KOREA 3CE Makeup Tutorial [GO NEON] ♥ Valentine's Day Makeup*

09 February 2014

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey all sweeties~ Know that some of you already start your working life and everything just back to normal. ME TOO! :'( but I guess mine should be worst than most of you. Why? Because once I back to my study life it means back to my EXAM! I just can't stop my holiday mood and still thinking why our University love to place finals after holiday. Anyway, I'm releasing my stress over here by blogging my all time favorite makeup tutorial for all of you. Suitable for Valentine's Day♥ makeup as well!!  Hope that you can appreciate my effort on this as I'm not a professional makeup artist but this is the way I did my makeup (EASIEST WAY) because I believe that some of you were just as lazy as me :P HAHAHAHAHA and please read everything don't just looking at my photo since word explaining every single step and tips in detail. Photo taken by myself using NEX F3 + timer :)
No need to mention I guess most of you noticed that I love to make my day happier with colorful color on my eye makeup. I think it's very suitable for me especially when I wear black and boring outfit. This time (like finallly) I have a chance to make a tutorial specially for my readers and sweeties. I know you guys have been asking me for quite a long time but due to time concern until now I only able to come out with this post. But I think it's better than never update right? HAHAHAHAH It's really hard to snap photo myself plus I don't have any controller to press my camera! Arghh but it's okay so this was my final post about this. I'm glad and happy that my friends around me get influenced by me!! HAHAH All of them start wearing colorful / neon color eyeliner or eyeshadow. Feel super nice when everyone have the same bright makeup! Lol
And TAADAAA I'm featuring Stylenanda 3CE makeup product in this makeup tutorial. I really strongly recommended their vivid neon pink color eyeliner to all of you. Sometime I just feel eyeliner pen was way easier than anything. It's easier than those eyeliner gel too (previously I recommended the gel type but some of you don't know how to apply it so this time I exchange that with a eyeliner pen) Guess this would be much easier for you ya. Plus, I got some feedback that some of you afraid to try on new neon color because you thought that it might be too over and very 'kua zhang' for you. Don't worry about it because this makeup tutorial was created and suit for daily makeup as well. It's more natural and wont so 'kua zhuang' at the same time. So welcome to wear it out on your daily basis.  I wanna make my makeup tutorial look more clean and that's why I tie my hair up! HAHAHAHAHAA Best for selfie photo too! lol


Product List 

All products I got from SkinCandy.co They having great promotion 5% off on that period. I got it before CNY and those item I mentioned in this post was in ready stock that time. Mostly they have pre-order item but some hot product they selling it READY STOCK. I'm quite dilemma about the color of the lips pigment and lipstick but the owner just being so friendly to me and recommended me some of the color. This time I no longer afraid of the color because the  lipstick I picked wasn't same with my previous one. It's a glass carol color. 

Again, I'm strongly recommended this shop because they are 100% original from respective brand companies (eg: 3CE from Stylenanda Korea, UNT from UNT Taiwan and etc). Rest assure, there will be no Counterfeit goods from SkinCandy.Let me show you what I got from SkinCandy.co

Lip pigment (#mellow pink)

Lipstick (#Glass Carol) 

Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner (#Neon Pink)


Ideas about [GO NEON]

 This makeup wouldn't emphasize on eyelashes since I called it as a natural tutorial which can wear it on a daily life. So I didn't put on any false eyelashes , eyeshadow & etc. But if you all wanna make it as a dramatic eye makeup feel free to added on with eyelashes , eyeshadow and highlight on your nose area too. About the lips since it's more emphasize on the eyeliner eye area part the lips color I wouldn't recommend you to use bright color as we want everyone to focus on our eye makeup only. So this is the reason why I picked glass carol as one of my current favorite lipstick.

It suitable for Valentine's Day as well


Let's get started!!

Get prepared with your naked eye without any makeup on! HAAHHAHAAH Sorry my bangs look very ugly on this photo. Lol focus on the eye area make up ya.


Step #1 Brown Eyeliner & Blend with Brush

 First step choosing your favourite brown eyeliner pen. This will be use for my upper eyelid and bottoom 1/3 eyelid liner. You just have to remember that always prepare a brush to blend your eyeliner so it wont be so sharp and look natural after blending with it.
 'Done picked.. Let's continue'
 After that, outline the 2/3 end of your upper eyelid. I'm going to draw just 2/3 eyeliner over my upper eyelid so it wont look super obvious.
 You can use dot it first then slowly join all the dot together to form a line.
 No need to be perfect line because we still need to blend it out with the eyeliner brush. So it's okay but remember practice make perfect :) Don't worry if you can't draw a super straight line. Hehe
 Smile :D As you can see from your smile expression your eye will tend to come out with a nice shape. By using that shape slightly extend your eyeliner out of it. Not too short not too long~
 Blend Blend Blend. Always remember to blend it!
 After blending with your brush, using the same eyeliner pen draw your lower/bottom eyeliner. Just 1/3 is enough :)
 Again, blend every step after you draw your eyeliner.

Now your eye look brighter and larger with just a eyeliner. To make you easier I had draw it nicely about the area you need to draw your eyeliner.
Upper eyeliner - Focus and stop around the middle of your pupil
Lower eyeliner - Draw 1/3 at the end part of your pupil


Step #2 Neon Pink Eyeliner

#2 Draw your lovely neon pink eyeliner by using this 3CE Waterproof eyeliner pen. 
I'm gonna get another 2 vivid color! LOLLL This was so nice and you can sharpen it with the sharpener at the end of this pencil. Mini mini sharpener. 
Upper neon eyeliner - Draw 1/3 only
Lower neon eyeliner - Draw 1/3 at the end part of your pupil

 As usual, simply outline it. No need to be nervous. Just slowly draw it and take your time. You can draw few layer on it so that your eyeliner look sharp with the color and more pigmented.
 ' So simple , Right?'
 Your eyes look much more attractive than just a brown eyeliner.
 Pose like a boss :P
Last but not least, draw your bottom-front eyeliner with your neon pink eyeliner too. Just 1/3 of the area. It's fine with that and remember this gonna create a soft lovely eye look. Don't draw too sharp ya! If it's too sharp you can blend it too. 


Step #3 Create Fake Eyelashes with Eyeliner Pen

 MUAHAHA! This is a tips for all of you!! Since we used the neon eyeliner pen to draw for the bottom- front part on your bottom eyeliner. Now to make it look perfectly with each other we need to draw a fake bottom eyelashes with a black eyeliner pen. Just like drawing on a paper! LOLLL
Very nice isn't? HAHAAH From now on you all can try this out!! I always did this on my eye! HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAH 


Step #4 Mellow Pink Blushes

Normally people use this on their lips but I use this in another way! As a blushes! I personally think that this color will be super AWESOME if I use it as a blushes for my cheek! 
Squeeze it & blend it out on our hand.
Next, apply it on our smiley cheek! REMEMBER TO SMILE!!! 
 Blend Blend Blend!
 -.- SEE BEBE -.-
Every makeup tutorial at least one photo with his face appear -.-
Know la know la I know you wanna selfies with mummy but not this photo ok?


Step #5 3CE-Glass Carol Lipstick

 Since our makeup already emphasize on our eyeliner, so I picked this glass carol lipstick and strongly recommended to all of you too. I think very less people would like to take the risk of having darker color lipstick that stick on your water bottle or vine glass or when you kiss your bf face...his face got the lipstick.. Awww... So I prefer go on something less color on my lips. This glass carol  more like transparent lipgloss color but it's actually a lipstick! How amazing on this!!!
You lips created a nice complexion by using this. I think other than this color they still have like more on pink one but this is more on carol. More close to my lips color. Very shine like 3D lips! HAHAHAHAHAHA Volumize your lips too!
Detail photo


Step #6 Eyelashes Curler + Mascara

 Look down and curl your eyelashes. I'm using shueumura eyelashes curler.
Other than canmake volume mascara this was one of my all time favourite item too! They're Real mascara from benefit cosmetic!
 'huh huh?'
 First layer

One layer to create natural look eyelashes. But I think it's quite less so I added another 2 layer!! So the final result ....
PLEASE tell me that I look PRETTY with this look!!!

Very recommended for those who going out on this coming Valentine's Day!!!

Selfies photo with my [GO NEON] Makeup On!!!! Love it?? 


Where to Purchase ?! 

Last but not least, need to retype again on the end of this blog post. If  not some of you ask me again ~ I got all of the 3CE product from SkinCandy.co♥ SkinCandy.co♥ SkinCandy.co♥ SkinCandy.co♥ Drop and pm the shop (https://www.facebook.com/skincandy.co)! The shop owner is a sweet blogger as well :) Feel free to ask any product detail and information from her. Looking forward to my next makeup tutorial and hope this tutorial helps you too.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY in advanced!! Enjoy ready ya. Love, xx.


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