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06 February 2014

Hello my little sweethearts here~ Chinese New Year almost end but don't worry we still have Valentine's Day coming but this year my Valentine's Day (as usual) celebrate together with my final exam paper -.- I don't know how many time I mention my final on my blog but that day was my 3rd or 4th paper I forgot. So No dating but guess what... my little Bebe will always be beside me no matter what. Therefore, this year I will be spending my whole day with my little furkid, Bebe after my exam paper! HAHAAHHAAHAH  No longer have dating post but I wanna update something special for all of you. 

I think if you followed my dayre or instagram you will feel the love Bebe gave me and the love between both of us! HAHAAHAH sounds so weird but you will feel me when you own a pet. For me it was like a miracle because you know.... I beg and get permit from my mom to own a pet after soooo many years...5 YEARS!

OMG So far I treat Bebe as good as Mr.Smelly but he told me that I sayang Bebe more than sayang him. Lol However, it was a nightmare for me when come to the bathing time with Bebe. I think I told you guys that I took 1 hours 45 mins to complete whole bathing process with him. From bathing > applying shampoo > drying his fluffy long hair > comb his hair > clean his eyes and ears

I quite enjoy it actually, but you know sometimes our pet can feel us. They know that whether we are patient enough to do anything. So my parents suggest that I bring Bebe to pet shop and bathe. But it was quite expensive. Each time RM30 gone but Bebe smell so good after bath at pet shop and I always wonder 'WHY THE FUR SO SMOOTH AND CAN TAHAN FEW DAY WITHOUT ANY SMELLY SCENT' I tried those shampoo they recommended but mostly Bebe bathed after 3 days his fluffy fur starts to tangle and I just want him to get a bath AGAIN!!! Lol we treat him like human more than a pet. My mom super-clean one, so everytime must make sure our house is clean without the smelly scent.

The main problem after bathing time was combing Bebe's fluffy hair. You know poodle have that problem. I tell you I used 1 hours+ to dry his fur and comb it. I hate combing his fur because he does not allow me to comb and btw I just feel myself very rude when combing his fur + I feel that he's pain too.  LOLLLL Bebe will run here & there don't allow me to comb his curly and a little bit tangled fur. ARGHHHH I feel so angry when he runs around me and I can't comb it. But after I'm using FÜRKIDS FÜRBATH Shampoo & FÜRSPRITZ Fur Softener, I NO LONGER FEEL PEK-CEK (feel annoying) when combing Bebe's hair.

These two products saved my life! ESPECIALLY the fur softener spray. I REALLY STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL OF YOU who own a dog/ puppy at home. This saved my life…The first time I used this, I was like really?!!!? OMG IT WORKS!! I spray this over Bebe's body after bath then using hair dryer to dry it. After few mins when I prepare to comb it with the pet comb. YOU CAN SEE THE RESULTS IMMEDIATELY. COMBING BEBE'S FUR became a super easy task now. The comb can comb from top till the end without any single second stop half way. WTF?!! It work like magic but before you comb the fur must be dry using hair dryer ya! Believe it or not I show you later but apart from their softener spray, we checked out the shampoo too!

I got both product from from ♥ FÜRKIDS®by Terra Aurea Singapore  I told them about BEBE’s condition and daily activities so they recommended me to pick the shampoo from this Lively series. They have 3 diff series:

Soft & Fluffy (suitable for fluffy long fur pet like pomeranians & so on) 
 Lively (suitable for dogs with sensitive / dry / itchy skin and flora formulation which help to relieves stress
 Activ (suitable for dogs with active and outdoorsy lifestyle) 

I'm always emphasize on our skincare product that we need to use natural one and paraben free or chemical free skincare product on our skin and guess what.. PET ALSO GOT SHAMPOO AND PRODUCT without Paraben and NATURAL ingredients!! !! I was shocked when I heard about this but I always want Bebe to deserve the best because you know… Being a furkid is just like a human. If I can, I will give him the BEST! For example, chemical-free products for him so that it can reduce the itchiness and I want him to STAY AWAY FROM all harmful ingredient on its shampoo and other products!

FURKIDS® aims to rebalance your dog's skin and fur by using natural & safe ingredients!

See his innocent face! This is the reason why I prefer this product and throw away other products except one, I still keep it because it was soooo expensive. LOL However, I won’t use that anymore and from now onward I will recommend all my friends to use FÜRKIDS® product on their pets. Especially the fur softener spray!! 

Why I  FURKIDS® products

Because it's free from SLS / SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate) , Silicones , MEA / DEA / TEA , Parabens , Colorants / Bleach and Pesticides.
I know you may not have an idea on all those ingredients, because me too, except the last 3 ingredients (Paraben, Colorants and Pesticides). So here's the summary. Please memorize it so the next time you choose to buy any shampoo please stay away from those chemical ingredient I mention now!!

  • SLS /SLES - It's a common ingredients on every shampoo because it helps to create lots of bubble but it's bad too because it REMOVES NATURAL SKIN OILS & Protective layer and at the same time drying to skin which would also cause itchiness on your pet!
  • Silicones - It normally makes your pet's fur shiny and smooth but it's bad too because it contribute to LIMP/GREASY and dull fur + silicone will clogs fur shaft.
  • MEA / DEA / TEA - It's a foam boosters which cause irritation on eyes and skin. Not just that it might disrupts hormonal system of your pet.
  • Parabens - It's also a super common and cheap preservative which irritate respiratory system!
  • Colorants/ Bleach - it cause sensitize and irritates your pet's skin. Plus, depletes oxygen supply.
  • Pesticides - Lastly, this will causes vomiting / diarrhea and leads to hair loss/ dry too.

"So mummy, what's the natural ingredient of this shampoo you gonna use on me now?"

Since Bebe was curious about it :P HAHAHAH Then I write it down here lah :) So basically, the natural ingredients included in their shampoo is Coconut & Oil palm based surfactants, plant extracts like Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Thyme, Rosemary and essential oils of Jasmine and Rose, while the spray is based on Olive oil, hydrolyzed wheat bran and wheat straw! For more detailed ingredients list you may find it at https://www.facebook.com/FurkidsTAS :)

So now let's get started enjoy bathing time with BEBE!! AHAHAHAH Bebe was shy in front of camera!!

" huh mummy?! FINALLY I CAN BATH..hmm can you stop taking photo of me :'( "

" Okay , mummy need to snap few more photo for blogging purpose. So i just pose like this okay?"

 "Mummy can I bath now?"
 "Plsss ~~ (innocent expression)"
 "Can you hear me?" mummy?!!
 "Mummy I'm wet! so cold"

Sorry have to sacrifice you Bebe because no one beside me helping me to take photo. So every procedure I have to snap myself. You wait me abit k? I close the door for you so you wont get cold easily!!! So here's some of the bathing procedure with Bebe favourite shampoo ever!!!
1) Fill some warm water (not too hot or cold) Then gently wet your puppy's body.

2) Rub shampoo all over Bebe's body. The shampoo is concentrated type so no need to press so much and remember because it's using natural ingredients without the bubble chemical ingredients so the bubble wont as much as  your usual or normal shampoo ya. Compare to other normal shampoo it's so creamy!! The person contact with me was so friendly and she told me that cleaning was still efficiency with those creamy/tighter/ luxurious foam even it may not look like a lot of bubbles,BUT It still cleans very well ya! Normally creamy = not lots of bubble appear :)

3) This is an additional step but recommended for white color puppy . You may use a soft brush to scrub around your pet's nose , eyes and behind ears.

4) Rinse well and rub all over your pet's body until the water turns clear and clean. In other word, it means your puppy is FREE from shampoo and bubble!!! 

" What is this mummy?"

I'm quite outdated! It's been so long and only now I realize that pet actually got fur softener like this kind of spray type one. OMG I'm so outdated and this is why I'm shocked with the result!!!! I love the smell of the fur softener~ It's very refreshing and the smell will spread all over Bebe's body wont too heavy but just so refreshing!! I think Bebe also love it because he didn't really feel the itchiness with it. Previously after I used those cheaper shampoo he keep bite his own fur -.- Now I know why! For you information the fur softener can last whole day but the next day when I need to bring Bebe out I will spray it again but after spray YOU must remember to use hair dryer to blow your puppy's fur
5) Tower dry fur and SPRAY the FURSPRITZ!!! Bebe's favourite!! HAHAHAHAHA Remember to avoid spraying into eyes and ears
6) After spray it you can continue blow fur with your hair dryer!!! 
 7) See when blow dry you can directly use your fur comb to comb it! SUPER SMOOTH FROM TOP TO TOES! I TELL YOU, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS OUT

See Bebe’s fur!! SUPER SOFT YOU CAN REALLY SEE IT & SMOOTH to the max! I was soooo excited! :)

Easily comb no more suffering and no more taking a long time to comb his fur! THANKS GOD T.T I love you FURKIDS!

I don't have professional tool to make it. But you see Bebe fur so fluffy and you can really see the soft soft and smooth smooth fur on the photo above. AHAHAHAA I dare you!!! MUST TRY THIS OUT If I didn't use the spray and the shampoo I can't achieve this fluffy look at home. Normally have to bring to pet saloon for this kind of outcome!

"Mummy, you like my soft & shiny fur?? Why you looking at me like this?!! Treats??" 
 "mummy.. Why still need to take photo :'( "

Okay la okay la gonna end soon!!

 "LAST PHOTO okay?"

Bebe super love and happy after his shower time! Teehee*

  " MUMMY I LOVE FURKIDS PRODUCT!! Remember recommend to other puppies and doggies too k?"

Where Can Purchase? 
You can always inbox msg FURKIDS by Terra Aurea Singapore (https://www.facebook.com/FurkidsTAS) for more information.   You can tell them your puppy/ dog type and also their daily activities. They helped me a lot by giving me some tips to take care my Bebe too. Everything is customized specially for your puppy/ dog’s unique skin and fur condition. Feel free to PM them and ask them about where you can buy and which series your pet should go for :) GOOD LUCK

That's all for today. Love,xx.


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