♥ Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collection (3 diff Look with Tutorial)

12 December 2013

Hello my dear sweetie :3 I know it's super late now but I can't stop myself from blogging! HAAHAH recently very prefer update my blog at this super late time. Midnight blogging seems super nice! I can easily express my own feeling here but just the next morning super headache and busy again for my class & assignments. Lifeless but I'm really enjoy blogging because it's the only way I feel super relax and just feel like wanna talk to you all. So, back to the topic !! Today, I'm gonna blog about the latest Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collection♥ and at the same time a easy tutorial for you to create 3 diff look with hand pick 3 of their lipstick colour from their sweet red collection and also their high demand brown palette.

Straight to the point and stop crapping here! Let's get started!!!! Let see what's product I used from their latest collection 


Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collection 

 I got a sweet beige brown palette and 3 diff colour sweet red rouge lips from their Sweet Red Collection

Sweet Beige Brown Palette
This sweet beige brown palette was one of my favourite item of the month. Very very very pigmented! Never try never know that Shu Uemura not just popular on their oil remover but also their cosmetic product too. Especially this! Super recommended for those who looking for nude and natural eye shadow color. This is super perfect because it's a 6 shade combination for you to create a perfect nude eyes, the ideal match for sweet red rouge lips. Includes wearable shades for everyday use that can be mixed in multiple combinations for various look possibilities and includes defining and highlight shades. 
 The limited edition brown quad palette is refillable- replace shades with your own selection of catalogue eyeshadows or blushes 
 I listed out all colour available on this sweet beige brown palette
 Perfect combination especially the gradient color of their brown color series . From dark brown to soft-medium brown and also added with a light pink or beige color too.

 Sweet Red Rouge Lip Colour 
Got myself 3 diff color. It's -|Lacquer red | Spiky Rose | Mon Shu Red Pure | 

 The mon shu red pure is quite diff from the  other two color because it's shinny one. Shimmer kind of red color. It's super gorgeous when you snap photo with this lips color!!! You lips look super moisture and shine!
 | Mon Shu Red Pure |

 | Lacquer Red |

| Spiky Rose |

Oh yea done for the introduction part now should jump to the tutorial part already. I'm using the same palette for 3 diff look but diff eyeshadow color and also 3 diff lips color. So!!!! Let's Get Started!! 


Cool x Sweet Look

To create this COOL X SWEET LOOK, I'm using 3 eyeshadow color from the sweet beige brown palette and Lacquer Red lips colour from the sweet red collection. In this first look i will only use all brown color which without shimmer and shinny one. So I picked 895 . 865 and also 851 to create a nice gradient shape from light brown to the darkest brown 895.

Step (1) Apply brown 851 using an eye shadow brush. 
-Start from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward. 

Step (2) ♥ Then, apply brown 863 on the upper lid. Create gradation of the two.

Step (3)♥ Apply brown 895 along the upper lash line. 
-Blend with gentle strokes moving the brush from outward to inward.

My eye look sexier :P HAHAHAHA I love eye shadow because it's super great for enlarge my eye. I didn't apply too much because the area along my eyebrows and eyelid is kind of near. So if you have a bigger eye and thick double eyelid you can apply more and further that this.
Next I'm using Lacquer Red to complete my whole cool x sweet look. 
 | lacquer red |
A modern, fresh take on alluring Japanese lacquer red with a glossy texture.
 - Completed Look -


Sweet x Sweet Look

The next two look was my favourite look!!!! Because it's super sweet and you can use this to attract someone! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I'm just joking :P but the lips colour just toooooooo sweet and can't resist this!! To create this sweet look it's a little bit diff from the first look because I removed the darkest brown color and replace that color with a light coral 131. This Coral 131 have shimmer on it so it really look SUPER SWEET!!!

Step (1) ♥  Apply light coral 131 using another brush
- Start from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward. 

Step (2) ♥ Then, apply brown 863 along the upper lash line. 

Step (3)♥ Apply brown 851 to the inner corner of the eyes.
-Blend it together with light coral and medium brown using gentle strokes moving the brush from outward to inward.

Spot the shimmer color on it (Enlarge for you)

Lastly, I'm using Spiky Rose to complete my second sweet x sweet look :)
| spiky rose |
 Blooming roses in glossy textured striking red that is lovably feminine.

Completed Sweet x Sweet Look


Active x Sweet Look

Yea! It's super simply and easy right? And last last last look is known as Active x Sweet Look. This look for sure must added with my super happy face! For this active x sweet look I'm going to have a softer make up look and look more feminine so I picked a soft brown color and added on shimmer light carol color as well. Why? Because this lips color is shimmer too so I think it's super good if I can add on the shimmer eye shadow color on my eye make up too. It's way better than all dark brown color right? :) Hehe

Step (1) ♥  Apply  brown 862 along the upper lash line.

Step (2) ♥ Then, Apply brown 851.
-move the brush from outwards to inwards & create beautiful gradation.

Step (3)♥ Apply light coral 131 on the lower lash line.

This look is simple than the previous two but this added with the lower lash line. The light coral on my lower lash line make my eye look more innocent and bigger too :P To complete this look I'm using the last lips color which is Mon Shu Red Pure.

 | mon shu red pure |
 An ode to Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris meets Tokyo mon shu girl collection-here the sweetest red shade returns with a new shiny texture.

As I mentioned this active x sweet look is more emphasize on shimmer eye shadow and shimmer lips color. I love this shimmer color too because it make my lips look super moisture especially when I'm having a super dry lips!

Completed Active x Sweet Look


Double Hybrid Pigment Technology

In this special collection , Rouge unlimited’s signature pigments –with their phenomenal high color pay-off and fidelity– sparked a cosmetic industry phenomenon in 2006. “Opaque core hybrid pigment” combine with “crystal core hybrid pigment” which has a transparent core that realizes color pureness and transparency to bring out a more vivid, wider range of color.


Price List
Each lipstick is RM78.00 & the nude palette is RM180.00

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