♥ D&D Actual Wedding Day (Story Blog Post)

30 December 2013

Hello all my baby girls  :3 Miss me right now? AHAHAH have been disappear for few days! Don't worry I'm back again and probably you guys wont miss me because I keep instant mobile update on my #dayre. So if you haven follow me at dayre go and follow me now @chanwon :P So today...A very special say again for my love one! HAHAHAHHAAHA Actually I keep on thinking what to give you on your special day and danny.. Almost wanna die for that but just let you know you know except the card and mini DIY album done by us you still have 2 gift to claim it back. First is this blog post! Lol This blog post might be super long because it's a detail one for both D&D + Fion! HAHAHAHA

I know I'm abit funny la give you this blog post as one of your wedding gift but I know you just sit at the hotel room and totally don't know what happen outside and I know you wish to have fun with us too. But bride to be always become so busy need to make up and done everything on time. So as your love one, ME! I decided to came out with this.. just for you. Most probably I'm the fastest one to update this and I know your photographer and video man wont be faster than me! Lol Although it's really trouble to carry my camera beside me + playing game + help others bridesmaid make up but still... I want you to know every flow on your special day in this post. Therefore, you must open your eye as big as you can and read every single word k? x) 

So few days before the actual wedding day both D&D actually came to my house and pass me this super nice bridesmaid dress. I was quite shock when I receive her watsapp massage because as you guys know I always mention my house is really super far from those normal location one. But still Danny (her hubby) purposely fetch her and drop by my house. Just to pass me this dress and a handmade Kimono girl card. With all her hand writing and etc. Seriously, I'm really shock! Fion (one of the bridesmaid too) actually persuade me to stay overnight with them before the actual day. I mentioned it to my parent but both of my parent still not allow especially my mom :'(

But it's okay then, I just waiting another chance to persuade them! Lol Oh yea and thanks Danny too because he's super tired just reach Malaysia from Japan but still fetch Daph to my house woh! I so gam dong lo and sorry for my cacat face. That was the second time I meet up with daph. First time was the xmas party (oh yea, will blog it soon dont worry) So once I receive it i immediately open up the pink paper bag i just like OMG?! IS THIS MINE? First time in my life become my friend's bridesmaid ++ A friend that I met on internet! Lol sound great huh?

So story continue. I mention another time to my mom and that bad Fion teach me some skill to persuade my mom. She watsapp me and told me that " Tell your mom that one from Aus and one from Japan. Both of them going back soon" So I used this skill to persuade my mom. My mom still thinking but once Danny and Daph came to my house with the help of Fion. I successfully get the permission from my mom! Muahahhahaahhahahahahahahaha Super excited x13294702374032483. Without both of them I wont be so happy on that day! Why??

Because 3 of us at the hotel room super crazy. But the main point is, I just slept one hour on that night. Reached the hotel at 11pm after my fashion show at Publika then rush back my house > prepare and pack everything > bath > kiss Bebe & say Bye bye to Bebe > Wait my daddy > FINALLY REACH the hotel. It's 11.30 that time but I'm still super excited because I meet Fion for the second time again. But this crazy one really feel like hit her ass keep talking and doing some crazy conversation with daph. She keep mention that she feel touching when she actually able to be friend with me from a reader then suddenly can jump into my life and now even can talk to me for the whole day.Nothing else other than our similarity that tight 3 of us together. This is what I can say LOL Surprisingly, the bride-to-be daph was so tired and just sleep like sleeping beauty on that night. I slept at 5am and we wake up at 6am! Lol I feel like I'm a king because I sleep in the middle and both of them sleep beside me! HAHAHAHAA I can eat them like a wolf ! Joking

I should stop crapping again. Continue for the actual wedding day. So the whole night we have a fun time chatting with Daph but end up we decided to let her have her beauty sleep and Fion & me went out on the hotel living room continue chatting. Lol chat until the next morning 5am , then wake up at 6am with daph. So here's her face after done her make up and she have no idea why I need to snap this but I just force her to do so! HAHAHAHAA
How if this is your wedding outfit? Lol

Then we continue to kacau her but because all of us quite rush and we have another 1 hour to prepare all the game stuff + make up. So I decided to stop kacau her and continue to help Fion & Daph's sis make up their face. I did my own make up within 20 mins. Most important is help my girl Fion to do her natural looking makeup because she always prefer rock style so today she might be feminine a little bit! HAAHAHAHHA Daph suggest to put on super sweet pink blusher on her face. 
Oh yea then! Finally all get ready! Waiting other ji-mui (bridesmaid) to come. Total have 6 of us! Each of us having a diff color dress on that day while daph sis wearing a shorter bridesmaid dress which different from us one. While waiting for others to come + daph continue make up , we continue selca on that time. Lol This dress was just so pretty I can't stop myself ! AHAHHAHAHA
My most supportive babe , Fion! She always concern about me and being my super chio readers too! HAHAHAAH Although the way she talk I really feel like hit her ass! Lol *evil me* but it's really like a miracle that she is one of my reader last time and now jump into my life. Feel so surprise with that and every time she comment on my post or inbox I feel super motivated. Love both of you xx. Then we continue selca after everyone done her make up and all bridesmaid reached the hotel.
Fion > Me> Daph's sis Yuka
 Wan Teng

To be true I don't know anyone there except Daph & Fion but still when girls gather together with a camera. Everyone can be friends! HAAHAHAHAH Especially talking to each other on our dress color , talk about the game later and how we gonna let all the 'Heng-Dai' (brothers) lose the game , talk about everything.  
 Kylie ,Yuka , Wan Teng , Fiona , Fion & Me
 Must-have-pose! HAHAHAHAHAHA


While waiting for the groom and all the heng-dai brothers. Total 6 of us we divided into 2 group. 3 of us standing outside waiting them while another 3 standing behind the door which responsible to block the door and protect the bride! HAHAHAHA Normally all traditional wedding will did this on the actual day. In order to enter the door you need to pass all the challenge and give red pocket to the bridesmaid. All the brothers and heng dai will protecting the groom and be responsible to get through all the challenge. They must help Danny to pass all challenge in order to let him meet and kiss my babe daph. Muhahahaha But all of them so slow because videoman and cameraman was helping them to snap video and photo on the ground floor. I tell you. Don't be shock when you see their outfit . When I upload it to my instagram people asking me that whether it is a cosplay event anot?!! HAHAHAAHHA
 Oh yea finally all 'cosplayer' reach! AHAHAHAHHAA OMG it's not just guy because behind them still have some pretty girl coming too. Some is really from Japan and wearing Yukata too. HAHAHA I SERIOUSLY WANNA LAUGH my ass off because their outfit is just so AWESOME! Especially those who wear fake hair and dress one! AHAHAHAH This is just so fun! I keep laughing and guess what I feel scared when I see all of them because their eyes have super power! They keep O.O like telling us THEY MUST PASS THROUGH ALL THE CHALLENGE! lol
As you can see Danny just can't clam down. He is super excited on that day. I'm sure you didn't get a chance to see this picture from your photographer album but I help you to snap this down!! HAAHHAHA Joking Joking but all the way Danny sweating like hell keep telling me he is super hot can't tahan the hotness. Actually I feel super hot too because I saw a sexy man wearing pink hair and sexy dress! HAHAHAHAHAHA 
You see this is how pity am I. I actually let them push and pull until I can't tahan but still Camera Mode still on! Lol They asking us to open the door but unfortunately they can't make it. So end up they just keep pushing the door. But then me , as a super powerful bridesmaid!!! I STOP THEM!! LOL joking** We all just shout like crazy then I shout PLEASE CALM DOWN~~~~~ Then still useless so I faster signal with Danny and ask Danny to ask them to be calm. AHAHHAA Oh yea they just hear what Danny said. Lol 

Okay finally they are normal now. But please I JUST CAN'T STOP LAUGHING ON THEIR OUTFITS LA!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Please calm down me now! HAHAHA Damn it who came out with this idea? and who bought the fake pink hair for that guy! HAHAHAA and some of the japanese guy just put whole face white paint and it's just SO KAWAII xD  
Besides that, we never forgot our red pocket one lo! HAHAHAHAA See all of them so happy and Danny very funny one. Keep can't calm down and keep show me his tiny eye like can't wait to see Daph. I guess you are laughing now daph. You see la your hubby so happy xD After that we just open door for them but still they need to pass through few game and challenge in order to see the bride! AHAHAHAH


Game Time (Total 5 Challenge)
So very fast it's GAME TIME!!! Total we prepared 5 game for them. I didn't really contribute but just keep shout shout shout on that time because all of them just make me feel like laughing and roll on the floor. You see their face expression!! AHAHAHAHAH So we have our watsapp group chat at first and another 3 bridesmaid actually contribute the most on thinking this 5 games because Fion & I unable to attend their early meeting but still I'm glad that everything run smoothly.

1st Challenge
First challenge for them. We name it as Mineral Water Challenge. They have to pick 3 person to finish the whole bottle of mineral water with straw within 3 mins. But suddenly few pretty girls jump out to represent those boys. I think guys was just so shy to be the first one and those girls was just so brave. Then what to do with the boy? They negotiate with us -.- They ask us to change the rule of the game. They negotiate that we change it to 5 person because it's girl (at first we expect all is male no female) Lol then we say NOOOOO then they added with another rules say extend the time to 5 mins! Of course we say NOOOOOOOO!!
 This is their serious face. They still discuss with each other. End up we all agree that to allow 5 girls but the time is remain on 3 mins! Means that 5 of them need to finish the whole bottle within 3 mins!
 Okay Okay!! ARE YOU READY NOW? All guys so steady looking the girls to pass this challenge only. Lol They face so funny leh! HAAHAHAHAHAHHAAH I REALLY KEEP LAUGHING NOW

Okay!! ready?!!! 
Danny still talking steadily while others girl just super nervous thinking how to finish this on time! Lol 
 Okay! They fail the first challenge but I must show you this !! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH See the photo below! Two super star, One is Danny's sister's husband (If not mistake) and another one is Danny BFF.
 They sacrifice a lot for Danny! AHAHAHHAHAH WEH SO FUNNY LA HAHAHAHAH PLEASE LET ME CALM DOWN!! They fail this so we have another red pocket !! AHAHAHAH

2nd Challenge
Second challenge = Ping Pong Ball. Each ping pong ball have own special alphabet and some without any alphabet. What they need to do is find out those alphabet and take it out from the bowl with their mouth and put it on the egg box. Then after that they need to guess the sentence and word with a proper ascending and correct order.
 Danny blur face thinking how to start with this. Then the pretty sexy pink hair man jump out to help him! Lol Then this happen .....hmmm.. They both like want to kiss each other! HAAHAHAHAH
 好深情的表情 xD

Seriously, this guys really suit with this outfit! HAAHHAAHAHAHHAA
 Everyone was like 'errrrr really want to use mouth mie?? Yerrrr?? All the saliva and ...... "
Okay la. Another bro jump out to be the first one! HAAHAHAHAH 
 Teamwork time! Some using their mouth to put the ping pong ball and some thinking what's the next alphabet.
 Wahh!! This hair look super nice xD Nice hair style! HAAHHAHAHAA
 "hmmm...really want to use mouth?"
Then the another Japanese guy was like "OMG..God bless me pls" (No eye to see expression)

HAHAHHAHA Feel like wanna put on a conversation column beside the photo but I don't wanna let danny and daphne slap so I just write it as a caption on my blog can liao! HAHAHAHAHA

28 <3 12 <3 2013

3rd Challenge
3rd Challenge= Biscuit Challenge. This is super interesting! HAAHAHAH They need to bite the biscuit and form a shape that look like ' I LOVE DAPHNE' At first each of them waiting each other to finish the first few alphabet but this is way too slow. So I suggest Danny each of them take one biscuit and give them a alphabet. So they can have teamwork again! It will be faster right?

Ps : You see where got bridesmaid give you hint one? I so good help you so you must be thankful to me ok? xD HAHAHAAHAH
At first all of them can't understand the rules they go and bite all into pieces and put it to make the alphabet but it's WRONG. They have to bite one biscuit to form one alphabet. Not cincai cincai bite then just put it on the table and make it look like an alphabet! HAAHAHAH Luckily they're still smart enough. Some alphabet like 'D , P ,O ,E ' were so hard to bite because the middle blank and also the shape of the side.  
But still their Japanese pretty girl was so pro!! She so smart and most of the hard one she did it. HAHAHAAHHA 

 HAHAHAHAA. You see their expression! So funny man ! He like "NANI??? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT" expression, Okay la Okay la I'm bad because I captured all their funny expression. 
 Where's the 'N'?

 4th Challenge
4th Challenge is the most good challenge. WHY? Because actually the actual rules is each of them require to put on red lipstick and make it a LOVE shape by kissing on the paper. But because I can't forgive them pushing me at the time I standing in front of the door. So I suggest all bridesmaid to help them put on the lipstick. 

BTW, To be honest I FEEL SUPER HAPPY when I purposely draw the line out of their lips! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH Each of them especially those pretty girl I'm sorry but I super enjoy when putting all red lipstick out of all guy's lips! HAHAAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA YOU SEE THIS DANNY! But this is not me aaa.. This done by Fion! I just help him to snap this photo and he is so good to pose this in front of me. Thankiuu! AHAHAHAH
 They thinking how to shape this.
One by one kiss on the paper. Some of them so smart they just kiss then pull the line so it make it longer =.=  SMART ENOUGH but it's okay we open one eye close one eye let you guys pass this challenge la! I'm afraid Danny will faint because he can't meet daph on time! AHAHAHA

5th Challenge
Up to this point they can't tahan liao. You know why?? Later you will know but let me continue with this game first. This challenge known as MILK BOTTLE Challenge. THE MIXTURE OF EGG + COCA-COLA. wtf? sounds so disgusting man!! I don't dare to drink or try this also. But guess what you see while everyone was thinking who to play this game (only 3 person need to do this) a Japanese BRAVE man jump out to save DANNY! HAAHAHAHAHAH 
He speak some Japanese language. But i guess he told us that IT'S SUPER EASY MA! SCARED WHAT LEH? 

Then 3....2.....1....
wah wah wah! the pink hair sexy man!

 This two guys feel so disgusting and the first one who finished this whole bottle was the japanese man just now. The pink sexy man drink half and his next expression after this told us that he want to vomit already. AHAHAHAHAHAH

As I mentioned just now, story haven end! You know why? After they passed all 5 game. They decided to play us back -.- You know what i really don't know who's that devil asking all of those who still have lipstick on their lips come and kiss us -.- I REALLY FEEL LIKE $^@%$#%#^#$$%#@ because they never tell us what and I heard someone mention that like ' HELLO GUESS WHAT WE GOING TO DO NEXT?!!" Then all guys and girls push all of us and start kissing us on our hand and face . ARGHHHHHHHH

And I feel I super lucky I didn't get kiss on my face but one on my hand. Because my face was super nervous and feel like angry you know why? My camera kenal pull by someone hand and it almost drop. You know it ALMOST DROP and the camera string almost broke and spoil. Luckily Danny saw this and his expression same same with me. Both like O.O and keep spot my camera! Lol luckily they stop it. Then guess what?! all 4 others.. all have kenal . On their face , hand and keep pushing here & there. WAH THANKS GOD my camera & I was safe. HAAHAHAHAH but most kiss on their face was those pretty girl that wearing Yukata the guys just keep laughing and push all of us asking us to open the 2nd door for danny! Lol


Congratz to Danny
Wooohooo finally he successfully pass through all the challenge! Luckily all his friends was so powerful and smart enough! But really so funny to see Danny's nervous face. 
Haven end because Danny still need to say some touching quote and sentence to Daph until Daph say YES he only can enter! HAHAAH He speak so soft and everyone telling him that he can't bring Daph home if he can't speak louder! Lol end up he shout as loud as possible! AHHAAHHAA WELL DONE  
 Taadaa!! Their super happy face! I want to snap more photo on that moment but the camera keep on flash flash flash =.= I only able to snap this others all blur and shaking. 
 Guess who help Daph style her hair and make up?!!! I love daph hairstyle


Group & Family Photo Time
Spot that pink hair sexy man! Lol 
Super tired after this but quite enjoy because it's super unique and diff from others actual wedding day!! 

After this we heading to Danny's house. Having our lovely lunch (I'M SUPER HUNGRY)! Until 1.30pm we decided to back home~ 

Story not yet end because still have lots of photo coming up on her wedding dinner at night. I become the part time photographer for daph. If me I will feel emo if I wear that white lovely fairy dress but no one actually help me to photoshoot it. Lol So end up I'm daph part time photographer! All photo below took by TR1000 Casio so don't ask me why I got the filter what software i use because all without edit in 3rd party application. All photo straight from my camera. Lol


Wedding Dinner @ Night

Sweet Kylie decided to fetch Fion & me back to my house so that Daph have extra time to rest as well. At first daph plan that fion & me will be follow her for whole day but I also feel paiseh because I know daph must be tired like us! I'm super tired and sleepy all the way to my house . But still I can't sleep or take a nap because have to help Fion make up and practice a song cover. Guess what? I performing on the stage. Just for daph..and that Fion keep support and motivate me to perform. Actually at first she's the only one who perform end up I follow up too. But good experience again. Just for daph your next gift! HAAHAHAHAHA jkjk
So I dress up myself with black dress and I actually didn't plan with daph & fion but end up we realize that 3 of us have matching color! LOL daphne's second wedding outfit was a black dress too! Before going back to the hotel we decided to selca on the pretty garden! Photo credits to Fion using my phone , filter by instagram filter.
So pretty hor the place? Hmmm I feel pretty for myself because of the venue too! LOLLL
Love this the most too!!

Some selca photo 
After a while we feel like going up to help daph wear her super gorgeous long fairy dress. And I'm the part time photographer. LOLLLLL I feel so waste for daph if she didn't able to selca and snap as much photo as possible on that pretty dress. But the hotel room was super dark and romantic lightening. i try my best to adjust the lightening on my small little camera. it's not DSLR >.< So waste but luckily the photo look nice too :P 


Shooting Time for Daph LOLX

Hope you love all the photo daph :) Another gift for you! AHAHAHAH YOU SEE ALL MINI GIFT means a lot to you and danny leh~ LAALALALALALALA Danny you see your wifey so pretty must sayang her everyday and born small daph and small danny for us k?
So pretty <3 
NG Photo! ahahahahah don't kill me pls

Wah too white with the stupid flash . Look like beautiful zombie here :X

3 OF US 

The second Wedding Outfits / Style 
Wah so pretty I wanna be photographer liao! HAAHHAHAA
 This pose I purposely ask daph to pose one! Lol

So our turn to perform after accompany daph to change her second outfit. Hmmm a bit nervous but they told me that I'm good at that but I feel like it's very weird to perform then everyone stop eating + focus on my ugly voice. Then one thing is Fion make both of us feel like crying and tear T.T She go up stair and give a random speech for daph and telling everyone how we met each other and suddenly each of us jump into our life. WAHLAO really like mom seeing own daughter married then want to cry out that feeling :'( touching!!!


Know all of you getting super tired to see all of our selca. So a blur one to end this post! Still have lots of photo on other's camera and the photographer's camera. I can't wait to see their wedding video and also the complete standard photo album too! Will blog it once I got it from daph and the link too :) Stay tuned

It's 2.30am right now. Tomorrow I have to wake up and meet with my group member to discuss our assignment. I don't know how I'm gonna wake up myself tomorrw. fml! But it's okay I hope this help you to fill up your memories on that day daph :) Most important best wishes for you and danny! Sweet Sweet together and will be going to JAPAN kap kap you both soon!! Muackx.. Going back this saturday right? Safe flight and remember faster let me see xiao daph & xiao danny lah! I wanna be their kai ma! HAAHAHAHAHAHHA 

That's all for today. My brain can't function already. Time to bed. Love xx.  


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