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07 February 2014

 Hello Pretty Little Sweeties~ How your CNY this few day? Enjoy a lot?? I have nothing much to blog about my Chinese New Year so I think is time to clear my old post already. My friends told me that can't owe any one money or anything during the CNY. Lolll I owe many blog post! HAHAHAHA But still I'm happy that finally I'm able to update this blog post since many people curious about the pet bakery located at where. Smelly and I planned quite some time and finally we able to bring Bebe out of home! LOLLL FINALLY!
Been told by the vet say need to done 3 vaccination only can bring him out. So it's the day! We wake up in the early morning! As usual Smelly drop by my house helping me to capture some OOTD photo before we go out. But my house was so far from that especially damansara area + traffic jam! First time visited IKANO after so long! lol so outdated one hor. I was quite worry because I didn't purchase any pet bag for Bebe. I think I just can't hug it and walk around the shopping mall. Maybe some other people might think it's bad for carrying puppy without any proper bag. Smelly told me it's necessary but my Bebe dislike to stay at bag or cage. So it's a waste if I purchase it. I keep worry about that. LOLLL   
Sounds scary hor! But i worry people mind it only. Luckily all people around say Bebe was super cute. Passed by some Malay family they pointing at Bebe say it's so cute too. But I try to stand far walk far far from them too. I think they can't touch any dogs right? Hmmmm. Should respect them as well. So after the long journey ..40 mins!! We reached IPC Shopping Centre (IKANO) It was a great time with Bebe and smelly but because that time not much people going to the pet bakery so i feel bebe a little bit lonely there so we just stay there for 1 hour only. I think it's more recommended if you can date a gang of friends with pet ..then go with them!! SHOULD BE VERY FUN LEH!!

I'm quite shocked that I finally found some nice dessert that Bebe can try. You know sometime I feel it's very pity for a puppy because they can't eat dessert. LOLLLL I'm a little bit out of my mind because every time when I'm having my delicious cake and dessert, Bebe always show me that innocent face. Keep begging me to give him a bite. LOL #thinktoomuch So I research quite a long time and ask babe Chenelle. She went there last time. So...I'm thinking to try their pet cupcakes too!! LOLLLLL They have special cakes , cokkies , treats , pastries and party package for your furkids too! Who say dog can't eat cake! HAAHAHAHAH All baked with love from the shop owner and a sweet little girl there. Guess should be the owner's daughter :) 
 For me, I'm quite shocked for the 2nd time because the price is not that expensive than I expected. I expect it should be REALLY EXPENSIVE since it's so rare I guess. When smelly pay the bill I was like should be RM20+++ But end up only RM12++ I'm too exited I purchase 3 cakes and want the people to serve everything at the time. Lol the guy told me that why not serve one by one because he told me that maybe it's a little bit too much for Bebe! HAHAHAAHAHAHA I tot Bebe was me -.-
Luckily he told me. End up I just take away another 2 cupcake for Bebe. I saw lots of customer walk in and purchase it home. They didn't bring their pet on the day we brought Bebe there. Bebe can't meet new friends :'( So how about the environment??? Let me show you some of the photo I took on that day

The place wasn't really big. It's located near the main entrance of Pet Safari @ IPC Centre. Although it's not big but it's full of Love. The sweet girl being so friendly talk to Bebe and snap photo for him. Then the cashier guy was so nice too. Finally I can put my heart down because I'm worry that Bebe can't went out since it's his very first time. But he's quite moody since he sit at the car for almost 40 mins! LOLLLL
Blink Pet Bakery located at a corner of Pet Safari. You will see this once you entered the main entrance. I'm really happy that they really care about every pet. You can see photo hag on the wall and all homemade treats for our little puppies. I think next time Bebe's birthday I can bring him along celebrate at there. Invite some of my friends too!! HAHAHAAH Invite you all come and say Hi to Bebe! LOLLL Then talk to me! LOLLLL #dreambig 

I'm really happy that Bebe being a good boy on that day. He sit nicely waiting food to be serve. Lol 
 "Mummy..Daddy.., can I have more? "
 "I dont want your hand.. I want CAKES!!!!!"
 " Please...yummy yummy.."

See his super excited face. I can't wait too so I just let him try....Who knows -.- He few bite only the cake gone! LOLLL Super garang lo Bebe! They still gave us a bowl of water but Bebe just being too choosy don't wanna drink water. Bad boy you!

 "hmmm so full now, sleepy zzzz"

The cakes was super cute! Especially I picked the bone design on the top one. So cute hor!! Just like our human cupcakes but this smell soooo good! I tried the taste.. LOL but it's no taste one just smell SUPER GOOD. SMELLY SUPER REALLY REALLY GOOD but for me I tried it no taste..Really no taste one. HAHAHAAHHA But Bebe seems super love it!

So it's almost the end of this post!!! After photo I will placed all contact detail and information so you guys can bring your dog to this cute little place. AHAHHAAHAH Then we should get our dog know each other! LOLLLLLL Since Bebe finished his delicious cake, his satisfaction level x1000000! It's PHOTO TIME!
 "Mummy I dont want others to see my face noh"
 " I dont wanna look at your camera"
 "errrr.. daddy why you force me to take photo again!!!!"
" Okay lah..Show you half of my face"

This Bebe aaaa!! After ate the cupcake don't choi me already. He keep fall asleep like that doesn't willing to look in front of my camera. Before the cake come he still look at the camera (the few photo I took at the beginning of this post) NOW HE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE CAMERA. Lol see I can feel him! He so naughty but bring lots of fun for my life. Now I feel my time isn't enough because I hope to reserve at least 1 day every week bring him walk around. Last week I just brought him to Desa Park City! 45 mins -.- He get really boring inside the car ~ AHAHAHAHAH

I feel super sleepy after I reach my home because I'm wearing my dress run with him -.- Never realize that he run so fast and afraid of other dog. In his mind he tot whole world he was the only puppy -.- When other puppy come and kiss his nose say HI he afraid and run away until sit down at the side of the walking road -.- VERY FUNNY LAUGH DIE ME!! After my 2 week final examination I will bring him to Desa Park City again :)  See ya

I received lots of inbox msg after I posted the photo on my instagram. So here's the address and detail about this pet bakery :) SEE YOU AT THERE~ Lol

BLINK Pets Bakery
012 328 9233

L2-S1 , IPC Shopping Centre,
No.2 , Jalan PJU 7-2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 PJ, Selangor.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/blinkpetsbakery

That's all for today. Love, xx.


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