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20 February 2014

Hello my dear sweeties :3 Huuuu~ Finally I have additional time again for me to update and release my stress now. FINALLY!! But not yet end -.- Still left one last papers to go. I will get back my freedom SOON! Very Soon~ Lol So when girls feel stress we tend to purchase something or shopping. Other than that, I would prefer looking back my diaries for the past few years and also blogging for my blog. Today, I'm gonna blog about some haul (FINALLY) and surprise gift from some sweet company that I collaborated last time.

Oh yea!! It's Valentine's Day last week. I got nothing special on that day because I have my paper on the next day but I did celebrate a little bit with Smelly before the day of Valentine's Day. Then I get a surprise rose too. Although we usually don't really celebrate because every year also meet my exam period -.- I hate it!!! Read my dayre (click here) for a complete post. HAHAHAA So it been a while since I date with smelly because once he back from Melbourne we got no time but force to concentrate on our final examination. Life for a students!

So early before the Valentine's Day , Smelly actually grabbed something back from Melbourne. HAHAAHAH All of the item was my favourite too. But the price was abit pricy for me BUT this time it's a haul from Smelly! AHAHAHAHAHAHA For me as well~ Lolll that week was a good week for me because after the day I receive all item from Smelly the next few day I got an email from http://nattacosme.com/ for a surprise parcel too!!! Continue read it for more~

First thing came into my mind because I'm really afraid Smelly bought something I don't like but I guess we have been 3 years and the half..still counting.. Therefore, I trust him! LOLLLLLL It's the first time he leave Malaysia for such a long time. I always thought of long relationship wasn't hard but once I experienced it for a week. I know it's hard. When you wanna call him he's sleeping and when you have something that make you excited and happy ..You wanna share with him but you can't reach him. That's the problem. So I'm so proud for myself because whole week we just talk to each other + facetime for just 3 TIME -.- Each time no more than 25 mins because he's so tired. Lol

A great and bad experience at the same time. HAHAHAHAHA I think everyone notice that I'm such a pastel lover. No need to mention Smelly sure notice it because I always told him how I hope my room can have those pastel deco especially pink with mint green color painting on my wall and bed. Impossible for it to happen because my room was so small -.- But i really hope that my wall can paint to pastel color too! LOLLLL Greedy!!

Don't expect too much because things I love wasn't a branded or pricy one. But I do love Balenciaga bag! HAAHAHAHAHA jkjkjk~ That's too high standard for me but now please give me some power because soon I plan to buy a second hand car by myself. No financial support from anyone!!!!! So from now on I will continuously work hard to achieve my dream~ Car can drive can le no need so expensive because I only can afford to pay a normal range car. Lol Out of topic a little bit...

So, Smelly got me 2 wallet with my favourite color !! I'm shocked because HE KNOW WHAT I WANT. So touch leh..Happy x 1000000 because everytime I ask him to buy anything his taste...was.... not really good ..If you know what I mean! AHHAHAHAAHHAHA He abit uncle thinking. LOLLLLL Besides the wallet he also got myself a pretty diary book. MUHAHAAH NEVER GET ENOUGH OF DIARY BOOK! Now I got two diary book one record my job and another one more personal and private diary~ LOLLLL greedy! Oh yea, also a box of super exp chocolate biscuit -.- I eat also heart pain  and a DIY calender gift from Smelly's Bro's wife too~ Thanks Cissy♥ :)

Let's get started!!!

 The diary is so pretty right???? The inner page have diff design and the cover of the diary = Simple yet nice!!! This brand really make me falling in love but the price wasn't cheap tho. I google it to look for more design but Malaysia don't have. Not sure whether sg got it or not because I saw some friend from sg has bought something from Kikki.k too. This brand is popular with their stationary!! It's the best way to gift someone you love. LIKE ME!! AHAHAHAHAHA Something familiar like Type @ pavilion but this one is more toward white and pastel color! OMG MAD LOVE

I checked their official website at http://www.kikki-k.com/ They can deliver it internationally!! Sound great and I'm sure I want to get their own design pen too!! The owner of Shoploooh.com previously gave me a greeting card and a pen also from Kikki.k!! Now I know it!! No wonder the price wasn't cheap because everything just SUPER SUPER NICE. Besides that , Cissy bought me a surprise gift too. A DIY Calender book. This holiday set included a box of pastel color pen , love stamper , photo stickers and also a whole book of Calender which you can hang on your wall. It's a simple calender but have lots of space for you to decorate and every month you can insert and stick a photo on that month too. Plus, each pages have white design and black design. It's depend on you whether you want a white calender or black design one!!

 You can get those stationary from http://www.kikki-k.com/

Next, my favorite item too! HAHAHA Yea I'm such a crazy wallet collector! Lol not collector la but I keep changing my wallet . Why? Idk why but every wallet used after 3-4 months it start to have some pen ink on it -.- Black ink blue ink. Idk why!!! WHY A???? I didn't even draw on it. I guess it should be my bag problem because usually my pencil box pen and wallet but at the same space one. Next time should get something to protect it or just purchase a black wallet. But I don't like black wallet T.T

I'm loving KateHill wallet now. I don't really know this brand until I got this. This two wallet inner card holder have lotsssss of capacity for me to put + you can put 2 photo inside too! Wow compare with my previous ex and ex- ex charles and keith wallet this is more suitable for me. You know I have lots of discount or members card now I can just put everything in one wallet without separate it!!! Huiiirayyyy Smelly know me well T^T He know me have trouble with those small tiny wallet but this green Katehill wallet I'm afraid it wont last me for more than 5 month since the inner color was WHITE COLOR. How can I keep it clean?!!! OH NOOO but green color wallet look pretty hor!!! Pretty than the pink one~
 I check on9 as well. KateHill got lotss of pretty wallet!!! Some design REALLY REALLY caught my eyes! I saw some of that really so nice and plan to buy ..BUT.. GUESS WHAT?!!!! They deliver only to aus!!!! NOT INTERNATIONALLLLLLLL!!!! Oh nooo :( If you got a chance visit to Melbourne feel free to have a lot especially discount time!!! ALL price marked down damn a lot!!

 Got some cheap sales going on that time. He get this two slipper for me. I think rubi  is from Cotton On right? $AUD 2 only?!!! This is just so random but cheaper than Malaysia so just GRAB!! HAHAAHAHHAAH He get the correct size too. WAHHH I dont even know his shoe size :x shit!

And also also!!! I craving for snack so he bought me this chocolate biscuit. Quite nice actually just the price wasn't nice -.- So expensive but I think this is exp chocolate la..So it's okay since he bought for me !! HAHAHAHHAHAAHA Eat til drop! LOL

So it's end of the blog post now!! Special thanks to the TOKYO BANANA surprise NattaCosme. I never thought that I got a chance to try this without visit to tokyo. Thanks for all the surprise T.T Really happy that someone appreciate my work and I'm happy to collaborate with all diff company and website too. Really thanks for the treats and all the surprise you all gave to me. No matter just a greeting card , a small note letter!! I kept everything :) In a box~ Thanks!! This Strawberry taste super good. Smelly dislike strawberry , my brother too..But once they tried this..THEY TOLD ME WANT TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE..

But... I keep the rest for myself after let them try one piece!! HAHAHA it like my baby k!!! Even BEBE smell it he also want to try. LOL why everything sell at JAPAN just soooooooooo nice T^T
Okay!! Enough for all yummy photo!! I should study now since I left one day for my Friday last paper. THE HARDEST PAPER EVER!!! I still confuse with those foreign exchange rate stuff.. Anyone taking international finance subject? I HATE ITTT SO CONFUSING IMMA HOLIDAY MOOD NOW.. WUWUWUWUWUW

That's all for today. Love, xx.


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