♥ My CNY #Part2: Outing & Gambling Time

04 February 2014

Hey Hey Hey It's 4th day of CNY!! How are you doing sweetie? I just had an awesome talking time with 2 pretty babe this wonderful afternoon. HAHAHAHAHA Told you guys on my previous CNY that this year chinese new year wasn't fun for me because it's quite boring :'( The second day I went back to my grandmom house @Teluk Intan and back to my own house yesterday. Miss my blog & instagram so much because I can't access my DIGI data =.= Purposely go outside and uploaded one photo then back my grandmom's house again! LOLLLLL

So 3 of us actually planned this outing before this CNY. It's been a great time together! It's my first time..very first time meeting this sweet babe Cathy and of course the pretty babe Kim too!! HAHAHAH I think most of you know both of them because Kimwas my website designer and owner of Reverie-store (http://www.reverie-store.com/) while Cathy♥ was the owner of 826 Closet (http://826closet.blogspot.com/) All of us was business women! LOLLLLLLL I'm the owner of my blog &  Double Beauty HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Die also want to relate myself with them! Anyway , it's been awhile my last time outing with Kim!! She just back from Sg and going back to Sg soon! Gonna miss about today again!!

My CNY was quite boring but not today! Today was so fun! Lol because I can go out and talk with them. Too bad because we planned to have our brunch at Garage51 but unfortunately it's closed :'( So we last mins change our plan to the nearest shopping mall @ Sunway Pyramid. So we just have our great time, talking to each other at Pasta Zanmai & Coffee Bean! HAAHAHAHAH Plan failed but still enjoy a lot!! And guess what their face just like my age but they still give me red pockets. Aiiiyaaaaaa Actually I feel very shy on it because I don't know how should I answer them after I receive the ang pao! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH I feel like it's weird to receive red pocket from friends!!! Plus, it's my very first time receive ang pao from my friends circle! Lolll Good experience! HAHAHAHA Act very 38 now because I get very excited today! LOLLLL
So we don't have extra time taking photo of our food because all of us quite concentrating on our very 'limited' chatting time with each other! hhaahahah Really really have fun yaa because I have such a long time never go out meet my friends and have a great chatting time. I'm gonna miss my day because I need to face the reality : FINAL EXAMINATION after my CNY :'( My CNY really quite boring and I have no plan today too!! Arghhhhhhhhh Smelly Kitty at Melbourne so I haven meet him for almost 1 week+ Gonna miss him LOL
 So happy that I spent my whole afternoon with both pretty dear dear!!! Thanks Kim for the fetch and I still can't believe she stay super near from my house. This shows that my house location and area is really so far from everyone. Nobody wanna come my house bai nian :'( Pls come pls come! I will be there wearing sleeping cloth welcome you! HAHAHAHAHA I'm joking la!!!
 Kim smile super sweet!!! Love it and hope you enjoy your bright and new life at sg~ Oh yea, I wanna see mini kim or mini ming soon :P HAHAHAHAAH *evil smile* They both look super young like my age really can't imaging both already married~ I wanna keep my face like that! HAHAHAHAHA forever young~ After a while we went to a empty table + bright sunlight place to selfies. Girl being girls! Then we went to coffee bean to continue our chatting topic! Cathy went to order some nice hot drinks for us! Thankiuuuu So, at that point I'm introducing and recommending my casio zr1000 xD Really being so lazy to carry dslr or big size camera nowadays!
 Loving Kim's outfit too! The collar so nice and both of us just can't live without long sleeve top or sweater! Hhahahahahah So today I planned quite long about what should I wear for this outing. End up I choose this pastel yellow set from Kim's shop (http://reverie-store.com/) Wearing her blog shop item and meet up with her! HAHAHAHAA I'm a pro and of course gonna support her online shop too. I purchase it with my own money so you no need to worry because the quality really DAMN GOOD! Pastel with LACE!! ALL GIRL'S DREAM~~~
 So this top and bottom both from reverie store. I love the lace material on it and it's cropped top too! If this available in diff color I'm going to grab all of it because the shorts was super great in matching with others top too. Can wear it as a high waist shorts pair and match with a normal simple tee. Look great and feminine too. Not sure they still have stock anot but you can try to pm them on facebook ya ~ My ootd credits to Kim! HAHAAHAHA

 Next, Kim's ootd! Loving her shoe and also her while collar top!! Very Korean Style! Clean , simple , nice and easy match  just like what she would like to bring out the msg on her online shop. I think short hair really suit her leh very attractive. Make me wanna cut to this length too because my hair keep having the same length and hair style feel quite boring already :'(

 Oh yea!! Cathy's turn!!! 826 Closet owner!!! She really in love with white too. Her skin is totally white! I think she never explore herself under the hot sunlight. Super white and skinny. She very gentle one even talking also very soft. Kim also talk nicely and softly. Only me -.- the one super talkative and I feel very annoying for myself too. Sometime I try zip my mouth but feel very suffer LOLLLLLL You see i keep crapping here -.-

MUAHAHAHA and guess what I received another text msg from my BFF secondary gang that they coming to my house at night!!!! They so understand me I LOVE THEM!!! They stay at my house until 2am only back! Wanna to play my bro xbox but I dunno how to open so we have another gamble time + gossip time again! LOLLLL Feel so happy to see them because my house so far if not I will always going their area which is my old house area located at kuchai and taman desa. ARGHHH WHY I SO FAR ONE!!!
 So at first I'm wearing outing outfit but after that feel so tired with my lens ...Therefore, I went up to  my room and change it to my sleeping outfit! HAAHAHAHAHA Removed all  my make up + tie my fringe up too! LOLLLL Transformation of a girl. LOL
After that we just playing around with our 50 sen coins! But I brought my piggy bank out and exchange my coins to RM1 haahahhaaha they angry and being mad about it~ LALAALALALLALALAAL I'm so bad~ HAHAHAHA But I enjoy it! lol

 Okay la the crazy girl with blue ribbon was me -.-

That's all for my #Chor4 day!!! Although my CNY was quite boring at first few day but after that when i meet with them I feel very happy. This is what friends always there for me! HAHAAHAH Feel like crying and especially thanks god for your love. HAPPY CNY may your dream come true . I'm really happy on that day after so long. Love, xx.


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