♥ Finally! Personalized Pet Tags for Bebe

28 November 2013

Hey Hey Hey :3 It's Bebe's diary again~ AHAHHAHAH Finally this little naughty boy got his first grooming which cost me a BOOOM! I never know that grooming for a small puppy can be so expensive. Lol But the people groom it wrongly. I wanted it to cut like a teddy shape on Bebe face but end up become like a butterfly ear -.- I have no Idea on it but Bebe expression really look super cute with this new style! HAHAHAHA Hope he love it too~ Lol but it look super girly loooo!! Remember the previous review on Kei Mag personalized bar necklace? I told you that I need to have a pet tag for Bebe right?

Actually I have no idea where to get it and I'm not sure the market price is how much but once I found it on Kei Mag website with just RM38 I told myself I MUST GET one personalized tag for him!! Plus, I'm looking for those can personalized with my Bebe picture on the tag one. WOOOHOOOOOO Super thanks KEI MAG for all awesome personalized stuff  OMG OMG OMG!! I'm quite excited not sure Bebe love it or not :P How good if he can talk to me :'( TAAADAAAA The photo above shows Bebe quite blur with his new pet tags! HAHAHAHAHA I'm sure he don't know what is that Lol
 'Mummy, what are you doing there with that camera? Are you going to snap me? What's that little box?' 

Wooohoo don't bother Bebe and ignore him a while :P I need to snap this unbox process! HAHAHAHAHA So happy and excited and it's my first time to personalized my own pet's tag. Not sure how's the quality and it's really hard for me to wait for about 1 week plus because you know I just can't wait for it !!!
 Ignored him that's why he is super emo sleep behind while I'm taking this photo. lol

 As usual every order come with an complimentary gift for their customer
 Wooohooo I'm waiting for thisss!!! I think all toy poodle face look exactly the same and don't know what the reason I just wanna add on me & Bebe selca photo rather than only his photo! HAHAHAHAHAAH because I feel that's nicer! Lolll my bro say I'm crazy for that. I feel that too but just I wanna let everyone know Bebe's owner is a pretty lady! HAHAHAHAH jkjk* Just I feel like wanna differentiate it and this is the only reason!
Close up photo
Sorry for this blur photo but they have a normal design template for everyone. So I follow exactly behind part I put my contact number in case for anything happen! Then, I try my best to show Bebe his new tag! His expression is SOOOOOOOOO BLUR! Lol
'What is this mummy?Is this a food? or????'
 'Why you keep taking photo & ignore me mummy!! What is this? I'm emo....'

Lol Too boring for that and trying to figure out what's in his mind when writing this post! HAHAHAHAAH I'm really happy that FINALLY BEBE have his own new pet tag with a super reasonable price too! Of course you can have your own personalized pet tag too! Just click on http://keimag.com.my/personalized-pet-tags to make an order and pick your own design. They have love shape tag , round shape one & etc.
 Thanks KEI MAG for this little pet tags!!! I love it to the max and look at this cute little photo below!! OMG KITTY & PUPPY~~

So cute right? It's super easy to customize your pet's tags what you need to do is just choose your desired design then email them. Wait for 24 hours they will reply you with a full photo black & white design photo. After that you just need to confirm your design and WAIT FOR IT !!!

Personalized Jewelry Order Procedure
  Browse through our Personalized Jewelry page and choose your DESIRED DESIGN 
 EMAIL us at info@keimag.com.my with the following details:
  • Engraving Content:
  • Font type:
  • Plate Shape:
  • Add on(optional):
  • Special request (if any):
 We will get back to you with the design within 24 HOURS (typically a lot sooner)
  CONFIRM design
  Place order in our website and proceed to PAYMENT

You can choose for extra add on design. For example I choose extra add on a photo beside my Bebe's name :) Woohoooo I think my Bebe love this just that I need to get a new chain for him. Not sure which type of chain more comfortable for him. Afraid that he feel heavy only.. Lol or I'm the one worry too much ya?

 I keep laughing until he feel tired don't even bother me -.-
My precious Bebe going to have his 3rd vaccination tomorrow!!So happy that he grow very healthy but just he always accompany me when I'm blogging til midnight , do my assignment and prepare for my next morning class. It's so warm everytime I saw his sleeping face. Just love him so much!! Everyone treat him like a small baby~ Love you and time to sleep now. So tired still have morning class tomorrow!! See ya :) That's all for today. Love, xx

Oh yea! Almost forgot this important thing for all of you girls!! I'm here to have a little update about this Be your own Heroine safety Campaign. which organized by Phatculture.com!!

I'm quite shocked when I saw their photo about the terrible crime scene in phatculture office and I'm here by hope all of you can gain some personal safety tip to protect yourself!Plus, I'm fully support with this useful campaign!!! Most important thing is they are now having a SELF DEFENCE WORKSHOP for you to learn and practical safety technique for your own good!

Really hope that you can join this for FREE!! Just for us girls! COME & JOIN now #imaheroine I have my stupid mid term on both friday :((( Hope the last class or last 2 class I can join then you might see me there!! MUAHAHAHAHAH SEE YOU SOOOON~