A Date with WOWBOOTH ♥

18 February 2014

Hello Hello Everyone ♥ ♥!! Guess you should miss me recently~ Am I right? Muhahahahaha Finally 1 left one more paper on this coming Friday then I can say Hi to my 3 weeks holiday. Thanks god but not a good thing because last subject paper was so hard too. It was the hardest exam paper ever!! International Finance I'm gonna kill you soon but not now because I'm going to blog about something interesting for all of you. Oh yea I think you all know that I'm photobooth lover and I hope I just can drop by their office everyday! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA

It wasn't the first time I passed by their office because previously my friend's birthday, they rent the SOHO house a night just for the party. When the time I walk back  home I saw WOWBOOTH tag and name on the SOHO house beside my friend's party place. OMG Such a fate huh? Plus, this time I'm introduce and get a chance to have WOWBOOTH on Chenelle's Birthday. I hope my 21st birthday got WOWBOOTH too but that time too last mins. It's super fun because this can help you to solve the problem being too anti-social when attending on someone's birthday party. The best method to solve this problem was Selfies with everyone of them! HAHAHAHAA

Oh yea, at the same time we also get invited by WOWBOOTH for some newspaper interview too. Thanks WOWBOOTH for this opportunity especially thanks Daniel this sweet guy for everything too. He's the one who allow us to ki siao and crazy on their office!!! If you want me to count i think this was the 4th or 5th time I get in touch with this WOWBOOTH 2.0 machine! Event , Celebration & PARTY!! ALL WOWBOOTH. Can you believe my room already got a box to put and keep all photo I took with wowbooth and my babe. HAHAHAHA 

Not sure about you but I really interested and want to know how their office look like. Especially full with those big lovely Mr.PhotoBooth Machine! and people there just so friendly♥ ♥ Their office not really big but I feel warm with that. Have a side corner which have a big window and some lovely decoration and pros. Another side is a working area and beside working area is the place they put their WOWBOOTH there. During the whole visit, of course we enjoyed a lot and at the same time realize that it isn't easy to be a top leader in their own industry. Especially deal with copy issue and some other people just tend to copy their idea and mustache + logo. 90% Exactly the same. This is the real world in a competitive market but I'm sure WOWBOOTH have it own core competencies too. 
Since it's a girl date + A date with  WOWBOOTH... I'm sure you will gone crazy when you saw our selca photo spam in this blog post. But a important msg I want to bring out is... memories faded but photo will also keep your memories.. You know I'm really sad that my 21st birthday doesn't get a chance with this. Once in my life my first birthday party ever and also the only 21st :'(  Arghhh but it's okayyyyy I will make sure my future 40 or 50 years old or when getting married I'm sure will get WOWBOOTH involve in my life journey and story too.

During the interview we play around at their office and at the same time understand how its work. Each diff theme and design they have to communicate first with their customer. So at the same day Chenelle also communicate with their lovely pro graphic designer about the 'Shang Hai Theme' . I believe in them especially their unique talent on designing each photo frame just for you and also the background + pros♥ ♥!

They are so patient and you can ask everything you want. They meet customer needs and wants especially the way they treat their customer. I feel great that the result was so good.  After all the communication and interview.. The actual day of Chenelle's party♥ ♥

See?!! Not just a hardcopy. After the whole celebration you can get softcopy on their website and a special link that you can open on your phone.
 So nice right? So the birthday girl or the owner can keep everything back too!! You can even reprint it and keep that foreverrrrrrr!!! You can make it like a bookmark / a photo or stick it like a love symbol all around your room. Not just photo the image they capture was using a DSLR camera too. It's sharp and super good in term of the resolution and quality. So you just can keep in mind no need to worry too much !! JUST ENJOY SELFIES AND PHOTOBOOTH TIME as long as you're free!! HAHAAHAH

Aiyaa keep talk talk talk is time to show you some of the photo and activities we did on that day. I'm falling in  love with Mr.wowbooth and Mr.smelly too! HAHHAHA We both tried a couple shoot <3 Awwwww~ Then, have fun with my babe too. We just keep pose like a poser + act crazy too. The pros helped a lot!! Especially each theme they design and came with diff pros! HEHE! 

Okok.. No need to talk about the procedure or step to use photobooth!!
Basically what you need to do is just stand in front of the booth and see the timer turn to 0 and SMILE!
Spot yourself on the Screen

Oh the wowbooth even talk to me! HAHAHAHAAH I'm AWESOME AS USUAL LOLLLLL *joking don't slap me

Then continue with lotss of crazy photo!!! This is the real situation k!! FEEL THE LOVE! LOLLLL Feel the craziness ~
 Smelly first time too !! He love WOWBOOTH as well as me! LOL

This is what I usually did when I see Kittie and Chenelle. I'm just being too crazy ...hmmm SOWIIIEE :'(

 I love this two photo the most!! Thanks Smelly for taking all of the photo!! HAAHAH if not I can't get super sweet and nice warm photo to show all of you too~ Of course thanks to WOWBOOTH for this extra extra AWESOME experience for me & my babe!! Thanks Chenelle and Kittie too! Both of them trying so hard to do crazy stuff with  me! HAAHAHH FINALLY I FOUND MY PARTNER!! lolll

Just glad that I met all of you and my lovely WOWBOOTH! HAHAHA Hope to see this cute wowbooth photobooth on all coming events and party too. Good thing should share and recommend to everyone. If you all interested to have WOWBOOTH appear on your Birthday Celebration // Party // Special Company Event // Events and etc FEEL FREE TO CONTACT them k? 

 That's all for today.
Love, xx.


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