Korea Trip #1 : First Day In Busan ♥

03 January 2014

Hello my super patient readers and sweeties  I know right!!!! Finally I start blogging about my KOREA TRIP in this brand new year. Received so much so much msg and reminder and once I start blogging today I will non-stop for this!! So don't worry for that already you no longer need to wait after the super long waiting. Probably have 2 months now but I have no idea why when it turns super stress I feel more nice blogging for this kind of travel post. So you can imaging how stress am I now. Usually my blog is quite opposite one. I blog nice and good thing when I'm stress ! The only way can release my stress. Lol 

Don't worry I missed anything because this is a memorable trip for myself. What special about this? I travel to Korea with Smelly and his family. His aunts and his cousin. It was a 8 days trip for all of us and this 1 week plus trip I used 1 month time to persuade my parents! HAHAHAHAHA On the other hand, this was one of my 21st present for myself too. Thanks Smelly & his family for everything this time. I'm super duper excited even now I still can feel it. It was like another trip AFTERRRR MY TAIWAN TRIP. But during this whole trip a big problem for us is communication. I'm not sure Seoul (It might be better) because I went to 2nd main city which is call as Busan and also their super beautiful Jeju Island and some others small area within the journey from busan to jeju. 

Another good thing about my trip is we keep having nice food during the whole journey. We actually joined those tour but because we were the extra 6 person so they break 6 of us following a small mini tour which guide by a Korean male. He was super weird for the first day maybe because all of us still not so close and he keep on driving to the wrong way -.- Lol but after the first day I just feel super happy with his responsibility and telling us some korean joke. Lol

I'm out of topic again!! Lollll but one thing I forget to mention that I didn't really recognize the name of their food. Although I know some but if anyone of you know what is the name of the food just let me know ya! I wanna include it on my blog post! LOLLLL Because of the kindness of our tours we didn't eat those rubbish tour food but every food we eat is super nice & yummy. Just tell you that food in Korea is quite expensive. I never realize the price until the last few day when we actually order food by our own...LOL one person almost RM50+ really expensive for me even you eat those cheap cheap one at least also need RM35. I'm serious not joke. 

So few day before we actually start to prepare for our trip we received a bad news regarding air asia flight delay. Lol suppose 6 hours flight and estimate reaching time in Busan was at 9.30am but end up delay til almost afternoon we only able to reach our destination. Original time depart from Kuala Lumpur was midnight but end up it become morning 5am or 6am. But air asia not bad la give us extra sandwich to ask for our forgiveness but still I'M ANGRY because wasted our time!!! Suppose we can reach earlier than that and enjoy extra shopping time with our tours. Mana tau macam ini one :'( But still 6 hours flight for me was quite moody because I sit alone behind with another 2 married couple. Lol I really feel like vomit because the flight keep down & up..up & down.. whole of my face turns super green and really NIGHTMARE ever. So don't expect I look pretty on my first day photo. My face didn't put any makeup and look super tired + can't sleep on the flight so my face really look like shits on the first day. Lol 

Abnormal face with my shits face. Lol btw, smelly look handsome when I look ugly -.- Wanna slap myself. Lol So finally we arrived Busan Gimhae International Airport Still remember how funny all of us waiting for our tours and thinking who was that person. China? or what..Then suddenly a man walk by us asking us whether following his tours or not because he was waiting for a gang of family came from Malaysia one but we tell him that we have our own tours. Then we wait for another 15 mins start to worry about our time. Suddenly don't know how the guy pop up and appear again then keep on pointing the paper saying that he is from smiley tours (a smiley symbol so I assume it's smiley tours) AHAHHAAH Then end up after whole conversation finally he is the one!!! LOLLLLL So funny loh but I very enjoy the moment where everyone look super blur and excited at the same time. HAAHAHAHAH

Hellloooooo BUSAN!! HELLO KOREAAAAAAA!! I'M HEREEEEEEE *fly kiss fly kiss fly kiss* So while we sitting inside the car I just keep trying to connect wifi available at there. Some place have some plce don't have free wifi access have to wait I back and have a look on the hotel we stay. All the way from the airport to our next destination , all our luggage was placed behind our car . At the same time (like finally) he introduce himself to us. We call him as David. David is a Korean Guy coming all the way from Seoul so the first day he abit sesat jalan keep driving to the wrong place -.- I was quite curious about it and keep complain where got tours like this one. LOLLLLLL I'm so bad I know!  
All the way from airport to our next destination , David just explain some Korea thing to us. Their building look super organize. Not messy at all I think. We saw lots of car and I just can't wait to have my dinner. LOLLLLL I'm always complain about that. I'm super hungry I want my dinner right now!  
 Their building just like toys! Lol very organize right??? All full! Lol


Dinner Time

Oh like finally!!! David brought us to a restaurant to have our dinner. I can say that I totally have no extra time to snap photo or selca because I'm just SUPER HUNGRY. See this little boy act cute on that. Seriously, both of us same age but why look super kid -.- But I can't believe that it just like a dream. I'm able to travel with him and throughout whole journey he accompany me , even he's sick , help me to take all my shopping bag , kiss my forehead every night ask me don't worry ghost doesn't exist on the hotel room. BUT I TELL YOU THE HOTEL ROOM in the first night was just so freaking scary.  Whole trip we drop by every location and stay in every diff hotel. LOLLLL Thanks Smelly Bee. Memories never fade :) I remember how I spend my trip with you and your family. Love you!

Okay Okay, back to the topic (again). We had our dinner at this place!!
I tell you ar! I super shocked with the size of this chicken. Lol super big and you can't share with others one. Each of us have one big bowl of this. The inner part of this chicken is full of rice and the soup is Ginseng soup. it's called as Korean ginseng chicken soup"samgyetang":삼계탕 David told us that Koreans like to drink hot soup or stews during the summer months in an effort to fight the heat with heat. Because ginseng and ginger are also “hot” spices according to Chinese medicine, you will sweat and detox after drinking a hot bowl of this soup on a summer day. The belief is that your body is better able to regulate itself and stay cool in the summer heat after being detoxed and rejuvenated by a bowl of sam gae tang. 
 I'm super blur and feel uncomfortable after the 6 hours flight. Wanna vomit + at the same time very hungry! LOLLLL So hard to express that kind of feeling but you know that!!!
Oh yea!! Just enjoy this as my dinner! SUPER NICEEEEEEE especially the hot soup. I feel energetic after took this! HAHAHAHAHA 
 This is a bowl that you use to put all chicken bone inside one


Tour Start


Tour start visit to Taejongdae , Hauendae Beach ,Yonggungsa Temple and Bumun Lake but unfortunately after we start visit to Taejongdae the sky... RAINING?!!!! OMG this is always happen during oct weather! LOLLLLLL But it's okay since we not really got mood to look at those temple and David told us some place is really boring one so he only picked those place that we wish to go. As a conclusion we decided to go ahead to Taejongdae♥ then go see a private place just to see the NIGHT viewof  this beautiful Busan. Really tiring on that day.

Lot of place we can go but since it's raining and super cold (like genting) so we decided to just visit one place. HAHAHAHA
Wah my fringe so ugly!!! Whatever ! HAHAHAAH 
Waiting for the bus to come

Nothing much to take photo there basically just walk walk see see talk talk then I just can't wait to see the night view lo! Plus , my camera low battery -.- Wth! LOL 



Beautiful Night View 
Finally absorb all fresh air outside! LOL Sorry that I'm wearing spec because I really feel super dizzy that time and just don't afraid to show you my stupid kids face! HAAHAHAHAAHHA 
 Wah teeth so white woh

Photo doesn't show the real one I remember I took an instavideo there. Oh yea!! Here you gooooo!! (Not sure why I can't embed the insta video here but you can click herehttp://instagram.com/p/fKiJ0jj7Bq/

So Beautiful :)

After that we drop by Bumun Lake . Just feel super relax walking around the beach but at the same time super sleepy. Lol

After the half day in Busan even just walk around I just feel super tired and sleepy. Can't wait to see our hotel room but that hotel room just freaking scary. It's the most expensive 4 star hotel we stay + also the most scary one. WHY? Two mirror one in front of the vanity table in front our bed and another BIG MIRROR when I say it's big it means IT'S SUPER BIG beside our bed. I just feel super weird for that mirror. Imaging that the 4 star hotel is those vintage kind and the room is orange - red lightening. MEANS it's more scary than I thought. The air con in Korea is so weird if the room temperature was below 25 celsious the air con like not working at all. It's all their rules. The air con like no function at all so I plug in the fans but wth our room fans every 3 hour will stop and you need to go and turn it on again. I just feel super sleepy but I CAN'T SLEEP.

Whole night just see the wall and look at left and right. After that decided to change room with David. Once he enter our room he also feel very scary even asking why we have 3 room but only this room have a BIG mirror beside our bed. So weird and got those weird feel but actually nothing happen but the environment just so scary! LOLLLLLLL Unforgettable night.. I know I'm abit over acting until nobody can't sleep. My eye open as large as I can.. like this O.O then fall asleep at morning 4am -.- LALALALLAALAL I'm still young I can do it! LOLLLL

So basically this is my first day! Unforgettable day = Tired + sleepy + scary + hungry + dizzy + HAPPY + EXCITED + FEEL SO BLESSED. Mixing feeling! HAHAHAHAHAHA So that's all for today coming few day was just SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME :P That's all for today. Night night. Love, xx.


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