♥ Lucky Winner for MaryKay Miracle Set

27 November 2013

Continue from the previous Giveaway post and now I'm going to announce the 11 lucky winner from both of my instagram & facebook!!! At first I never thought to have so much respond on it and that's why I separate randomly pick from my instagram and facebook but end up I received total 230 people who actually respond and comment on it.

But once I reached this huge amount I realize that MaryKay has lots of fans here plus some of my sweeties really love it so much. I wanna send to everyone who joined this but I only have this 11 set which worth RM185 each set. OMG! Seriously thanks MaryKay for this sponsored and I sacrifice my own set for giveaway too! That's why it's 11 not 10 set~ Just hope to make you happy and as a xmas present for all of you :)

Since it's really a huge amount for me to pick so I just randomly short-listed 25 out of 200++ comment but I only can pick 11 out of that amount.I hope I have another 10 set to giveaway but it's so hard for me to choose so I use random.org website to pick 11 LUCKY WINNER again!! out of my 25 lucky name! it's a computer generate system & actually have more people being listed but some of you private your acc/delete the giveaway photo/ no tag the hashtag so I can't pick you because everyone was following it ya~ So sorry for that !!!

Anyway hope you happy with this early Xmas present ! For those who didn't win this home~ don't worry I have another 10 set of item to giveaway next week once I done with this!! It's a product which suitable for everyone too and have male version & female version!!! So now!!! Let Congrats to 
DuanDuan Christine

From this giveaway I realize most of the people have combination & oily skin type but due to the amount of oily set I can pick 6 people from oily and combination skin & dry/ normal (5set) only. Hope you love this giveaway and please email me your detail (name , phone and address) to chanwon92@gmail.com

Thanks everyone and Since so many sweetie joined this I decided to pick another 3 winner to win the limited edition collection item (one item from the fairy tales and fantasy collection) from #MaryKay too!! Another 3 lucky sweetie will be 

If I didn't get your detail within today until tml 11pm I will pick another lucky winner again because I will be post everything out within this week ya :) Remember to drop me a msg after receive it!!! That's all for today. Love, xx.