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27 February 2014

Herloo my little sweeties  I'm back!! Muahahha having my honeymoon holiday right now~ But my holiday quite short!! It's just another 3 weeks holiday so I must fully utilize my holiday from now !!! So yea back to the topic, if you follow my instagram I'm sure you noticed that I went to another workshop today~ It's KOSE WORKSHOP yea. Quite happy today and the workshop was so success! Thanks Daph , Cherrie and Nuffnang for this wonderful afternoon. Well spent my time with all of the bloggers too. See my happy face on the photo above :P !! Learned new beauty tips and of course get intro about KOSE hot and best product too! Soo.....


It was another super FUN & AWESOME workshop together with all babe because we get to try each KOSE skincare and cosmetic product too. Super surprise with the outcome and result after the real time demo and own-self experience. We wearing our make up on that event but before we start the event we need to remove all of our make up except the eyeliner and lips color. So I was so  happy when I  can really play around with their skincare product especially their BEST selling product - Sekkisei Lotion! But not just the lotion they newly launch a new and great idea using the benefits from Sekkisei Lotion and transform it to a LOTION MASK!!! Oh yea???? I was quite surprise when I heard daphne talk about this before the event.

So as usual meet Daphne & Cherrie before the event. We not really sure about where's the personal shopper room...So we just waiting and spend some time for selca! HAAHAHAHAHA Then accidentally meet nuffnang so end up we just follow them to the workshop.
Notice something?? Someone change her hair color from blonde > BLACK!!! Suit her a lot and I think most of the color she play with also quite nice. Left pink color she haven try! HAAHAHAHAHAHA So we done our registration before the event start. Selca again LOL
 3pm sharp event START!!!!! Everyone was so excited because we can't wait to try out their lotion mask wehhhhh!!
 Cleanser > Lotion > Emulson > BB Cream

 Not just that!! We have real time demo too. Daphne = MODEL OF THE DAY!! AHAHAHAA They teach and show us how to remove our makeup effectively with some hand massage too. So firstly, we tried their makeup remover cream. The first product was so refreshing and soothing too! My god!! 
This was the first product we used on our face to remove all our foundation or makeup base. It's so refreshing and clean. You need to put a cherry size amount on your hand and separate it into two mini cherry size then slowly put on your forehead , nose , cheek , and chin part of your face. Then, gently massage the cream all over your face. From bottom to the top of your forehead :)  After that you can use a wet cotton pad to clean it or just wash it with a warm water.
 Now is time for the best selling product!!! Sekkisei Lotion~ People always asking what's the diff between a lotion with a toner. A toner is more light texture than a lotion and lotion contain water that will HYDRATE and moisture your skin. Give your skin lotsssssssss of water while toner is just minimize your pores and might make the layer of your skin become thinner and thinner. Might not really good :X So I always prefer lotion with a more concentrated texture than a toner. Like what I mentioned on my previous beauty post. BUT!!!!!! Today we are not just using their lotion but added with a mask sheet!! They called this as a LOTION MASK. Before we take a look on the lotion mask and how to apply it let me talk about the benefit of it :)

Basically Sekkisei Lotion = NEEDS for everyone. Especially for those who has uneven skin and hope to brighten up your skin with the maximum of moisture level!!!! The scent of this product can soothing our skin + WE REALLY FEEL SUPER REFRESHING after using it. Within 30 second. You can go try this and experience it on Kose counter @ Pavilion. If you use this with a mask sheet ...LOTION MASK ..YOU CAN BOOST up for 10x moisture ! OH REALLY?!! I'm gonna try this out!! NOW!!!

Don't be shock when you try this out. For those who wish to experience it you may visit KOSE counters to experience the magic of SEKKISEI Lotion because they are now having a 30 second challenge for SEKKISEI Lotion at KOSE counters. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING for?! After read my post remember go and experience it ok?
 So this tiny little thing look like vitamin C! LOLLLL What you need to do is just pour a right amount of lotion on the lotion bottle cap (inside the cap got a thin line you need to pour until the lotion reach the line). Then, wait for 10 second the mask sheet will absorb the lotion and TAAADAAAA~ works like magic! lol
 Then gently open it. Remember to take your time ya!! If not it might spoil :)
Cherrie was the hand model!! HAHAAHAHAHAH We don't have enough hand to capture the photo.. Lol 

TAADAAAA!! The best lotion mask!! EVER!!!!
At the same time , daphne enjoying her mask too while both of us just keep selca with lotion mask on our face.
You can apply this Lotion Mask EVERYDAY but no more than 10 mins or less than. The best will be 10 mins if more than that it might be bad for your face and the lotion absorb super fast into our skin. REALLY FAST!! YOU ALL REALLY SHOULD GO AND TRY IT OUT!! MY GOD

9 Benefits of Lotion Mask
- Translucency
- Penetration
- Moisturizing
- '0' Pores
- Whitening
- Smoothing
- Firming
- Relaxing
- Evenness

 Suddenly we turns so crazy!! This express how much we love their Sekkisei Lotion Mask!! After that we need to wait another 5 mins to tear off the mask and Daphne joined us for our crazy selca session! HAHAAHAHAHAHAH 3 of us .... 
Okay, we tear it off after that and tried their emulsion too.  After tear the lotion mask off all of us really can feel the diff. Our face super moisture and hydrated with that thin small little mask! OMG MAGIC!!! I can feel my face so 'doinkkk doinkkk~' Like the taiwan ambassador for KOSE! AHAHAHAHHA JKJK~
 Please ignored my nose pimple -.- After Emulsion is time for KOSE BB CREAM!! It's super light texture and if you feel it's still sticky and not enough coverage you can add with their powder too. But I think it's totally enough coverage for our face. The texture not heavy but really really light and REALLY EVEN our skin color. Obviously saw this on Cherrie and my face too!!!

Got two color one is darker and another one is lighter. We picked lighter one. 01 or 001 I forgot the code but it's the no.1 color!!! After that , we also tried their loose powder on our face , blusher and lipstick too!!! But we were so busy putting back our make up!! HAHAAHH So didn't take photo of that and then we have our tea time after that. After tea time was a Q&A session to win some product home!!!! AND AND AND AND PHOTOOOO TIME!!!! 

 WOOHOOO Every post must end with group photo!! HAAHAHAHA This was really fun and it's all about today's workshop!!!!Enjoy reading & That's all for today, Love xx.


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