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15 January 2014

Hello my beautiful sweeties It's my first makeup tutorial for this lovely 2014! A great beginning for all of us so I guess I should make a special makeup tutorial for all of you. Of course at the same time will be reviewing the contour and blushes palette I got it from too. As usual my tutorial wont be complicated so you don't worry for that and no need to be shocked because this makeup can be done within 20 mins! Fast but it's very important to know the main idea on creating this look.There are few thing you need to emphasize on this makeup. 

First will be the false eyelashes
This time I no longer using the whole false eyelashes I'm using just the longest end part and cut it into half then stick at the end of my upper eyelid. I want to create a more longer and attractive eye rather than a innocent cute puppy eyes. 

Next, emphasize on the eyeliner
No need to be black / thick / sharp but the eyeliner must be blend with your brush make it look super soft and bottom eyeliner as well.

Blend Blend Blend
Blend your eyeshadow , blend your eyeliner to create a soft looking eye makeup.

Last but not least, contour and blushes.
It's my first contour and blushes palette! I'm going to try my first contour ever!! Usually I only apply blushes without any contour but now I realize that it's important to have a slimmer face look by using a contour blush and contour palette. YOU FACE REALLY LOOK SLIMMER!! I'm serious

I don't wanna make it look super complicated but just wanna make as simple as I can. So everyone of you can create this look easily!! Then you can go ahead selca with your new look or going any theme party with this look too. Muhahahahahahahaa So great right? I have no idea what should I call for this look!!! Hmmm dreamy look? white ? Lol whatever~ ARE YOU READY SWEETIES?!! Let's get started !!

Before I start with the tutorial I guess you all gonna grab this home already!! Once I see their packaging I was like?! WHY now I only know Malaysia got such a good design cosmetic brand!!! The whole palette was super good + if you realize the color combination almost same as my blog! LOL This is why I love it and not just the outer packaging was super pretty , the inner part including all blushes color was super pretty too! I got myself a Passion Palette and they have another one is sweet palette. MY GOD I WANT BOTH!!!!! 
well protected packaging too
 OMG A love shape brush too!!
 It's super soft and I'm gonna use it on this tutorial
 An eyeshadow sample
 A clear and good quality mirror
 Wont easily open because it has magnet between it

How was it? I was quite shock when I received this!! Plus, the love shape brushes for contouring and applying blush on our face. It's a free gift when you purchase this palette. SO CUTE Other than that they have some sample size item for you to try. Their waterproof gel eyeliner and eyeshadow not bad too! Quite lots of their customer love it and I can't wait to grab it home. OMG OMG!! But I prefer this palette because it's really worth normally when we buy any contour color or blushes usually one color for RM25-45 also got depend on the brand name. But this have 6 color from the highlight color to contour color and also pink series blushes for you to create a healthy and natural cheek look! Totally worth for the price luckily i grab it before CNY so that I can apply this on that time :P 

I think I should strop crapping here..It's tutorial time again!! Let's get started x2! AHAHAHAH Annoying Bebe make me laugh when looking at my camera screen and I smile til so weird. LOL he always love to kacau me -.-

#1. First of all start with a naked eye! LOLLLLLL Emphasize on eye makeup ya :) 

#2. I will be using this eye shadow set I got from skincare. You can use any color as you like but this time I prefer to have pink and a darker purple too. All is shimmer eye shadow color ya.  The pink is actually a pearl shimmer white once you apply on your eyelid while the 2nd color I apply at the end of my eyelid to make my eye look bigger and 3rd color I apply all over my upper eyelid. Each color you apply remember to blend it. I want a soft makeup look ya.

#3. First of all apply the 1st shimmer pearl pink eye shadow all over my upper eyelid and 1/3 area on my bottom front eye area 

#4. Next, using the pastel pink 3rd color, apply on the shaded area (2nd photo above)

#5. Lastly, using the 2nd color , darkest color apply on the area I shaped with purple line. REMEMBER: Blend with a eye shadow brush each time you apply the eyeshadow color on your eyelid ya. Especially the upper eyelid the darkest color remember to blend it as much as you can.

#6.  After blend with your eye shadow brush it will become like a pink purple gradient on it. Very soft eye makeup look.

#7. Using a brown eyeliner pen or gel eyeliner draw a eyeliner using dot-dot method. Just outline it by using dot method then linked all dot together become a line. After draw a line on the upper eyelid remember to draw a lower eyeliner and join two of them become like a symbol of  '<' .

#8. Blend blend blend with a brush too! Soft eyeliner not too sharp no need to be a super obvious line too JUST REMEMBER TO BLEND!
#9.  Cut your eyelashes into two pieces and stick it on the bottom part of your upper eyelid. I want to create a longer eye look. Remember to pick those false eyelashes which has a longer length at the end part ya. 

#10.  Completed eye makeup! Then guess what?!! it's time for contouring and apply blushes on your cheek!

Contour & Blushes
 #11. Apply a light color as a highlight on your nose and upper lips and your chin
 Hint: If you're using the same brush for contouring and blushes remember to apply the light color first then to the darker color
#12.  Pick a pinky color for my cheek. I choose two color for my cheek. Mixing two color was quite fun!! AHAHAHAH I pick : SalmonPink & GlamOfRose. 2 color for my cheek will create a more natural gradient of pink rather than just a single color.
#13. Apply it on the area beside your eye (bottom of your eye) then blend it and bring over the remaining color to your cheek. Remember to SMILE when applying the blushes.

#14.  Then using the brown contour color on the passion palette. I picked BitterCocoa for contouring my face.

 From the photo above obviously you can see the area I contour right? especially the photo above. This i added few contour layer!! AHAHAHAHA Wanna show you the exactly look and I wont be afraid tie all  my hair up now!! My face still so slim! HAAHAHAHAH
I love my eye makeup too!! Do you?

Sorry for my naked face photo above. Lol should took this photo after I complete my makeup LOL. Seriously I'm really impressed of this palette and it's super nice. I can't believe that their color is super pigmented and the combination too. At first I would prefer sweet palette because I love the name of it!! HAAHAHH But end up I'm really happy that passion palette look super great too!! Love how the seller actually being so nice to me and due to my exam period I only able to update today!! But it's okay I just hope that I wasn't simple review any product. So it might took me sometime to try on and review it~ LOL

Other than the quality and texture I'm sure you love the pink packaging as well. Am I right? and of course well protected packaging and quite delivery. now make me  want to get another sweet palette for myself again. This would be a good gift for your girls friends too. I guess they should be happy if they receive this!!! Oh yea, never forgot to mention that this contour make my face look SLIM SLIMMER SLIM!!!!! Conclusion, I'm just fall in love with the color combination in one palette! Do you know that you can use the pink color and brown as your eyeshadow color too? :)

Remember that I told you that you can simple mix & match and create / customize your own color?? HERE YOU GOO!! 

What a great news! They are having super great deal now!! BIG SALES RM99 for each palette with a free love shape brush!!! contact  or visit for more. 

Last but not least, a photo with this annoying Bebe! AHAHAHAHAHAH

 and a selfie! LOLLLL


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