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21 December 2013

Hello My Little Sweethearts  :3 Take a short break yesterday and I'm gonna blog this as soon as possible because I'm going to start publish my Korea Trip post already!!!! Some of you keep on remind me I know I'm late but even I every 2-3 days update my blog.. I still owe many post haven publish!!! Overload with that but it's pretty fun for this few month because I get another new opportunity again~ Can't wait to tell you guys all the good news. Still discussion with the company once everything is confirm I will publish here, k? So today I'm gonna do a REVIEW for all of you again! Hopefully I'm not late because I really need to focus on my study for this last 2 semester. Now left another 4 weeks then I left 1 short semester until my graduation! OH YEAAA!! Countdown together with me ~ Therefore, I need extra time and sacrifice my sleeping time now! But still really enjoy talking with my blog & all of you 

Here's a little review for my favourite Korea skincare brand YADAH! But wait wait wait?!!Am I dreaming?!!! YADAH LAUNCH HER FIRST COSMETIC PRODUCT line with all of us. OMG OMG!!!A good news for all of us because Yadah is widely known for its natural skincare products  but I never think of Yadah will be launching a new cosmetic product tooo!Currently still using the 3rd bottle of their sunblock product *SUPER RECOMMEND TO ALL OF U*!! This time YADAH came out with this little Sweet Milky Tint and Mascaras! So which should I review first?? 

Oh yea!!!

Let's get started with their Bloom & Highlash Mascara!


YADAH Bloom Mascara
One thing I love about Yadah is not because of their design is in term of the ingredients they used! If you notice that from my previous blog post about Yadah skincare product I think you should know all of their product is made from natural ingredients!! This is the first reason I wish to see in their make up collection product. I'm quite shock they actually doing this for all of their product. The next thing about this is of course their affordable price! You will be shocked when you know their price range for this newly launched cosmetic product. 

I shouldn't talk too much !! AHAHAHHA Let's continue for this pinky Bloom Mascara! Bloom means voluminous eyelashes!! 
OMG Yadah was so pretty with that drawing!! HAAHAH cute to the max!
 This Mascara features a specially designed curvaceous brush with staggered bristles that provide an extremely smooth and easy application, coating even the tiniest lashes at hard-to-reach corners to voluptuous perfection.
I think this brush really did a good job for my lower eyelashes and also my upper one. The designed brush look different from others because this one look like having a two different side design. One side is just like normal volume brushes with an angle and another one is like a curve brush.(Photo above) The thing is, I found out when you apply on your eyelashes you can 360 degree turning your mascara brush and applied the side-to-side piston movement like the letter Z. Like what I always shows on my previous makeup tutorial post. 

Here's the before & after apply outcome. First I apply YADAH Bloom Mascara & then my eyelashes really instantly VOLUME UP UP UP!! Like the photo below!!
It dramatically plumps up your lashes to make it flutter and look oh-so-full. Seriously if you observe from the before photo although my eyelashes look quite okay but it's only on the front part LOL! Which means I still need to increase the volume by using this volume BLOOM mascara! The result after applied this my eyelashes look thicker , more volume , darker and especially my lower eyelashes :) Can you see that? And the eyelashes stud clearly!!! I'm loving this yooo~

Additional Tips to create stud clearly eyelashes
 For both Upper & Lower lashes

#1) Start from left to right, from right to left (it's okay to repeat few time on it) in a vertical way of the brush. It's super effective in every eyelash comb to prevent caking, showing slender eyelashes.

#2) Turn your mascara brush and apply it side-to-side piston movement like the letter Z.


YADAH Highlash Mascara
 Next, to create a more curl shape and longer eyelashes I added with YADAH Highlash Mascara. This mascara can instantly help to create a Lift, curl and lengthen eyelashes + ATTRACTIVE and Bigger eyes!
Thanks to its advanced lightweight formula on this YADAH Highlash mascara & its tailored lash extending brush now we can instantly get a maximizes length, lift lashes and add curls in just with few sweep. You can then notice longer and thicker lashes in perfect separation that holds all day. AGAIN!! See the after photo below~ 

Compare with the one just apply a coat of Bloom mascara I think this added with a little curl + longer length on it. Especially the end part of my upper eyeliner. Basically for me I think both is almost the same but this really hold your eyelashes shape slightly well than the volume one :) 
 Then let's compare both!! I remove part of my makeup again and compare with both mascara. I guess the left one seems like shorter than the right one and both of the mascara look similar except the length one slightly longer at the end part very obvious and also the left (volume) one slightly darker and thicker in term of its volume. For those who wish to achieve both volume + length eyelashes I will recommended you use both of this or add another one features diff function one for your eyelashes. 




♥ Uniquely enriched with the unique Opuntia Ficus botanical blend that nourishes your lashes for long-term lash care and vitality. 
♥ Formula is smudge and flake-free. 
♥ Instant warm water removal
 Contains D-Panthenol to strengthen eyelashes and prevent loss of lashes
♥ Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Because it's formulated 

Paraben, Sulfate, Surfactant, Talc, Artificial Colorant & Artificial Fragrance


Price / Where to Purchase

Yadah Bloom Mascara and Highlash Mascara are affordably priced at RM35. I tell you this is SUPER AFFORDABLE & REASONABLE price so far! How can you get a mascara at this price + it's formulated with natural ingredients one! REALLY CHEAP and i know some of you might find this is really quite nice for its price and of course for those who prefer natural looking makeup you can get this mascara. Very light and simple + volume + lengthen!

Yadah available at selected SASA store but you can purchase it online too! Save time , save petrol + convenience too!  You can purchase it online through Zalora.com.my, Hermo.my and MIVVA.com.



End?!! HAVEN END YET!! It's giveaway time :) How to enter this? Is very easy!!!

(1) Screenshot the YADAH GIVEAWAY photo on my instagram
(2) Repost that on your instagram ( MAKE YOUR PROFILE PUBLIC so that I can see)
(3) Tag me on your photo @chanwon92 and hashtag  #chanwondotcom too
(4) Last tell me either you want Bloom or Highlash Mascara (or either one) !!

Will randomly picked two lucky winner from this giveaway. One get Bloom mascara and another one get Highlash Mascara~ Will be announce on my instagram /Date: 30th Decamber 2013 . 

That's all for today. Love, xx.

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