DIY: Instax Polaroid + Grid Rack

02 February 2017

Hello Sweeties  Welcome back from your super short holiday break AHAHAHA I sleep more than 10 hours a day during my Chinese New Year break. lol That's why ended up I decided to DIY something for my studio apartment. I just gather all the props and decoration stuff that I bought years ago in a big Ikea blue recycle bag. Then I ask myself what can I do now!! Also, few days ago I printed quite an amount of polaroid and instax photo from my friend's instax printer.

That's how I decided to have a private DIY time with Smelly. This DIY was super duper easy. It can be placed on your desk or study table, hang on your favourite wall in your room or door or even any place you wish to remind yourself some random or happy memories. So here's the very pinterest or instagram-worthy kind of instax photo / polaroid wall decoration! Everything was super easy and even I can do it!!

I saw lots of my friends love to stick their instax photo or polaroid on their room's wardrobe or wall, but after that when you want to take it down it will be very sticky or messy on the wall. I think about hanging it on the wall or stick it but it's too normal and I have no sticky tape to stick on the wall + I'm quite lazy to arrange it or planning the spacing between the polaroid photo. So I actually just combine all the props I have to come out with this super pinterest idea. I even saw lots of youtuber actually having the similar one at their working or study desk.

(Ps: Since Valentine's Day is coming...why not DIY this for your loved ones??)

So here's the props you need!

 #Things you need: Grid rack | Wood clips | Project life cards | Stickers

Here's the things you need! Because I don't have any art brain and not artistic enough I decided to use my project life cards that with similar theme to match with my instax polaroid photo. I got the project life cards @Spotlight (bought it years ago and I blogged about it here). Next, wood clips is way too unattractive for me so you can either paint it with your favourite color or like me I saw this @typo last time!! I immediately grab it because it's pastel and so sooooooo cute!! The grid rack I bought it from Daiso too. It's just RM5.30 hahahah! Super duper cheap for DIY purpose.

Inspiration photo from Pinterest

You can re-paint your grid rack to gold or other color you like. I'm lazy so I will rather stick with the original white color. lol Some even DIY it to hang their sunglasses, heels, kitchen's essentials and etc. So after you prepared it you can randomly click it to match your style. Like mine I decided to match it with my gold foil project life cards. I just pick few card design that I love and according to the word / quote on the card I categories and stick with diff polaroid instax photo.

Then after you decided which to place for, just click it with the wood clip!


 Look prettier with the lighting! AHAHAH

That's so simple right. You can easily get everything in once or you can use any printer to print the photo. Not necessary must be the polaroid but polaroid look nicer on it :p So you now can place it over your study desk or working table. If you love to hang on the wall I recommended this Command Damage-Free hanging hook!

It's quite pricy tho..I got it from popular and i get the smallest mini hooks one but this is really useful because I dont want to stick on my wall so this special half transparent hook can help to hold your items nicely and removes cleanly. The stick part at the end of the hook is something like the rubber-chewing gun texture. So when you want to remove it you just need to pull it out and it can be easily remove from the wall without any sticky or stain leftover on your wall.

Thanks for those who created this! HAHAHA I even get the waterproof one and placed it in my toilet to hold my items or bra lol.

So this is how it look like on the wall. I think it's nicer if you put it together or on your study desk. Then add a little lighting around the grid rack...TAA-DAAA Pinterest worthy photo! HAHAHAHA Actually I did this with Smelly! Had a blast during the whole DIY session because we almost forgot when we took the photo and keep bullshit+ing about each other. But I actually printed quite a number of my own selfies instead of other photo HAHAAHAH. But i didn't show here lol.

That's all about the DIY post! I should place it on my working desk so each time I look at it can melt my heart! I will go daiso to grab another grid rack with smaller size one + DIY another one for my room! That's all for today. Hope you like it and see you on my next post. 

Love, xoxo.


  1. hai, I'm just wondering is the hook sturdy enough to hold the rack?
    any drop so far?

    1. No drop so far but when you buy the hook actually stated the amount of weight it can hold :D