♥ Casio TR15 Review #2

14 November 2013

Let's continue from the previous part 1 review Today's review is a MUST read post for all of you and it always appear on FAQs in our mind. Even before I got a chance to try it and own a unit I always thinking where can I get to read Casio TR15 review (what i mean is those showing diff makeup lvl / before after / comparison review). I always check for information online before I purchase anything and finally I found a place to share with all of you. I understand that feeling when you trying to search for something but you can't get any answer and real example show in anywhere. This is the reason why I'm always share what I know at here maybe people not interested but I believe someone might appreciate that Stop crapping here (always out of topic lolx) !! Today review gonna turn everything into a real thing and I'm gonna talk about Casio TR15 Make-up mode & Skin brightening mode

I know my previous blog post have talk a little bit about it but in this blog post I'm gonna have some comparison & demonstrate between each diff type of makeup level and mode. I'm gonna show you one by one so before you got it you can actually  have more real review to read on. Hiak Hiak this is a super hot topic because you know compare each makeup lvl really make some diff in term of the lightening and skin will look smoother too. So ... What are you waiting for? Let's get started 

TR15 is totally diff with the previous series. No  matter the new design of it or it's own function and makeup mode it's a new thing for me. TR15 have 2 diff makeup mode!!! Not just one!! HAHAHAHAH It's brightening mode & natural mode. If you're previous TR200 OR TR150 user then I'm sure you know the natural makeup mode right? Instant make your face look super pretty with just one click button Lol..
 Yeah!! Let's try it out!! I'm gonna pick make-up mode then you can choose on the bottom either you want brightening mode or natural mode. Each mode have diff function and outcome but both of it have lvl 0- lvl12 for you to adjust. I normally use lvl 3 for brightening mode while lvl 6 for natural mode. It's a little bit too over when you adjust max for the brightening mode. I will show you the photo later ya :) Step-by-step I show you comparison within diff lvl and diff mode first ya!

This is the brightening mode
Brightening Mode
For those who don't know this is an upgraded feature add on the latest TR series. Special for those who want to create a face like korean girl or dreamy skin tone. It function as immediately give the skin a lighter tone and smoother texture. Basically work like the same as the natural makeup mode just that with this it can enhance your photo look more pretty and to shoot beautiful photo that achieve exactly the make-up effect you're looking for!!!  As usual you can choose from lvl1 to lvl 12.

 This is the natural mode.

Natural Mode
For those who own a TR100,150 OR 200 you will know what's this for. It's so called 'MAKEUP MODE' which can give your skin a smoother textures, improving your skin to a more healthy & vibrant look. This camera is just like a magic. Just few second , it automatic edit your skin and the outcome of the photo is just SOOOOOOO PRETTY! Without make up still look super goooooooooooood! 

So basically brightening is straight away make your background and the person selca ing look super white + skin. Just if you max the makeup lvl the photo turn too white , pale and look so fake for me. I'm not sure how about you but recommended lvl3 for this brightening one while the natural makeup mode you can use until lvl9 also look freaking natural :D Especially under bright sunlight I recommended using natural mode. Brightening mode still got it's own advantages for example indoor photo using this will be much nicer compare with natural.

Can you combine both?! Yea!! You can!! You can click brightening Lvl2 while natural Lvl 5 :) Muhaahahahah can't wait to show you some of the photo I took!!! Let's have a look on the diff between diff lvl and diff makeup mode 

Natural makeup mode from the left (Lvl 3) , middle (Lvl 6) and last one on the right (Lvl9) 

See even the natural mode also seems so nice for me! and it's a big diff if you compare the left one with the right one. Skin whitening ++  Skin become smoother ++ Cheek seems so pinkishh++ When everything look smoother and brighter you makeup actually look more obvious compare to lvl 3 and of course YOU LOOK SUPER PRETTY WITH THIS !! Instantly smoothen and whitening your skin! OMGGGGG but you still can see a little bit of eyes bag and natural skin tone

Brightening makeup mode from the left (Lvl 3) , middle (Lvl 6) and last one on the right (Lvl9) 

So yea now you can see the diff. Brightening mode even lvl 3 also look freaking white especially whole background for the most left photo look like having the same background lightening as natural mode lvl9. That's why I said for brightening you just need a little bit only~ If you over use it your face look too dolly until I can't recognize myself! AHAHAHAHAH This not only skin brightening , whole photo seems to be so bright and white ++ and of course skin smoothen too++ NO DARK CIRCLE + NO EYES BAG ?!!! 


Show you both of this so you can realize and see what's the diff now! Brightening mode straight away clear all dark circle and eye bag but for me I prefer the natural mode with natural eye bag and skin color but most of the time indoor photo tend to be too dark for me. So I don't have to choice either one I can choose both to achieve the best lightening and smoothen skin effect on my photo. For natural  mode the background still look normal and whole photo doesn't seems like as bright as the brightening mode. Conclusion, USE BOTH! AHAHAHAHAH So it wont look too fake and keep the natural beauty of you :) Brightening lvl cnt be too high if not photo tend to be so blur like this...
Maybe I should correct the word.. I shouldn't say it's blur. Should say it's not sharp enough. Because I used too much DSLR to capture and selca that's why I feel this is a bit too over for me. Normally TR15 is best and popular for self capture because the skin smoothen and brightening am I right? That's why when you adjust the lvl too high the skin become super smooth..If it's super smooth or too over then the photo turn out not so sharp and tend to look a little bit blur when you enlarge it or put inside your blog / upload to fb. Then over blur and white look so pale. See my lips :S Lolll

So remember take note of this ya :) Don't over do it ~

AHAHAHAAHHAAH The left one I look super tired and I have no idea where am I looking -.- Sorry for that but basically you can know what's the diff before/after photo! HAAHAHAHAH Within 1 second~ Lol

So yeah!! It's all regarding TR15 Brightening & Natural makeup mode with diff lvl yaHope you love this kind of review and enjoy reading it!! Photo do the rest! AHAHAHAHAH Some of my best selca photo~ 

 This I'm using natural makeup mode lvl 3 only :) So nice hor?

ps: If you think it's useful do share this post out so people can know what's the diff and hope this review really helps you ya sweeties~

That's all for today, Love xx