♥ #Part 2 of my 21st Birthday Celebration - Dining In The Dark

19 November 2013

How if I make whole of my blog full of celebration post?! HAHAHAHAHA So happy that if I have so many celebration post to update because when think about celebration I will become super high and excited. Oh yea! Back to the topic I'm gonna combine my part #2 ,3 ,4 ,5 21st celebration into one blog post! HAHAHAAHAH Afraid that you all get influence by my blog get super high and excited while reading this. Lol ! So after my official 21st celebration which I blogged here my gang continue bring me to a new place for second round party time. Lol

YEAH, Guess what? This super weird and unbelievable experience I never had. They all so bad never tell me where am I going so Mr.Kitty , my bro and I were just follow their car to the next venue. The place is somewhere near KL. It was super late and I guess we are late from our real booking time. It was 9.30 o'clock at night. I kept all my present inside Mr.Kitty's car then rush back to the same place and wearing that super high wedges walk around that super dark road. But it worth because I tell you I never have this kind of experience .... The experience was 


When I walk down from Mr.Kitty car, my friend told me nearer here and there then Mr.Kitty saw the restaurant called 'Dining In The Dark' then I was like ' Wah Don't tell me we really enter this place for our second dinner a?!"  Then Mr.Kitty said that they walking toward the place then I was like :O REALLY?! Once we entered the place I feel so mysterious. So dark at there and nobody waiting or dining inside. I saw a huge door and in front of the door have few waitress there.

Not sure how they pick and why they pick this place for our second round because you know my time is very precious I have to back home before it's too late. Lol but since I brought my brother out I'm sure it's better and my mom wont kill me after that! AHAHAHAAHH So someone actually walk out from the door and explain to us why we are not allow to bring any handphone or anything with light into the dark room. Then I was like wtf?! ARE YOU SERIOUS EH? AM I GONNA EAT SOME COCKROACH OR INSECT?

You know why I think like that? Because my crazy gang bluff me that I need to dining in the dark and enjoy all diff type of cockroach or insects. WTF?! Don't crazy lah! Please why scared me so much :'( I'm birthday girl leh! Sensory games before our dinner starts. We need to use our senses to fish out 4 paper clips in a container that consist of rice, red beans and barley.

After a while someone walk out and I forgot the name of the person but he seems so weird when introducing each other and talking to me. His eye like looking another place but shake hand with us. I feel that isn't he's blind or? But I don't dare to speak out since I feel it's not polite and not respect others. Then I keep in my mind and while I'm thinking that moment , he walk in front of me and smile with me again but again...his eye looking on another angle not looking at me. So I just ignored and start hearing what he said to us. He open up the door asking us to check whether have any watch got light one or hiding any phone blablabla..After all the confirmation we start to line up one by one in a proper line. But before that we have to leave our belongings in the nearby lockers.

Next, he ask us to hold each other's shoulder and remember hold tight. So I'm very afraid in the dark room and of course I'm not the one standing at the first or the last. I'm standing the last 3 . we have total 7 person , Lyvia , Joseph , XiaoJing , Nelson , Mr.Kitty , my bro & I. OK! So, he opened the door.. we walk slowly and within that few second (after passed the mystery door) 



I quite afraid that I really want to eat cockroach ?! WTF but I think they lie one so I abit curious about what's inside but I couldn't see anything from that -.- I TELL YOU EVEN MY FINGER I ALSO CANT SEE !! Super scary when it's my first time entered that place. Besides that darkest place that I never seen before ...all of us hearing some noise inside the room. 

Seems like I'm entering a ghost house. So next, I choose not to hold Mr,Kitty shoulder! I hug him as tight as I can (Guess Mr.Kitty feel super happy due to his superwomen ME look super weak  and he keep laugh) Feel like wanna slap my crazy gang  because they scared me! walk slowly step by step I REALLY COULDN'T SEE ANYTHING. A little bit Pek-Cek and feel so scary. If they tell me what's inside or they tell me that it's just a normal dining in the dark I wont be so afraid. But THEY DIDN'T TELL ME ANYTHING SO I'M SO STUPID ON THAT DAY KEEP SHOUT inside there. 

The waitress also come to talk to our table ask us to turn down our volume. But I can't see anything. Then finally we reached our table ( We can't see our table) The people in charge actually hold out hand one by one and tell us where our chair and sit. So we just use our hand to touch and FEEL IT. 

So finally.. i know what's going on..

Basically, this restaurant called ' Dining In The Dark' is let us to experience eating inside a super dark room. You can't see anything seriously. You just can feel your sense of touch and hearing. I keep open my eye but still it seems like I'm closing my eye. I just see those white line on my eye turning make me super blur and feel abit dizzy about that. My bro and Mr.Kitty seems so blur too and my bro so cute & funny keep scolding at there. Say he wanna vomit because we really can't see anything and we didn't use to it.

The people ask us to turn our head up and look on the red tiny little dot on the right hand side (corner of somewhere idk) then ask us to think and calm down look on the small red little dot (not even consider a light) lol then finally after 20 mins of suffering finally we feel better. Imaging you just see black color for the whole 2 hours + LOL

Things getting interesting!

They slowly explain to us how to hold our fork and where it placed. how to use your hand to touch and feel the dishes/ food. Then tell us to touch the corner angle of the table from your right until your right-top to get your drinks.. Then each 25 mins he will get new set of food for us. A full dining like that la. Then after you taste your food they didn't tell you what's that. You need to guess it with your friends until it's BINGO. You're correct for the answer then they will take out new set of food. Have dessert la, hot soup , main dishes and etc. I forgot but total have 5-6 diff food. Including some expensive food that I never tried and I feel so weird lol. The most nice is the what snow fish! Don't know what's the proper term for that fish! HAHAHAAHHAAH

Whole dinner took 2 hours 30 mins . We are the last one who enter and out from the place. I remember we 11.50 came out from the door. Lol never know we took such a long time to finish this but the waitress was so nice and it's a chinese man! End up I just know that

It's a place which most of the waitress are blind or half blind. Means they can't see anything but fully trained to serve us. I WAS LIKE ?!!! HUH?! OMG?! IS THAT TRUE BUT THEY ARE SUPER smart. This experience is so unforgettable but at the same time very emo because I makeup until so nice but no one can see it!! HAHAHAHAA So when you go there you can just go with your naked face .Lol I'm joking

This is a special day which I experienced so many new things and Feel so proud for all of them. I have no idea how they clean our table without any eye or signal. Then when we finished the dishes they laugh me because I eat until all food dropped around my table. I can't even see and can't even know..Have  no idea how they knew that. But all my friends using hand eat while I'm using my spoon & fork. Because hor...I scared it drop on my table but end up I'm the one who dropped most of the delicious food around the table -.-

So funny lo! But it's really a good experience just that for us it's worth but price a little bit pricy. 7 of us going and divided to each person we have to pay RM125 (actually is RM100+ abit but we ordered fruit juice so added on the price become rm125) to get experience with all of this. But whole life should tried one time because after you out from the place you will feel that you're such a lucky person can see the world with your eyes and they're super pro too! Imaging if you're blind..would you feel sad but they're very friendly and positive thinking. 

Great experience with them and I'm happy to experience all of this but just abit pek-cek when dining in the dark because I can't see anything even I FULLY OPENED MY EYE... and I need to really carefully touch every food around me and drinks in order to have a proper dinner. OMG.. SO HARD TO EAT lah but really recommend to those who wishes to try this and experience this. I ask my dear Lyvia why she brought me here she said that she know that I never wishes to dining in the dark mah -.- so that's why! LOLLLL

But seriously Thanks Joseph & Lyvia for the recommendation! It's nice btw, just remember that you're such a lucky one to live in this world with your eyes. You can see the real world...but they can't !! Oh yea for the food!!! IT'S DELICIOUS just some of the food I dunno what's that I feel so emo when I'm eating that! LOLLLLLL Because I afraid I'm eating some weird weird food or .... Idk but seems so scary at first! HAHAHAHAAHHA

7 of us total bills RM800++ but I keep telling myself it's worth for the price. Lol after I wrote this post I really think it's worth . Some of my friend is the 2nd time tried this and my friends brought his gf go there to celebrating their anniversary. I told MR.KITTY if he brought me here to celebrate anniversary and never tell me what's going on I'm sure I will slap and kill him! HAHAHAAHHA

But overall thumbs up for them!!! Clap clap clap clap~ Then once you done dining they will show you the exactly menu (what you ate just now) ..So finally I know what's inside my mouth and stomach!! HAAHAHAHAHA

I didn't snap any photo at there because CAN'T USE CAMERA INSIDE ! So here's the detail you might check it out for more information :) 

44A & 46A Changkat Bukit Bintang (Entrance at No.50) 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
6:00 pm - 12:00 pm

That's all for today!! Love xx