▐Tried & Tested Review▐ : Kose Lip Gel Magic

08 February 2017

Hey Sweeties! Is me again and today I'm going to review the Kose Lip Gel Magic on my blog. For those who followed my instagram and watch my insta stories I guess you should noticed the appearance of this product. Am I right!! I saw this product EVERYWHERE in Japan. It's one of the top10 hot items in Japan now. Everywhere in the drugstore and cosmetic shop. I'm lucky enough not to fight with all the tourist because I already got mine in Malaysia. lol It's one of the 'worth-to-share' product and this is why I decided to share it on my blog rather than just a photo on my insta or facebook.

So back to the topic! Did anyone experience this before?

Yes, of course me! I experience this every time I tried new bright color lipstick or every time I ordered a cup of hot chocolate , the lipstick actually transfer onto the cups , the sandwich or the food I eat also...faded lipstick after each meals. Imagine every time when I want to apply a ver gorgeous bright red lipstick and I have to experience it all over again. 

It is so frustrating!
Tried & Tested
So now...it's time to experience how this magic product work and save my life. lol Let me show you the Kose Lip Gel Magic and the before & after use photo.

The whole packaging is in Japanese language and it can be use for almost 60 times. 

 Also, all the pros of using this product and the application method is printed on the packaging. Although it's in Japanese but I still can understand it from the photo above.

 Awww..So cute!!

 So the size of it as big as a normal lipstick size.

 Tried and tested experiment with this Kose Liquid Rouge color lipstick. 

 Applied the lipstick on my lips.

 Prepared a cup of cappuccino and I'm sure the lipstick will stain and transfer on this cup.

 Let me try it out for you guys~

 Oh well....It stain on the rim of my mug!

 Ewwww~~ Hopefully this lose lip gel magic is useful for me.

 Just squeeze a small amount on my fingertip and apply it evenly over my lipstick.

 After the Kose Lip Gel Magic!! 
OMG!! It works!! OMGGGGGGG

Where was this for most of my life

First and second try on my mug! 

Application Method / How to apply
This is so amazing! The application method is very easy too. Just like how you apply your lipstick color on your lip. But before the application remember to give your lip gel magic tube a good shake.

After shaking it, squeeze a small amount (size of a grain of rice) onto your fingertip and lastly, use the swipe method: apply the product evenly all over your lipstick. Remember the corners and inside of your lips too.

It gives your lipstick a transparent coating gel , prevent it from fading , locking the color of your lipstick and also making it last longer. No wonder it's one of the top product available in Japan drugstore now! No more lipstick stain next time!!

How does it work
So the question it...
How does it work magically?!

This Kose lip gel magic has a unique color migration prevention ingredient that create a gel film over the surface of your lips, throughly coating the lipstick to prevent it from leaving the stain onto other surfaces. Interesting??

So now I guess it's really a great product to test and try. Love how useful it is to help us prevent leaving stain onto other surface. If you spot this , remember to get one and try it yourself. I can't leave without this product now OMG!! Thanks Kose for sending me this to try. Hope this post is useful for you and that's all for today. 

See you on my next post! Love, xoxo.


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