♥ How to decorate your Diary / Planner

10 December 2013

Hello my little sunshines and sweeties  :3 This gonna be some random post or I should say a new series of blog post teaching you HOW TO ...How to do something! Lol I always wanna bring out some new information on my blog to share with all of you. Just something more random and more useful for all of us. Hope you love this kind of topic and update because I used quite a long time and wanna see how's the feedback and respond for this. If you love this kind of personal lifestyle sharing you can keep reading! HAHAAHHAHAHA So why am I suddenly think about this? If you follow my #dayre then you know and surprisingly you guys reply me that you're interested about this topic. So.. I immediately update this post when I'm still on the happy mood. Because this kind of sharing post require more time than others. I guess is because it's more to personal stuff.

Not sure you love to draw your daily life into a note book or record anything down every week? I love to do it but I'm really suck in drawing. I have no idea why ! That's why I really envy those who can really draw cartoon or cute little things on their note book. I just know how to write shits on my diary. You know why? I feel like my life so boring but I still want to record it. I'm afraid one day I forgot everything. I don't know who am I or I should say some memories just gone without your notice. Therefore, I try my best to record everything in my blog but sometime I'm too talkative and I hope my blog doesn't make you feel boring. I just wanna talk to all of you! Lolllll 

Other than blog, I do have my own cute little diary book. I didn't really practice this hobby everyday but when I feel boring or feel unhappy. This is some way for me to release my stress and laugh at all the shits I wrote on my diary. I believe that you guys own a note book or planner / diary but you always just start with few pages then leave it on your room until you forgot about it. Lol I always do so but since last year I got a super adorable diary book (melody pink sparking one on the photo above) everything changed. Lol so dramatic HAHAHAHAHAHAA  But this little cute book really mean a lot to me because it's my first purchased during my first trip to Taiwan. You can check it out my label on the right hand side sidebar if you interested on it! Lol

I swear! You should and will start to make your own personal diary when you getting older. And when you feel that your life is important and all those lovely memories. I swear you will love the feeling when you actually read what you wrote previously. Am I right? I never realize that this is one of the way to release my stressful life. Some privacy thing can't write it here and can't talk with others so I will write everything on my diary. No matter it's happy or sad even it's angry.. ALL SHITS on my diary book. It's super priceless and I just treat it like my own baby because...you know~~ Memories is priceless 

So today! I'm gonna share with all of you some basic thing you can do with your diary or planner. How to decorate those pages inside your diary book, If you not good in drawing~it's okay because me too! I have a very lazy kind of hand writing but surprisingly you all told me that you love it. this is freaking shocked ! Because people always complain my hand writing is super messy and like those lousy font but still...You guys made my day! Thanks a lot with all my love *chu chu chu chu x10000

I love to buy those mini shape sticker or cute little cartoon drawing sticker (those have lots of diff expression) , pastel sticker and some pattern sticker too. I think only those who actually went trip with me or closed with me will notice that I'm a crazy stationary collector. Books , Daiso stuff always my favourite! Lol Cheap and lovely! But now I start to use my own hand drawing to drop down and write down everything happen on my diary. Now me longer rely on those cute sticker because I just wanna learn how to draw those cute little doll on my own book. BUT I'M REALLY SO CACAT ON DRAWING :'(  I'm sure those drawing appear on this post I tried to draw on a blank paper before I actually draw on my diary! Lol I'm so hard working ! Work harder than studying my lecture note! HAAHAHAH

Sometime books can really make a diff on our life. I almost forgot I have this little hobby and mini dream and this few month I keep practice and create my own personal diary symbol and note inside. I arrange and organize as the way I love. In this post you can take this as reference then go ahead to create your own symbol for your own record. Hope this helps you too!! and I'm sure when you write and read back the diary you will laugh like hell . So as I told you I purchase lots of stickers right? Let me show you some of my favourite one and especially used on my diary this year.

#1st thing I love to record on my diary is because I can act like a kids and stick all cute mini sticker on it
 Lol Apart from that when you got some lovely card or bookmark which have special meaning for you~ You can simply keep it and stick / put inside your diary book. The TWG card I got it when I first visit their shop , then you know I didn't really love fragrance but I love the one called chanel chances in pink or purple I forgot. Then I kept this tester card inside on my diary book on a special page too.This is what I usually do in my previous diary book because I REALLY VERY CACAT IN DRAWING one.

#2 [Yearly Plan]♥   (Photo above left-Bottom that photo)
If you own any diary book I'm sure you know that it basically have 3-4 kind of design in each diary book. The first one is like year planner. Took 1-2 pages to let you have some space to write or take note of some special event . For instance like xxx birthday , xxx wedding dinner , xxx convo , anniversary or basically anything YOU MUST write it down. It's usually in a year based and just 1-2 page like this.

#3[Monthly Plan]
Monthly plan is a must for me! I will throw the diary book away if inside without any monthly plan. Monthly plan almost same like the yearly plan but this have lots of pages and space for you to write and some small mini mini events or things you need to record also can write it here. Like Shopping day with your friends, went to which shop , tea time with who. A simple title for your day or anything special like anniversary and normally monthly plan have lotss of drawing, sticker and symbol which people might not understand and know it :) Secret symbol! Hohoho~  You can record which day is your period and what special event happen on that day. For period day I will draw a flora outer line on the exactly date and then a love symbol on it. You can record which day you go for your trip too!!

#4[Weekly Plan]
Weekly plan is explanation of your record on monthly plan. For example on the 20/10/2013 I will draw a cake symbol and a happy face on my monthly plan space then I turn on the weekly plan page I will write how I prepare for my birthday, what happen on that day, how happy am I during the celebration. Then I will also record what Mr.Kitty did on our special day but nothing to write about it he's not romantic! HAHAHAHAHAHA Jkjk dont angry nah(( Next, on weekly plan you can also include your study time and arrange your personal schedule on it. Write your time and what you need to do. To do list or plan for the next day. Once you done it you can tick on the list beside.

#5[Others Blank Page]
Normally those pages have nothing on it except the background design on the pages. So in those pages I will write and draw some frame for some space so that my writing can look nicer inside the frame. Stick some name card on it / stick some candy sheet from korea (I went to korea that time) / stick stamp because it's a taiwan stamp I received from my friends when I purchased something from oversea will record it and stick it too / bookmark people gave it to me / some letter or note from all of you! I really feel happy when receive your letter!!! Then AS LONG AS every blank page full of words and photo or sticker! I can be super happy after that! Loll Or else something I need to blog or write about on my fb I will write it on that blank pages. Quote too!

But recently I starting to fall in love with all colorful drawing and symbol. So I start to draw some shits on my diary. Lol hopefully it look nice! Actually if you imaging it's all black color pen drawing then I'm sure it's look super ugly but when you used 3-4 color on your drawing. I'M SURE IT'S TOTALLY DIFF. 

#6 First tips, Don't let your diary looks boring! 
Get a 4-in 1 color pen or like what I do I get 4 diff contrast color pen then make mixed everything up together in a simple drawing. It's not a drawing la but some random symbol and shape on the blank page. 

#7 Then, think of any shape and just draw it on a blank page.
With diff colour la of course!Then you can draw circle around it slowly transform it into a flower. Basically all you need to do is just be as creative as you can. Even your drawing as cacat as me. You still can do it with the helps of diff colour pen!

#8 Create your own symbol for your diary.
I tell you this is so freaking fun. Each customize symbol for diff meaning. You can choose to draw and make your own one. For example the star symbol is for my important note on my monthly plan. I will blank the star until I achieve or finish do that then I  will use a yellow color to fill in the colour. Book = study time or exam / Happy day of course have to draw a happy face with cute red blush beside / A symbol of love is dating time with my gf or Mr.Kitty / Shopping bag symbol means shopping day with my babe / \

PS: Just remember that each symbol or drawing/ logo represent a meaning on it. The first few pages I usually will draw it on a side but after 1-2 pages I used to it already I wont draw anymore but symbol will keep on increasing! AHAHAHAHA I wanna draw a Bebe face and record which day have to bring him for vaccination / buy food / grooming & etc

#9 Record your trip / location / country
You can record which day to which day travel to which country . Then at the same time stick something you got from their country. I remember the stamp sticker I get from 7-11 from thailand then for last year diary I went to taiwan I record each space about which place I travel liao XiMenDing or others. With this you can countdown for your trip and also GET SUPER EXCITED when it's more colorful than other page.

#10 Drawing made my day
As I mentioned just now, my drawing = shits but when I successfully draw something I love I feel so good on it! Like mission accomplished ! HAHAHAHAHAH Cacat yellow macaron on the first attempt was so ugly but the next few color looks better I guess :P Then everytime I reach this page I really feel very happy that my every single cute little drawing... Although it's really ugly and I REALLY HOPE I CAN DRAW!!!

#11 Diff color represent diff mood and season / weather
Normally first 3-4 month I will use the same 4 color like red , yellow , mint green and blue pen. The next 3-4 months I will change 1 or 2 colour on it become light blue , purple , black and red.  Raining season I will use more blue than usual and when I feel loved and blessed my diary space appear lotss of love around the things I wrote on the space.

#12 Cut some photo / wishlist items stick on your blank page
I think this is really good for all of us! Sometime really need to remind myself that my updated wishlist (although most of the time just see and stick only..without purchase it) but it's really fun to tell myself that all items I actually got for myself inside this diary book already! HAAHAHAH So that I can bluff myself don't keep purchase but kept everything inside my book. Everytime open up I will feel WOWWWWW I got lots of stuff! LOLLLLLLLLL 

#13 Drop down some nice venue or place to have your tea time with your friends
Take the name card of the shop stick on it or just put it between the page you want. Then remind yourself to work harder then once you have your holiday just DATE YOUR FRIENDS OUT!!! You can also cut some nice food picture and paste it inside your diary book.

#14 If you love your 'TODAY'S OOTD'  draw it out
Not those super pro drawing but cute little drawing on those clothes. For example today I'm wearing a pastel color dip dye shorts then a star cropped top and a wine red heels. So I draw a Tee shirt outline inside have star star like that (simple illustration can already) Just draw out the main point of your outfit. As your record and next time you can see back how you match your items.

#15 Diff expression = MOOD of the day
>////< = Blush expression
0.0 = Shocked expression
:3 = Meow meow /rabbit mouth expression
@.@ = Blur expression

You can find all those symbol expression from your iphone too. Just take it as a reference!! 

#16 Draw cute mini dessert /cake / pizza /candy/coffee
I believe you guys can do better than me. My drawing really cacat one I tell you!! HAHAHAAH I keep update on dayre lollll~ But whatever just keep draw as small as mini as you can. Mini = easier = cuter ! 

Basically, what you need to do is just follow your heart , sit down , write your own diary , drawing your own and creating diff meaning logo your own! Trust me if you have lotssss of free time not sure what to do..This really can help you to pass your time! You can make it as a way to express yourself and WHEN YOU READ BACK..

It's just


Really!!!Trust me :) It made my day & I hope you too! A little sharing of what I love and what I like to do when I'm free! Hope you love it & enjoy reading!! That's all for today. Love , xx.♥♥