31 January 2014

Hello all pretty little sweethearts :3 How are you recently?? I just manage to update my blog now because few day ago I just manage to do my last mins online shopping + visited a physical store located at 7th floor Time Square. I think you know it on my #dayre & my instagram! So no need to emphasize on that because it's basically both of my all time favorite store. Okay! Back to the topic, recently have lots of thing to do especially just submitted my very last individual assignment few days ago. I have no idea why the chinese  lecturer make the due date of the assignment on 29th Jan 2013. 

I purposely went to my Uni and submitted my tiny assignment. Lol after the submission the next day have like 5 hours to meet my friends and do my very very last mins shopping. So you know that I left one semester until my degree graduation but after CNY .. I'M HAVING MY FINAL EXAMINATION.. Oh gooood! Just forget about it because I wanna to relax during my CNY although it was quite boring :'( My same age cousin not here and the rest of my cousins accompany me for my first day of CNY. Met the super cutie Moselle and her pretty mummy too! 

Shouldn't complain about anything on the first day of CNY so hereby some of the photo we took just now. Throwback few years ago they are just a small kids and now they become slightly mature and some of them become so pretty already. Missing the old time when all of us used to be together with my same age cousin sister sit down gamble time + eating lots of snack.. But still I can say that this year CNY quite boring and this is why I'm here blogging on my blog. HAHAHAHHAHA Sorry that I'm gone before CNY but stay tuned with me tons of post gonna be up! (always also say say say but never finish blogging lolllll)
 If i'm not blogging guess I will be wasting my time on my bed, scrolling my facebook news feed or sleeping. To make myself fully utilize my day time .. This is the reason why I'm here today! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Cakap banyak sahaja lol but anyway just wanna make my blog have some Chinese New Year feel! So here you go! oh yea!! AND HAPPY CNY again to all of pretty readers and sweet sweet sweeties! May all your dream come true and healthy yooo~


♥ Wearing Room8008 pastel collection dress

Seriously, no need to mention you all just know how much I can die for pastel color but I have no idea why recently my outfit more on shoulder off / half shoulder off type of outfit. I just manage to check all my clothes and dress inside my wardrobe.. REALLY -.- All like same style one! HAHHAHAHA But you know it's really nice to wear on pastel color everyday because I JUST LOVE IT FOR NO REASON!

Actually my life is quite black & white. The only things that motivate and made my day was playing with diff color. But I dislike my clothes everyday also have 3-4 diff color outfit so I picked and fall in love with pastel color. Pastel color more on sweet feel and once I see those combination color I feel so peace in my mind + SUPER GOOD MOOD! HAHAHAHAHH But today whole day all people just praise the dress I'm wearing -.- Okkkk lorrrr~

Then yesterday night having reunion dinner with all my family members! Having great time with lots of food too. But this year my same age cousin not here :'( suddenly so miss her because every year she will grab lots of snack and food for all of us then keep on filling my stomach ..until I'm 110% fulled! Lolllll But still talking with those kids quite fun also. I think soon when I get older I will be missing my past CNY celebration with my family again~ Time flies! 

Wearing my rainbow pastel set (Top& skort)

That's all for today! Have to continue packing for tomorrow. Lastly, HAPPY CNY to all of you ya!! Love,xx.


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