[Review] Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner- Lavender & Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner

18 January 2014

 Hello my little sweethearts :3 I didn't mean to scare you with my naked face without any makeup here but today I just want to continue my beauty journey with all of you! Yeap yeap yeap yeap~ This is a skincare product so I guess it's the best way to show and take photo with a clean and 'PURE' face. Although I look freaking weird with my stupid eye bag but just my face is not the main point k? Main point is this freaking AWESOME toner. Btw, it's an ALCOHOL-FREE TONER . Guess this is not the first time I introduce all of you natural skincare product. Most of the time I reviewing this kind of product like previous paraben and artificial free product too .. Not sure why but this is what we probably have to know and today I picked this... ALCOHOL-FREE tooooneeerrrr!!! 


One main reason people should prefer alcohol-free skincare product like toner is because it's LESS Dryness compare with those contain alcohol-free one .In other words, toner without alcohol is very refreshing without the harsh drying effects of alcohol. Sounds great right?? Oh yea for those who are sensitive skin you might have to throw away all your skincare product which contain alcohol!! Loll In conclusion , WITHOUT ALCOHOL = LESS DRY SKIN . So probably when you use alcohol free product your face wont feel the tightness so much. Hmmm...that's really good on our skin right??

MUAHAHHAHA!! Then thennn WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!! Let's get started!

Yeaa! I got this two natural alcohol-free toner from nattacosme.com and this two product are quite hot recently. But so far if they didn't sell this on their website probably I never have this chance to discover it. I heard about this from other beauty youtuber but so far I didn't see any physical store at Malaysia selling it. So, what is THAYERS?!!!  In short,THAYERS actually was a line of herbal extracts for sale to the medical profession. But after that, its become very popular because of its own special natural remedies with high-quality ingredients within all its product range. 

It's all about NATURAL REMEDIES! Am I right? You probably can just go to their official page and scroll through all their product. Feedback and every review were super good too. I can't believe the price too. It's very reasonable  WHY? Let's see!

 But before I start with the review just want to show you how I feel when I receive this beauty parcel from Natta Cosme again! I think it's not the first time I talk about their website you probably saw quite a number of time I mentioned this on my blog. Previously I review it at here then after that I just non-stop getting my Miss Hana eyeliner pen from their website too! HAHAAH Because I no need wait for pre-order they have the physical store at seremban too but when I'm busy no time go to Watson or other pharmacy to get my skincare product or anything I just online shopping on their website! So you know la I love convenience but today I wanna focus more on the product review soooo...you just click on Nattacosme.com then you will know it! Muahahaha
 As usual when I get my parcel from them I feel like it's more than a parcel. Just like a beauty box have lots of surprise and good packaging box too. They even have their own red-pocket for this coming new year eve!
 This is my first time received hand writing greeting card from an online store again!! Not much seller will do this right I guess!! Because it's time consuming plus the new year card was just sooooo sweet! BTW, if you're reading my post I'm gonna say thankiuuu to you Natta Cosme because you made my day :) I'm gonna keep this nicely!! <3
 So the flower I ADD ON to make my photo look more beautiful! LOLLL I received this two Alcohol-Free toner. They have a big range with lots of diff choices. You can click on natta cosme website and see but for me I'm very  happy I got the rose and lavender one because it's smell SUPER GOOD!!

Okay! Let's get started with the first one! I used the lavender one for almost 2 week and this is why I only review it now. Really have to see the result by myself only can review it Right? Then so far I'm very satisfied with Thayers product especially the rose one. You know why? Both actually works like the same just the ingredient and the scent is diff and I prefer rose scent one :P HAHAHAHAHA If you are a Lavender Lover you probably going to die for this!! TELL YOU SUPER NICE!
 This Lavender Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner contains lots of  Vitamin E which is a good gentle and soothing formulation on your skin.This lavender one is very good to fade acne scar!! So if you have some acne scar on your face you probably might go for this one because it is rich in VITAMIN E!! Therefore,next time if you wish to fade your leg's scar and body one you probably have to look for those contain vitamin E product!!!
Not just that I told you that THAYERS super famous with their natural remedies too right? Each type of toner has its own scent. This one is lavender scent of course but I never realize that the smell was so great!! You really should go for this if you love lavender so much. Previously I hate the lavender smell because it's too heavy and strong but this one not really strong!!! The scent is very refreshing + relaxing. Nowadays, everyone was so stress !!Therefore, more and more skincare product came out with those natural remedies effect and special scent to let us stay calm when using it. But this one really super good. I feel super refreshing on it!! I use the rose one every morning while this one at night. But after that I decided to just focus one rather than two!! HAHAHAA 
 Other than the scent this is good for those who came back from beach and having sunburn on their skin!!! Why?!! Because this lavender one = SUN SOOTHING!!! Go ahead and treat yourself with this bottle of toner after kissed by the HOT SUN! Lolll
 The toner wasn't small!! IT'S HUGE! Like our mineral bottle size! Lol it's 355ml. I swear I never bought any toner bigger than this one. I think this can last at least 4 months++ for my face. OMG LOVE THIS!!! REASONABLE PRICE + HUGE SIZE + VITAMIN E + SUN SNOOTHING + RELAXING !!!

 Yeah!! My favorite again!! Btw, their toner is free from paraben too!! Not just rose they got peach , lemon , cucumber and others diff type of toner too. OMG like choosing food for yourself. I think next I will probably go for peach and cucumber once I finishes this two bottle but it might take me some time since the size is really big! HAAHHAA
 Basically this works the same like the others one but just diff scent. MY FAVORITE SCENT EVER! Once I open this I feel like drinking this whole bottle of toner! HAHAHAHAHA You can imaging how crazy am I everytime using this toner! Lol
This also helps to keep your skin functioning in the best way possible since it's ALCOHOL-FREE. Oh and another important thing that must be considering when using skin care products is there effectiveness. This one and the lavender one also quite effective you can feel the smoothness on your skin after apply it and also it absorb super FAST! You can feel super fresh and clean that without any tightness and stinging on your face!

 Just like others toner you can use it at night or morning after done cleansing your face. You just need to pour 6-8 drops on a cotton pad then apply it all over your face.
 Left some amount on the cotton pad you just simply apply it all over your neck and hand too!
 Oh yea!! Did I mention you can also use this as a hydrating mask too? What you need to do is go and get a compressed mask then just simply pour the amount of toner + let the mask absorb. Then after that placed it on your face for 20-25 mins!!! THAT'S ALL!! I guess I should use this as a hydrating mask too because it's really really relaxing one ehh!!
 After you use it then you can be like me!! HAHAHAHAHA JKJKJKJK i think no one want to be like me >w< LOLLL

So now this is the main part of this review!! Yeah My own opinion on this two product !!

 I think you can realize how much I love with THAYERS product!! So here's some of my personal opinion on their product.
#1 Size & Price
- I love how big is this toner. The size is definitely one of the reason I think it's better than others toner. It's alcohol and paraben FREE but still the price is just so REASONABLE. It's just RM45 for each bottle of Thayers toner!

#2 Refreshing & Relaxing [natural remedies]
- There are always a reason why people love THAYERS product is because of its natural remedies. The scent of each diff bottle is actually depend on each person. For me I love and prefer rose more so I think rose is more relaxing for me :) But my mom feel that Lavender smell nicer and more relaxing. I really think they did a great job on every single product especially the scent. Not too heavy not too strong but JUST NICE!

#3 Fresh and Clean skin without tightness, dryness or stinging
No need to explain probably it's all because of its ALCOHOL FREE!!!Therefore I didn't dry and stinging on my face.

#4 Use as hydrating mask too!! 

#5 Apply it on your face anytime you feel dry!!

Cons, for me I usually using whitening range of product therefore, this two bottle without any whitening effect is quite hard for me but still the hydrating effect is totally more than everything. I think I will use this at night for relaxing and hydrating purpose too while my usual skincare routine I'm using my aiberia toner :) I think pros is more than cons really can't find any cons for this product because no matter the size and the price it's really affordable and nice to everyone.

 RM45 each bottle :) So far have 8 type of alcohol-free toner!! You can click on http://www.nattacosme.com/index.php?route=product/isearch/onefivefour&filter_name=thayers and pick your own favorite scent too :P

I'm just loving it!!!! and guess what for all my readers and sweeties you have special discount code when shopping with nattacosme.com!!!

Just shop whatever you want and put it on the shopping chart. When it's end to check out time you just need to include a coupon code : CW2014 to enjoy a RM8 off for purchase above RM100. So what are you waiting for?? Just ahead and grab it home. It's very convenience and their respond and parcel arrive on the next working day too!!!!


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