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25 January 2014

Hello Lovely Sweeties I know you miss me alot and finally I'm done with all of my assignments ! Now just have to wait my final examination after this coming Chinese New Year. Lol should be happy or sad but probably have to catch up with my study once after the CNY. Okay! Back to the topic, it's a great day I spent with a Taiwanese Beauty Guru , Liu Yen. Guess some of you already know this from my instagram and facebook but I just can't wait to update this on my blog with all of you! So, today's post is full of beauty tips and some additional knowledge for all of you. Make Sure you all read this :P 

Few days ago received an email and get invited to Hada Labo event and actually that day I have my class too but I just wanna meet the special beauty guru and of course my Babe was there too. So I arranged my transportation then who know I'm the first one who reach there. At first I thought I will be late for 30 mins and I contact the PR who emailed me but end up I'm the first one! MUAHAHAHAHAH So probably my face wasn't pretty at that time because the day before I slept at 5am -.- Was doing and rushing my assignment before go to this event! So please ignore my chubby fat face and ugly bad hair day because I didn't wash my hair :X Sorry it's sound disgusting but just tell you that so you can probably ignore my face on all the photo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

That day was a great day because you know how I FEEL if you're a student. Just like someone who came out from jail because my mood was super good and nice (done all assignment !!) So as I mentioned just now I'm the first one at there. What can I do at that moment? Just walk around and take photo before anyone here. That's why my photo you didn't see any photo boom! HAHAHAHAAHAH 20 mins later Chenelle reached! Huiiraayyyy 

Some of the photo I took and I never realize that Hada Labo has such a huge range of product. Now they even have BB cream and also hand cream?!!! OMG Surprise me with that and as usual they have diff range and type of product suit various skin type. For dry skin , sensitive skin , moisturizing , whitening , anti aging , skin peeling and so on! 
The whole theme was so white and simply! This is what Hada Labo hope to bring for us. They want to bring the beauty back to just perfect, simple and confident. I love how the decoration and everything was super WHITE!! Other than that, during the whole conversation I believe that Hada Labo really emphasizes simplicity in its skin care process (all their product are without any additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin) They believe that only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness. I should stop crapping here because I know you all waiting to see Liu Yen and some beauty tips..RIGHT??!!! sooo....


Let's Get Started~

WOOOHOOO!! LIU YEN YOOOOO!! Previously met the hair guru now beauty guru! OMG I'm so happy and happy til can die now~ I can't stop taking photo of her and sorry ya I block my ugly face because it's really ugly :X But just wanna tell you all that everytime I saw her on tv I was like wow she's so white and pretty. In real, she's thinner than on TV and also her sound and voice make us feel very comfortable. I think most of the Taiwanese have this kind of accent make me feel like flying to Taiwan again this year end! 

WOOOHOOO die also want to take photo with her even it's far. But end up I actually feel I'm so annoying because I can just simply walk in front and stand with her + take photo. But I just can't control myself. So....HAHAHAHA other than look at her I also follow what she say trying and testing the Hada Labo hot selling product - Lotion (Toner) and also their moisturizer.  

 Each table placed two bottle of tester for us to try and did a small experiment on that.
We want to see the absorption level of the moisturizer in both sponge. One sponge added with Hada Labo lotion/ toner before putting their moisturizer. 
 First put few drop of toner and let the sponge absorb it. Then put on the moisturizer as the next step while another sponge just put the moisturizer on it.
See so obvious the left sponge (with toner) absorption level is better than the one without the toner. Imaging that the sponge is our skin. Therefore, we can conclude that lotion or toner can improve the absorption level and effectiveness of the next product. No matter when you wash your face or anytime you are doing your skincare routine always remember to use toner and having some massage time with your hand too. This is really important because next product you use you skin will easily absorb it and you no longer waste your money and telling people that your essence or moisturizer doesn't moisturizing at all. 

Beauty Tips #1  Important step on your daily skincare routine : Apply the right toner product on your face. This will improve the effectiveness and absorption level on your next product you use.

Guess all of you know that Hada Labo toner was no.1 hot item in many diff country. Right? You can easily find this and most of us were using this right now but do you know why it's good on our skin and why IT'S SO SPECIAL?? 

3TYPE of Hyaluronic Acid 玻尿酸

If you ever watch Beauty book or some Beauty Show. You will always heard about the term of 'Hyaluronic Acid 玻尿酸' Most of the face product or sleeping mask you use included this as their main ingredient!! Then you will ask...yerr every product also got but why Hada Labo can still be so special and hot selling item among all others brand? Because of the 3 TYPE OF Hyaluronic Acid 玻尿酸. For your easy understanding it's break down into Small, Medium & Large Hyaluronic Acid 玻尿酸. As you can see from the diagram above the smallest (nano hyaluronic acid) will be absorb to the deepest layer on your skin. Then the medium and the large one!

Beauty Tips #2 Hyaluronic Acid 玻尿酸= ALL ABOUT MOISTURIZING Ability 

But what special about it? why they using 3 type of that? It's because each type have special function on our skin. But the most special one will be the Super Hyaluronic Acid! Super Hyaluronic Acid has twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid and also it will always catch the water to our skin抓水 and it's why Hada Labo product always keep our face super moisture even after few hours

In shorts, 3 type of the acid will have their own task 抓水,补水,锁水. (Hydrating , Catch water , Store water on our skin)

After some basic sharing time and suddenly Liu Yen ask us few question and probably I have lots of eye contact with her + I'm sitting in front of her.. So... I have a super great time sharing my beauty secret with her too! HAAHAHAHHAAH Actually talking nothing in front because I'm so nervous and didn't look at the front. But whatever I just wanna see her in zero distance! HAHAHAHAHA 

Not just that, we have special demo time with a pretty model too. This model same age with me..Why I look so kids people look super pretty and mature :'( I wanna be mature too! arghhh!! Btw, this demo showing us what is the correct way to apply your toner and skin massage . I think you can just go ahead purchase Liu Yen book because everything she share on that day was appear on her book too. 
 Can't believe I always saw her on TV and now she's in front of me. So near! LOL After that we have some interaction time with her. Each of the table ask one person represent answer one question. The one who answer correctly will get Her own published BOOK + Signature! HAHAHAH First time attempt wrongly but after that question I answered correctly.. So I got one book from her! Love you my god!

Why my standing pose like this -.- Not girly at all -.-
 TTAAAAADAAA!! The book slept with me yesterday. Not complicated and some hand massage tips for you to read! Her signature on it! OH YEA!!

Some question asked by us and some will be question she used to test on us! HAHAHA

#1 All product texture was the same (Toner / Moisturizer/ Essence) but if each of those have diff function like Whitening , Moisturizing and Anti Aging which should I use first and what's the sequence? 
Answer : Anti Aging > Whitening > Moisturizing 

#2 How if I have diff kind of texture of the product. What kind of texture I should use first?
Answer: Pick the lightest texture first.

Haven end we still have almost 45 mins for Q&A session. We can ask everything we want!! 

High Tea Time with all other blogger. Super hungry !!!! 
Happy that get invited from the PR and thanks Hada Labo for this AWESOME day with Liu Yen too!! Really surprise how they found us! AHAHAHA previously didn't join any Hada Labo event before so this is quite fun for me. Thanks for all the special arrangement and goodies bag!! Love it

Top & Skirt (SET) from http://instagram.com/suore

Messy hair + just wake up look too!

That's all for today. Love,xx.


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