The Story Behind Born To Be x Chanwon

21 February 2022


So happy that I finally can reveal all the behind the scene of my latest collaboration with born to be. It was all the hard work from each of the team behind this yearly collaboration project. It suppose to be launch on the beginning of 2021 but due to the continuously lockdown period and pandemic, it keeps delay and postpone until the final launch at the end of 2021. I was so worried at first but thank god everything goes well after that and then we can proceed to the official video and photo content shoot and events too.

Time flies, I thought my 2021 gonna be quite empty without any highlight as almost half of the year we have been dealing with fews lockdown but thing proved me wrong, we did something crazy and meaningful. It was such a happy collaboration after all. Everyone who contributed for this special collaboration project was so happy after the official launch and WE DID IT all together. Now is time to reveal everything here. The story behind this born to be collaboration project.


Throwback to the beginning of this whole collaboration, I remember it was my very first time trying on born to be mask which recommended by one of my friend because she knows that I love beauty mask a lot. I always love recommending new mask that I love on my stories, so she told me the brand would love me to give it a try and share my review. As my skin turned really fragile this few years, I now rarely let my skin try on new beauty or skincare products unless I check carefully the ingredients and so on. After consider it and at that time my skin experiencing terrible redness, itchy and breakout, I decided to give it a try because my friend told me that this anti-acne can instantly reduce the redness and calm my skin.

My skin doesn't feel like mine sometimes. It can't always be perfect everyday and when my lifestyle and work cause me so much stress, it seems to reflect on my skin right away. So time to time, I might experience terrible skin and I really looking for something that can reduce my fragile skin and soothe my condition. Honestly, I have tried aloe vera and other beauty masks in the market, it stills not as good as this born to be which I can spot the different instantly after using it.

I do have bad skin like this, sometimes it gets worse.

I'm glad that I give it a try and immediately see the instant result after one use. My redness instantly reduce and can you imagine my skin was so itchy and I was so worried as I have a photoshoot on the next day and this anti-acne mask was my life saver! My SOS product whenever I have sudden breakouts, redness or unstable skin condition. Then I re-purchase few box and then few months later, I get an opportunity to meet up with the founder behind this brand, Elise. I was really excited about it.

We had a good chat on the day we met. After getting knowing the brand better, and the founder told me if I have any ideas in my mind which can be something related with my yearly collaboration project, like those I did in the past. Surprisingly she do follow me on my social media platforms and read my blog previously, it's why she noticed my special yearly collaboration project. My brain was stunned and you have no idea how happy I am as it's a big steps for me. I'm so happy that she is interested to work with me and then we started it from the conversation. 

Then we have back to back meetings after all and turned out I have this opportunity to work with them. The ideas behind the whole project, the video and photo direction are part of my job scope and I was really happy during each meetings with them. They are really friendly and nice, from the direction to the quality of the packaging box as well as the portrait painting. The portrait artwork was done by one of the artist from Taiwan. It's founder's friends and we have been do over again and again because the artist couldn't meet us physically, she has to go-back-to-the-drawing-board again and again to revise it. Just the artwork itself took around 2 months.

What making it even exciting was, this time it's not just me alone but with 3 more talented ambassadors. I'm so looking forward on this as I always looking forward to create new things and meeting with new people. So the friend who recommended this mask to me joined this special project too! There are DJ, Emcee host and also singer who joined this special collaboration too. Then upon discussing the collaboration I was thinking something interesting like how if we can have our face on the mask and each different represent diff character. So I choose my favourite range out of the rest, which is anti-acne of course, then born to be team said YES! yay!!

After all, we then have more discussion on the content direction, marketing plan while they also at the same time having rebrand on their website, and discussion with photography and videography team too. Sourcing the venue for the shoot and dealing with postpone and delay due to the lockdown. I'm glad everything goes well at the end of the launching date.

So I guess it's how it started 🥰


I remember the day when I first receive the whole product for the first time. We even frame a copy of it for ourselves. The moment I touched on the matte packaging and seeing the artwork, using the mask with my face on it, I was like 🥺 is this even real. I have always wanted to do something like this and feel so happy that we are able to help brand to spread more awareness and let more and more people try on such a good beauty product which help to cater to each of our skin concern and need. 

I really love it. The product itself is really good but what better than it comes with a nice packaging and the moment you touched it you will be like 'ohh, it's born to be quality' . They really put in effort coming up with collaboration with us, even each details they are as OCD as me, so I'm really glad that I'm having them on this collaboration.

A lot of you might think this mask might just suitable for problematic or unstable skin condition, don't be surprise with the name, it also suitable for normal skin as a prevention for unstable skin condition. With that said, it's not only for acne skin only, it's suitable to use it even you have good skin condition as it helps to keep troubled skin at bay.

The anti-inflammatory properties in the Anti-Acne Lipomask will help to:-
  • heal wounds, dissolve acne, soothe troubled sensitive skin and reduce redness as well. 
  • Suitable for all skin types (Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Combination, Balance, Acne)
  • Work best for acne, redness, pore & blemishes skin.

here's few reasons for you to fall in love with born to be mask

Next, what people concern the most will be always the ingredients that use and I will need to feature this photo for you to look through it because it's just simple and easy to understand. Unlike the rest of the anti acne mask in the market, this lipo mask is made of special charcoal cloth which increase the anti-bacterial effects and with all the premium ingredients, you can really see the difference after each use.

The 3 main ingredients:

As I mentioned just now it's not only come with anti-acne range. There are 4 types of lipomask in total:-
  • Anti-Acne Lipomask
  • Hydro Boosting Lipomask
  • Brightening Lipomask
  • Instant Firming Lipomask

Each mask targeted for diff skin concern. One of my tip was mix & match alternatively as your weekly beauty routine or whenever you need it. For example this week if I have my period on, one week before I will use my anti-acne mask and hydro boosting alternatively to soothe my problematic and unstable skin. If that specific week I have back to back shoots and work, I will use the instant firming and anti-acne. For travel week or outdoor activities, after back I will use the hydro boosting a lot and also the brightening one.

So feel free to give it a try and I'm sure you gonna love this lipomask from born to be too.

left to right: Hydro Boosting , Brightening , Anti-acne, Instant Firming

The rest is white mask sheet while anti-acne one was made of charcoal mask cloth, so it's in black color. I apply it whenever I want. While playing piano, scrolling phone, watching YouTube video or reading a book. Anytime you wish! 

If you haven try it yet, make sure to grab this when it has the bundle set sales. Many of good reviews after my sweeties who bought it on the first day launch. If it's not a good product, I won't allows anyone to use my face on the packaging. So when it has my face on it, it's really quality guarantee. So whenever I'm sharing the bundle set sales, a lot of my sweetie just aim for that especially like xmas bundle set at the end of the year and mid year. So stay tuned and you will spot me sharing it on instagram stories whenever I got the latest update.

For those who haven, now here's some of the unboxing photo I took to show you guys.

charcoal mask cloth

I love the mask cloth and each time after use, my skin won't feel greasy and sticky at all. It's non-sticky and fast absorption too. When I spot there is any remains serum in each pack of the mask, I will apply it all over my knee or neck area. Just don't waste it. 


Apart from the mask itself, let me share some behind-the-scene photo with you during the shoot. We have our zoom meeting discussion from time to time and finally after the end of the lockdown, we are able to go outdoor for some shoot and meeting all of them for the first time. Thankful that we all have the best photography and videography team ever. We have all our story board ready and MUA also come on time with us, so our shoot is really success. 

It was such a fruitful and productive day. Although I feel so tired after the shoot because it's been a long time that we can't able to have any outdoor shoot. The sun happily greet us with the perfect weather too.

After each of our solo shoot in the morning, we then gather everyone at the same shooting venue. It's a completely new venue, cozy like our home and my heart feel so full after we done with the shoot. I'm really loving my job and the lockdown making me so depress because I can't stick with my plan, can't go out to have shoot, can't travel and everything have to be complete at home. I'm like some sort of losing my creativity to do all my work at home. So when I done with the shoot, I was like I really miss working with a huge team like this.

Victoria, Stephanie & Angeline

Look how happy I am lol

Checking on our photo and shoot.

Previously all yearly special project was me and the brand team alone. But now it's working with a group of talented girls. I love how we influence each others and able to share new knowledge and discussion together too. I had a blast during the day we met on the shoot, it was a morning 7am shoot until at night. Tiring but meaningful and fun. Tbh, I do enjoy team work than just solo work. It always create new things and sparks when I'm working with a group of people.

And I'm feeling grateful for all the opportunity given and thank you Elise, born to be founder who give us trust and confident on this special collaboration project.


Finally, the official launch and site are ready to serve you. Hope you love this revealing post about this special collaboration. I'm happy to see how all the diff ideas turned into an actual product and loving the content we curated and created for this project. Please enjoy the goodness of this beauty mask ✨

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Hope you love my sharing and that's all for today my dear sweeties. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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