Korea Trip #2 : Hello Gyeongju- Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto

03 January 2014

안녕하세요 "Annyeonghaseyo" my little angels Hahahahaha told you that I will continue update this! Right?? Hehe so some of the readers actually asked me the name of first night hotel I stay. I don't think you will ever went there to stay and it was a super late night + during that period it's quite peak on Busan hotel so our David actually unable to book nice hotel end up we need to travel from Busan to Gyeongju♥ for our one night stay.Previous post I forgot to mention where's the location of my first night hotel but I reconfirm it with Smelly and he told me that it's located at Gyeongju which all of us didn't notice the name of it. Therefore, for those who want to get a night stay at Busan don't worry you wont face the same scary hotel room that I stay one because my hotel located at Gyeongju. 

I think you are also some 'road stupid' or being so blur about map or location . So I did sometime getting and re-edit the map for all of you. Here's the summary of my Korea Trip. Basically I almost travel those important place within South Korea except Seoul because we have no enough time and leave it for this coming year! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHH $$ needed for my dream to come true. At first I'm quite disappointed that I didn't went to Seoul but once I traveled I feel that Busan shopping street and the Jeju Shopping Stress had everything that you can get from Seoul too. As I mentioned Busan was the 'Second Seoul' or important place for Korea too. I asked some of my friends if I really want to go Seoul the amount money I need to prepare must be more than this 8 days trip. LOLLLL Because it's shopping place maaaa + I just done shopping and back from Thailand I'm totally enough for shopping. Therefore, I'm quite enjoy this relaxing trip but still I did a lot of shopping if you all really follow me on my instagram xD 
Just to make you all clear with it I purposely make this for you. LOL See I'm so good but no la.. It's also for my own record since I'm really so bad in those map and location things. So the night before our Day2 we totally didn't sleep at all but surprisingly our David arrange some freaking cold activities for us in the early morning -.- Yes, not spelling mistake is COLD! Why??? You will know it later. 

Let's Gooo!!
 follow me

What we did at that early morning?!!! Of course have to fill up our stomach first nah!!! I'm so hungry and I feel that I'm super cool because I still can sing and dance for the whole day even I didn't sleep last night. But Smelly was super tired. During our whole journey and inside the car all sleep like dead fish. Our luggage place behind our car and we check out in this early morning too. It means that once we wake up we must done packing for our luggage / bath / make up & so on. I did everything within 30 mins. How good am I huh?! xD

I remember I woke up at 6.30am > Straight open my luggage and pick my outfit ( I didn't use so many time on my ootd  because I done packed each outfit and match with everything + put it nicely inside my luggage. Therefore, once I wake up I just grab and wear it on the day) Hint#1  So if next time you all plan for any trip remember plan for your outfit as well and roll each outfit together so it save your time too > Went to toilet and take a bath realize that THEY DON'T HAVE HAIR DRYER. wth?!! Then remember I mention that their room have fans? Then I use the fans to blow my hair super cool like kampung style one! Lol Next, bath 10 mins while blowing my hair with the fans I open my makeup bag that contain only EYELINER , EYESHADOW PEN & MASCARA. Because I just bring that for my trip.

You know this right because my previous trip I have update some tips and thing not to bring / need to bring. So I didn't really emphasize my make up but eyeliner + eyeshadow pen (easy carry and small size) + mascara enough for me.  Hint#2 Others all can get at there and purchase with cheaper price mah! HAHAHAHAAHAHHA Oh yea my make up done within 5 mins because just 3 thing I bring and I can't ask for more! Lolllll Then immediately pack back all my things into the luggage take my pillow back and wait for others at my door. But actually everyone was waiting me ?! Lol I thought I'm the fastest but it's useless because I so late only leave my bed! HAHAHAAHAHHA So we gather together at 7.15am waiting David at there and keep COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS HOTEL. lolll

End up we really did some research on that because within all 5 diff hotel we stay this was the one most expensive. I think it's because not much people know and it's peak period even those outdated area also no place for us to stay so we have no choice. But still at that time, I keep complain complain complain because you know I pay all my savings for the tours one neh! So </3 still can't sleep tight at the first day and super hot with that stupid air con and scary hotel room. Oh yea, because of this bad impression the next few hotel was just SOOO NICE SOO HIGH CLASS SOOOO COMFORTABLE for me. Lollllll Seriously the next few hotel was just so nice! I sleep like pig you know~ 


Breakfast @7am

Then , 7.00am we decided to have our early breakfast ever! Lol I never take any breakfast in Korea and this time I'm totally full with it! Why? Because breakfast at there served with Rice one. SUPER FULL some more! Plus, you know that I'm rice lover I keep mention on my BKK trip last time I can't live without rice! So I'm the one very happy with it while other I see their face is like O.O HAHAAHAHAHAH I took a lot of rice because I didn't sleep nicely so I need MORE FOOD to survive. Lol Didn't take any photo of it because I took insta video on it! [Click the below button to play]


Walk around @8.00am 

 Travel with love!! So much fun with him because all of us like came out from somewhere else keep talking photo of our own and basically I have three camera to carry with. Zr1000 , Tr15 & my instagram instavideo. HAHAHAHAA I'm quite surprise that Smelly can get used of it because I suddenly ask him to give me the Zr then snap for few mins keep it hang on his neck change to instagram. Lol Only he okay with this because it's not the first time I did this to him. You know ma I keep say because I want blogging so I must use diff camera to choose the best photo and since it's a part of my job so he can't scold anything about that! Smart me! LOLLLL
Oh yea, I'm just testing the camera color tone and also take it as a reason to selfie. Smelly doesn't look to snap photo at first but since we been together for 3 years plus he just used to it already. The only jacket he brought to this trip! He changed the shirt everyday but the jacket make everyone asking WHY YOUR KITTY WEARING THE SAME ONE OVER N OVER AGAIN. Lol you all never realize inner shirt diff color one? HAHAHAHAHAHA Nvm la that's why he's smelly ma :P Jkjk* The baseball jacket was a gift for him. It's my blog shop item! Lollll finally dream came true he wear this. Malaysia so hot so here's a chance for him to wear of course keep wearing it. Lol 

ps : I just continue talk crap on my blog. But I think you guys enjoy this too because I got no one to talk with. I'm alone now, in my own room. Hehe
 Flora black top & lace bottom all from @doveydiary
You can have a visit to Gurney Paragon Mall level6 (Penang On 6)

The kitty tights from Double Beauty | Sneaker from R20, a shop inside jusco near my house one | Blue outer have no idea where I get but me this budget girl know that it's very pricy LOLLLL
Not sure what is this but David told us that not to squeeze it because it will stick on our shoe and quite smelly. Lol 
Big Head Smelly
Since it's walk around so we just walk around and act like typical tourist snap flower , snap floor snap almost everything around us. Most of the time I just selfie but this time I snap for all of you! See I'm so kind!! Muhahahaahhaa 
 I wanna photoshooting at here! Lol


Seokguram Grotto 
 Bulguksa Temple

Seokguram Grotto 

 Seokguram is the coolest place I ever seen in my life. I have no idea how come my trip will be so funny early morning bring us to this place experience this super cold weather. You know I totally can't selfie except the 2 photo below I took with Smelly. This two was the only photo we took with a 'complete shape' of umbrella because after this photo the umbrella spoiled -.- Wind blow too heavy + so humid around us. Feel x3 times cold than genting + it's early morning.  
Look abit scary but once you stand and feel the environment here you will definitely shocked with everything in your eyes. Three around you and like some scene in korea drama but I feel like this suitable for ghost movie too!! HAHAHAHA I dislike to see those huge and big tree around me because those scary movie usually took those scene here. But I just think too much just wanna you to know what I feel on that moment. Imaging you're following me to this trip. I want you feel this not just read for fun. LOLLLL October such a raining month because the first 2 days rain non stop and I'm glad that the following day Mr.Sunshine came out to bright our day. Loll and it's so good that first 2 days activities just suit the raining weather and not too rush. Normally tours super rush one hor?

 Hint#3 Remember to bring umbrella or raincoat too. Why? Because on the way we walk to the place students around us and all other elder bring extra raincoat + umbrella. Smelly and I totally regret that we put all our raincoat inside our luggage -.- So we just cold die!! COLD SO COLD. I can't even touch and I can't feel my lips and face. My expression is just .____. even I smile but my face don't have any expression one. sign*
 Not just us! Lots of ppl coming!! They talk so loud abit annoying LOL
 After this super long way
We finally saw some board wrote the way to Seokguram!

Feel a  bit scary and I'm going to faint with that because I feel like my feet can't walk probably. Stupid wind @.@  
 This is a must place for me. Damn surprise with this because some part is still under construction but inside this little place have a huge and big seated Buddha. Photo below from Google Image because there are not allow us to take photo.
 Some additional information of The Seokguram Grotto. Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa temple is our half day activities because the Seokguram Grotto is part of the Bulguksa temple complex too. Plus, David told us that it's a best known cultural destinations in South Korea. You will totally shock with the size of this seated Buddha.  After that we spotted some small shop selling those souvenir like bookmark that you can actually purchase for you friend one. I purchased few too but the price was abit pricy.
Some photo I took without my front face! HAHAHAAHAHA
Why I Must pose with this ?

Walk around and David ask us not to snap too much photo because later we will be going to a place that full of Silla architecture and some arts piece too. So we continue and just walk until we reach our next location > Bulguksa Temple.  

Bulguksa Temple

Raining day :'( Feel super sleepy too but we just can't stop at a place to rest. Lol our spoiled umbrella replace with a new one. David gave his umbrella for us. If not I guess I will be sick on the next day although the umbrella also half spoiled already! LOLLLL
 Mood super sleepy when it's raining outside. But at the same time it means that I no need suffer the hot weather like Malaysia. Just simply walk around and  Hint#4  too bad we didn't have data-plan if not you can use the QR-Codes at some stations to hear and read about some details. I can't understand those complicated Korea things. But at the same time there are too many tourist some from Japan and some of china so it's abit noise and I realize that why there have so many kids or student around there? They just look at me like O.O but I take it as a compliment since I don't know what they are talking around me. Lol
Oh yea I can read those Chinese word

Bulguksa Temple - 불국사 (佛國寺) , was very famous as one of the few surviving examples of Silla architecture. You know I always like to shopping don't even have the time to really feel those special thing about temple like this but this one SERIOUSLY DAMN BEAUTIFUL.You are not allow to allowed access from the main steps but you have to use the side access to enter to the temple area.I'm feel confuse on there because it's super big and the incredible structures with a deep feeling of history beyond what can be seen with eyes alone.Plus, October is a beautiful month in Korea, which makes it high Korean tourist season and a busy time for Korean school field trips. This is why have so many students around there. 

David told us there Korea school have diff date for their holiday due to their huge amount of their population therefore, each school have diff period of holiday. 

For those who wish to have a more and deep understanding about this temple you can click on the link above. I found that this is a good thing to share with all of you. They even include a specific place attached the photo and explain it for all of you. For this place you need to purchase ticket for any entry there.

Adults (ages over 19): 4,000 won 
Youths (ages 13-18): 3,000 won / Group (over 30): 2,500 won 
Children (ages 7-12): 2,000 won / Group (over 30): 1,500 won 
Children (ages under 7): Free (Individual) / Group (over 10): 1,000 won

Available from 07:00-18:00 (ticket booth closes at 17:30)
Quite fun because I feel very interested about all precious art on their building. And of course have to snap few photo at there but because everyone was waiting their turn to take photo so we also fast fast take then run away from it. Oh yea, now I know Smelly didn't get in this photo -.- This photo took by him and most of the photo took by him so he really less appear in our group photo T.T Sowiiieeee Bee
David told us that we have few mins left we have our lunch. So we just continue / simply walk around and snap photo!! 
Again. Let's photo do the talking!! So beautiful horrr!!
Saw this wooden dragon fish with ball in its mouth at Bulguksa Temple.
Just done some research online I just realize that within this temple have some Hidden Dragons and Lucky Pig. You need to have your luck to see it. I only able to see this and I didn't saw any lucky pig. Lol So I google it and realize the official site of Korea Tourism side noted this! OMG for more you can click to http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/CU/CU_EN_8_5_9_2_2.jsp

 Any idea where they are hidden? The dragons are hanging from the eaves of Daeungjeon. Take a look at the dragon at both ends. One is holding a cintamanti (a wish-fulfilling jewel) in his mouth, while the other is biting a fish. The image of a dragon biting a cintamanti is actually quite normal, but what could be the reason for the fish? Even at night, fish do not close their eyes to sleep. It is with this same thought that the fish was used to convey the idea that Buddha never rests in using his powers to help all mankind.Finding the lucky pig of Geugnakjeon is a little more difficult. Take a close look behind the signboard with 'Geugnakjeon' written on it in Chinese characters and you will find the hidden pig. In Korea, the pig is an animal that symbolizes wealth, good fortune, and fruitfulness, while at the same time playing a role in driving away evil spirits. In Geugnakjeon, a place that symbolizes paradise, the pig is also said to mean that wealth and honor must be governed by wisdom. A golden pig statue was placed in the yard of Geugnakjeon for visitors to Bulguksa and is said to bring luck to those who touch it. Make sure to try this local tradition to see if your luck improves. 

I wanan see my lucky pig :'( But I can't find it!!! Make sure to find it out when you visit to Bulguksa Temple ya :D Both Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto were listed in the UNESCO world cultural heritage list and I'm happy that I got a chance to experience this!! WORTHHHHH IT because I never see this kind of temple at our country. It's so beautiful so big and lotss of arts too.


Lunch Time @12pm 

Found some special Chinese Restaurant. Very yummy and delicious!!! Super taste and I have no extra time to selfies just remember to eat and the price is so pricy. We ordered many but I just able to capture this as in another 3 plate in our opposite table! LOLLL I paiseh walk in front of Smelly parent and snap photo! HAHAAHAHAHAHHA Then horrr this lunch one people need RM40++ Like that because super expensive. All food at there quite expensive actually. We no  need pay for it but we know the price because we follow the tours. Luckily if not I think I'm sure over budget for this. I'm happy that David didn't bring us to those tourism restaurant which try those cheap food but in another side he brought us to try nice and expensive food. I'm blessed except the first night hotel was just so scary! LOLLLL


Cheomseongdae Observatory 

Our next destination will be going to Daegu and we have few hour left so David brought us around and went to this place. Nothing much to take photo cause it's still raining so we just have some conversation with David and he tell us so many Korea Joke + some lame one. Lol then keep walking so relax and I can't wait for the next few day plan because he going to bring us to SHOPPING!! WOOOHOOO Then after this we continue our journey to Daegu!


Daegu Prince Hotel - 5 STAR HOTEL

Best Hotel & Best Dinner in my life!! EVER!!! HAHAAHHAAHA This time I remember our hotel  name because it's super nice it's call Daegu Prince Hotel. This is the exactly photo for our room. It's just normal room but this hotel provided Breakfast which is super delicious one. Got lots of choice on their breakfast like buffet those but you need to wake up quite early because lots of china people trying to grab all salmon and nice food before you wake up -.-
The following 2 days we stay at this same hotel  but my room from this changed to a more luxury one due to our air con in our room NOT FUNCTION anymore. Lol and this is what I mean that I every night also sleep on the diff hotel room. Lol Actually they ask us to change to the upper floor the most luxury cause normal room all fully book but because I'm afraid of new place and new designed room. So I reject it although it's very attractive for us but diff floor we hard to communicate with each other also. We sharing the plug so need to walk here and there and previously I watch some Taiwan show after they changed room they saw some bad thing. LOLLLL You know what I mean lah!

Then me really hard to stay calm in every diff room every night. I need to use some time to get use to it. Lol I feel insecure with new place and some more since the first night experience this was just SUPER NICE TO ME!! MUAHAHAHAHAH STRONGLY RECOMMEND to all of you and around this hotel have lots of NICE FOOD , NICE SHOP but not much skincare shop la. If you want to shopping need walk out few street only can see Etude house and the skin food those popular skincare product brand.



I tell you !! I'm sure you love this also neh!! SO SO SO SO YUMMY , TASTY , DELICIOUS! I have no idea why our malaysia can't find this kind of taste. It's super yummy you know and ) Hint#5 PLEASE DRINK MORE WATER after took this. Why? BECAUSE all of us suffering sore throat can't enjoy the rest of the food after this -.- Especially Smelly aunts sick because didn't drink water + morning so cold so she fall sick during the 2nd day of our trip. Basically I sick one day then recover then after back to Malaysia I didn't get sick but all of them sick after back too. I'm so healthy! LOLLL
Then after video I'm sure your saliva come out already. But still haven end I'm gonna spam the rest of this post and the end part with yummy FOOD!!! MUAHAHHAHA I think photo do the rest lah! I no need to type anything I'm afraid that you all going to slap me if I'm still so long gas talk crap here! Lol
I pick the biggest size one and put it in the middle :P That's mine
Seaweed + Rice 
half way need to cut it into small mini pieces
Continue cut ( >w<)  Soooo delicious nehhhhh~
Oh yeaaa no time snap our yummy face again liao!! So after our lovely dinner we went back hotel then I rest for 1 hour we plan to discover the nearby place. So we walk around went to the nearer hypermarket. Bought some supper to eat and watching Korean Cartoon. WOOOHOOOOO I tried their maggi mee tooooo surppppppp!! SO DELICIOUS

NON-STOP EATING! LOL that's all for my day 2 and I LOVE KOREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! It's all for today too. Love,xx.


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