24 January 2022

Hello Sweeties, I'm back! So glad that I finally settled down and ever since MCO3.0 lifted in October 2021, I then have 2 weeks to plan my wedding and then the whole December last year was filled with works and tasks to complete lol. Like every single day I woke up it's all about rushing work, attending events (like finally) and able to go out more. I got no complain at all and at the same time, I feel so blessed to be able to get my work done and 'like finally' all seems like back on the track. Just that I realised I didn't get enough rest. But finally one month later, now, I can finally have some extra time for myself. To sit down and talk to you guys on my blog. 

I found it's therapeutic for me to express myself here, typing on everything here and sharing some thoughts and different perspectives with you guys. So I guess I will be always happy to talk with you guys here no matter how old am I. So back to the topic, after all, I'm glad that I finally ticked one of my 2021 resolutions, completed my #JmWonMyHeart actual wedding day. 

Yes a super quick one as my wedding have been delayed and postponed for 2 years, so once there is no more lockdown and allows for events, I immediately completed it within 2 weeks of preparation. If you ask me anything I love the most during me big day, I will be always pointing at my customised gown that I created for my wedding day. I once dream of my dream wedding gown but after searching for so many different kind of wedding gown, I still can't find one that suits me the most. 

My pre-wedding gowns were all rented from @7th Heaven Wedding Gown and I remember that I spotted one of their post on instagram about their custom-made wedding gown. Then I thought like why not on my actual day, I create my own wedding dress?! That ideas just came across my mind and then I immediately drop a visit to their physical store on June 2020. Omg I hardly believe that waited so many year to 'officially' worn it during my actual day. Can you imagine how happy I was during my big day.

The only frustration I get was the postponed and delayed of my wedding and I did final fitting for more than 6 times I think. Most of the time when you are doing your custom made gowns or renting any gown from the bridal gowns shop you get one fitting session and measuring your actual body size upon confirm your wedding date, then last one was like 2-3 weeks (around that) before your actual day you MUST book again for your final fitting day where they already altered your gown and have the gown final fitting on your body. It may vary from time to time so make sure you check with your gown store as well. But you don't have to worry so much as they will always reminds you on the date and time when it's near on your date as well.

For renting a gown it's much easier but in my case, it's custom-made wedding gown so it took longer time to do the fitting and adjustment / changes on my dream gown. But at the end, I remember the first time I see the actual product right in front of me, all I felt was just soooooo freaking impressed with the physical product. Can you imagine how to choose the fabric, style and everything from 0 and turning the ideas into a real product. When I see and touch it myself, I just feel like crying.

To be honest, I'm so madly in love with it. So the process is not so complicated, it's just time consuming and need some of your patience to get yourself to decide which gown style you wanted the most or what kind of fabric that you want for your custom made gown. For me I found that 7thHeaven team was really helpful on my custom-made request, they are so professional on guiding me to give me my dream gown OMG! Imagine there are lots of diff kind of fabric and style and for me, I think the hardest part on creating a custom-made gown is the decision you need to make.

If you have dilemma on making decision then you need to think twice but with the help of 7thHeaven team, I felt it was actually not that scary. So for the custom-made process, it's mainly on like this:-

1. Do some research and look for gowns that you like. 

Keep all the photo and type of gown you prefer such as mermaid style, princess gown, tutu style or anything that you found you are interested with. From those photo, create a mood board that reflect the kind of dream gown you wanted. Mainly to give them an idea on what kind of style you personally like, or to show what kind of fabric/ style of the gown you are looking for. It will be easier to show them what you like rather than just speak it out from your mouth.

2. Get in touch with the team, discuss about the gown that you like and Try On diff style to see what suit your body shape the most. 

What I did on 'how to find my perfect kind of gown/ style' is to get trying on diff kind of gowns and see which suits my body shape the best. From my experience what you like doesn't means what suit your body the most. For example at first I thought A line gown or a princess-style gown should look good on my body, in fact when I first try the same kind of style on my body, I look so weird. My body ratio look quite awkward with princess style gown. I'm quite sad lol, but 7thHeaven team let me try out like 10-15 gowns at their physical store, each style I take a photo of it and I have them to advice me on what look the best on me as well. Because you know sometime their advice is more useful and helpful form a 3rd person perspective. 

After all I just noticed that my body shape look good with mermaid style gown. It's why you can spot that most of the gown that I worn on my actual day is mermaid-style gown instead of those pom pom princess gown which might make my body ratio look shorter and for me it's so hard to walk around as well. I wanted something that easier to walk with and look good on me physically and on photo.

3. Final decision on the style of gown you want and Measuring your body from head to toes.

It's not so hard for me to make up my mind because from trying all diff style, I can see it, like very obviously that I look good with mermaid cutting gown. So I decided that immediately in June 2020 and showing them the kind of fabric that I want by giving them to see the inspiration mood board gowns photo I saved on my phone. Next will be measuring from head to toes. They measure from my chest, neck length, shoulder measurement, length of my hand, waist and everything. I never have such detail measurement before, I feel like #taitailife HAHAHAHAHA!

The discussion went really well, so mainly my custom-made gown is a one piece mermaid cutting gown but I make it few way to wear it by adding attachable sleeve, attachable top layering lace fabric and detachable long tails for the dress to look more beautiful. By taking it off or changing diff sleeve, it can turn into another look as well.

Measuring every part of my body

4. From idea to the real physical product around 4-5- months (depending the kind of gown or fabric availability as well) and get to TRY ON for the first time

I first try on my custom made gown like 4.5 months later in Nov 2020. I feel so so so happy as my idea finally turned into reality but this is just like your 'first draft' you still need to alter, do adjustment and minor changes on like button, zip or cutting that you want after trying it on for the first time. Like mine, I did a multi-way wearing gown with different sleeve to attach on my gown and so I can create different look.

It also have to match on my actual day rundown like first walk in gown, then change sleeve and the longer tail of the dress to create another look during my first dance. Next, my piano performance surprise look with another shorter bridal gown look and at the end a end-of-party look. But you don't have to worry much as their team will guide and ask you, giving you useful advice during the time you visit and do the fitting. Most importantly is that you must enjoy the process of it. Most people will go for the easiest way to rent a gown but since you decided to create your very own dream gown, it's really quite a meaningful one.

This is the 'first draft', first time seeing my custom-made gown. At first I decided to make it with the lace layering collar and shoulder design but at the end I decided to take it off but focus on the detachable sleeve instead cause this look a little bit like Cheong-sam hahaha! If you look closely, it's actually a combination of wearing my actual day piano performance gown (is actually a short like jumpsuit inside) with my walk-in gown. I layering it up together and it turned out something like this (photo below)

So when you wear it together it turned out like this. But I decided to wear it separately on my actual day as it's quite hard for me to wear it in two layers, so tight and I hardly move with it. Also this is all covered, they told me it's a little like too covered, I should show out my shoulder instead so that I won't look too petite. I think for this all covered wearing style it look very Malay style, quite elegant and Korean too. It also show the whole body curve and really so pretty!

5. Adjustment, alternation, minor changes. 

For this, it can be really time consuming if you couldn't make up your mind but for me I think I'm so grateful to have 7thHeaven team because I just did one minor changes on the gown to added the sleeve and the short-gown look for my piano look. The rest they did exactly what I want and reflected exactly what's in my mind. This stage may take few weeks if minor adjustment or up to 1-2 months depending on things and requests that you wish to make changes. For my case, it's around 1 month. So around that time you can get to fine tune until perfectly fit on your body. Like the final length of the gown and so on.

One month after, the final version (back design)

The front look. The gown's tails can be detach from the gown and the sleeve as well can be take off to create another diff look.

This is the short jumpsuit look for the piano performance on my actual day. You can wear it with the gown (previous) photo and turned out will be a full covered dress which I showed previously but I decided not to wear it together since I look so petite with it. So during my final fitting, I decided to wear like this and the jumpsuit short style.

#ChanwonTips: When you are going to try on gown/ renting gown or do fitting, remember to bring your own bridal heels (the one that you plan to wear during your wedding day) so you can see if it's easy to walk with or not. Next, wear nude color underwear (or inner wear) so you know if this dress will see through your underwear or not. There are diff shades of nude color underwear as well. For my gown it's so hard to find a perfect won't see through nude color inner wear as my gown is half transparent and a little bit see through, so I think this should be a good advice and tips for you guys. Lastly, your nu bra. Bring along 2-3 pairs of diff brand or kind of your nude color nu bra so you know if this nu bra suitable or not with the gown you want. There are few type of nu bra too, or if you are comfortable with, nipple sticky bra is one of my must-have during my actual day too because my gown is quite transparent, I prefer to wear nipple tape kind of nu-bra instead of the big push up one. Hope this sharing can be useful on your fitting session.

6. Final version of the custom-made gown.

So in Dec 2020, I finally got the final version of custom-made gown. Means no more alternation or changes. Just wait for the final fitting for my gown few weeks before my actual wedding day. So it's around 5-6 months for the custom-made process. I'm satisfied with the whole process and the final product too. I got no complain at all and during my actual day few months ago, all I got was compliments on my gown and my bridal look. I can say that I got no regret on having my custom-made gown done just for my wedding. 

And you know I have done my gown in 2020 and until around end of 2021, it's only my actual wedding day lol. I waited so freaking long it suppose to be in January 2021, then postpone to May 2021 then cancelled postponed again until further notice lol. Then all the sudden once MCO 3.0 lifted I straight make it at the end of 2021 lol. Can't wait anymore as my gown already kept for almost 1 freaking year lol.

7. Custom-to-own OR Custom-to-rent 

And for those who don't know for custom-made gown you can choose whether you want it to be custom-to-own OR custom-to-rent. For custom-made own means you will be the one who own the gown, just for yourself while custom-to-rent will be after you have done with it, the gown will be putting at their physical store and available for renting. 

Mine at the end decided to custom-to-rent as I thought it will be nicer to see someone wearing my custom-made gown on your big day or during your pre-wedding shoot as well. It's something like a gift and blessing to my sweeties. I wish the future bride who worn it on can feel my happiness and I can't wait to see someone wearing my dream gown. It also means that if anyone of you would love to give it a try or fitting, just go a head to get in touch with 7thHeaven so that you can try it on and see if it's something look good on you. I think it fits on petite size girl perfectly. Can't wait to see someone else's wearing my custom-made gown after this.

One of the thing I love to highlight is during the custom-made process and overall I really happy that they have followed strictly on the latest SOP, all staffs wearing their mask nicely whenever I have fitting session with them and they measure our body temperature, sanitised nicely before we went. Best part is they always on time for their appointment slot. So I'm more than happy that I have choose them and to have them on my big day. 

I'm grateful that at the end of my wedding, my custom-made gown really look stunning on me. I love how it turned out and this is definitely my dream gown with no regret on anything. The layering lace beading, fabric, quality and efforts we put on just for that one and only memorable time in our life. For my wedding, I really put my budget on few important thing, the food, my dream gown and venue.

As a lot of people choose to rent like 3-4 gowns for their actual day, I personally think there is no right or wrong. It's all depending on what you prefer and what you like. As I don't like super heavy gown and I like to wear something unique and special, I just proceed to custom-made so I didn't change diff color gown, or style on the actual day. My whole wedding for tea ceremony, I get my modern style KUA from them as well, then walk in gown will be my custom-made one, then when wanna walk around and exchange of vows session I detach the long tutu-tail from my gown and only wear on the sleeve that I custom-made it with the gown, then piano performance with the same fabric but is a short bridal gown only. 

If you would love to have something unique and special. Custom-made gown will be something for you! I really love how it turned out and my super chio look on my actual day. I guess is time to let the photos do the talking and hope you guys enjoy this sharing post about my custom-made gown. 


That's all about my custom-made wedding gown and I'm loving it a lot. It means a lot for me and created lots of memories just on my big day. I remember the moment my dad happily looking at his daughter to walk through the stage, the first look when Smelly look at me and cried on stage, the moment that I'm wearing it and all guests looking at me. It really mean a lot a lot a lot to me.

I waited so long to reveal this until my actual day, no one including my friends (except crews and photography team knew my wedding gown) the rest like my bridesmaid, besties or even Smelly really have no ideas on what kind of gown I will be wearing that day. It's all make for my actual day and for the first look moment only. 

Until then, I'm really so happy to be able to share and reveal this together with you sweeties. You guys growing up with me from seeing me as a little girl to someone's wife and now I have finally completed my big day. I'm so looking forward to share more of my life journey with each of you, to grow old and hope soon I could share some good news with you. Now I have to take a good care of my body and I'm also looking forward to be able to go back my second homeland or having my honeymoon soon with Smelly.

I wanna go honeymoon in winter or autumn country but now we have new variation of covid virus. Till then, if it happens really soon I will make sure to share how exciting it is and bring you all along *virtually* to honeymoon with me. To all bride to be, hope you found your very own kind of dream gown and if you are interested on my custom-made gown, feel free to get in touch with  @7th Heaven Wedding Gown Team and I believe it will be one of the good choice for your big day as well.

That's all for my sharing and hope you love it. Till then, see you on my next post! Love, xoxo.

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