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06 January 2014

Anyeong My Sweeties :3 HAHAHAHAA Recently keep blog and edit for my Korea Trip so the opening also need related to it abit. Lol So guess what it's the beginning of 2014 new year. Didn't have time to party or having some celebration because it's my assignment submission weeks again. from 10 to 5! I'm almost done with that give me another 2 week time! Lol but blogging life really made my day. So, today I'm going to update a happy post!!! It's all about our Santa Bloggers X'mas Party! Oh yeaaaa, this year I get a chance to know more new friends and of course this kind of party always make all of us (which always busy busy one) got a chance to gather together and have fun together. So nice hoh? Probably next celebration which gather us together have to wait until end of this year :'(

But it's okay I'm waiting them to organize again! AHHAAHAH That Kittie very pro in theme party in term of her outfit so maybe I can think about some crazy theme party in a normal restaurant and doing crazy thing. Probably it's the only excuse I use to gather all of them together! Muhahahahaaa I get super excited and high because I never dress myself in a theme outfit except last time #YAASUI party. Miss that period a lot because I got nothing to worry keep go out and have fun. Lol A bit out of topic again but it's okay let's get started FOLLOW ME TO EXPERIENCE THIS PARTY WEHHHHHH!! Although the party was over liao ~ 
I remember my previous xmas party with them I get a chance to know Lumi and she's the friendly one who fetch me from my house. Never forgot the time chatting with her too but this time we have new friends!!! OMG That Kittie arrr really love to attract me one. While I'm blogging now I scroll the photo down I just keep on looking at her. HAHAHAHA Then this time I  get this invitation 5 days ago quite late because I actually have a class and thought I never get invited since I always busy for my class. But this time I'm gonna meet my babe Daphfroggy before her wedding day so HOW CAN I SAY NO!! And of course la wanna meet Chenelle she just back from Korea and long time never see Lumi. All reason as a excuse for me to skip my 2 hours class. 2 hours only plus my attendance 100% so less 10% wont die also.  [excuse excuse] Too long stay at home with lap top so IS TIME FOR ME TO PARTYYYYYYYY!!

So basically the whole gathering is just have fun , selfies , chatting , become other's photo boom , laugh like crazy , run here and there and enjoying our precious moment with WOW Photobooth. Most important is we can chatting to each other like our long lost friends. Talk a lot with them especially talk about my hair , Kittie's Outfit , Chenelle's Trip, Lumi's lips color,talk with Daphfroggy + EVERYTHING. I'm very excited to be her ji mui on her wedding day. MUAHAHAHAH talk about everything!! People just wonder why AM I SO EXCITED. I feel like FINALLY I'M ABLE TO TALK. 
Other than talk and photobooth, we also have fun with the customization for Vanity Trove box , enjoying our lovely macarons too! Steal above photo from Lumi's blog! HAAHAHAHAH

If one day I can't talk I'm sure I have some serious problem already. Oh yea talk about WOW Photobooth I think all of you know it. Previous Jane's 21st Bad ass party I saw and experience my fun time with their photo booth! Very in love with it because why?! They're not just photobooth the people there very friendly even talk to us about the theme and we can see their effort on preparing all the props and the quality ensure of their photo. 
Do you know that they're using DSLR to capture the photo? This is why their photo very clear , detail and I just keep spam on the photo. LOL My face appear as many time as I can LOL Show you some photo I took with wow photobooth and stay tuned til the end of the post because you gonna have a chance to win rm500 e-voucher from wow photobooth :P Suitable for every part even wedding dinner can't live without photobooth. I WANT IT ON MY 21ST BIRTHDAY PARTY  :'( But already passed!! Arghhh~~ 
The photo quality is clear also the photo can keep for long term. How amazing on this  little machine. This time they have WOW BOOTH VERSION 2.0 They improve their machine actually and the photo will pop out on the bottom part like japanese photo sticker like that. Then you have 2 copy of each and even you can print more. Plus, YOU CAN HAVE SOFTCOPY TOOOOOOO. How awesome of this. They really talent leh if without photobooth would be kinda boring but with this everyone just being so exited about it. LOL Some softcopy photo here!!
Suddenly from Mr > Queen > Animal! HAHAHAHA With softcopy we can always upload to our blog , re-print it and do so much things on it!! Weee thanks WOW Photobooth  
HAAHAH Everyone trying our best to squeeze lollll!! MAGIC BOOTH EVER~ Other than photobooth I told you we have a chance to customize our own VANITY TROVE box. I think you're not the first time know this. I reviewed on their monthly's beauty box quite a few time and even their latest version of own customize beauty box (here) Super fun with them!! 

Oh yea my super chio face with Vanity Trove customize box. I'm happy that I grab everything I want. The Loreal conditional & shampoo and the eyelashes extend gel too! OMG OMG Thanks Vanity Trove  Wanna know how to customize your own beauty box click  (here)  to read the complete post I did previously! HAAHHAAH Promote abit on my older post :P 
I really love their packaging box. Can use to become my makeup collection drawer as well!! I'm having my 6th box for their Vanity Trove box! WOOOHOOOOOOO Stay tuned to the end of the post I will gave all of you a discount code for their beauty box.
I love how it works because you no longer waste for the product you can pick your own which you also can personally experience when purchase from their official website. Sign up an account , pick your own beauty items, can pick 5-6 then after that you can wait it deliver on your doorstep. So nice right? No more waste product or money!!! 
 Going to BOOOM out. Thanks Vanity Trove T.T I love their new packaging box. Can I have more ?? I wanna collect it !!!
 Of course steal from Kittie blog! LOLLL I'm stealing her beauty box and she wanna to kick me! HAHAHAHA

Not just play , selfie , talk we also have our delicious macarons too!!!! I never know I will fall in love with this and I love it!

You know what! Never try never know!!! It's my first time tried Twenty First Qi Pastries and it's the reason why I love it. Not over sweet or heavy taste, Just nice especially the chocolate one and the purple one. The pink one should be rasberry or strawberry I tried other brand it's too sweet and not really nice when I taste it but this JUST NICE! I even mentioned millions time on my twitter and instagram! HAAHAHH Seriously for those who dislike too sweet one this should be the best for you because for me I'M JUST LOVE IT. So I guess you too!! Plus, it's homemade one! 
For those who wishes to customize some font on the top of the macarons as birthday present or customize cakes you can check their facebook Twenty First Qi Pastries or email to 21stqipastries@gmail.com . I haven try their cake but I think their macaron really so nice. I will order this when it's another celebration around. I hope they maintain their taste as nice as now!!!! 
Very fresh homemade macarons! MUHAHAHAHAHA Their packaging also suitable on our theme! WEEE Belated merry x'mas!!! Lol

Kittie ♥ Our previous meet up was at the Fashion Bazaar. Both of us can't gather together because once gather I will become super high and active because someone also as active as me!! WOOOOHOOO Btw, I'm really in love with her fashion sense and even being so friendly for me this crazy one. Met her for the first time at #YAASUI event that time wearing macam Naruto now wearing like sexy black cat women! lolll I wanna wear like this but no ppl accompany FINALLY I FOUND SOMEONE. Guess she will be the main influence for all of us to wear as fashion as her! Weeeeee muakc muackx her 

Chenelle Within my friend circles she is that few one will talk soft soft even angry scold people i also didn't feel she's angry one! Just back from her Korea trip and she got  me X'mas card and souvenir :'( Xie xie you babe never think of I can get a souvenir from someone like you! HAHAHAAH I know you so love me one. Okay la give you another exclusive kiss for you! LOLLLLL Actually I never thought that got people love my talkative and straight personality. She's one of the closed friend who love me xD Aiyooo *sendiri praise sendiri*

DaphFroggy No need talk so much I think you all read my previous D&D Wedding Post and I talk a lot to her!! That day was my first day to meet her because previously just chat online and she's the one who help me grab my tamagotchi which I will never forget about it because she come and inbox me and willing to help me grab. She staying at Japan and lama lama once only come back to Malaysia. She's a wifey now and soon will be a MAMA! MUAHAHAHAHA Then I will be her future son or daughter's kai ma! jkjk Really happy to see you babe!! Continue talk many crap to you & Fion! lol 
Lumi  Super hot super star! Lol no matter long hair or short hair also very suit on her. Get to know her on the previous year x'mas blogger party too. Can't believe that we know each other for more than 1 year already! OMGGG  Love her hair because everytime change color one! HAHAAHAHAH Thanks for the photo because I didn't bring my dslr so I steal photo from her blog! Weeeee Can't wait for the next meet up babe! Hope she's doing well on everything too :)
 3 of us..Again
 Another one again! LOL
Jessica Met her once on previous event. Oh yea photo sent by her too. I really lack of photo for this post so I must be the one who steal other's photo + my own photo become the super long post! AHHAAHAHAA I'm the super long gas queen LOLL.. So yea, I also realize that I don't have photo on my camera with Melissa , Povy , Careen & Steph lo!! HOW CAN I FORGOT THIS? But I guess they have selfie photo with me on their camera! Will grab it from their blog because they haven update it! HAAHAHAHAH
Just receive photo from Melissa!!! Glad to see you yoooo~ All of us just love our sony NEX series so much! HAAHAHAHAHAH Have fun selfies lolll [continue grab photo from others]

Exchange gift!! OMG it should be my first x'mas gift ever. Mr.Smelly lose already :P Not the first one who gave me!!  Everyone was so excited about it and I wish we have more exchange session next time LOLLLLLL Because actually nobody gave me present on Christmas day :'( I miss my childhood time when we exchange present with all cousin but now all grow up no time to do this kind of things :( Didn't practice that anymoreeee~
Woohooo I love my exchanged present!! Muahahhaa Btw, who took my present? It's Kittie and I got my exchange present from Jessica. We randomly throw the number and randomly pick! Yeah and of course never forgot to mention my first ever xmas card from Chenelle and Daph pass another xmas card from fion for me too!! THANKS YOU BOTH SUPER LOVE YOU and green tea kit kat from Daph! First time tried this kit  kat very nice eh!!!
Of course the next day I went to somewhere to grab few xmas card for them too. Left Chenelle one haven pass to her :P Going to see you soon babe!! 

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Vanity Trove
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That's all for today. Love, xx.


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