♥ Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection

27 November 2013

Blogger Collaboration
Hello my sweeties :3 Hope my big head didn't scared you! Just love how I look like this because you know with my super chubby face I always look 'cute' but not really mature enough to have a sexy kind of look. I learned how to make up last time because I feel that it's only the way for me to look older! Lol I know I'm weird but I really dislike people say I look like a secondary school student. I'm 21 years old now so I don't mind if you say I'm cute now! HAHAHAHHA This post is a collaboration again with Mary Kay Malaysia. I'm really thanks and feel super glad to have my second chance collaboration with them. I love how they appreciate my work and I get really excited once I received their email. I still remember my first time collaboration> http://www.chanwon.com/2013/03/sponsored-mary-kay.html

Please give them a hug because they sponsored total 11 set of their miracle set skincare product for me to GIVEAWAY for all of youBtw, the giveaway ended and GOOD LUCK for all lucky winner I will announce it tomorrow morning give me some time ya~ Big thanks to Mary Kay Malaysia and I'm so proud to collaborate with them. It mean a lot to me and this time they sent me a limited collection of their MaryKay Fairytales & Fantasy Collection.

At first I thought the color series might not suit for me but once I put all of them on my makeup. I just feel super gorgeous !! Lol see my dream come true I look mature and I just never try this kind of color!!! Now I tried~~ Super gorgeous and this collection have lots of pretty , gorgeous & classic kind of color. 
In this collection it's all about a romantic story of sparkling shades of pastel and masquerade deep hues. Inspired by the ethereal looks of the fall fashion runways, this collection allows women to easily achieve gorgeous, enchanting style right at home! I see this from their press release I'm already fall in love with it.
 You wont know the magic until you really try it on. Ok first I love this collection because of their super dark red which have a illusion of bleeding love color. The red is super deep kind of red and when you put on it, it really straight away change your entire look. From my usual sweet look to a more gorgeous look.
In this Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection they included  Glossy Lip Stain, Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection Kohl Eyelinerand Mary Kay® Fairytales & Fantasy Collection Nail Lacquer.

 See the gorgeous sparking red lipgloss! And one of my favorite color of their nail polish. IT'S REALLY SUPER PRETTY!! I will show you later!!! Keep reading~
ARE YOU READY?!!!! I'm gonna review it now!

Let's Get Started!!

Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer 
 My favorite item!! Never try never know. I never know Mary Kay nail lacquer can be so nice! You know I told you that I never apply any nail polish unless the color hold and long lasting on my hand + easy to apply + no need to have lots of layer to achieve the exactly color. AND I TELL YOU!! This nail polish is SUPER NICE. Very pigmented when I use VERY** MEANS it's really super pigmented. I got 3 diff color on this collection.
  •  Enchanted Mauve 
  • Blue Knight 
  • Mulberry Forest

 Within all of these..Guess my favorite color?? Yea it's the first one (Enchanted Mauve) It's a super nice color on girl's hand. It look whiter and not over sweet but just nice. I dislike too pick color on my nail I prefer natural kind of color and this! EXACTLY what I want. The next two color is not really the color I usually apply on my nail or make up but it's still very pretty & gorgeous. Especially the deep deep red!
 I told you that it's super pigmented right? Let me show you
 See the nail polish. This is just the first layer I apply not 2nd or 3rd layer. I love how the texture and the pigmentation of this nail polish. I'm really in love with this color. AND AND it wont easily drop. I wear this for 7 days without applying additional transparent top coat on it. The 7th day it dropped almost 10-20% only. So nice!!!! SUPER RECOMMENDED TO ALL OF YOU!
 Exactly the same color as my wallet! So nice right?
 See this color! Really so nice and that's the reason I love it. I apply this twice only then can achieve this color (It mean two layer) while the dark fantasy blue color I apply one coat already look super gorgeous. The deep red I need to apply 2 coat to achieve the exactly same color but all of these are super pigmented. I can say that I no need to apply any top transparent cost because it's already so pigmented + shine!!! No need extra work but if you want to have extra protection on it you may apply another top coat.
 1st coat (Blue look super nice while the deep red still have to apply a second coat) Photo below was the photo I took last 2 week. It's the 4th day my nail still look super nice on my hand! Lolll normally others start to drop already!!
 Finished look (2 coat)
 The blue & red is somehow really stand out. I can't explain why I feel that the deep red is a little bit mystery~ It's just nice but I wont wear this to my class maybe when I'm having a full theme party I should use this to dress with my wine red dinner dress with their make up collection too. Hmmm~ Should think of it! But I really super love - Enchanted Mauve - this color!! Look super niceeeeeee Most important that it is long wearing and does not streak during application!! Plus, provides a high gloss, durable finish that lasts soooooo long for me!

Next, let me create my own fantasy gorgeous look with their smoky eyeliner and lip gloss!

Mary Kay® Kohl Eyeliner 

Loving their nail polish color and looking for the same color on their eyeliner?! YEAAA! You're right!! In this collection they are actually like a family and this is why their eyeliner have the exactly same color tone as their nail polish. It's their Mulberry Forest & Blue Knight
I'm super excited to try it out because they told me in the email that this eyeliners are great to smudge out to create smoky eyes without using any eyeshadow!! Plus, the design of the eyeliner pen comes with a smudger & sharpener~ This build in smudger & sharpener help achieve any desired look, from a precisely lined eye to an alluring smoky eye.
 I apply this blue knight as a eyeliner then I smudge a little bit on the end of my eyeliner and the corner end of my eyeliner area. Just hope it wont look weird because my double eyelid is not so thick so I can't blend too over but still with a little bit on it I still can manage to create a sexy look! Muahahahahah mature +1
 Then the bottom eyeliner I apply with the gorgeous deep red color and it turn super match with my upper eyeliner. At first I worry it look weird but still I think it consider match with my eye because the red is not so bright if you stand far from it you will think whole eye makeup is black color.

Mary Kay® Glossy Lip Satin

 Don't worry their lip satin don't have blue Knight color but they included my favorite color same as the nail polish one!! OMG OMG OMG!!
 The design still very gorgeous and look super good!
 Don't say too much you just need to have a look on my photo then you know this lip satin was AWESOME!
I think all of you know that I have a super dry cracked lips and this make me can't really apply lip stick everytime unless the day before I apply a thick layer of Vaseline. This time, I think lip satin works perfectly on my lips. After apply on it it doesn't fill in to my cracked lips and my lips look super smooth and it provide an ultra-glossy look with intense color and brilliant shine. Prove you this >>
I purposely use my Iphone lousy facetime camera to snap this because wanna show you this really super shine on my lips. So nice right??!! This Stay-true color glides on my lips smoothly and does not feather or bleed on it
 Finally I have a kissable lips! This isn't my full makeup with their collection but simply a review on it. I hope my mid term faster end then I can make up like this for my friend's 21st theme birthday party again!!!
Last but not least , thanks Mary Kay Malaysia for this limited edition collection and I'm really sorry that it took me so long for this update :'( Just make sure I must tried everything before I review it and of course I'm definitely fall in love with their product which make me look super gorgeous and confident on it. Seriously personally recommended their lip satin and nail polish. I just love how magic it is on me :) Hope you like it too~

Thanks Mary KayFor those who interested to get, you can check out Mary Kay official website www.marykay.com.my to find a Beauty Consultant near you to try the products before you actually purchase it. That's all for today and super thanks Mary Kay Malaysia & SG for this collection & their GIVEAWAY!! Good Night :) 

Love, xx