♥ Highlight in 2013 : I'm Blessed & Thanks for being with me!

01 January 2014

Hey Yooo my sweethearts :3 It's gonna be a long post this time! I guess everyone was celebrating New Year Eve this few days , How about me??? I was thinking about my future..hmm.. what I did on year 2013? Things that I regret , things that surprised me , things that I should be glad , things that make me happy / sad & so on. Look at myself and read back my old post about My Precious & Beautiful Moments in 2012 I'm feel so touching. Lol this is why I'm still at home don't wish to go out HAHAHAHAA I'm quite weird but Well, I guess everyone should have a record and list on things we did on every year. It's very simple like you can have a short list which record anything that happened on this current year. I did that because you know I record special date and events on my diary and then , was waiting this chance for the last day of the year and update this post as a Summary/Highlight for myself. 

As you all know that I'm still a university student, I have both happy and stress time during this few year studying for my finance degree. I have lots of thought for myself and everyone was wondering who am I and how much can I put on my study and part time blogger. It wasn't a joke for me because you know I'm blessed for everything I had and appreciate everything you gave to me. Yea, you gave me! It's serious. Look back to my last year highlight in 2012. Not much thing I did but every opportunity that came to me I try my best to take it as a lesson , learn from it and experience it. 

Before I start with this post I'm here to thanks for all of you. Thanks for everything. Old readers, new readers, new friends , sweeties , babies , family and everyone of you which involved in my life.. Thanks so much because this year 2013 I experienced lot of things and new opportunity which you all gave it to me. I'm totally blessed and actually this post should be super long one but I guess you guys don't wish to read so much of word so I re-edit it and try my best as short as I can. You guys just as a part of my life. Without you all , i wont be at here continue blogging for myself and all of you. 

Throughout the year 2013, I learned how important to remember the reason I start blogging. This world is quite realistic , I met lots of new friends at the same time lots of new challenge for me to pass through. A lot of opportunity at the same time I need to stay strong at my own position as a student. Too much of good thing happen for me and ask me to give up my study to earn money and many many many more. But I always wanna prove to my parent that I manage to do everything with my own. I'm still the only chanwon! 

Some readers and friends talk to me and support me. I'm really thanks and glad that I'm one the person who actually influence and motivate you. This 2013 I did lots of things and received lots of feedback that actually motivate me to stick and do myself. No need to bother how people look at me or anything else. JUST BE MYSELF. I tell you this 'JUST BE MYSELF' isn't as easy as I thought. It's quite challenging because I have no idea how am I manage to become today's me. An elder sister in my family who need to focus on my study , earn my own money , a blogger , an online shop owner / seller , a performer , shooting model... and many many many.. I love to try new thing and actually study isn't what I want. LOL  but my parents always telling me that a girl need to be good in term of the academic and others is just can use for hobby.

I BELIEVE everyone of your parent told you the same thing. My mom and dad told me 8473070480974349 times. I love transforming my friends into pretty girls, I help my friends make up during their birthday part , help my bro's friends make up , help them curl their hair.. This is my hobby.. one of the reason why i love to share my tips on my blog. I love on the stage. Cat walk for fashion show, joined fashion show , joined some TV show. I love performing . Sing and playing guitar... Basically I love everything that prove both of my family that I CAN DO IT. They didn't support me at any hobby I love including blogging. They told me it's waste of my time , effort and blablablabla but just in year 2013.. During my 21st birthday, my mom hug me , my dad told his family how his daughter did everything by herself and pay for herself. Just in year 2013, I collaborate with many diff kind of big company because of my blogging life , I met all of you in bazaar , I talk with diff company's PR , I joined lots of event , I'm able to meet new bloggers and friends in real life , I'm able to speak in public , I'm able to express myself , I'm able TO BE MYSELF. 

Because of all of you, I'm able to step further than my usual life. My life is quite boring , everyday go class then back home. Every weekend go shopping. But with blogging and all opportunity, I able to do things I mentioned just now. Because of all of you , my relative who always look down on my family start to be nice to my family. I'm not born in a rich family , so you know every family have their own issues although I really dislike both of my parents always argue in front of my bro and I. I hope to be happy. HAPPY is the only thing that important to me & it's the only thing that make you love me. True???

Who wish to read a blog have lots of negative thing ? No one! but somehow always being happy isn't real for me. I have bad mood time too but still everyone thought that IT'S OKAY I'M HAPPY so never bother what's my real feeling. Lol this is a bad side being an always happy person. But in a good side, happy hold all of us together. I want to bring a msg to all of my reader that when you read my blog you can feel the HAPPINESS. Throughout this year, I always make my blog look like MY BLOG, not a commercial blog.You know sometime if blog became your main way for your income it really sounds supper commercial and with that little thing you can't write any bad review on any company. But I'm super thankful to all my collaboration brand because they allow I write any review that I like.  They never force me for writing positive review!

I know sometime I really bad rejecting some of the collaboration because some company just pay me for positive review. I don't wanna lie my reader and I have a responsible for it. Previously I experience some blog shop paying me then sending me some REALLY BAD QUALITY CLOTHES asking me to review and advertorial for it. I know i'm bad on returning all the money and stock for those blog shop. But I have my reason for that. Imaging you purchase a clothes that I adv in my social media that items came in a very bad condition, I'M SURE YOU WILL BLAME ME. This is the reason. and also without you guys, without me. Without your trust, I wont be able to collaborate with all diff kind of company. Seriously, I'm blessed.

Thankiu for all your trust , Thankiuu for all sponsorship , Thanks for all advertorial that able to let me earn some extra income for me to survive until  now , Thanks for all the help , Thanks for all the opportunity you gave to my blog and me. I think this should be the last part of this post but just wanna let you know my feeling right now before I start blogging the highlight in 2013. Lol I wanna be a responsible blogger as a return for all of you! I don't wanna let you all think that blogger just simply take and receive money with a cincai review few photo few paragraph with no content as a return for that precious opportunity. I wanna let all collaboration company to know that I'm appreciate for the opportunity so.. I will did the best for all of you!

and thanks myself for being so budget and always save here and there but every year end I will spending like a queen. I save throughout the year and end up I will spend everything on my year end trip. This is what I promise myself since last year. I will try my best save as much as I can then spend on my trip. I want my life is colorful with everything.. You never know what going to happen until somebody in your life passed away suddenly and you feel like...OMG... I wanna did something for myself other than just earn money. YOLO! Seriously this is so true! Your life only live once! Don't bother what people think about you but always remember what you think about yourself!

Thanks 2013 for being so nice to me. I love everyone of you and I will continue my journey together with all of you. You all was the one who gave me my life. Sometime I feel like I don't deserve it but seriously, Thankiuu so much!!!Love xx. Thanks for being with me for all the time. Thanks for all patient from the company even thou all blog post came out abit late but you still appreciate all my work. 


Highlight in 2013

Guess too long for this post so ..is time for the highlights in year 2013! Lol I tried my best to skip and be faster / make this as short as possible sin the previous paragraph kinda overload content! LOLLLLLLLLL


This year I involved in diff kind fashion showand doing some cat walk helping my friends with their boutique and company too. Super great opportunity but I don't know how to smile nicely. I just manage to upload the vide on my insta :P Go and have a look! LOLLL Apart from fashion show , I get a chance interview by 8TVwith two friendly host. It was my first time and I'm kind of nervous don't know how to film in a right angle but I was shocked that they invited me for the 2nd time again. The TV show will be up at 19th January on 8TV , 8 Style. Thanks for the those who turn on the TV and being so surprise why I look very diff from photo! HAHAHAHAHAAHHA But I'm really happy that those people say I'm fat and chubby end up telling me I'M SUPER CHIO and thin in real life. You know up on tv really make yourself look SUPER CHUBBY AND FAT. Lol

Never forger about how excited am I when I allow to own a petand get permission from my parent. I think most of you had read the whole real story (pet diary) and know how I spend my love time with this little baby boy, Bebe. I would spend my whole day and time just to be with him. He kiss me when I'm crying and at the same time being so annoying to ask me go to bed , waiting me at the corner of the door. Although my mom still like so complain about Bebe. But all of us being together and enjoy big family time because of him. I love the moment when Mr.Smelly came my house , sit down together with my family and all of us discuss and talk about Bebe. Hope he can grow healthily and happily. 


Throughout the year 2013, I have lots of opportunity to collaborate with many many many good online boutique/Hair Salon. Most of them was now become my friends plus they are so nice to work with. Some of them was my long term sponsorship partner. It's really hard to find online shop that I trusted because sometime people just try to pay for the advertorial but quality is not as good as I expected but if you see those shop that I always collaborate with. I'm sure you love them as I do. ambassador for diff boutique. Other than that, I'm happy that I'm able to help them in term of their business and gained trust from everyone. They spread me on their social media platform , asking me to be their brand ambassador , and every event I went I no need to worry about I have nothing to wear.   I still remember last time when I always wearing the same kind of dress to diff event some reader really complain about it and try their best to tell me how annoying am I wearing the same top to every event. I never forgot that but because of this all opportunity I saved lot of cost and get diff kind of outfit everyday. I'm thankful and will continue discover nice blog shop sharing with all of you. Of course not every blog shop sponsored me sometime I did purchase with my own money too. But still Thanks for those who actually sponsored me with your items :) Oh yea and my crazy hair transformation. Thanks for every diff hairstyle for me. Thanks my magic hair stylist, Shinno.

Next, this year I'm involved in many diff kind of bazaar. Some is being invited while some was my friends and I both helping each other to organize it. First of all, thanks for those who came to see me and help me purchase lotsss of my pre loved cloth + Double beauty items. My side income was one of the major in my own blog shop and also being involved in bazaar. I have not much time left on my daily class but still I'm able to squeeze my time joining diff kind of bazaar which came out with lots of opportunity and new friends around me. I'm really blessed with that. I really can't express how lucky am I to meet all of you. I didn't realize that reader was being involved as a part in my life too.

Although some of my friend telling me that we need to have a distance with people and don't be so friendly. I know this shouldn't be wrong because some reader actually no polite at all and no respect after being with them too close. They ask me one question I answered, ask me 10 question I answered and sometime all answer stated on every place, I had answered so many time so I ignore it and paste the link as a reply ...They scold me. I should really ask them go and google it. At first I'm angry with them but now I no longer angry because obviously you never read any tips and hints I use my heart & soul to write on my blog. Even all trip post like the taiwan post I stated which MRT to take and some tips but still they never check it come and ask me and scold me that I'm being so bad no reply them. But still there are some really nice to me support me all the way and lastly, BECAME MY REAL LIFE FRIENDS. HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm happy that actually I can influence you guys:) Seriously!! LOVE YOU ALL AGAIN!!!

Continue my part time being model for my friends for their photoshooting. I'm happy my shooting series hits your like!! HAAHAHAHAH I love the japanese one> http://www.chanwon.com/2013/07/photo-shooting-waiting.html but now I slowly quit that because I think it's enough for my face. Previously I thinking to snap as much as I can then in future I can tell my next generation that their mom was so pretty one!! HAHAAHHAAH But now I guess I should quit until my pre-wedding album! AHAHHAAHAHAH. But say totally 100% quit is lie one la still helping my friends for their boutique shooting too just the amount compare to previous year become lesser. Because all photo full with my rabbit teeth and big smile I think it was more than enough already! AAHHAHA

Most excited news for me!! Won an Iphone 5 Actually all of our blogger don't even know what prize for that. The campaign never tell us what to get and how much I can get. I didn't really spam because i know I hate it but good news came in my life when I never expect too much! I thought it was a joke when I received an email they say I'm late for the collection period and they don't know all my detail. LOLLLLL Thanks sunggei wang for this little price. I tell you my whole life I never win anything from any company. My luck is just sooooo low!!!!!! BUT I MANAGE TO GET THIS HOME..SO EXCITED EXCITED..


The best time in every year was my favourite month - October!SAVE money whole year only spending it on my trip. You will realize that excited feeling when you actually save quite a long time then dream came true. This year I manage to visit two new place , it's better than last year. This year visited Bkk, Thailand & Korea. Just I didn't manage to go to Seoul but I have a good time at Busan & Jeju Island. Thanks my friends for all the guide and bf + his family for the korea trip. Brand new year I guess I would be home everyday so It's the best time to start with my korea post although some of you already can't wait for me but you see me everyday update also can't start with my korea post then you can know how busy am I need to manage my both study and blogging. :'( So sorry but promise I'm gonna start this week BRAND NEW 2014 mahhh!! never break promise now! Sometime I really wish I no need to save money for my trip I wish ticket drop from the sky LOLLLLL because you know , study still need earn money. Earn money already need pay this pay that pay for Bebe left that little only able to save for trip. That's why all my trip I didn't spend so much on shopping but just TRIP! lol


My 21st Birthday Bash + Dinner was just way tooo AWESOME. Although I don't have that much of money to open buffet at home but I'm able to invite all my precious friends and babe and pay for everything.Luckily all thin thin so I no need to spend so much (I'm joking la) HAHAHAHAHA But really thanks for the unforgettable day in my life. I never open any party one and this is my first time!! VERY VERY FIRST TIME but quite tired because me was the only one talking and introduce each other. Oh yea and thanks for my bloggers friend for the celebration and also my University friends too! Thanks for the rainbow cake!! +Dinner in the dark LOLLL

Then, my relationship. Not just with my bf but my family and friends. Every year must mention a bit on it because the only one who know how much effort I put on my relationship will know it. Mr.Smelly, Thanks for being with me again and of course all my BFF. My relationship with  my bro and Bebe!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA Love you all deep deep. And my special one smelly, it's our 4th year celebrating new year and we have been together for 3 years 3 months.. Still counting. Thanks for your hard work and thanks for your patient. You are my bf , friends , listener , supporter , fans , driver , teacher & blablablablabla most important is you're not a patient person but with me (I'm worst than you) you can be the one I need . Sometime I just purposely test you on your 'tahan me' level but you prove to me that I'm the most happy girl in the world even I'm not a perfect one. Love you 38753047230472304832! 

Of course, met so many new friendsthat out of my usual friends circle.Thanks for all the love and be friend with me because I'm always the most talkative and 38 but you all still so love me T.T I really feel so touch that you all still love me even I'm not rich , not pretty , no branded stuff , no car , no body ...blablablaaaaaaaa but still ask me to be who am I. I met new friends , joined party and events. So happy that I can spend my weekend time with all of you. Although I always off your plan because I'm only able to go out when I got permission from my parent + arrange my transport + no late event! LOLLL Some bloggers still recommended me to diff company for further collaboration. Oh yea and and and of course able to try lots of DESSERT AND NICE FOOD with most of them too. Thanks so much for everything. Kiss kiss kiss muackx muackx to all of you! Lol 

The beginning of year 2013 I want to save money for my trip so I work really hard on my boutique take the risk of it. My dream came true but after oct I need to concentrate more on my final year last 2 semester (like now) I need to take a break on it but actually Double Beauty still doing business selling their DOUBLE EYELID TAPE. hahaha some of you thought that I didn't sell this anymore but don't worry one day I'm still single eyelid tape one day i need it..die also sell to you all. Thinking about my online shop is actually a gift for me. At first never thought of having it because I just go for trip grab as much as thing i love then end up when everyone asking me where to grab it I decided to start with this mini business. Every item hand picked by me , check by me, own snap by myself. I can ensure for the quality and thanks everyone for the trust. Oh yea did I say my Double Beauty will be back for its clothing line again??

Stay tuned and I know you guys miss the time shopping with me :)

As a conclusion , feel free to read from the top!! HAAHAHAHHAAHAHHA The sequence is kind of messy but just wanna thanks you all first before I blog about all the highlights and things I did in year 2013. Just want to let you know that, I love everyone of you and thanks for being with me all the time. No matter who you are, I'm just waiting for the chance to meet you in real and being involve in the rest of my life.

That's all for today. Love, xx.


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