♥ Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie @SS15

03 December 2013

Hello Sweeties , Hello rainbows HAHAHHAA HELLO HELLO HELLO ((Super excited now because I'm going to blog about....FOOD...hmmm Rainbow cakes??!!! Yesss I guess some of you wonder which rainbow cake I have been talking quite a long time. If you know that my 21st birthday celebration #part 3 is about this super chio / pretty / awesome / delicious / tasty rainbow cake. I need to stop myself to describe this cake because... I'm hungry right now. Yesterday , Mr.Kitty's mummy birthday and he purposely deliver one big piece for my brother and I. I really love this a lot and you know what, others rainbow cakes was selling like my god RM12 or RM9++ but this one piece only cost me RM7.50. I think this was the 7th time I purchased from them. Even my previous birthday celebration....... 

Ps: Warning , please make sure you don't fall in love with it by watching this video.. show you their RAINBOW CAKE!! (http://instagram.com/p/fziwLmD7L3/) <<Click to watch it because I don't know why I can't insert it on my blog post. Instagram embed html got any problem? hmmmmm

For me I think it's the best cake ever. My birthday cake is so delicious and cheap. Guess what it's only RM35 for whole cake. If you want the bigger size one you can order from Shakespeare before your celebration. I guess the place is somewhere near some tuition or school and that's why the price was so cheap and affordable. Seriously their rainbow cake was just SUPER CHEAP. My friends don't eat any cakes even her birthday cake. So when celebrating my birthday I expect she wont eat...BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? SHE ATE 2 PIECES and order one piece for take away! OMGOOOOSHHHH it's just so nice until I can't really describe here. Lol

What remind me for this post?!!! Actually I done editing all photo one. Just I keep in the blogging folder until forgot to blog about it. Today I scroll my instagram then suddenly it remind me about this blog post. I'm old already, recently not even remember any single thing. Like I suddenly scrolling my phone apps then I look at my lap top I forgot why I open the app. Lol Seriously, I'm super blur recently. Raining day + rushing assignment + never get enough sleep. Tons of coursework! But still god bless me I can survive on this last 2 semester before I graduate with my Degree in finance. 

Time flies, I miss that little girl (one of my listener) Vinny. Guess she's super enjoy with her study life at Korea. I miss her damn much and I know she's quite busy too & Casey!!! I remember the first time we dating at Shakespeare with Casey & her and it's my first time visit there too. So freaking satisfied with the food on that day. So yea! Today's post is about girl's dating day . Some selca photo before we order our food. Memorable day because both of them first time tea time together~
 Arghhh see it's really long time ago. My hair still so long and straight!! HAHHAAH My fringe seems so long until I feel super annoying with that stupid long bangs.
 Our favorite photo ~
 Guess it's enough with our face!HAAHAHAH No much time left on that day because we just can't wait our food to come + not enough time to talk. So just 6 selca photo only!! HAHAHAH Lucky you if not you might get spam by our face. :P


I feel super comfortable having my lunch at there because whole interior design was so clean , combination of white and light brown color & feel so peaceful! Not sure why I feel like this but something really diff with others theme or vintage cafe. I love white and I have no idea why I'm wearing white on that day . Feel like I'm in heaven! Lol ((think too much~
 GIRL'S HEAVEN i tell you. REALLY!!! Healthy bread , cakes , macarons, Pavlova , chocolate , salad , spaghetti , chicken chop & ALMOST EVERYTHING was delicious. I went there once at night with Mr.Kitty and it was a freaking cold night so we sit outside. Kitty ordered their set dinner not bad too but it's exp la for me. I prefer their spaghetti because I LOVE IT! And never forgot to order my favorite rainbow cake! HAHAHAHAAH


 I tell you! If you ever been in this kind of place to have your lunch or dinner your bill sure more than RM55( estimate two ppl) if it's 3 person like us + we order dessert sure RM80++ I'm sure it's over this amount but you know we order all no more than RM60!! wtf is this aa?? I still kept their receipt and that's why when we pay the bill we totally shocked by the amount we need to pay. SO CHEAP! I tell you KL aaaa everything over one for sure but some of the food is still slightly expensive but I personally can conclude that their cakes, dessert ((especially!!! again again I need to mention their rainbow cakes! I tell you my birthday cake next year I order x3 size of their normal size one!! I wanna let all my friends taste this!!! SUPER TASTY & YUMMY♥ x100000!!


Yeaa I went there 6th time all receipt doesn't count in service tax. They excluded it! OMG No wonder so cheap and freaking affordable for student like me and a best place for you to gather your friends and enjoy their super delicious cake too~ I'm not sure you love mushroom spaghetti anot.. I love it and except the kuchai lama one I think this is still the best one for me!! It's best serve while it's still hot and I can finish a bowl of that within 8 mins. Mr.Kitty use timer to count and I just keep eating non-stop but the size of the spaghetti might not enough for a male but just nice for girls la. I still can feel 80% full with that.

But one thing you need to take note!! Quite hard to find parking but every time my friends and I were so lucky to get a exactly parking place just nice beside Shakespeare! HAAHAHHAHA So remember take note about this. I haven try their bread guess one day I should place a visit to there and try out their bread!!!

Let's see what we order!

Mushroom Spaghetti 

Hot Honey Lemon
forgot the price lol


 Fruit Pavlova
 AGAIN!! My first time for this. I'm not sure what's this but it seems a little bit look like macaron but the taste was totally diff. Casey and Vinny told me that, pavlova is a popular dish eaten by all year round in many Australian and New Zealand homes ((especially during celebration!!!
A crisp crust and soft, light inside. Simple yet nice. Just that remember dont order this alone because it might be too might for you even the size isn't big (mine is small size) and it's a little bit TOOO sweet for us. But once in a life we should try once. Not sure why it taste like this but really like putting a spoon of sugar on my tongue. Lol super sweet so you should order this to try with your babe or friends!

Rainbow of Love (Rainbow Cake)
 RM7.50 per piece / Whole cake RM35 (can order other size)
 Must try it ! Mr.Kitty bought this last month to surprise me ((he know I craving this for so long)) Then my mom and bro also fall in love with this. The cake and each layer was so soft (even melt on our tongue) My mom told me this cake was so soft is because it's so fresh (Just make this morning) and this make us hard to cut nicely with our knife. Therefore, we just use fork..sit down together... THEN START OUR WORLD WAR fighting for this rainbow cake! AHHAAHHHAHA I'm the winner because I force Mr.Kitty feed me too with his portion! AHHAAHHAAHA 
 This is the whole cake look. Mr.Kitty purchase the exactly same birthday cake yesterday for her mom but he told me the top part (decoration of the cake) not the same. They always change one and make sure you make a call and book your cake before you go there. IF NOT!! then gg.com.cw you might be disappointed~ This cake sold out SUPER FAST!
 Yeah! Our happy face!! For those interested you can use waze to search for the location :) It's located at subang jaya!! And I feel that I went somewhere which look slightly and feel slightly like Shakespeare. Then I ask them...They told me Shakespeare is the sister of Levain?!!!! OMG no wonder I feel so similar!! I went twice to Levain & some review here 


Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie is located at : 
9G, Jalan SS15/7, 
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor 

Operating hours: 8.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. 

Tel: +60356326001 


 That's all for today. Ciaoz.

Love xx.