Korea Trip #3 : Herb Hillz , Daegu (허브힐즈)

08 January 2014

Hello Sweethearts :3 Hahahaha This gonna be an interesting post because I used to memories all the activities I did at that time and try my best to capture everything I see during the whole day trip. This was a super happy day because you know from my previous two days I was quite disappointed because I wanted to have some fun activities except just eat and walk around. Then, finally thing turns better after that! WOOOHOOO That day was a super sunny day , no rain not hot but JUST NICE! Should thanks to god because I pray before the day since David told me it might be rain and activities might be cancel.
ps ♥ : You can always check from my label (Right handside side board) to read back all my previous post. I did label all nicely for all of you :) Make your life easier! AHAHAHA

So yea! Back to the topic the day after my Korea Trip #2  we continue our journey and still having our lovely trip at Daegu. Daegu is located near to Busan too. So it's basically like brother and sister! AHAHAHAHAH Since DAY 3 was quite a good day for us of course we all feel very happy too because sleep so tight in our Prince Hotel. Wake up in the early morning, 7am gather together at the breakfast restaurant which have tons of delicious food buffet (like salmon and expensive buffet food). After our super breakfast we are SO HAPPY to start our journey again. Lol 

We reached  Herb Hillz ♥  (허브힐즈) at 8.15am. A beautiful place which is full of wood , flowers and herb. Once we reached, we just keep breath the FRESH air around us. Every single place was super clean , I can't see any rubbish beside the walking road. We reach there quite early therefore not much crowd on that morning + EASY for us TO TAKE PHOTO. David have to go to the ticket counter to purchase ticket for us then he wait us at his car while just ask us to walk and discover the place ourself. Then I was like OMG??!! Really? Because the place was super HUGE!! I tell you , Hint#1  you must capture the map before entering here. If not you might get lost or walk to the wrong sequence or direction. Like what happen on us. End up we skipped 1-2 places :'( Tooo bad !! You can use whole day time to discover this place but we just used 5 hours only which really not enough for us. Not enough time to take photo too!!!

What special about this Herb Hillz except those flower garden / herb garden ?!! It's the Eco Adventure. Too bad during the period we visit at there , eco adventure park was under maintenance. If not I can play more with it!!! Other than those adventure activities Herb Hillz is also an eco-theme pack packed with special events and programs that change with the seasons to give visitors a fresh new experience each spring, summer, fall, and winter. That time was fall so those wood and flowers garden was SUPER BEAUTIFUL. + a large area of Metasequoias and the only green tea field in the Yongnam Area: the “Kim Taehee Green Tea Garden.” 

FOLLOW ME TO this BEAUTIFUL Herb Hillz now~

So this is what I mentioned just now! See it's separate in many diff area each area have specific activities which you can play with or have fun with. Bad David dropped all of us there ask us to discover our own and at the same time we never carry any map until the end I only realize I have took this photo -.- Should refer this earlier so that we wont half way become so blur and don't know left to go or right! HAAHAHAHAH Seriously, really want to try their eco adventure such as ropes, zip-lines, a climbing wall, and other outdoor recreational sports facilities+ Waterball. Smelly kitty want to play with it but too bad :( It was under maintenance TwT

Once you enter this place I swear you will feel super 'fresh' and all along the walking road have lots of trees beside you. Not just trees there are some hand craft DIY shop and variety of cute shop. Other than that still have lots of nice sign board beside the tree as their decoration. I never see this before. I just feel that they are so creative and GO GREEN! Especially their hand craft shop!! I wanna to try it but due to the limited time we gonna say BYE BYE for that :'(
Diff kind / color of sign board + name label
So cute right?!! OMG OMG OMG
After this you will see all cute hand craft cute stores and you can have your choice of craft experience program (topiaries, herb candles, herb soap, and more)  So nice right? They are so cute + paint all store in nice and diff color combination. Really feel so colorful with that.
 Here are some of the activities you can do! OMG I can't imaging that if we have enough time to do all activities at there. Must be super nice and great time with your family , bf / gf , friends or even your children. Am I right?

Available Activities 

Herb Planting> Plant your own herbs and learn about their uses. 

Natural Herb Soap>Make your own natural herb soaps in a variety of fun shapes. 

Herb Candle>Pick a glass cup or bottle and combine sand and decorations for an aromatic masterpiece.

Pressed Flowering Herb Craftwork> Learn how to make small crafts using pressed flower and herbs. 

Wooden Wall hanging> Stencil or paint your own wooden wall hanging.

Topiary> Make an animal-shaped topiary using interior decorating plants and moss. 

Beaded Crafts> Make your own accessories using colorful beads and bangles.

 Ceramics > Using clay, craft your own pencil holder, dish, cup, or other knick-knack. 

DIY Woodwork> Craft your own doorplate, heart-shaped chair, or pencil case out of wood.

After passed by those cute stores you can see everything in GREEN COLOUR. Feel super great with that and at the same time mood seems like really good with the fresh air :P 
Then you can see lots of direction and sign board! With English too! Korean language and words just look super cute with that!! Yeaa right?? I TELL YOU !! YOU MUST COME HERE if you have a chance! Strongly recommended because I'm sure one of these activities will suit you! Sure got one! At least one! LOL 
Passed by lots of small gardens and eco adventure park too!
Korea was such a great place. Even at each diff place they sure put some cute board for you to play around. Not just this they still have photo point for you to snap photo. Hint#2 I forgot total include how many photo point but each photo point have special painting and drawing behind you. Just act whatever you want nobody gonna steal it from you! HAHAAHAHAH  
I love this place so much seriously!!! Hint #3 I heard that if it's summer or other season they will have diff type of activities and they are always something for every diff season. So I think next time I can go there during their winter time! LOL For example,  sledding activities in the winter, flowering herbs in spring, and water activities in the summer.

One of our favorite place. Smelly relative totally no eye see us because they don't understand what to do with all the decoration and why I used so many mins to capture few photo! HAAHHAHAHA Okay la I'm kampung girl I never know they have such a lovely place for couples. OMG So nice hor? Told you this place suit everyone!!!!
Nothing much here actually but you can just simply selfie with your friends or special one :3
 #selfie 2
 #selfie 3
#selfie 4
 #OOTD meow meow post! LOL

 We can't sit on it because the chair was so wet :( Rain yesterday or midnight I guess
This area just for you to capture some lovely photo with your friends or love one. I enjoyed a lot because I can selfie as much as I can but just NOT ENOUGH TIME! :'( Some place / area still under maintenance but we still enjoy + TOO MUCH ACTIVITIES already. Not enough time x2!!
Told you I can pose with everything! Even their post box also look really cute leh!
Yippeee Pose
Not sure what's the name of this area because we don't refer to map so just half way walk , half way stop and snap photo! Typical tourist! HAHAAHAHHA

 Told you just now that they have lots of diff PHOTO Point right? Here you go I manage to capture some only  because my camera LOW BATTERY O.O Hint#4 Korea using the diff plug from our country so all of us 6 person sharing 2-3 plug only! LOLLL I charge phone no charge camera / charge camera no charge phone. Can pick only either one T.T 

Spot this superman photo point
Lots of photo point show few on you here and all others I separate it into diff area one ya :) So you can know what type of paint they draw on it and even TOILET ALSO GOT PHOTO POINT. 
This was a male toilet / washroom LOL (A male symbol)
This photo point located on the green tea field
 Again, photo point near the TOILET! AHHAAH
Smelly told me that this was a female butterfly while the blue one (photo below) was the male butterfly. Can see and diff it from the butterfly's wing

After that saw lots of thing but not sure what name on this area ! Whatever lah, just snap photo! LOLLLL 

If not mistake this was one of the area for Eco-Adventure.  The no.6 point?! LOLLL

* ZooZoo Land
Spcial for> Family-oriented zoo, Zuzu Land, animal road show, seal show.

This was one of the interesting part! If you look closely you will realize that all animal (dog, rabbit) behind it look sad. Yea!! They painted with a sad face/ expression. YOU KNOW WHY?!Hint#5  It's because they want you to pet those animal!! They allow you to touch sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and look at a raccoon behind glass. SO CUTE LO!! SO creative I didn't touch it because I tot it was so sad means we can't touch it -.- Totally wrong LOLLL

 After that we continue walk around + left 1 hours++ to complete this!! ARGHHHH Still have lots of place need to selfie! LOLLL
 Grab this home > DIY Bookmark


I realize that Korean Drama always look super sweet and romantic. In real their country have lots of romantic place. Garden and also this place. frame of love! Have love lock so you can lock the lock on the background + write your name on it. You take back the key! AHAHAHAHAH So cute hor? Plus along this road they actually separate in 2 diff road I wonder why it look like this. After that, one couple passed through us FINALLY I KNOW THE REASON. the road separate into two diff side because they want you and your love one pass through this road + hold hand together and walk along there.  OMG Got meaning somemore! lol
 Love quote all along the walking area :)

After this sweet lovely area we continue walk around. Some part haven open since it's very early :'( I wanna see their animal zoo! LOL

Walk around and reach our last destination before we plan to the next location. It's Hillz Romantic - A MUST AREA for everyone! WOOOHOOOOOO
See what? Lots of beautiful flower and I feel like entering someone's dream. Everything was so BEAUTIFUL!!! Let's photo do the talking :) Don't wanna spoil your mood! LOL 
The Opera Story
 Yeah ! LOL

This got FEEL! xD

Seriously, I love this place so much. I wanna to come again next time during the next season - WINTER! It was really fun but yet still lots of thing haven try out especially their super fun eco-adventure area. I would like to say this would be a great memorable trip for me. Everything was super new and 'fresh' for me. Sorry that if i'm over excited but if you ever went to here... I'm sure you will be the same like me. Especially those romantic area I really first TIME FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE see lots of lock beside me + couples pass by so sweet kiss on their cheek. WAHHHHH I can't do that because I'm shy in front of Smelly relative! AHAHHAAHA

Definitely worth for it! YOU GUYS SHOULD PAY A VISIT TO HERE TOO!! SUPER RECOMMENDED!! I know some of you planning to go Korea too and here's some additional information to you so that you can take note on it. Hope this really help and you really should go here! DAMN FUN! I didn't try out everything so I search from Korea Official Tour website and I copy for you on the below so that you no need click additional link + easy for you to refer on my blog too. HERE YOU GO

Available Facilities
* Herb Garden:
 “Hills Romantic and Scent Garden,” “Herb Garden of Rabbit Hill,” “Green Tea Garden,” etc.

* Eco-adventure: 
6 courses, a total of 73 eco-friendly sport games that visitors can enjoy in the forest.* Arboretum: Metasequoia road, Pine tree forest, Red foliage observatory, etc.

* Zoo: 
Family-oriented zoo, Zuzu Land, animal road show, seal show.

* Amusement Park: 
Viking ship, bumper cars, merry-go-around, water sports (summer), sledding (winter), etc

.* Performance: 
Comic show of seals and other animals, outdoor themed performances and other special seasonal performances.

* Exhibition: 
Outdoor exhibition, special seasonal exhibitions

* Restaurant: 
Various restaurants including one serving herb bibimbap and herb pork cutlet.

* Shopping Facilities:
Herb shops that sell herb products, souvenirs and herb plants. .

 1003, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon,
 Dalseong-gun, Daegu
대구광역시 달성군 가창면 가창로 1005

Operating Hours
Weekday 09:30 - 19:00
Weekend & Holiday 09:30 - 20:00

Admission Fee(Individual)
Weekday : Adults 7,000 won / Children 5,000 won-
Weekend & Holiday : Adults 8,000 won / Children 6,000 won

That's all for today. Good night and I will become PANDA soon! LOLL
Love, xx.


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