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08 February 2014

Hello my sweeties ~ How are you today?!! I'm feeling good because finally I'm gonna blog about my [HOW TO] style post. This time I picked few 'MUST' accessories from Diva Are you ready for it? I think most of you notice that my style is more on sweet girly style but you know sometime I just need some accessories to dress me up. I mean accessories really important in our life especially when you only wearing a simple Tee top. It's pretty simple and everyone own a normal top but once you added with diff kind of accessories, your LOOK TOTALLY CHANGED. Am I right?

I think I have lots of hair accessories especially those flora hair accessories and also some necklace that I got it long time ago. I prefer wearing a white top + an easy mix match necklace + a bottom to create my simple style. So I think quite a long time because Diva has LOTS OF PRETTY accessories! Can't get enough of it and my recent #ootd start wearing diff kind of accessories to make my look more unique and create my own personal look. It's really fun to style up diff type of accessories. Right? So today I jump out from my comfort zone :P I picked something stylish and also sweet this time!! Total 4 diff look with 5 diff accessories


Let's get started First of all I'm gonna show you my outfit look without any accessories on it. It's quite blank and normal right? Like left something to make my outfit stand out from others. It's really useful to add some accessories that might make yourself more stylish and with just a necklace you can transform from simple style to a very unique daily #ootd look

For the first look I'm styling with my white top with just a normal longer necklace. I wanna show you how simple you can style with just one accessories. 
Due to the color of the necklace I don't wanna make it look complicated so I just picked to match with my white cropped top. For casual looking #ootd you can actually style with a shorts with a plain white singlet too. For beach theme #ootd  you can style with a loose tube top or dress with this kind of accessories. It's not heavy at all you just feel like nth on your neck! I just love how simple it is to make my outfit look super gorgeous and cool! Teehee*
-Lookbook /OOTD #1-
I personally love this very much because it's super easy to match with any outfit. I think it's look better when you match this with a tank top or a white singlet! Am I right? I think that time I saw quite a lot of diff color , blue, pink but end up I picked black because black & white are the easiest matching color ever!! For a more stylish look I added with this rings too.  

Saw quite a lot of people knowing how to style with this kind of rings! Basically you just grab and place on any fingers you prefer. Simple yet nice and it came together in one packaging. Lots of pretty rings with diff design on it. Some got alphabet , love shape , thin gold rings and so on. I picked few to wear in diff time / day. 

  First time trying this kind of look. Actually really not bad hoh! I love those rings so much especially best matching with any black & white outfit. Look super cool on me too :P

Second #ootd I think it's pretty much easy for everyone too. This was another hot item I picked from Diva store. I saw people wearing this on that day , the people told me that it's very unique and best sexy look with just this accessories. You can either match with a normal cropped top or a black dress / sexy deep v dress / black tube dress. Easily caught people's eyes too! 

-Lookbook /OOTD #2-
Suitable for any dinner look especially best match with dinner dress. It create a super sexy & gorgeous OOTD look. 
 I think I stand on the wrong place. Should change the background to a darker dining place! HAHAAHAHHAHHA #thinktoomuch

Oh yeaa!! This was one of my favourite accessories too. I picked this with my first impression on this pretty necklace. It look super sweet and also best match with a sweet dress to create a super sweet look. But because I wanna show and prove you that this can match with some other style too so I matched with a lace cardigan + flora mint top + black skort. It's totally worth for the price. The necklace just so sweet! :P
 So I show you my half body photo first then a full body look + before & after accessorize. 
Feel super pretty with this necklace. Lol Below was the before & after photo. As you can see when I didn't wear this my outfit just look very normal and boring!! But once I added with a sweet accessories~ It look much better and more to SWEET SWEET LOOK! HAHAHAHAH

-Lookbook /OOTD #3-

 Last but not least, I picked a hair accessories too. I can't live without hair accessories and I always bought the wrong one. It's either too big (the flora too big cover half of my fringe) or it's too heavy or can't fix it nicely on my hair. So I'm quite surprise that Diva selling pretty hair accessories too. I picked this because this has a butterfly on it. Look super dreamy right? love this to the max
 Arghhh very suitable for diff kind of fairy makeup tutorial!! I'm gonna make another blog post for this neon pink makeup look with this accessories too! SO DREAMY AAAAA~
 So pretty right? If you ask me to pick I really dilemma on it so end up I spent half of my day just for looking at all those pretty accessories. Thanks Diva for all pretty accessories !! What are you waiting for ??? Get your ang pao now and place a visit to nearest Diva stores for pretty accessories now!! Weeeeeeee~

That's all for today. Hope you love this kind of HOW TO style post! Next blog post is about my all time favourite [NEON PINK MAKE UP TUTORIAL] Stay tuned~ Love, xx.


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