♥ WeChat x Secret Recipe : Buy 1 Free 1

17 November 2013

Hey All WeChat Users & Lovely Sweeties!! Remember the previous WeChatime 1 millions cup celebration? I'm very excited to tell you that WeChat have another super good deal to all of you!! When I say it's a good deal it mean they having a super great promo in collaboration with Secret Recipe Malaysia. Huiirayy~~ Raise my hand in the air!! I'm happy that Secret Recipe finally joins the WeChat Family!! WeChat everywhere and I'm always using the voice record to communicate with my friends and family. It's super easy right? But other than as our communication tool it also have some good deal for us.. *Wink

So all of us have our next gathering on this event!! Happy to see my babe there and I'm quite rushing on that day due to my class and traffic jam. Luckily I'm the earliest one to reach there!! HAHAHAH Super duper happy to join WeChat Family because all of us loving every month's surprise from them. Are you ready to know what's the good deal on this month!??!!??!?!


This month the latest promo will be the BUY 1 FREE 1 slice of cake with any dine-in within 16 November until 30 November! It means until end of this November! Oh goshhhh.. I still have another 2 weeks to meet this good deal~ HAAHHAAHAHHA But before I tell you how to get that Buy 1 Free 1 slide of cake, let's see how was the event~


I'm the first few blogger who arrived super early on that day because I'm afraid heavy traffic jam so 2 hours before the event I'm actually on the way to the place liao! AHAHAHA Ara Damansara♥ was an awesome place but lotss of traffic jam neh~ Luckily I reached on time if not I'm sure I will be regret that I missed all happy time with my babe~ Once I reach there, they gave every one of us a set of wechat toys! I think this is super cute!! Am I right? All of us were busy talking photo with this little cute toys and we have lots of enjoyable moment together! Nice meeting all pretty bloggers~
This is what we can do while waiting for others to come :P
Wooohoooo Finally all my babe reached!! We have a great time together with Wechat and Secret Recipe~ Before we have our night 'tea time' we just keep on selca around and chit chat with all gorgeous babe! Teehee

 Next, we have our lovely night 'Tea Time' and chatting time with all bloggers!

I'm now craving for cake again :'(
 Yeah I love their brownie~ 


 Yeah!! After finished our food we can't wait to hear the latest promo & news from WeChat & Secret Recipe!!!! A short speech given by Secret Recipe & WeChat ~

Ok I know you can't wait to know it already!! Let me show you HOW TO GRAB THIS BUY 1 FREE 1 Slide of cake deal!!  It's super simple and I guess most of you own a WeChat acc right? You just need to scan the code and claim for this sweet deal and of course HAPPY SWEET 16 Anniversary to Secret Recipe Malaysia

Thanks Wechat & Secret Recipe and now everyone of us can enjoy this sweet deal when you purchase ONE slice of cake while dining in are entitled to ONE  free slice of cake at participating Secret Recipe outlets. That's all for today and pls go enjoy this sweet deal ya!! See you :3

Wearing this pretty sexy Black Dress from phatculture.com

Love, xoxo