wrong sofa and finally I got a better one with the aesthetic style I want. Not just looking good, it's also super comfortable for my little space as well. It matched my overall theme and look so good in real and photo as well. I can now take insta worthy photo at this corner lol

If you are looking for a good recommendation for minimalist aesthetic style furniture with good quality one, I will suggest you to check out Chic Est showroom too. They are now open for business and it's located @Damansara area. If you are interested feel free to check out their instagram: and official site:

*ps: mentioning my name can entitled for 5% discount on their furnitures ya*

Hope this blog post and sharing can be useful for you especially for those who are renovating and looking for nice and good quality furniture. In Malaysia, it always with limited options so whenever I spot something which is super nice, I just can't keep it for myself and hope you can get your dream sofa and start decorating your house with aesthetic furniture pieces that is beautiful and useful. I will see you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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