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12 December 2013

Hello Hello all my little sweeties here :3 I know you guys have been waiting this post since last week!!! Am I Right? YEAAAA!! I really had a great and fun time with all of them especially my lovely teammates. So yea~ the event was super fun because previously I guess all of us never attend an event required bloggers and everyone to join in a game. It was super fun I swear. Each of us have to gather together at @ Piazza, Ground Floor, The Curve as our starting point. Then we required to arrive in each venue stated on the phone's screen by scanning the QR code in each stated booth. Next we have to pass each game point to get a stamp on that little card with a letter provided by them.

OMG!!! I'm super exited on that day even it's a morning event. So ignored all our panda face because each of us really wake up at 5-6am to get ready for that. At first I don't know what to do and was quite excited to know who's my teammates. Total 4 bloggers will be split into groups of four. Activities for Speedy Sunday will take place in several locations in the Klang Valley. Each of the group will be required to drive to these locations in the vehicles provided. OMG?!!! SO FUN RIGHT? I feel like I'm filming for running man!! HAHAHAAHHAAH During the whole event each of us have a phone which can access to maxis 4G data!! I tell you the speed is super duper fast because whole game we require to get the direction on waze , download the apps , download game , shoot video and take photo then need to upload it... Everything required a fast speed internet in order to complete our task. In conclusion..... MAXIS 4G IS JUST SUPER DUPERRR FAST!! Shocked to the max~

I think I should calm down myself and follow me now to this awesome event~~ :P


Let's Get Started

Arghh!! Luckily they provided us some light breakfast! If not I might faint!! I never know that we required to have those super stamina activities like rock climbing , running here & there!!!! I heard of the activities I already feel super shocked because nobody know that. If I know I'm sure I will have my early beauty sleep before the day of the event! 
 Okie! I reached there quite early but still lotss of bloggers already waiting there. I walk to the registration counter and start to check who's my teammate & what's my group name.
 Oh yea!! Nana was one of my teammate and we get to know another 2 friendly guys in our team too. So we just finished our breakfast as soon as possible and wait for the briefing before start the game.

 Of course everyone super nervous during the briefing. You know why?! BECAUSE the prize to be won will be 4 SAMSUNG NOTE 3 & 4 IPAD MINI for 2 groups & of course Maxis 4G too ?!!!! OMG?!!! Is this real? all of us didn't know this until the emcee told us on that briefing. OMG!!! I should sleep early on that day ma!! Thinking that attractive prize and also MAXIS 4G for this awesome event I seriously suddenly become super energetic already.  
 Super nice weather on that day. Not too hot , no raining! Thanks god!
 Before the competition start we have a short briefing to all of us and also some Q&A session with them.
Look at all the cars. We are going to have our half day with this whitey car too. Please be a good boy ya! AHAHAHAHAHAH Safety First!
 I'm thinking why all balloons stick with a QR code? Are we gonna enter there to pass the starting point? Hmmmm curious about that...

 I think what we guess was correct! We required to download an App called 'QR Code' in the phone provided by them. Then scanning the code to get to our  next point and complete our task in order to win and pass the another point. But ......

WE GONNA SCAN WITHIN that 'balloon area' and all balloon have some contain QR code to the next point but some is fake one. You need to keep trying until you get the code. Each group need to have one member be prepare and run to the area. Within 20 second you need to find the QR code if not you have another chance to the next group member. 
 Thanks god Nana found that QR code and we are SUPER EXCITED that we are the 2nd group to get the QR code while daphne, her group is the first group. She get super excited too!!!
Spot our super excited face!! 
 This is the phone provided by them and we can experience and try the super fast speed 4G by Maxis. Seriously, REALLY SUPER FAST. As fast as our group! HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA So we got our code and faster take a car!! Then , we scan our next point will be at Mad Monkeyz. OMG?!!! Are you kidding me that we have to go for rock climbing on the first point? OMG

Total 10 groups and 5 group will go for rock climbing another 5 will go to the Sunway Lagoon theme park for the 'Go Kart' racing car.
 Yea!! A group photo while waiting for the traffic light! Thanks for being our driver Benjamin :3 HAHAAHAHHA Inside the car they still prepare some fresh apples , 100 plus drinks , snack and mineral water for us. So awesome! and i spot 4 rain clothes on the car. OMG? WE GONNA GET WET LATER? NOOOOOOOOOO  now I know why they told us our make up might gone after the whole event. NOOOOO T.T

I tell you don't ever be shocked! Our group nobody can passed this rock climbing and at first I'm very worried about this because it's my FIRST TIME !! I never play rock climbing before. SUPER NERVOUS. BUT end up I'm the one climb and replace them because if your teammate fail to climb up and take down the flag + put back the flag. You have to find somebody in the same group to replace that person. OMG but all of us tried this including both girls - Nana & I. 

I'm very shocked that I'm able to climb this. I tell you mini size girl have an advantages on this! MUAHAHAHAHAH Chenelle the next group after us all fail to climb too except Chenelle. OMG Feel proud of her and she feel proud of me too because at first both of us keep being so nervous throughout the whole process. END UP WE MANAGE TO DO IT!!

 The most hard is not climb up on the rock is need to pass this blank section within two wall. I tell you my leg gonna break after this. I never warm up and end up my bone and muscle damn pain until now !!! Need to have a proper massage after that! My god and thanks Chenelle for all the photo because most of the time we didn't put our camera along during the activities and competition.
 After this activities all of us really feel so tired and sleepy. Exhausted to the max especially first point already so tired man!!! Nana fall asleep for few mins and me too. Luckily we have Benjamin as our driver of the day! HAHAHAHA Now I know why they split us in a group contains 2 male + 2 female! LUCKILY!! HAHAHAAH I can't imaging without both male in our group... We will totally fall asleep while driving to the next point lo! LOLLL
So as usual we opened our letter and get our QR code to the next venue!!!

 OH YEA!! Next we heading to the Go Kart counter at Sunway Lagoon!!! We gonna have a go kart ricing time !! The fastest the better but safety first again!!!
 We got our tag on then we required to download a racing game too before the go kart racing time. The game was super easy but I guess they want us to experience how fastest the Maxis 4G was. That's why we can immediately download the app and play with it.
Another selca of us before we go for our car racing. But I haven get the photo from them!!! We are not allow taking photo during the race. :'( Will upload once I get the photo yea! Then they also provided each of us a RM20 voucher to buy some food. YOU KNOW I DAMN HUNGRY! LOVE YOU Nuffnang & Maxis!! HAAHAHAHAH After the rock climbing and racing.. I have not much energy left. Stamina -100% now! Lollll

Don't be shocked. This is what we did on the last challenge. Again, now I know why we need rain clothes! Lol but only me in my while group wearing this -.- OMG I look so funny here but seriously! THIS GAME WAS TOTALLY MAKE FUN FOR US. Lol and also this is the game will make all our makeup gone. 
 See my face like ' WHAT?'

Each group need to have one person standing in front of us to help us hold the watermelon and that person no need to eat the watermelon T.T I have to eat all the watermelon on the table WITHOUT MY HAND holding it. All participants can't use their hand and all hand have to put behind. OMG? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!!

So now you know all our epic expression during the activities! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WEHHHHH LOL see my serious face. My stomach so full after my lunch and now I need to clear all watermelon ?!!!! AAAAAA God bless me and my whole face including my nose and eyes were eating watermelon too.
 All our face totally like this. Among all group members I'm the fastest one! HAHAHHAHAHAHA I know I'm abit crazy because it's our last point and challenge what!!! Daphne and povy standing around there continue take photo for us! AAHAHHAHAHAH They even teach and pass some 'watermelon tips' for us. Others group member go youtube search for 'FASTEST WAY TO EAT WATERMELON' OMG!! CRAZY US. Bloggers can gone crazy too! HHAHAHAHAHA

Quite sad because it's gonna end after all the challenge. I had so  much fun on that day. It's really different from others event I attend previously. I really hope that in future have lots of fun event like this with all pretty babe too! Again, thanks Maxis & Nuffnang for all the preparation and love. All of us feel very proud of our self and ALL OF US ARE THE WINNERS! haahahahahahah

But still have to pick 2 top group to win back the prize. I want my NOTE 3 !!! HAHAHAHAH Too bad we didn't get to be the fastest group but CONGRATZ TO ALL THE WINNER!!! You guys ROCK!!!

 Super nervous before the announcement of result!!
 See our emcee face!! Was like ' hmmmmm I think I know who win the Ipad and Note3 back' HAHAHAAHAH
 Very nervous!!!!

 Congratz to both group!!

Wooohooo they must be super excited and happy with that amazing prize!!!! I wanna win a note 3 with this blog post too!! They are giving away another prize for the best blog post !!! PRAY FOR MEEEEEE!! Good luck for all bloggersssss~
 Yeah!!! PHOTO TIME WITH ALL Thanks Maxis & Nuffnang for this awesome event!!!!

It was a good and great experience with Maxis 4G. I never know that they finally launched their 4G data plan!! It's really super fast and the speed downloading all the app and game was just AMAZING. Especially when our usual 3G data plan compare to this 4G... I TELL YOU NOW I WANNA CHANGE MY PLAN TO MAXIS 4G already!!! Imaging you can upload videos and photo within few second! Download game and app without waiting so long for that!!! Seriously, Maxis have a great and diff idea for this launching event because all of us really experienced the faster speed ever together with the 4G provided by Maxis!!! OMG OMG OMG Gonna love this to the max! You guys can check the plan out and I tell you I'm sure you have the same experience as me :) Good luck!! Hope that you enjoy reading this post too because just want you  to experience what we experienced that day !

Oh yea!! and of course after the event was some selca time and chatting time with all pretty bloggers and babe!! Thanks for the reading and that's all for today :) Love xx♥